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It is assured at Hamburgh, that the by Mr. Gabriel, his chief architect, courts of Vienna and London have which has been approved of, and aca resolved to use their good offices in cording to which it is to be situated on order to bring about an amicable de- the river Seine, a little below the intermination of the differences arisen valids, to have above 150 toises in between the courts of Petersburgh and front, and above 100 acres allotted for Berlin; and they write from the for- the building, and for the avenues to mer city, that the emperor's ambas. it, which are all to be planted with fador, and Mr. Guy Dickens, have al-' trees. The 3d inft. N. S. the trial ready had conferences on this subject of the famous M. de la Bourdenaye with the ministers of the empress, who was concluded, and being acquitted of answered them, that her imperial ma- every accusation brought against him, jesty was disposed to give her consent he was discharged from the Baftile after to an accommodation, upon condition a three years imprisonment ; a poor that a reasonable satisfaction should be reward for the service he did his given her for the injuries which she ap- country. prehended had been done her, particu- We have had lately an account of larly in regard to the detaining her several new discoveries made in France, subjects who are in the service of his viz. That the Sieur Guittard had Prussian Majesty.

found out a composition like that of I TAL Y.

which China is made ; that a country His imperial majesty, as grand duke surgeon had discovered a kind of agaric, of Tuscany, is fallen into the modern or fungus, which stops the bleeding fashion of setting up a naval power. He in amputations, without tying up the sometime ago fitted out three men of arteries : And, that a third person had war from Leghorn, under commodore found out the secret of piecing glass, Acton, which have made the tour without the least appearance of its of the Levant; have been at Constan- having ever been broken or joined, tinople and Smyrna ; and it is thought, We have the following acconnt from were employed to open a trade imme- Farlus in Bigorre, near the Pyrenees. diately between his Tuscan subjects and “ About three weeks ago, a rumbling the Mahometans. The little squadron noise was heard several days successively is returned to Malta. The emperor has in the Pyrenees, which geatly alarmed all also abolish'd the old stile in his grand the inhabitants of that neighbourhood. Dutchy, where it hath till now con- This noise was succeeded by several tinued, in the neighbourhood of Rome, Thocks of an earthquake, which were ever since Pope Gregory's reformation, also felt in the principality of Bearn : which is at last received.

since which they have had eleven From Venice we hear, that the mis- shocks successively. And tho' the understanding between that republick damage done thereby be not very conand the courts of Vienna and Rome is fiderable, yet the consternation they at length adjusted; the patriarch ship have thrown the inhabitants into is fo of Aquileia being thereby to be abo- great, that they fluck to this city with lished, and, for the future, to be di- their best effects as thinking themselves vided into two archbishopricks, one safer here. The noise in the bowels of Udine for that part of the Trioul, of the earth continues fill, and is somebelonging to the republick, and the times like that of thunder.-At Lourother of Gorizia for that part of it de, a small city in Bigorre, they had which belongs to the house of Austria. one shock more violent than any felt FRANCE,

by their neighbours, insomuch that a The French king's edict for erect- mountain was thrown down by it into ing a military school at Paris, was an adjacent valley ; the greatest part of published the latter end of last month; which was filled up by it. Upon this, and as a fund for supporting this school, our Bishop judged it necessary to have the duty on cards has been doubled, recourse to fpiritual means, and acand the revenues of all vacant bene- cordingly issued a mandate for a fast of fices are to be applied to the same several days, in order to obtain a cespurpose. A plan for building has sation of these earthquakes.” been already presented to his majesty


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NETHERLANDS. enemies, and it is expected we fall There have been two placarts of the soon see more removals. ftates of Holland published at the As to the affairs of Persia, the trouHague, in the first of which, they bles continue in that unhappy coun. complain of the opposition and male- try. There is still a Persian embas, treatment the collectors of their taxes fador at the Turkish court; but it have met with in the execution of seems he has little to do there, or their duty ; declare all persons con- that his errand is not agreeable; for cerned in such outrages, enemies to it was observed three weeks ago thac their country; and order their fiscal he had an audience of the grand Vizir, tɔ prosecute them; and they impower but in about fifteen minutes he role their collectors to stop and search all from his feat, and abruptly broke off carriages by land or water, and to pro-' the conference. vide themselves and affiftants with arms

SPAIN. for repelling force with force. And in At the several ports of this kinga the other they declare, that the oath dom, they continue to fit out ships of taken by merchants and traders for war with all imaginable expedition, preventing frauds, in the collection of and it is computed that his majesty the duties, shall be binding, till abrogat- will have 44 of the line ready to put ed or renewed.

to sea about the middle of April.

Letters from Peru advise, that a deep TU R K E Y.

cavern has been discovered in a village They write from Conftantinople, called Urcos, about 15 miles from that the captain-bashaw Hadgi-Bekir, Cusco, upon the river Qui-Qui-Xana, is deposed, and sent back to Giddah, in which were three coins of maslý his former government, on the red- gold two inches and a half thick, sea; and the command of the fleet is wherein were deposited the bones of given to Dourak-bashaw, governor of three kings. The inhabitants were Conya, late master of the horse. The not without hopes of finding some Tefterdar (high treasurer) has also of the immense treasures which were been dismised, and banished to the concealed by the subjects of Atabalipa, isle of Tenedos; and lis post is when Francis Pizarro conquered that given to Mustapha Effendi, who was country in 1532. once but an under clerk in the treasu-, From Cadiz we have the following ry. The Kiaia-bey (head clerk to the account, of the ships that entered that grand Vzir) having been so unadvised port in the course of the last year, as to discover that he was not of his viz. 789 English, including 17'men master's way of thinking, has like- of war; 171 French, eight of which wise been banished to the isle of Mi. were men of war; 144. Dutch, intellino; and is succeeded by Nassif- cluding two men of war; 45 Spanish, Mustapha Effendi, a person not noted including 20 men of war and 14 for his talents, but remarkable for Xebeques ; 34. Danes; 29 Swedes docility, which is all that is required 5 Malteze; 3 Venetians; 2 Tuscan by the prime Vizir ; fo that for his i Portugueze ; i Neapolitan, and own safety, he has been obliged to I Ruflian: In all 1178 merchantmen, displace some of his most dangerous and 47 men of war,

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Monday, February 18. and to propose such farther regulaN action against a milk-man, tions as may be necessary to clear the

aged near 70, for a criminal several streets, &c. of London and the conversation with a man's wife, was liberties thereof, from beggars,vagrants, tried at the king's bench. The jury and other disagreeable spectacles. found for the plaintiff 5 1. damages. Petitions againit the naturalization bill,

Tuesday, Feb. 19. A committee, and for the suppression of spirituous was appointed, at a court of common · liquors, were agreed on, council, to enforce the laws in being,


C 2

Wednesday, Feb. 20. It was resolv- Pursuant to an order of commoned, at a general court of the south- council the day before, the sheriffs of sea company, that the resolution agreed London presented a petition to the at the last general court, is not in- house of commons againft the bill tended, nor shall be deemed to relate for naturalizing foreign protestants. or any ways afiect the claim the com- Thursday, Feb. 21. The sheriffs of pany has on the public, with regard London, presented another petition, to any of their demands on the crown praying that some remedy be taken to of Spain, given up by his majesty for prevent the pernicious use of spiritue, the peace and tranquility of this na- ous liquors. tion. Resolved, that this gereral, Orders were given by the lords of court doth impower the court of di-' the admiralty for working donble rectors to lay the resolutions which tides, in the yards of Deptford, Woolpassed the last general court, with which and Chatham, to fit out ten men what passed in this general court, be- of war of the line, with all expedition. fore the gentlemen of the admini- Ordered likewise that the several docks, ftration ; and that they pursue all the guts, and drains of all his majesty's means necessary for carrying the same yards in the kingdom be cleansed and into execution.

opened. Several hundred failors having mis- Letters figned L. D. were sent to taken the sense of an advertisement, Thomas Dewry, of Overston, Bart, inserted to procure a meeting to con- Richard Backwell of Great Billing, sult agents and managers, how to ob- and the Rev. Mr. Stanton, all living tain a few bounty-bills; for which there near Northampton; in which they were no proper vouchers, met at the were desired to get from the officers of Fountain-tavern behind the Royal- their respective parishes 40 shillings, Exchange, imagining themselves sum- and to put it in a certain place, and moned to receive money ; upon their threated with fire, destruction, &c, disappointment, that the advertise- upon non compliance. ment was published by one who had Mr. Backwell's fith-pond and house beiore summoned them, and raised has been robbed, and a hovel joining two subscriptions, one of one shilling, to Billing set on fire. The king has and the other of two fillings and promised pardon, fir Thomas Dewry fix-pence a man; they were so en- 401. Mr. Backwell 201. and the pas raged, as to force the agent into a rish of Moulton 301. to the discovecoach, and carry him to the lord ry of the persons concerned in writing mayor's. Here they were advised to these letters, &c. apply to the admiralty, where they The private ginshops, within the accordingly went, and afterwards to bills of mortality, are computed to justice Fielding's, who not being at be 17,000. The duty laid on the home, they came back to the lord British distillery, from 1740 to Jan. mayor's, who, to prevent the agent 1750, amounts on an average of one from being pulled to pieces, sent him year with another, to 6,761,256 1. to Newgate. It being reported by which is about 100,000 l. a year more some ill-defigning people, that their than before that term, money was at Mr. Belcher's, in Lom- Monday, February 25. A bill was bard-itreet; they allembled before his brought into the house of lords for house, which narrowly escaped being altering our ftile, and was strongly redemolished by them : And tho' the commended by the earl of Chesterproclamation was read to them, and field, who moved for it, and by the a party of soldiers were brought to earl of Macclesfield: The bill was prevent mischief, they would not dif- ordered to be read a second time on perse till one of them was sent to Monday se’nnight, and to be printed. Newgate,

The sum to be raised for paying off "The subscription to the British fishe- the unsubscribed fouth sea annuities ry, the sum of which amounted to is 2,100,000 l. The remainder, being about 200,000 l. was closed. Six 225,023 1. 7s. 11d. is to be paid out busses were ordered to be immediately of the finking fund, built for the ensuing season,


In the scheme for the new lottery, sent, repeating with imprecations will there aro 70,000 tickets in the whole, no body knock the dog down?” x blanks to a prize, and each blank " will no body kill the dog ?” valued at fix pounds. The ticket iol, Being to receive sentence at the bar is fince risen to several shillings, 13 l. on his knees, and refusing to kneel,

There are two prizes of 10,000l, he was ordered to be a close prisoner, four of 5,000 l. five of 3,000 l. eight and not allowed the use of pen, ink of 2,0001. twenty of 1,000 l. forty or paper, and no person to have access one 500l. two hundred 100l. four to him, without leave; which was at hundred and twenty 50 1. nine thou- several times granted to his brother fand three hundred 201. besides the lord Elibank, his fifter lady Ellen Murfirst drawn 500 l. and the last drawn ray, Dr. Lamond, and two apotheca1,000 1:

ries, Mr. Cook and Mr. Golding; but There are 8,000 seamen voted for on the 25th it was ordered, that only this year ; land forces 18,857, land- the doctor, Mr. Cook, and a nurle tax three shillings in the pound. might attend without fresh leave,

The charge against the honourable March 1. The famous Theodore, Alex. M—y, Efq; who continues king of Corsica, who a few years fince in Newgate upon a commitment of made such a confiderable figure in Euthe house of C- -ns, was, that rope, was tried at the court of king's at the head of a mob, he declared in bench, Guildhall, on an action for a a menacing manner, that he, and a debt of 100 l, and caft. thousand more, had sworn the high Great numbers of people refort daily bailiff should make his return in the to the foundling-hospital, to see the middle of Covent-Garden, and not in children of it most usefully employed, the portico. And that after the return, in making nets for the society of the he excited the mob to murder the free British fishery. returning officer, who was then pre

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENT9. John Laud, M. A. chaplain to the rage of Stoke, in the county of War. right hon. earl of Stanhope, promoted wick, and diocese of Litchfield and to the rectory of Marsh Gibbon, in Coventry; presented by the lord chanthe county of Buckingham and diocese cellor. of Lincoln, and to the vicarage of Berry Dodson, to the rectory of Bampton, in the county and diocese Thelneston, in the county of Norfolk of Oxford.

and diocese of Norwich, presented by Richard Lawe, M. A. to the vica- the lord chancellor.


BK -S. Henry Burroughs, of the parish of John Lee, of Holborn, in MiddleSt. Augustine, cheesemonger.

sex, salesman. Jof. Twining, of Haverfordwest, Thomas Rowntree, Robert Wranglinen-draper.

ham and John Wrangham, of New Mary Love, of Reckington, in So. Malton in Yorkshire, leather-dressers. merset, widow, clothier.

James Coombs, of Froome-Selwood, John Smith, of Straford upon Avon, clothier.

John Dignam, of the Poultry, Lone Timothy child, of Twickenham, don, linnen-draper. distiller.

Cuthbert Ogie, late of Newcastle Thomas Scagood, of Bartholomew. upon Tyne, merchant. close, carpenter.

THE ATRICAL NEW S. On Thursday the 7th of this instant, the tragedy of Othello was perform'd at Drury-lane theatre, by persons of distinction for their diverfion, to the most brilliant audience that perhaps ever was assembled upon any occasion. The whole performance was truly admirable, and merited all the applause that was or could be given it.


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PLAYS acted at both THEATRES,

25 Ditto


Farces. Plays.

16 Rich. III.

Chaplet. Revenge. Mil. of Mansfield. 18 Prov. Wife. Qu. Mab. Julius Cæsar.

Apollo. 20 Ashwednesday.

Hen, IV. Apollo, and Daphne. 21 Double Gall.

Qu. Mab. King John. 23 Alfred, a Masque.


All for Love Apollo and Daphne. 26 Ditto

King John Apollo and Daphne. 28 Ditto

King John. Apollo and Daphne. MARCH 2 Alfred.

Prov. Husband Apollo and Daphne. 5 Alfred.

Alexander's Feaft,

Henry IV.

Sir John Falstaff.

Othello. 11 Roman Father. Chaplet. Hen. IV.

Sir John Falstaff. 12 The Inconstant. Reberasal. Alexander's Feast. 13 14 The Orphan.

Letbe. The Revenge Persus and Andromeda

7 Ditto


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The third and last cordial for low now first published, Watts, Dod, spirits, Griffiths, 3s price is

Gil Blas, a comedy by Mr. Moore, Reason for composing a new set of Franklin, is 6d articles in religion, Griffiths, is, 60 The original story from whence

Whitaker's survey of the doctrine that comedy is taken, Cooper, 6d
and arguments of St. Peter's epistles, Two historical accounts of making
Owen, IS

New Forest in Hampshire, and Rich-
Claridge's treatise on the scriptures, mond park, Cooper, is
Ellis, Meadows, Stevens, Jefferies, The oeconomy of female life, by a

lady, Owen, is 6d
Sessions paper, two parts, Hart, Treaty concluded and signed at Ma-
Cooper, 6d

drid, Owen, 6d A voyage to Shetland, the Orkneys, The polite companion, 2 vol. Bald. and the Western isles of Scotland, win, Brindley, 6s giving an account of those places, and Webster's two sermons on the fabof that amazing faculty of the second bath, Clarke, 6d fight, by which future events are The history of Pompey the little, with certainty foretold, &c. Corbett, Cooper, 3s

The bruiser knock'd down, being Morals of the people the best se- the life of J. Field, Smith, 3d curity of good government, Cooper, 6d The story of the methodist, or the

State of the proceedings of the stan- injur'd husband's revenge, Doughty, naries in Cornwal, Baldwin, is 6d 68

Narrative of the adventures of Wil. Wit flying at St. J-s's, Merliam Wills, Webb, is

Conclusion of bishop Burnet's histo- A plan of the universal register ofry, Milfar, is

fice in the Strand, recommended by The force of education, or memoirs H. Fielding, at ditto, 3d. of Mad. de St. Eugene, and the ba- Miscellaneous dissertations, by A. son de Cronstadt, Griffiths, is 6d Betson, Meighan, Corbett, is 6d


IS 6d

ryman, 6d

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