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1932 W. G. Cosby, hauling 1 00

1933 J. T. Cosby, 4 panes of glass^ HO

1934 Mrs. Danske Dandridge. books 3 40

]93o Library Bureau, accession book and book supports 23 (HI

1836 Library of Congress, printed catalogue cards furnished In July and August, 1910 \ '8 10

1937 W. II. Lowdermilk & Co.. books 4 60

1938 C. A. Nichols Company, vols, (i and 7 of Larned's "History for Ready

Reference" 10 00

1939 Daniel II. Newhall. 2 pamphlets 1 00

1940 Office of Publishers' Weekly. "Trade List Annual" 2 00

1941 National Association for the Study and Education of Exceptional Children,

Proceedings 1 06

1942 Edmund Pendleton, expenses in attending board meeting. September 22,

1910 3 23

1943 Remington Typewriter Company, 1 doz. ribbons (coupon book I 7 00

1944 Southern Express Company, express charges for September 4 .SO

1945 Virginia Stationery Company, supplies 4 9.1

1940 Charles Scribner's Sons, Roosevelt's "African (inme Trails" 5 7.">

1947 E. C. Walthall, rooking general account book and 130 statement blanks.. 24 ."0

1948 E. B. Taylor Company, 2 galv. buckets '. 70

1949 Miss Madge Welslger, 1 vol. of "Virginia Argus" 3 00

1950 Yale I'nlversity Press, books' 2 26

19.11 S. B. Adklns & Co.. binding for May and June 149 20

19.12 II. R. Mcllwaine. postage stamps S 00

Manuscript Fund.
Receipts from Xorcmber 1, 1909, to Tiovember 1, 1910.

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Disbursements from November 1, 1009, through October 31, 1910.

1000. Voucher No.

Miss Virginia Jones 1710. ... $ 50 0(1

Miss Virginia Jones .1711 25 00

Miss Virginia Jones 1714 125 00

Miss Virginia Jones 1728.. . . 50 i>0

Miss Virginia Jones 1753.... 50 00

Miss Virginia Jones 1774. . . . 50 00

Miller Manufacturing Company 178H. ... 5 0(1

Miss Virginia Jones 1797. . . . 50 <>ii

Everett Waddey Company 1X21.... 440 50

Jno. E. Scopes & Co 1017.... ;i 50


Total disbursements $840 00


Respectfully submitted,


State Librarian.

Reports Giving Details.

Department of Serials.

List of periodicals regularly received by library. [Those starred are presented.]

A. L. A. Booklist. (Monthly.)

'Accident Bui., Interstate Commerce Commission. (Quarterly.)
*AIumni Bui., University of Virginia. (Quarterly.)
'Ambition. (Monthly.)

American Anthropologist. (Quarterly.)
'American Federationist. (Monthly.)

American Historical Review. (Quarterly.) •American Industries. (Monthly.)

American Journal of Sociology. (Bi-monthly.)

American Journal of Theology. (Quarterly.)

American Law Review. (Bi-monthly.)

American Machinist. (Weekly.) •American Monthly Magazine.

American Naturalist. (Monthly.)

American Political Science Review. (Quarterly.)

American Review of Reviews. (Monthly.)

Annals of the Amer. Academy of Political Science. (Bi-monthly.)

Architects' and Builders' Magazine. (Monthly.)

Art Journal. (Monthly.)
•Association for International Conciliation. (Monthly.)

Athenaeum. (Weekly.)

Atlantic Monthly.

Rankers' Magazine. (Monthly.) •Bible Society Record. (Monthly.)

Blackwood's Magazine. (Monthly.)

Book Review Digest. (Monthly.)

Bookman. (Monthly.)
"Bulletin, American Library Association. (Quarterly.)

Bulletin of Bibliography. (Quarterly.)
•Bulletin, Boston Puolic Library. (Quarterly.)

•Bulletin, Chamber ol Commerce, State of New York. (Monthly.)
•Bulletin, Geographical Society of Philadelphia. (Quarterly.)
•Bulletin, Hampden-Sidney College. (Quarterly.)
•Bulletin. Indiana State Library. (Quarterly.)

•Bulletin, Indianapolis Public Library. (Monthly.)

•Bulletin, International Bureau American Republics. (Monthly )

•Bulletin, Museum of Fine Arts. (Quarterly.)

•Bulletin, New York Public Library. (Monthly.)

•Bulletin, Phillips Exeter Academy. (Quarterly.)

"Bulletin, Rosenberg Library, Galveston. (Quarterly.)

•Bulletin, University of Texas. (Irregular.)

Camera Work. (Quarterly.)
•The Carworker. (Monthly.)
•Cardiff Libraries Review. (Irregular.)

Century Magazine. (Monthly.)

Chautauquan. (Monthly.)
•Christian Herald. (Weekly.)
•Christian Science Journal. (Monthly.)
•Christian Science Sentinel. (Monthly.)
•Cigar Makers' Official Journal. (Monthly.)

The City Hall. (Monthly.)

Collier's Weekly.

Commercial and Financial Chronicle. (Weekly.)
•Concrete. (Monthly.)

Confederate Veteran. (Monthly.)

Contemporary Review. (Monthly.)

Cosmopolitan. (Monthly.) •Council Brand. (Monthly.)

Country Life in America. (Monthly.)

Cumulative Book Index. (Monthly.)

Current Literature. (Mon'hly.) •Dental Cosmos. (Monthly.)

Dial. (Semi-weekly.)

Dublin Review. (Quarterly.) •Ecclesiastical Review. (Monthly.)

Edinburgh Review. (Monthly.)

Educational Review. (Monthly.)

Electrical World. (Weekly.)

Engineering and Mining Journal. (Weekly.)

Engineering Index. (Monthly.)

Engineering Magazine. (Monthly.)

English Historical Review. (Quarterly.)

Etude. (Monthly.)

Fortnightly Review. (Monthly.)

Forum. (Monthly.)

Geological Magazine. (Monthly.) •Good Government. (Monthly.) •Granite Cutters' Journal. (Monthly.) •Gregg Writer. (Monthly.)

Harper's Monthly.

Harvard Law Review. (Eight times a year.)

Hibbert Journal. (Quarterly.)

Illustrated London News. (Weekly.)

Independent. (Weekly.)
•Indiana Bulletin of Chanties and Correction. (Quarterly.)
•Indiana State Normal School Bulletin. (Quarterly.)
•Indiana University Bulletin. (Irregular.)
•International Conciliation. (Monthly.)

(ntt rnational Studio. (Monthly.) *Jo\va Library Quarterly.

Iron Age. (Weekly.) Mtems'of Interest. (Monthly.) •Jewish Record. (Weekly.)

John P. Branch Historical Papers. (Annual.)

Johns Hopkins University Studies. (Irregular.)

Journal of American History. (Quarterly.)

Journal of American Medical Association. (Weekly.)
•Journal, Boiler Makers and Helpers of America. (Weekly.)

Journal of the Franklin Institute. (Monthly.)
•Journal of Illinois State Historical Society. (Quarterly.)

Journal of Political Economy. (Montnly.)

Journal of the Society of Comparative Legislation. (Irregular.)
•Journal of Zoophily. (Monthly.)

Ladies' Home Journal. (Semi-monthly.)
•Ladies' Review. (Monthly.)
*Law Notes. (Monthly.)

Library Journal. (.Monthly.)

Library Work. (Quarterly.)

Literary Digest. (Weekly.)

Littell's Living Age. (Weekly.)

London Quarterly Review. •Lookout. 4 Weekly.) 'Louisiana Planter. . (Weekly.)

McClure's Magazine. (Monthly.)

Magazine of History. (Monthly.)

Manufacturer's Record. (Weekly.)
'.Maryland Agricultural College Quarterly.
•Maryland Historical Magazine. (Quarterly.)
•Massachusetts Bureau of Statistics, Labor Bulletin. (Monthly.)
•Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind, 2 parts. (Monthly.)

Medical Review of Reviews. ( Monthly.)
•Metal Industry. (Monthly.)
•Michigan Crop Report. (Monthly.)
•Miller and Rhoada Monthly Record.
'Minnesota Public Library. (Quarterly.)
•Missouri Historical Review. (Quarterly.)
•Monthly Bulletin, Carnegie Library of Pittsburg.
"Monthly Bulletin, Carnegie Library of San Antonio.
•Mon.hly Bulletin. Health Department of Richmond.
•Museum News. (Monthly.)

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