Cultural Whiplash: The Unforeseen Consequences of America's Crusade Against Racial Discrimination

Cumberland House, 2006 - 205 páginas
With all the energy devoted to race and racism over recent decades, we should have a more racially harmonious society. But the opposite is true. So many fear being branded as racists that, even in the wake of the 9/11 attacks-the nation is fragmented and fractured into a multitude of self-interest groups that hav little or no concern about what is good for all. And the situation is only made worse by groups that employ charges of racism as a potent weapon in a larger political crusade that transcends race. Patrick Garry addresses racism form the perspective of the cultural majority, unlike most books of the subject that focus only on issues relating to the victims of racism. He discusses a variety of issues, including culture, illegal immigration, dress codes, unemployment, educational standards, arrest rates, lending practices, career advancement, affirmative action and reparations. In the last instance, Garry believes that nothing feeds of white guilt more than the reparations movement, even though most of the modern-day problems in the African American community can be traced to the Great Society programs of the 1960s. Yet he ponders if some form of reparations may be in order if we are to move beyond the status quo and end the endless accusations and discriminatory practices of affirmative action-the very policies of racial segregation against which Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. campaigned so valiantly.

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