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WHILE engaged in passing through the press a treatise which I have prepared upon prophecy,* circumstances led me to the perusal of Mr. Elliott's "Horæ Apocalyptica," and thereupon to form the design of endeavouring to refute the views advocated in this work, as being founded upon a line of interpretation fraught, in my apprehension, with error.

It is from no love of controversy that I enter upon such a task, but simply in the desire to advance the cause of truth ; conceiving that this may be done as well in exposing what may be a false system of interpretation, as in advocating a true one.

Mr. Elliott's, I feel to be a production calling for such notice,† as it is one which commands much influence, and occupies perhaps the first position among the writings of that class of commentators to which the author thereof belongs; and I may add, I hope in no unbecoming spirit, that this notice seems in a manner due at my hands, from the circumstance that

• Entitled, "The Light of Prophecy."

+ I am aware that it has received such notice, and some of the criticisms to which Mr. Elliott has been subjected I have seen, those of one author (Dr. Keith) before penning these remarks, and others subsequently, while the first edition of the present work was in course of being printed. I may have been more anticipated in the observations I have to offer than I know of, but will still trust that my efforts in seeking to lead to a right estimate of Mr. Elliott's interpretations may not prove superfluous.

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