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Late Pastor of the Tabernacle Church, Salem, Mass.

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Professor of Rhetoric in Amherst College, Mass

All things must be fulfilled which are written in the PSALMS concerning

one-------------------------------- ------------------ I,UKE xxiv. 44.
*ad they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy, &c. for thou wast slain
and hast redeemed us, &c.................................... REW. v. 9.
B O S T ON :


Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1835,
By ZERv1A Worcester,

In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Massachusetts. C. |||O h |\ ! My 7. - | C. C.

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Among the eminent public services of the late Dr Worcester, his labors to improve the influence of our “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs,” were not the least in importance. His “Christian Psalmody,” first published in 1815, was very favourably received ; although it was obliged to contend with serious objections from those who prefer to have Watts unabridged and unaltered. The “Selection of Hymns from other Authors” was evidently made with his characteristic discrimination of judgment and refinement of taste. The “Key of Expression” gave the whole work a peculiarity and a value, which have been justly appreciated. - * . . .

So strong, however, was the predilection of the community for Watts entire, that Dr. Worcester was induced to edit the work which has since been extensively known as “Watts and Select Hymns.” To this work a liberal patronage has been afforded. It has been introduced into very many of our churches, and holds a high place in public estination. Spurious editions of it having lately appeared, and the materials for an improved selection of hymns having greatly increased, a new edition has been strongly urged by many gentlemen, whose judgment is entitled to respectful consideration.

A new edition of “Watts and Select Hymns” is therefore now offered to the public. The Selection has been enlarged by the addition of 240 hymns and 30 “Occasional Pieces.” The whole number of “Select Hymns” is now 474. The hymns selected by the present Editor are numbered in continuation of those in the former editions, and commence with “Hymn 237,” p. 655. For the convenience of the numerous churches in which the former editions are used, it has been thought best to add the new hymns, rather than destroy the existing arrangement, by making a classification of the whole. If such a classification had been made, it is obvious that the new edition could not be used in connection with any of the previous editions.

The evil which arises from the heterogeneous arrangement of the Psalms and Hymns in all the common editions of Watts, has long been very seriously felt. To diminish it as much as possible, without making a new book,+very special attention has now been given to the “Index of Subjects.” The Editor will be much disappointed, if it shall not appear that he has greatly improved the work in this particular. The references through. out are made to pages, and will bear examination in respect to general accuracy and precision. There is also but one “Table of first lines;” and each line is referred to the page upon which the corresponding psalm or hymn may be found.

In enlarging ;: Selection, the Editor has aimed to increase

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