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Xnder of First Lines,

N. B. page.

The references in both indexes are to the hymns, not to the

Absurd and vain attempt, to bind
Again our weekly labours end
Again the Lord of life and light
Ah! why should this mistaken mind
Ah! worldly souls, who strive in vain
All nature dies and lives again
All nature feels attractive power
All-powerful, self-existent God
All-seeing God! 'tis thine to know
Amidst a world of hopes and fears
And art thou with us, gracious Lord
And is the gospel peace and love
And is there then, no lenient art
And must this body die
And now, my soul, another year
And wilt thou, great and glorious God
Angel, roll the stone away
Arise, my soul! extend thy wings
Arise, my soul! on wings sublime
Arise, my soul! shake off thy fears
Arise, O God of grace! arise
Author of being! when thy word
Author of life ! with reason's dawn
Awake, my torpid soul! awake
Awake, my soul ! and with the sun
Awake, my soul! lift up thine eyes
Awake, my soul! shake off the dream
Awake, my soul! stretch every nerve
Awake, my soul! to hymns of praise

Before Jehovah's awful throne
Behold the amazing sight
Behold the grace appears
Behold the Prince of peace

Scott. 188
Cappe's Sel. 7
Mrs. Barbauld. 20

Mrs. Steele. 236
Mrs. Steele. 239

Logan. 287

Drennan. 179 Walker's Col. 87

Scott. 189
Henry Moore. 242

Doddridge. 91
Mrs. Steele. 139
Mrs. Steele. 234

Watts. 280
Browne. 331

343 Scott. 130 Doddridge. 292 Gibbons. 264

Watts. 382 Watts. 344

P. 51 Logan. 174 Doddridge. 247

Kenn. 368 Mrs. Barbauld. 250

Browne. 196

Doddridge. 255 , Merrick. 38

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Behold, where in a mortal form
Bebold where breathing love divine
Be thou exalted, O my God
Beset with snares on every hand
Blest are the sons of peace
“ Blest are the meek,” he said
Blest be the tie that binds
Bless'd be the everlasting God
Bless'd Instructer! from thy ways
Bless the God of our salvation
Bless, O my soul! the living God
Blest is the man who fears the Lord
Blest is the man who shuns the place
Blest is the man whose heart is kind
Biest is the man who stands in awe
Blest hour, when virtuous friends
Bright orb of heaven, thy circuit stay
Broad is the road that leads to death

Enfield. 140
Mrs. Barbauld. 180

Watts. 48
Doddridge. 246

Watts. 356
Exeter Col. 195

Fawcett. 383

Watts. 289
Merrick. 205
Exeter Col. 305

Watts. 61
Exeter Col. 216

Watts. 221
Watts. 314

Tate. 229
Liv. Par. st. Col. 320

Butcher. 290

Watts. 244

Can creatures to perfection find
Canst thou, my soul! forget that friend
Celestial worlds! your Maker's name
Come hither, all ye weary sauls .
Come let us search our ways and try
Come, said Jesus' sacred voice
Come to the house of prayer
Courage! ye partners in distress
Creation's God! on thee alone

Watts. 84

Williams' Col. 30

Watts. 380

Watts. 176
Mrs. Barbauld. 128
Miss E. Taylor. 23

C. Wesley. 275
Merrick. 46


Birmingham Col. 306

Walker. 158
Doddridge. 149
Browne. 81

Watts. 25
Doddridge. 342
Cappe's Sel. 75

Eat, drink, in memory of your
Enough of life's vain scene I 've trod
Eternal and almighty King
Eternal God! almighty cause
Eternal Power, whose high abode
Eternal Source of every joy
Eternal Source of light and thought

Faith adds new charms to earthly
Far from mortal cares' retreating
Far from thy servants, God of grace
Far from these scenes of night
Far from the world, O Lord! I fle
Father adored in worlds above
Father divine ! before thy view

Salisbury Col. 237

J. Taylor. 22
Doddridge. 178
Mrs. Steele. 295
Cowper. 199

J. Taylor. 162

Father divine ! thy gracious power Liv. R. st. Col. 60
Father divine! thy piercing eye

Doddridge. 349
Father! I thank thee; may no thought

N. 170
Father! and is thy table spread

Doddridge. 301
Father in heaven! thy sacred

Liv. Par. st. Col. 78
Father of all! omniscient mind

Blacklock. 89
Father of all! whose cares extend

Pope. 76
Father of him we own our Lord

Watts. 141
Father of light! conduct my feet

Smart. 241
Father of lights ! my footsteps guide

Scott. 248
Father of lights! we sing thy name

Doddridge. 59
Father of men! thy care we bless

Doddridge. 348
Father of mercies ! in thy word

Mrs. Steele. 143
Father of our feeble race

J. Taylor. 177
Father supreme of heaven and earth

Fountain of blessing ! God of love Salisbury Col. 74
Frail life of man! how short its stay Henry Moore. 261
From depths of sadness and distress

Denham. 212
From north and south, from east and west

Butcher. 293
From this world's joys and senseless mirth

Bowden. 297

Give me the wings of faith to rise
Give to the winds thy fears
Glorious things of thee are spoken
Glory be to God on high
Glory to thee, my God! this night
God in the gospel of bis son
God is the refuge of his saints
God moves in a mysterious way
God, my supporter and my hope
God of eternity! from thee
God of mercy! God of love
God of my life! thro' all its days
God of my life! my thanks to thee
God of our lives! thy constant care
God of the morning! at thy voice
God of the universe, whose hand
God reigns ! events in order flow
God to correct the world
God, who art love, whose kindness binds
Great Author of all nature's frame
Great Cause of all things ! Source of life
Greatest of beings ! Source of life
Great is the Lord, our God
Great Former of this various fram
Great Framer of unnumbered worlds

Watts. 142
C. Wesley. 110
Olney Hymns. 377

J. Taylor. 1

Kenn. 370
Beddome. 378

Watts. 376
Cowper. 108

Watts. 160
Doddridge. 267

J. Taylor. 206
Doddridge. 67

Browne. 55
Doddridge. 329

Watts. 365
W. Taylor. 42

Scott. 102
Jervis. 338

C. 384
Scott. 155
Dyer. 40
Dyer. 33

Watts. 373
Doddridge. 260

Dyer. 335

Great God! at whose all-powerful call Enfield's Sel. 327
Great God! how infinite art thou

Watts. 86
Great God! how vast is thine abode

Jervis. 93
Great God! in vain man's narrow view

Kippis. 83
Great God of grace! accept my

Walker's Col. 194
Great God of grace! arise and shine

Needham. 138
Great God! thy peerless excellence

Browne. 150
Great Lord of angels! we adore

Doddridge. 345
Great Ruler of all nature's frame Liv. R. st. Col. 223
Great Ruler of the earth and skies

Mrs. Steele. 339
Great Source of life ! our souls confess Doddridge. 64

Hail, great Creator! wise and good Liv. Old Col. 28
Hail the day that sees him rise

Salisbury Col. 132
Happy the heart where graces reign

Watts. 181
Happy the meek, whose gentle breast

Scott. 194
Hark! it is wisdom's voice

Doddridge. 355
Hark! the glad sound; the Saviour.comes Doddridge. 117
Hark! what celestial sounds

Salisbury Col. 309
Heavenly Father! Sovereign Lord Salisbury Col. 16
Hour, Lord! io soug of praisa and prayer Commer. 316
Hear what God the Lord hath spoken

Cowper. 136
Hear what the voice from heaven

Watts. 286
He dies, the friend of sinners dies

Watts. 131
He that has made bis refuge God

Watts. 318
High in the heavens, eternal God

Tate. 43
House of our God, with cheerful anthems Doddridge. 328
How are thy servants blest, O Lord

Addison. 104
How blest the sacred tie that binds Mrs. Barbauld. 357
How happy is he born and taught

Wotton. 359
How rich thy gifts, almighty King

Kippis. 341
How still and peaceful is the grave

Scotch Par. 285
How vast is the tribute I owe

Jervis. 58
How vast thy works, almighty Lord

Merrick. 99
How well our great protector knows

Merrick. 224

I love thy Zion, Lord
Imposture shrinks from light
Inquire, ye pilgrims, for the way
Jesus is gone above the sky
Jesus, the friend of man

Keep silence, all created things

Ev. Luth. Col. 353

Scott. 146
Doddridge. 4

Watts. 302
Watts. 304

Waits. 96

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