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O agony of wavering thought
When sinners first so near are brought!
“ It is my Maker-dare I stay?
“My Saviour-dare I turn away ?”

Thus while the storm is high within
'Twixt love of Christ and fear of sin,
Who can express the soothing charm,
To feel thy kind upholding arm,

My mother Church ? and hear thee tell
Of a world lost, yet lov'd so well,
That He, by whom the angels live,
His only Son for her would give h.

And doubt we yet? thou call'st again;
A lower still, a sweeter strain;
A voice from Mercy's inmost shrine,
The very breath of Love divine.

h “God so loved the world, that He gave His only-begotten “ Son." See the sentences in the Communion Service, after the Confession.

Whispering it says to each apart,
“Come unto me, thou trembling heart i;".
And we must hope, so sweet the tone,
The precious words are all our own.

Hear them, kind Saviour-hear thy spouse
Low at thy feet renew her vows;
Thine own dear promise she would plead
For us her true though fallen seed.

She pleads by all thy mercies, told
Thy chosen witnesses of old,
Love's heralds sent to man forgiven,
One from the cross, and one from heaven k.

This, of true Penitents the chief,
To the lost spirit brings relief,
Lifting on high th' adored nane:-
“Sinners to save, Christ Jesus camel.”

i Come unto me, all ye that travail, and are heavy laden, and I will refresh you.

k St. Paul and St. John.

| This is a faithful saying and worthy of all men to be received, That Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.

That, dearest of thy bosom friends,
Into the wavering beart descends :-
“What? down again ? yet cheerful rise",
- Thine Intercessor never dies."

The eye of Faith, that waxes bright
Each moment by thine altar's light,
Sees them e'en now: they still abide
In mystery kneeling at our side;

And with them every spirit blest,
From realms of triumph or of rest,
From Him who saw creation's morn,
Of all thine angels eldest born,

To the poor babe, who died to-day,
Take part in our thanksgiving lay,
Watching the tearful joy and calm,
While sinners taste thine heavenly balm.

Sweet awful hour! the only sound
One gentle footstep gliding round,

If any man sin, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.

Offering by turns on Jesus' part The cross to every hand and heart.

Refresh us, Lord, to hold it fast; Then when thy veil is drawn at last, Let us depart where shadows cease, With words of blessing and of peace. XCVI.


WHERE is it, mothers learn their love ?-
In every Church a fountain springs
O'er which th' eternal Dove

Hovers on softest wings.

What sparkles in that lucid flood
Is water, by gross mortals ey'd :
But seen by Faith, 'tis blood

Out of a dear friend's side.

A few calm words of faith and prayer,
A few bright drops of holy dew,
Shall work a wonder there

Earth's charmers never knew.

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