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From the German.'

No. 1287. v. 5.
T ORD, in this present Hour of Grace,

L Do Thou in Mercy freely grant:
What in thy Kingdom has no Place,

What strengthens not our Covenant,
Whate'er may hinder thy Design,

What becomes not a Child of Grace,
What makes us not more nearly Thine ;
That do Thou utterly erase.

TER ) 978
From the German.

No. 1167. V. 8. 9. 2
M AKE thyself ready, O thou bleed-

i ng Love, And let a double Zeal amongft us move : That for Thy Service we may all resign,

And throughout all the World be only thine. 2 To those, who now as Pilgrims are em

ploy'd, And publith, how thy Death hath Sin de. stroy'd,

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Give Strength to fight, and succour when

they fall;
Yea, let'ten thousand Angels guard them
all. :

From the German....

No. 1076. v. 2.
M Any, who under Sin were fold,

V Now at Love's throne are prostrate laid;
Many by Nature numb and cold,

Void of all Feeling, inly Dead,
Now Thy warm gracious Influence know,

Of Thy dear Blood the Power prove ;
Which melts their Hearts, and makes them

· And kindly take the Form of Love.

IMY Heart's sweet Treasure ; when Ilook

On every pierced Wound,
I fink before Thee as vile Duft,

By Cords of Love fast bound.. . 2 O may I ever wond'ring lie,

Adoring thy Free-Grace ! :,
Which has fo gently drawn my Soul
Thy Mercy to embrace.

O dea.

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