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To link into Thy Wounds each Hour;
'To learn to fit in Srilness at Thy Feet;
To with and pant in Thee to be compleat.

IM Y Dearelt Lamb I now sink down,

W And bow before Thy Feet ; ::
Here is my Heart, quite vile 'and base,

Do with's as Thou think it meets 2 For whịther can I go, my Lord; ;

But only to thy Blood . What can make clean this filthy Heart? :

Nothing but that pure Flood; 3 I thank Thee for that Grace and Light 1-Which Thew me what I am in I thank Thee too for all I knowine,

Of Thee, Thou bleffed Lamb a 4 True, 'tis but little that I know..

Of Thee, and what Thou art ;
But be Thou pleas'd to teach me more,

And fill with Love my Heart
5 Come join with me, Companions dear,

No longer rob the Lamb ;!.", Bat let us give to Himour Hearts, ?

Becaufe forithem. He came. ? 6 Him we may love and love again, Nor can we e'er exceed;

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Since out of burning Love to us

· He was content to bleed. "} ..
7 For us poor Duft and Afhes vile !

The Saviour freely dy'd:
May this fink deep in all our Hearts,

And ever there abide.
8 Low at thy Feet, Lord Jesus Christ,

may we ever lie,
And love and thank Thee more and more
..To all Eternity esit'si ' .)

M Y Jesus, look on me Thy Child,
IV Who am both weak and faint:
Sinners are Thine, then take Thy own,

1 And make a Wretch a Saint. ;
2 Cleanse me and wash me in Thy Blood,

Then only Thine I'll be ; il
Create me Thine, and I will have

No other Lord but Thee, ,,
3 Take my poor Heart just as it is,

Set up therein "Thy Throne ;
So shall I love Thee above all

And live to Thee alone.
4 Remember, Lord, when Thou didft hang

And die upon the Tree,
For whom were all Thy Wounds and Pains,
But for the World and me?

5 There

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