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parts flies,

2 What cost Thee Life, Blood, Death, strong

Cries and Tears, The same remains nor waxes old by Years; 3 Thy pow'rful Word o'er Walls and RamOut-lafts (Thyself haft faid) both Earth and

Skies. 4 Who to His Blood shall Bounds and Limits

give? His Flock, yea all the World may drink

and live. s Who can produce a Time, a Day, an Hour,

This Blood may not exert vindi&tive Pow'r 6 'Tis no light Matter, when the Souls that

lie Beneath the Altar, Vengeance ! Vengeance !

cry, Tho' 'bove a thousand Years they thus have

cried : (Patience divine ! how long wilt Thou be

tried) 8 If by the Fiend this Cry can't be withstood,

Much less the rushing Stream of Jesu's Blood. 9. But hark! what C ́y doth from the Saviour


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