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What Wonders are hore! Come, Come let us serve him, who bought us

so dear. . 15 Dear Brethren, 'tis right,

To wait Day and Night;

It is now his Hour, He's ready to give us his Light, Life and Pow'r. 16 From this very Day

We will not delay,

To follow the Lamb, To ferve him with Gladness, and live for his

Name. 17 We will nought diffuse,

But this welcome News :

The Lamb has been slain; This Text we will preach of again and again. 18 This entreth thy Ear,

O Bridegroom most dear!

Thou Lamb that wert flain, O be Thou the Leader of us and our Train.

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1 To a Believer's Heart, Doth soften, heal, and purify, And take away all Smart. 17

* 910V ano 2 This


2 This precious Blood doth cleanse from Sin, .

And wipes away our Tears,
It makes our Garments white and clean,

And frees us from all Fears.;
3 The Blood of Abel Vengeance cried :

But Jesus cried, “ Forgive, “ Father, they know not what they do,

“ Forgive them, let them live." 4 The Father heard his Well-beloy'd:

How could He Him, deny, . Who for our Sins upon the Cross

Did sweat and bleed and die ? 5 O sweetest Saviour, let Thy Blood,

· That precious Blood of Thine,
Sprinkle and overflow this Heart,
This finful Heart of mine.

From the German.
i ' NO: 1202. ... :
THE first-begotten Son of God

1 Takes up with Mortals his Abode ; He who was sworn to Abraham,

Who ever was and is the same ; He came, and hidden Mysteries reveal'd, Which from the World's Foundations were conceal'd: :

2 Into

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5 And thus for our imputed Guilt

Our Surety's precious Blood was spilt;
The Sins of all on Him were laid,

And he for all has fully paid ;
And now doth God for Children dear receive

All Sorts of Sinners, who on Him believe. 976 We dead in Sins and Trespasses, Arhi Carrow Way to Life and Peace


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