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in Ear Jesus be near,

And make thyself clear
To each of our Hearts ;
That we may know nothing, but Thee and

-Thy Smarts.. ? We are thy poor Sheep,

To thy Wounds we'll keep, is ' In them is our Food ; in Indeed there our Strength lies, and our . ..only Good. .. . . 3 We are thy poor Clay,

Form us from this Day
For thy Use alone ; : Ir is
And let us rejoicing feel we are thy own.

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T Ear Lamb, in me fulfil
U Whatever is Thy Will,
I willingly refign
Myself, and all that's mine,
Into Thy precious Wounds,

Where Rest and Peace abounds. 2 Froin tience each Day impart

New Life into my Heart,
For without fresh Supplies
The former droops and dies;
Contine:lly I've Need,

By Faith, on Thee to feed.
3 To Jesus then I'll cleave,
My Love no more I'll grieve ;
For what in Heav'n, but Thee,
Can I defire to see?
Or what in Earth and Air

Can I with Thee compare? 4 Nothing, my dearelt Love;

Thy Beauty's far above
All other 'I reasures. Why? -
Thou didit fo freely die
For me, and every one
That was by Sin undone.


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