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That Thou bar'it our Guilt and Blame ;

O how sweet is then Thy Name ! 3 Self-Will, that most cruel Thing,

May we bring to Thee our King:
For when we as Sinners come,
In Thy Nail-holes we find Room,
Other Children cannot be
Half so glad and bless'd

as we ;
They don't hear, that Thou dear Lamb

On the Cross halt dy'd for them.

Be our Shepherd ev'ry Day,
That we little Lambs ne'er stray ;
That whene'er we hear Thy Voice,

To obey we may rejoice.
6 Thanks be for Thy tender Care,

Thanks, that Thou hast brought us here:
Grant O deareft Lamb that we
True, tho' little Servants be!

Hat feels that Soul, that sees not Thee

W fel, acho bonce has feen Thy Hearts

No Pain with that can'equall'd be,

The Lofs as matchless as the Smart! Dear Brethren, well this Thing obferve, With Care your Hearts in Light preserve.

20! never curn from him

your Eyes, The Sinner's only Hope and Friend ; The Soul that from his Keeper flies,

Nóne other can from Harın defend : Ye happy Souls that Jesus know,

From Him ah! whither would you go? 3 Turn then, whoe'er is turn'd-aftray,

Turn to the Shepherd of the Sheep:
He by his 1:eath your Debts did pay,

His Life shall you in Safety keep:
Be not afraid, but go, believe,

He will his Sheep with Joy receive. 4. It is not in Him to deftroy,

He came to fave the Souls of Men ; His Spirit is in full Employ

Therefore to bring them home again Hear, Soul, He calleth Thee by Name; Be not afraid He is a Lamb!

Tream thro' the Bottom of my Soul

Blood of the Son of God! :
And take away whate'er in me

Thee hath so long with tood: Drink up my Nature's active Fire, Drown al


uselefs Serife ; And let my Heart for nothing thirt But Thee the Well of Life.

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2 Here let me drink, for ever drink,

Nor ever once depart:
For what I taste, makes me to cry,

“ Fix at this Spring my Heart!"
Dear Saviour, Thog haft seen how oft

I've turn'd away from Thee ;
Olet Thy Work renew'd to-Day,
Remain eternally.

dearest Saviour, might my Heart

Be quite giv’n up to Thee !
O might it, to be always Thine,

My higheft Pleasure be!
2 Thy Love, with such a jealous Flame,

Would have me wholly Thine ;
Thy Blood so shed, demands that I

Should be no longer mine!
3 But Lord, what loveft Thou in me ?

Thou seeft me as I am!
Yet if Thou chooseft ftill to love,

T'hy Choice I will not blame.
Ah Lord ! it is the only Way,

The only Master Art,
To conquer such a Soul as mine,

And break so hard a Heart :

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is Here

s Here I confess to all the World,

I ne'er should have lov'd Thee,
Hadit Thou not dy'd for me and first

Shewn such a Love to me.
6 Ở Love, O bleeding Love, I would

Always with Thee remain:
O let my Soul with Thee yet more

Inward Acquaintance gain.
7 For this I feel, did even i

But know Thee as Thou art;
I from that Time with thousand Joys
Should give Thee all my Heart.

From the German.
OW will we go and silent be,

And humbly bow both Heart and Knee
Before our Lamb and Head:
We'll venture gladly ev'ry Thing,
At the Command of Christ our King,

By Him we'll be for ever led. :)


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H! who is this appears to me

After the Labours of thy Life,
All Glory bę to God on high !
And is it then our happy Lot,
Arise, my Soul, arise, and fing
Arise ye, who are captive led,
Attend, O Saviour, to our Pray'r!

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Behold the loving Son of God

13 Behold the Saviour of Mankind, Beloved Saviour, Prince of Life,

15 Beloved Saviour, Sinners Friend

16 Blood of the venerable Lamb!

17 Brethren, what is your Desire ?

18 By our own Strength there's nothing done, 20 Christ crucify'd,

20 Come let us join our chearful Songs Could we Sinners fully tell,

22 Could but the World its With obtain, 23 Dear glorious King, thy Church’s Spouse, 24 Dear Jesus be near, Dear Lamb from everlasting fain,

26 Dear Lamb, in me fulfil

28 Dear

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