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From the German.

N° 852.


am a little Child you see,

My Strength is little too, But yet I fain would faved be,

Lord, teach me what to do, 2 My Saviour, hear; Thou for my Good

Wert pleas'd a Child to be, And Thou didft fhed Thy precicus Blood

Upon the Cross for me.
3 My dearest Saviour, tell me how

My Thankfulness to shew
For all Thy Love, bcfore and now,

Else I shall never know.
4 I think, fince I fo often hear

That Thou doit want my Heart. As thy Reward and Purchase dear,

That 'T'hou in Earnest art. 5 Come then, and take this Heart of mine,

Come take me as I am,
I know that I by right am Thine,
Thou loving gracious Lamb.

Down at Thy Feet still may I bow,

Be thine, my Saviour, ftill,
In nothing bad myself allow,

Nor ever shew Self-Will.
But I am weak, and nothing can,
7 Myself can nothing do,
Help me, O Thou Almighty Man,

Help my C ompanions too.
8 Preserve our little Hearts secure

From ev'ry Hurt and Stain, First make them, and then keep them pure,

And ihut to all that's vain. 9 If early Thou wouldt have me die,

O that no Harm will be: Into Thy Arms I then will fly,

And ever live with Thee.
10 If thou would have me longer stay,

In Years and Stature grow,
Help me to serve Thee Night and Day

While I am here below.
11 Then after walking in Thy Ways

And serving Thee in Love, Put a bleit End unto my Days,

And kiss me there above.


From the German.

NO. 1081.
Bow before the Father's Throne ;

With equal Awe before Thee fall,
Thou only first begotten Son,

Appointed Lord and Heir of all! Appointed, since Thy bloody Fight,

To call and draw the Sons of Men Thy Property by justest Right,

Since bought with Agony and Pain. 2 To Thy great Majesty be Praise,

Which suffer'd such a Wretch to be, And help'd me, thro' attracting Grace,

The Father's loving Heart to see :
Which for so many

With Cords of Love unwearied drew,
And now, by ev'ry Way and Art,

Strives to compleat the Creature New. 3 Thanks for all this, Eternal Friend,

And for all that which I forget,
And all I cannot comprehend;

For Thou're unfathomably great.

Years my


When I Thy Love astonish'd see,
What Lengths, Breadths, Depths and Heights

arile ! Eternity, Immensity,

These are its only Boundaries.

ESU, each blind and trembling Soul

Let Thy soft Voice persuade,
În all Distress to come to Thee

We need not be afraid. 2 Is Sin our Grief? whatever Sin,

(No Difference it makes :) 'Tis all forgiven thro' that Blood

Thou spilledst for our sakes. 3 Is Unbelief the Thing we feel ?

(Above all Vice accurft :) Yet when Thou diedst for all Sins,

Thou didft include the worst. 4 Have we fwhich bitter is indeed);

Forsook thy Love when known? Yet Thou a gentle Master art,

Nor wilt the Weak disown. 5 Are we o'erwhelm'd with Thought and Care,


Hath Sorrow seiz'd our Breast?
Tho''tis a Shame it should be fo,

Yet Thou wilt give us Reft.
6 Are we uncertain what's the Cafe,

But feel we are not right?
We need but leave our Heart to Thee,

Be fimple in Thy Sight.
7 See we sometimes, that in ourselves

There dwelleth no good Thing?
Yet ftill Thy Body on the Cross

Did full Salvation bring.


From the German.

NO. 60.
ESUS! all Praise is due to Thee,

That Thou wert pleas'd a Man to be, A Virgin's Womb Thou didft not fcorn, And Angels fhout to see Thee born,

Hallelujah. 2 Th' eternal Father's only Son

Takes up a Manger for his 'Throne.
The evertafting Sov'reign Good
Assumes our feeble Flesh and Blood.


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