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Feels, that for him the Lamb of God
Shed on the Cross his precious Blood.
Of little Use all Proofs, all Means beside,
The Christian he, who feels that Christ has

dy'd. 13 When any, thro' a Beam of Light, Can see and own they are not right, But enter on a Legal Strife, Amend their former Course of Life, And work, and toil, and sweat from Day

to Day; Such to their Saviour quite mistake the way. 14 But when a poor awaken'd Heart Ev'n turns and winds with inward Smart, Sin's horrid Nature well perceives, That it.can nothing do believes, Longs to be fav'd, despairs of Self-relief; He hardly turns, but Christ demands his

Grief. 15 How are you? O! I'm far from well, All in my Blood deserving Hell. T'hen speaks the. Friend of Souls - My Son, There take thy Abfolution; Believe and stand upright, my Robe put on,

Keep thy Eye fix'd on me, rejoice and.sun. 16 The Soul receives a Spirit new, And does as, Jesus bids her do:


To him she steadfast looks, believes,
And feels the mighty Life he gives ;
She stands upright, accepts the robe divine,
Cries,.I am Thine, my Love, and Thou art

77 A Sinking. Shame, and Pow'r divine,

At once in sweet Communion join :
They root themselves within the Heart,
United never more to part:
No more for Want of Strength good Mo-

tions die, These Graces meet with constant Victory. 18 The Soul at first a Calm enjoys,

Then feasts, and next to Action Aies,
Where Faith's unconquerable Might
Undaunted meets its glorious Fight;
She works, and after all her work is o'er

Most commonly she thinks of it no more, 19 But should unseemly Joy take Place

When she reviews her Work of Grace,
Immediately comes holy Shame,
Presents so many Faults by Name ;
Blushing, ihe turns to Jesu's blood and sweat,
Thanks God whene'er she can herself for-

20 And now in ev'ry Time and Place,

The faithful Soul ev'n gasps for Grace ;
Considers ev'ry Night and Day,



How she may true Obedience pay
To Him, who made her free from Death

and Hell, And destin'd her in blissful Realms to dwell. 21 Lord ! did Thy witness-bearing Cloud *

But whisper, and not thunder loud,
The Reason would more plain appear,
Why many still nor see, nor hear;
But Wonder cease ! since each at home may

find, That Men, by Nature, are both deaf and

22 At Jesu's Word each Witness flies

To open all the blinded Eyes ;
And when we call, the Lord is near,
Cries Epphatha ! the Deat can hear ;
No longer is the Gospel preachid in vain,

No longer: does the Lamb un-ey'd remain. 23. We the Lamb's happy Subjects are ;

And simply we Our Gifts declare,
Which he to us vile Duft imparts,
Since his Love's Dart has reach'd our

We fiin would see whole Troops from

ev'ry Land Plac'd on the Right among the Blessed


24. The

* Hebrews xii, ..

21 The Lord himself gives forth the Word,

We preach most gladly Christ the Lord ;
0. Thou our glorious Head and Chief,
Give each who hears us, true Belief;
May our Call pierce thro' ev'ry Heart and

And when we point Thee out, do Thou


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LVI. 1 JESU, that gentle touch of Thine

Which doth our Souls to Thee incline, Which makes us taste how good Thou art, And softens and instructs the Heart : A Gift of how great worth is this? 'Tis a small Thread that leads to Bliss ; Its Drawings may we still attend,

And meekly follow to the End.
2 Wretched the Man who turns away,

And will not with his Saviour stay ;.
As wretched he who strait grows proud
For inward Sweetness once beftow'd.
They shall be built as living Stones

On Chrift the Rock, and only they
Who cleave to Him as little Ones,

And filent wait, and foon obey.

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ESU, Thou art the only Good,

Which can my needy Soul sustain ; till all its Wants with that dear Blood,

Which trickled forth from ev'ry Vein Of Thine, my Lamb, when on the Cross

Thou didst endure such grievous Smart, Such Pain, such bitter Agonies,

To gain my finful worthless Heart. 2 To Thee then I myself resign,

Amaz'd at this lo boundless Grace, Which doth extend to ev'ry Soul

Of Adam's fallen helpless Race : Restoring each who does believe

Unto his Heav'n, by Christ regain's, That he his Life henceforth

may live To Him who daily proves his Friend. 3 all are Thine, fince Thou hast died ! Therefore, ye

Fears and Terrors cease : Jesus the Morning Star appears,

And bids my troubled Soul be Peace; Which long hath funk beneath the Load

Of Reas’ning, Unbelief and Pride; At last the useless Strife gives o'er,

And cleaves to Jesus crucified...A


4. Grant

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