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• 1- /% H! who is this appears to me
_/"\> With five wide gaping Wounds,
His Body mark'd with Blows and Stripes,
* And Thorn his Fore-head crowns?
It is no Spirit to asfright,

And fill my Flesh with Dread,
No 'tis my Jesus crucify'd,

Who for my Sins thus bled.

2 Appear before me evermore
In this red mangled Hue I
And follow me where'er I turn,
Still closely me pursue.

B . Embrace

Embrace me fast within Thy Arms,
Thou Bridegroom of my Soul,

And let Thy Blood besprinkle me
From ev'ry pierced Hole.

O bring'my Heart to know thy Love ,

In all that bitter Pain,
Which wounded Thee,and bruis'd Thee so

My sinful Soul to gain.
Sweet Jesus, make me poor and meek,

And let me nothing know,
But that Thou haft been crueify'd:

Thy Blood will keep me low!


1 \ Fter the Labours of Thy Lise,

xV Thou, Jesii, on the Cross did'st die; Thou susFredit much on our Behalf,

And didest Thou merit nought thereby? Forbid that Thought! Thy Blood indeed Has purchas'd ev'ry Grace we need.

2 We need not lie in Chains of Sin,

In sear and Darkness all our Days;
If but our Hearts have Thee within, -

Our Mouths can gladly found thy Praise:
Numbers of Slaves Thou hast made free,
For where Grace is, there's Liberty.

3 There's A> i

3 There's some strange Virtue in Thy Death, Which may we daily more discern;

Something that can a new Lise breath
Into the Soul, and make it burn:

Thank him all ye who know indeed
This Truth, that He dicPfor you bleed.

4. You, who were Slaves of Sin before,
The Saying chearfclly repeat:
"Thou, Lord, for Love of us hast bore

"Contempt and Pain, r.nd bloody Sweat, "Our Souls from Sin and Hell to free, "And win our Hearts to follow Thee!


1 ALL Glory be to Gad on high!
J\ Ye Sons of Adam fill the Sky

With Praise and Thankfulness :.
God from an everlasting Love,
Decreed wkh his dear Son above,

A iinful World to bless.

2 Stand still and see what God hath done; He had but one beloved Son,

And him He freely gave:
For whom was this? but for a Race
Of cursed Sinners, vile and base;

Yet All He came to fave.

3 All Glory to th' Eternal Son, That He most freely did put on

Our Flesh and Misery:

•Bi r

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