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Thou Soul's best Friend, Thou tender Heart,

228 23! 232

Thou, who with Sinners smitten art,
Thou who fo near us art, more near
Thus to her Husband speaks the Bride.; 233
Thy bleeding Wounds, dear Saviour, are 234
Thy Eyes, thy Mouth, thy Side, 234
To God the Holy Ghost we pray,

To Jefus all our Soul directed is,
To me 'tis a clear Case,
To such the King will give a Kiss of Love, 239
To the Lamb stain'd with Blood, 240
Two Points ought all to know,




Unfathom'd. Wisdom of our King !


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We thank our God the Holy Ghost, 245
What Energy and Pow'r divine

What is it, wounded bleeding Love, 250
What Joy or Honour could we have, 254
What Pains poor Souls go thro' to trace 261
What Praise unto the Lord is due ! 262
What says a Soul that now doth taste 264
What, Souls dear Husband, doft thou love? 265
What then, dear Jesus, hadft thou done or

W line to my Mafter shall I say? 269
When our dear Monarch from on high, 271
When the due Time had taken Place, 275



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When shall I gain my Wedding-dress,

278 Who views the Lamb with stedfaft Face, 279 Who could have thought, my loving Lord, 280 Without the Camp, beyond Jerus lem's Gate, With deepest Reverence and Awe, 285 With tender longing and Love's Smart, 287 Ye Arms of Love, once pierc'd with Nails, 190 Ye happy Cloud of Witnesses

293 Yebleft Domestics of the flaughter'd Lamb; 297 Ye Learners of the Grace and Blood,

299 Ye who have known th' atoning Blood, 302 You who of endless Woe would gladly miss 303 Youth divine, with Staff. in Hand!


Out of Love, O Saviour dear,

306 What feels that Soul, that sees not thee 2017 Stream thro' the Bottom of my Soul

308 O dearest Saviour; might my Heart 309 Now will we go and llent be,


F I N I S.

A Catalogue of Books printed for and Sold by JAMES HUTTON, at the Bible and Sun, in Little-WildStreet, near Lincoln's Inn-Fields.

1. Six

I. Ixteen Discourses on the Redemptioni

of Man by the Death of Christ : Preached at Berlin in the Year 1738, by the Right Reverend, and most illustrious Count Zinzendorf, Bishop of the ancient Moravian Church. Translated from the High-Dutch: With a Dedication to the Archbishops, Bishops, and Clergy of the Church of England; giving fome Account of the Moravian Brethren, Price I s, 6 d. : N. B. All Books wrote by the Moravian Brethren, which are or shall be translated, will be to be had at the above Place only.

II. Most of the Rev'd Mr. George Whiten field's Sermons, and Journals, and his other Works.

III. A Sermon on Salvation by Faith, by Jobn Wesley, A. M. Fellow of Lincoln Col. lege, Oxford.

IV. A Collection of Forms of Prayer for every Day in the Week.

V. The Doctrine of Salvation, Faith, good Works : extracted from the Homila che Church of England.

VI. Reply to the Rev. Mr. Bowman's La ter againt the Methodists.

VII. The Country Parfon's Advice to ! Parishioners ; in two Parts, ift. Containing plain and serious. Exhortation to a Religio Life, 2d. General Directions how to live a cordingly. Price i s. 6 d. or 15 s. per Da to those who give them away.

VIII. The Spiritual Combat, or the Christian Pilgrim in his fpiritual Conflict and Conquest, by John de Caftaniza.

IX. A Manual of Prayers for the Use of the Scholars of Winchefter College, and others.

X. The true Christian, or the Way to a holy Life, and happy Death, in z Parts : collected chiefly from Bifhop Taylor's Living and Dying, &c. with 2 Copper Plates.

XI. A ferious Exhortation to Repentance, and Sorrow for Sin, and a strict and mortifed Life. Written about the Middle of the 4th. Century, by St. Epbraim the Syrian, Deacon of Edessa. Price 6 d. stich'd. - XII. Private Prayers for every Day in the Week, and for the several Parts of each Day. Translated from the Greek Devotions of Bp. Andrews, by George Stanhope, D. D. late Dean of Canterbury.

At the same Place may be had Bibles, Common Prayer Books, and mot Sorts of other Books.

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