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Dear Saviour, hear a Sinner's Pray'',: 29
Ev'ning Star, I follow Thee, .
For such poor Souls who dare of nothing boast,
From Life and Grace (this we are bold 33
Go forth, in Spirit go
Grace! how good, how cheap, how free:
Grant, in the Bottom of my Heart
Grant, Lord, I ne'er may doubt again 36
Great Saviour, one sweet Look of thine
Grace! Grace! O that's a charming Sound 39

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Since I can look upon Thee, Lord,'' Ê 1280
Sinners! come, the Saviour fee, 181
Sinners Redeemer, whom we inly love, : 184
Small might it seem, if Chrift above 188
Such who themselves have known the Lamb,

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