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Printed for R. and J Dopsley, in Pall-Mall, 1764.

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ON the close of our last volume, we be

came apprehensive of a deficiency of materials towards furnishing an history of the succeeding years. The peace seemed to be so well settled, that one might imagine, there could be little room for political difputes amongst the several powers, and none at all for actual war and hostility. In reality, Europe may be said to be perfectly quiet: but the extent of the commercial empire of Great Britain is fuch, and it engages her in such a vast variety of difficult connections, that it is almost impossible for any confiderable length of time to pass over,

without producing abundance of events of a very interesting nature ; and we heartily wish we could Aatter ourselves, that we should be found as equal to our materials of history, as we are likely to be well supplied with them. The savage war, which has unfortunately broke out in America since the conclusion of the general peace, has been fruitful of events ; and it is not yet ended. Since then, troubles of

great consequence have likewise arisen in the East Indies, which threaten to afford us Vol. VI.



but too much employment for the ensuing year.

As to our domestic dissentions, we have stated as fairly as we could the points in contest between parties. Little heated ourselves, we have not endeavoured to inflame others. We have carefully adhered to that neutrality, which, however blameable in an advocate, is necessary in an historian, and without which he will not represent an image of things, but of his own passions.

We have wholly omitted in the Historical part the legal disputes which arose on the prosecution of the authors and publishers of the North Briton. The reader will easily see, that these matters did not properly come within the design of that part of our work; but we have taken care to insert the best account, which has appeared, of that whole transaction, at the end of the Chronicle.

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