The Parliamentary Register: Or, History of the Proceedings and Debates of the House of Commons, Volumen13

J. Debrett, 1779

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Página 550 - I repeat to you my warmeft thanks ; and I confider it as a happy omen of the fuccefs of my arms, that the increafe of difficulties ferves only to augment the courage and conftancy of the nation, and to animate and unite my people in the defence of their country, and of every thing that is dear to them. The advanced...
Página 453 - General .to be appointed by the King, and a Grand Council to be chosen by the Representatives of the people of the several Colonies in their respective Assemblies, once in every three years.
Página 430 - Howe's army was the superior army, and certainly might have foraged, had the inhabitants not brought in their provisions — of which, I think, there could be no doubt, because, when Sir William Howe was at Philadelphia in 1777, the people at that time, when Washington had four times the number of troops that he had at Trenton, and when his party was continually patrolling round the lines ; — the inhabitants of Philadelphia, the army and navy, such as chose to eat fresh provisions, were supplied...
Página 431 - What number do you suppose came in to the army at Philadelphia? A. The deserters were generally sent from head-quarters down to me for examination — from me they went to Mr. Story, the officer appointed to administer the oath of allegiance. — He kept a regular account of their numbers, their names, and the places of their nativity, and I think there were upwards of 2300 qualified at his office ; and I believe, on good reason, there • might have been upwards of 7 or 800 more...
Página 459 - Parliament ; and that if the same should be attempted to be carried into execution by force, all America ought to support them in their opposition?
Página 364 - To concur in meafures calculated to difcharge the debts of America, and to raife the credit and value of. the paper circulation. — To perpetuate the common union, by a reciprocal deputation of an agent or agents, from the different ftates, who...
Página 454 - General, by and with the advice and consent of the grand council, hold and exercise all the legislative rights, powers, and authorities, necessary for regulating and administering all the general police and affairs of the colonies, in which Great Britain and the colonies, or any of them, the colonies in general, or more than one colony, are in any manner concerned, as well civil and criminal as commercial.
Página 557 - their breasts retained too tender a regard for the kingdom from which they derived their origin, to request such a reconciliation as might, in any manner, be inconsistent with her dignity or welfare.
Página 550 - Ireland : my paternal affection for all my people, makes me sincerely anxious for the happiness and prosperity of every part of my dominions. " Hitherto the events of war have afforded the court of France no reason to triumph on the consequences of their injustice and breach of public faith ; and I trust, that by a spirited and prosperous exertion of the force you have put into my hands, that ambitious power may be brought to wish that they had not, without provocation or cause of complaint, insulted...
Página 365 - Military Establishment and to Exercise a perfect Freedom of Legislation and Internal Government, so that the British States throughout North America Acting with us in Peace and War under one Common Sovereign, may have the Irrevocable enjoyment of every Priviledge, that is short of a total Separation of Interests; or Consistent with that Union of Force on which the safety of Our common Religion and Liberty depends.

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