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All this? nay more, what cannot Junia do?
Then, since I dare not hazard you in Armies,
I will stay here, and die within your Arms.

You die? Oh Heav'n! the very Sound of that
Checks my Designs, and chills all my Desires.

Hast thou not heard how hard ungrateful Rome
Pursues the Men who once deliver'd her,
Andriots in the Blood of her Redeemers ?
Two of our Band they have destroy'd already,
And vow to spare no Murderer of CÆSAR;
That is to say, no Man that lov'd his Country,
Ruin'd himself, only to rescue her.

Oh I have talk'd too long : go on, make haste;
I am not wont, alas, to use this Language,
But now I can say nothing else: Away,
No matter what becomes of mę, away.

Your spotless Fame must always be your Guard,
Rudeness it self wiļl reverence such Virtue.
I must immediately haste to our Friends,
Who all assembled in the Fields of Sardis,


Wait there for me and BRUTUS. He, to-morrow,
Shall follow, at the head of mighty Numbers,
Rais’d only by the Credit of our Cause;
A Cause, well worthy of the World to succour !
Oh, while Ilanguish out this long, long Absence,
Take care of all my Treasure, thy dear self.

Farewel! thou truest, kindeft, best of Men!
But one Look more and then a long Farewel
To all Content all, till we meet again.

[Exit Cassius, Manet JUNIA.



Junia in Tears! so shines an April Sun;
And so the precious Dew that drops on Flowers,
Steals down unheeded by the vulgar Eye:
But I admire this Master-piece of Nature.

Alas, my Lord, CASSIUS is gone to Sardis.

Is't possible? So I was told before,
Yet never could believe it till this moment,

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Why, was it not determin'd so in Council :

I must confess it was debated there,
And wish'd by some, that all our Force at Sardis
Had some great Chief, for keeping martial Sway :
But who could hope that CASSIUS would be willing
To part from you, one Day, without Occasion:

Is it so strange that Cassius should be forward
In all the Proofs of Courage, or of Conduct ?

His Fame forbids I should have fuch a Thought,

But yet

But what? I cannot guess your Meaning,

Not all the noble Discipline of War,
Strict Rules of Conduct, Heat of martial Prowess,
The Faith of Friendship, or the Oaths of Leagues,
Not Fame it self, no nor the Publick Good,
Deserve to be preferr’d to Junia's Love.

But Rome's at stake.


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And well it would be loft, For staying here one Night within those Arms.

VARIUS, so high a Complement as this
Shews you have study'd long at courtly Athens ;
Where you have learn’d to know all things, but me:
Who, tho’I value CAIUS CASSIUS,
As Slaves do Liberty, or fick Men Health,
Nay more than most of my own Sex love Power a
Yet (what I think the very worst of Fates)
I would lose sight of that dear Man for ever,
Rather than see him fail our Country's Cause.

Oh ample Recompence for all his Troubles,
To be fo lov’d by you! But is he grateful,
Who can so easily endure your Absence?

I mourn for his, and judge his Grief by mine.
Retirement suits a solitary Wife,
And Melancholy loves to be alone.

[Offers to go out,

But should not be indulgʻd against your Health

[Stops her.

[blocks in formation]

Rather shine forth, and chear your Brother's Soul, Which daily finks beneath a thousand Cares.

JUNIA. His Soul's too great to need such feeble Help. Besides, tho' priz'd he be above Expression, Yet ev'n his Friendship must not vye with Love : One Thought of CASSIUS Out-weighs all things else. CASSIUS, whose noble Soul would ne'er submit To him who domineer'd oʻer all besides : CASSIUS, Contriver of the Tyrant's Fall And, (what is more, far more than all the rest) That hardy Man who mov'd it first to BRUTUS: This Man, my Husband, or my Hero rather, Shall with his Presence ever chear my Eyes, Or in his Absence take

my Thoughts.


up all


My Sister weeping! Tho’her Reason governs,
I judge her Grief for CASSIUS, by my own,
For Portia's Absence fits
Nor need I blush to bear the tender Burthen,
So much the merits, and so well she loves.

upon my Heart:


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