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IKE Children in a starry Night,

When I beheld those Eyes before, I gaz'd with Wonder and Delight,

Insensible of all their Pow'r,

I play'd about the Flame so long,

At last I felt the scorching Fire ;
My Hopes were weak, my Passion strong,

And I lay dying with Desire;

By all the Helps of humane Art,

I just recover'd so much Sense, As to avoid, with heavy Heart,

The fair, but fatal Influence.

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But, fince you shine away Despair,

And now my Sighs no longer shun, No Persian in his zealous Prayer

So much adores the rising Sun.

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If once again my Vows displease,

There never was so lost a Lover ; In Love, that languishing Disease,

A sad Relapse we ne'er recover.

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Sishing and languihing I lay:

A Stranger grown to all Delight, Passing with tedious Thoughts the Day,

And with unquiet Dreams the Night.

For your dear sake, my only Care

Was how my fatal Love to hide ; For ever drooping with Despair,

Neglecting all the World beside;

Till, like somc Angel from above,

CORNELIA came to my Relief; And then I found the Joys of Love

Can make amends for all the Grief.


Those pleasing Hopes I now pursue,
Might fail, if


prove unjust; But Promises from Heav'n and you,

Who is so impious to mistrust?

Here all my Doubts and Troubles end;

One tender Word my Soul assures ; Nor am I vain, since I depend

Not on my own Desert, but yours.



Ejected as true Converts die,

But yet with fervent Thoughts inflam'd, So, fairest! at your Feet Ilic,

Of all my Sex's Faults ashamid.

Too long, alas, have I abus'd

Love's innocent and sacred Flame,

And that divineft Pow'r have us'd

To laugh at, as an idle Name.

But since so freely I confess

A Crime which may your Scorn produce, Allow me now to make it less

By any just and fair Excuse.

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