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they are most serious, they would recommend me and Labours to Almighty God, whole Blessing both for my aud them I humbly implore, for the Sake of Jesus Christ.

To be added to the Note onMdXt. 18.1

It can be little doubted, fays Dr.Ligbtfoot, that Christ speakethacco ing to the common and most familiar Sense of the Language. And fliews by many Instances, that Binding and Loosing, in the Language i Style most familiarly known to the Jewish Nation, signifie to prohi and to permit, or to teach what is prohibited or permitted, what lawi what unlawful. See his Works, V el. i. p. 238.

Pag. 378. Line 52. instead of, We do not, Reread, John Baptist inA did no Miracle, but his Birth was miraculous, and so was his Fatiu being dumb, &e.

satisfactory Knowledge. Things that are obscure arid intricate we pi sue with Eagerness, whilst divine Truths are Usually disregarded, 01 because they are easie and common: or if there be some of an higl Nature, they shall possibly be rejected, because they are above, or see ingly contrary to Reason, whilst we admit several Things with* Scruple, which are not reconcileable with Revelation; tho' revea Truths be certainly Divine, and the other either no Truths at all, or best only human. This Sort of Conduct is very preposterous; for as all, true Wisdom and satisfactory Knowledge is only to be had fii Revelation; and as to other Truths which are to be collected fn Sense and Reason, our Ignorance of them will always be so mi greater than our Knowledge, as there are a Thousand things we ignorant of, to one Thing we throughly know. Reflections o\ Learning, &c. p. 291.


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New Testament,


References set under the Text in Words at length, &c.

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H E book of the i Generation of Jesus Christ, the1 son 6f b" David, the son of Abraham. 2. c Abra

'.' .' - B ham

• * • t* •

- ;• -■- .

* * Luk. 3. 23. And Jesus him- sa"ith the Lord, that I will farse

self began to be about thirty years unto David a righreous branch,

of Age, being (as was supposed) and a king shall rei£n and prosper,

the Son of Joseph', which was the and shall execute judgment and juSin cf HeJi. c slice in the earth. Mart. 22. 43,,

bPs. 132. 11. The Lord liarh What think ye of Christ? Whole

sworn in truth Unto David, he will Son is he? They fay unto him,

net turn from it, Of the fruit of thy T he Son of David

hay will I set upon thy Throne. c * Gtn. 21.2, 3. Sarah conceived Att. ij. 25. Of this man s /Yi'h.'thic.ind bare Abraham a Son in his old God, according to to promise ,r ifed. ?ge. And Abraham called the

up unto Israel a Savioui' icfu* r ame of his Ssw, whom Sarah bars

Jer. 13. 5. Behold, the day* &cm« iohim, i/fMs.

ham begat Isaac, and A Isaac begat Jacob, and e Jacol begat Judas and his brethren. 3. And f Judas bega_ * Phares and Zara of Thamar, and Phares begat Esrom and Esrom begat Aram. 4. And Aram begat Aminadab, anc Aminadab begat Naasson, and Naasson begat Salmon. 5 . Anc Salmon begat B00Z of Rachab, and Booz begat Obed of Ruth and Obed begat Jesse. 6. And h Jesse begat David tht king, and ' David the King begat Solomon of her that hai been the wife of Unas. 7. And k Solomon begat Roboam, anc Roboam begat Abia, and Abia begat Asa. 8. And Asa begat Jolaphat, and Josaphat begat Joram, and Joram bega: (1) Ozias. 9. And Ozias begat. Joatham, and Joatham bega Achaz, and Achaz begat Ezeki as. 10. And y Ezekias begat Manasses, and ManalTes begftt Amon, and Amon begai


d * Gen. 15. 26. After that came Fforn with Oil, and go, I will send his brother out, and his hand thee to Jejfe the Bethlehemite; took hold of Esau's heel, and his for I have provided me a King aname was called Jacob: and Isaac mong his Sons. * 1 Sam. 17. 12. was threescore years, old when flie y Now David was the Son of that bare them. Ephrathitx of Bethlehem Jud*&,

e * Gen. 29. 3;. And slie [Leah] whose name -wisjtfe—— conceived again, and bare a son, 1 * 2 Sam. JiT. 24. David comand slie said, Now will I praise the sorted Bath-fheba hij Wife, and Lord; therefore slie called his name 1 owent in unto her, and lay with Judab,.and left bearing. her: and slie bare a Son, and he

f * Gen. 38. 27. It came to called his name Solomon y and the pass in the time of her [Tamars] Lord loved him. travail, that behold Twins were in k * 1 Chron. 3. so, &e. Arid-' her Womb. x ySolomonV son was Rehoboam, Abia

e * Ruth 4. 18. Now these his son, Asa his son, Jehofhaphat are the Generations of Phares: his son.

Phares begat Hezron. * 1 Chron. 1 * a King. 20. 21. Hezekiah slept 2- 9, &c. The Sons of Pharez; with his Fathers: And ManafHezron and Hamul. The Sons ofzcfeth his Son reigned in his stead. Hezron that were born unto him, * 1 Chron. 3. 13. Ahaz his son, Jerameel, and Ram, and Chelubai. Hezekiah his son,. Manasseth his 6 * 1 Sam. 16.1.—— Fill thine son. , _».

(1) Joram was the remote,not the immediate Parent of Ozias; for among the7i-w/, the Children of Children were accounted not only the Children of their immediate Parents, but likewise of those who were removed several generations from them. Those who desire to be satisfied why sizitriah, Joafb, and Amaziah, are left out, may consult Dr. Whitby and ether Commentators on this Verse. The Learned may consult Surenhusius on the texts cited out of the Old-Testament in the New, who accounts for the Difficulties in the genealogy of our Blessed Lord.

fosias. 11.And Josias (i) begat (2) Jechonias and his Brethren, bout the time they were carried away to Babylon. 12. And ifter they were brought to Babylon, m Jechonias begat ialathiel, and Salathiel begat Zorobabel. 13. And Zorobajel begat Abiud, and Abiud begat Eliakim, and Eliakim begat Azor. 14. And Azor begat Sadoc, and Sadoc begat Achim, and Achim begat Eliud. 15. And EHud begat Eleazar, and Eleazar begat Matthan, and Matthan be;at Jacob. \6. And (3) Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus who is called Christ. 17- So all the generations from Abraham to David, are fourteen generations: and from David until the carrying a* way into Babylon, are fourteen Generations: and from the 'arrying away into Babylon unto Christ, are fourteen generations. 18. (4) Now the n Birth of Jesus Christ was on this "ise: When as his Mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with Child of the ° holy Ghost. 19. Then Joseph her husband being a

B 2 (5) just

. n* 1 Chron. 3. 16,17. The the House of David; and the

Sons of Jehoiakim; Jeconiah his Virgins name was Mary.

Son, Zedekiah his Son. And the °t Luk. 1.3s. And the Angel

Sons of Jeconiah; Astir, Salathiel answered and said unto her, the

his Son. •" "_ . J Holy Ghost (hall come upon thee,

n *Luk. 1.16, ij. —- The An- and the power of the Highest shall

gel Gabriel was sent from God overshadow thee: therefore also that

— To a Virgin espoused to a Holy thing which sliall be born of

Man, whose Name was Joseph, of thee shall be called the Son cf God.

(1) t Some read, Josias begat Jakim, and Jakim begat Jechonias. D U) Dr. Whiiby proves that Jeconias in the i ith Verse, is not the fame Person with Jeconias ver. u, but is indeed Jehoiackim, the Son of Josias, and his first born. This interpretation, fays he, makes up the 14 generations exactly in the second and third series; wheieas they who make Ittmlts, ver.11 and 12, to be the fame Person, leave only 13 in thesecond series, if Jeconias be added to the third; or in the third, if he be reckoned to the second: When therefore the Apostle faith by way of In,;fence, So all tie Generations from David, until the carrying away into Baby"»>«■< 14generations ver. 17, he leads us to this interpretation; be« eause this would not be true, were Jeconias ver. «i, and JecoJiias ver. 13. one and the fame Person.

(i)What is here said, is very consistent with what St. Luie, Chap. 3 'l^records, where Joseph is laid to be the Son of His//. For Jacob was Jwh's own Father, and Heli was his Father in Law, Heli being the Fa'mi of the Virgin Mary, to whom Joseph was espoused. . (4) The fifth Year before the cmwtn account, called The Year.of our

(5) just Man, and not willing to p make her a publick exan pie, was minded to put her away privily. 20. But while 1 thought on thelethings, behold, the Angel of the Lord a] pearedunto him in a dream, faying, Joseph thou son of D vid, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy Wife :'■ q for th which is * conceived [Gr*begotten"} in her,is of the holy Ghoi

21 And r me shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call ri name Jesus: for he shall { save his People from their sir

22 (Now all this was done, that it might be fulfill* which was spoken of the Lord by the Prophet, saying,.- 2 Behold, a S Virgin shall be with child, and shall bring fbrl a son, and * they shall call his name s_Or, his Name (hall be callet (6). Emmanuel, which being interpreted, is, ,l God with us

- 24. Then Joseph being raised from sleep, did as the angel < the Lord had biddenhim, and took unto him his Wife: 2 And knew her nottiltslie had brought forth her a Rrst-boi sen; and he called his name Jesus". CHA

p t Detit. 14. 1. When a Man is noneother Parae under Mt hath taken a Wife and married her, ven given among Men, where! and it come to pass, that stie find we must be saved. Acts 13.38. Be no favour .in his Eyes, 'because he known- unto you, Men and Br hath found some Uncleanness in her: 5 thren> that through this Man then let him write her a Bill of di- preached unto you the forgivene •vorcemtnt, and give it her in her of Sins.

hand, and fend her out of hisHouse. s * Isai. 7. 14. — The L01 Deut.22. 23,24. Isa Damsel that is himself shall give you a Sign, Bi a Virgin he betrothed unto an hus-iohold, a Virgin shall conceive ar baad, and a Man find her in the Ci* bear a Son, and shall' call his nan ty and lye with her: Then ye shall Immanuel.

bring them both out unto the gate "1 Tim. 3. 16. — Great Is tl of the City, and ye shall Stone them mystery of Godliness: God wi with Stones that they die. iy.manifest in the Flesh,— Rom.

qLuk. 1. 3<r. The Words under ?. Of whom, as concerning tl Verse 18. Flesh Christ came, who is over al

1 * Luk. 1. 31. Behold, thou God blessed for ever, shalt conceive in thy Womb, and a 7 Exod. 13. 2. Sanstifie 111 bring forth a Son, and shalt call hissoto me air the first-barn, whatibev< « ame Jesus, openeth- the Womb among tli

sfActs4. 12. Neither is there Children of Israel, bothof Nt&n. an Salvation in any other: for there beast it is mine.

(5) The Word here translated just, should be rather rendered a mere, ful, compassionate, or good vttfured Man.

(6) By an usual Idiom, or manner of speaking among the Jem, a Persoi is said to be called by sueh or such a Name, nor that he was common! known by that Name, but because such Titles did belong to him. Wht therefore the Jews object, that our Lord's Name was Jesus, not Emmamti nor Wonderj"al, Cowifettour,htc. [isa. 9.6.] we answer, that these Titltr & eminently belong to eur Lord, and that therefore these Prophecies hav received their Accomplishment according to their own Idiom, and wa1 of speaking. For to be called Emmanuel is the same fl$ to be Emmanuel.

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