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for the 0 Kingdom of heaven is at hand. 18. And
jtfusp walking by the lea of Galilee, saw two Brethren,
Simon,11 railed Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a
net into the sea: (Tor they were sifhersj 19. And he
liith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fish-
ers of men. 20. And they 1 straightway left their nets
ud followed him. 21. And going on from thence, he
fi» other s two brethren, James the for. of Zebedee,
?nd John his brother, in a stiip with Zebedee their fa-
ther, mending their nets: and he called them. 22. And
they immediately left the ship and their father, and fol-
lowed him. 23. And Jesus went about all Galilee,
'teaching in their Synagogues, and preaching the go-
spel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of* sickness,
'id all manner of disease among the people. 24. And his
fame went throughout all Syria: and they brought unto
wa all fick people that were taken with divers diseases
3;'d torments, and those which were possessed with de-
'A and those which were lunatick, and those that had
?tapalsie- and he healed them. 25. And there follow-

'"ffeTi toward our Lord Jesus 3. 19. As many as I love, I rebuke
uuist. Rom. 1. 4. Despiscstrhou and chasten: be zealous therefore
j* riches of his goodneis, and for- and repent.

^""rce.and long-suffering; not 0 Matt. 10.7. As ye go, preach, TM*ing that the goodness of God 5 saying, the kingdom of heaven is ac «*th thee to repentance, i Cor. hand.

'• Godly sorrow worketh re- f * Mar. r. 16". Now as he Wunt to Salvation, not to be" re- walked by the Se* of Galilee, he saw of. a Pet. 3. 9. The Simon and Andrew his Brother. TMri -' is long-suffering to us-iof Luk. j. 1,1. He stood by the mt vising that any should Lake of Gennezareth, ar.d saw f"h hut that all should come to two Ships standing by the Lake,

'*««»«. Rev. i. y> l6> lt. Re. frtm

TMtItt«t therefore from whence 1 + Joh; 1.41.- Thou aft Si•tou art fallen, and repent, and doi jmon, the Son efjona: thou slialc TMT wst works; or else I will be called Cephas, which is by infer-' j C0IM unto thse quickly, and re- pretarion a Stone. rct|iy candlestick out of its r See on Aft. 16. to. (««pt thou repent. Repent; s 7 Mar. I. 19. And when he r«wl win come unto thee quick-aohad gone a little further thence, J!** will fight against them he saw fames the Son of Zebedee/ 'TM me Sword of my Mouth. I and John his brother.— ^';rsPace to repent of her for- s t Matt. 9. 35. See on Matt, i (he repented not. Rev. 14. 14.

ed him great u multitudes of people from Galilee, ar from Decapoiis, arid from Jerusalem, and from Judea, ar from beyond Jordan;


! A N D seeing the Multitude, he went up into a _/~\ Mountain: and when he was set, his DiLcipli tame unto him. 2. And he opened his mouth and taugl them, saying, 3, Blessed are the * poor in spirit: si theirs is the c kingdom of Heaven. 4. Blessed are tht that d mourn: for they shall be ' comforted. ^. Bless: are the { meek: for they shall £ inherit the earti 6i Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst ash


u '.' Mar. 3. 7. — And a Joy for mourning, the garment great multitude from Galilee follow- Praise for the Spirit of Heaviness .• ed him, and from Judea. t Luk. 6. 21. — Blessed are ye th

a '." Mar. 3. {3, 20. And he weepnow. for ye shall laugh. Jo goeth Up into a Mountain.— And 5 16. 20. Verily, verily, I say. un the multitude cometh together a- you, that ye mail weep and lamer gain.— but the world shall rejoyce: and j

b * Luk. 6. 20. Blessed be ye shall be sorrowful, but your fern poor: for yours is the kingdom of shall be turned into joy. God. t Prov. 16". 10. Better it isio e 2 Cor. 1 4. Who tomfertei to be of an humble Spirit with the us in all our Tribulation, that v, lowly, than to divide the spoil with may be able to comfort them whic the proud, t Prov. 29. 23. A are in any trouble, by the eomfo Mans Pride shall bring him low; wherewith we our selves are Cm but honour shall uphold the hum-1 $ fort ed of God. Jam. 1. 12. Blesst He in Spirit, t Isa. 57. 15. For is the Man. that endureth tempu thus faith the high and lofty one tion: for. when he is tried, he lha that jnhabiteth Eternity, whose receive the crown of life, which tl name is holy^ I dwell in the high Lord hath promised to them thi and holy place, with him also that2olove him. Rev. 7.1.7. — God lha is of a poor and humble Spirit, to re* wipe away all tears from their eye vive the Spirit of the humble, and to f Ps. 2 V 6. I am a wrm an

revive the Heart of the contrite no man; a reproach of men, an cnes. Isa. 66. 2. To this man will despised of the people. Ps. 149.1 I look, even to him that is /wr.ijHe will beautifie the meek wit and of a contrite Spirit, and Salvation. * Ps. 37. 11. The w« trerrtbleth at my word. {hall inherit the earth: and sha

* Matt. 19. 14. Suffer little delight themselves in the abundanc Children, and forbid them not to of peace.

come unto me: fore/such is the3o E t See Rom. 4. ,13. The pro kingdom of heaven. misc that he should be the Heir 0

"t Isa. 61, 1", 3. The Lord the World, w?$ not made to Abra hath anointed me— to appoint uri- ham, or to his Seed through rfc to them that mourn in Zion, to give Law, but through the righteousiie them beauty for ashes, the Gil of3Jof Faith.

righteousness: for they shall h be filled. 7. Blessed are the' merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. 8* Blessed are the k pure in Heart: for they stiall 1 fee God. p. Blessed are the 1,1 peace-makers: for they shall be called the 11 Children of God. to. Blessed are they which are 0 persecuted for righteousness lake: for theirs is tie kingdom of heaven. 11. Blessed are ye when men stall ' revile you, and persecute you, and shall lay all manner of q evil against you * falfly \_Gr. Lyi*tg~\ for my

C fake.

t Ilai. yy, i. Ho every eth uprightly, and worketh ngr>«' one that thirfltth come ye to teouiheis, and speaketh the Truth tie Waters, and he that hath no in his Heart. * Ps. 24.4. He thac Money; come ye, buy and hath clean hands, and a pure heart, eJr: ~ * Isa. 6$. 13. Thus faith 5 and hath not lift up his Soul so the Lord God, behold, my Ser- vanity; nor swcrn deceitfully, vants ihall eat, but ye shall be f Heb. is. 14. Follow peace wirh> %>!•' behold my Servants (hall all Men, and Holiness, without «H but ye fliall be thirsty, 1 which no man sliall lee the Lord. £• '7- '5- As for me, I will 1 f 1 Cor. 13. 12. Now we behold thy Face in righteousness :iostt through a glass darkly ; but 1 Dull be satisfied, when I awake then/aw to face t 1 Job. 3.2. We with thy likeness. Joh. 6. 35. I sliall fee him as lie is. irathej^of lift; he that com- m 1 Cor. 14. 33. God is noc TM> to me fliall never hunger; and the Author of confusion, but of *that believeth on me shall never peace, as in all Churches ot' the* 'H*. i5Saints. 2 Cor. 13. 11. — Live in

't Mat. 6. 14. When ye peace, and the God of love and "tad, praying, forgive, if ye have peace sliall be with you. 00!>nc against any, that your Fa- n Rom. 16. 20. Phil. 4. 9. fner also which is in Heaven may The God of Peace.H*x your Trespasses. Mar. 11. 0 t a Tim. 2.12. If we safer, :;- '■' i Tim.1.16. The Lord giveiowe shall also reign with him J ncrcJ to the House of Onefipho- if we deny him, he also will rusi for he oft refreflnd me, and deny us. * 1 Per. 3. 14. But and *« not alhamed of my Chain, if ye suffer for Righteousness fake, JJMn. 2. 15 por jje shall have happy are ye: and be not afraid Njpnenr without mercy, that of their Terros, neither be trouM'h (hewed no mercy; and mercy * 5 bled.

rcj°'ceth against judgment. PI'. P t Lot. 6. 32. Rlessed are '0. He [Righteous] is ever ye when men sliall hate you, and "wif«! and lendeth: and his when they sliall separate you front p«dis blelled— Ps. 41.1. Blessed their company, and sliall reproach ,S°e that considereth the poor; the,0you, and cast out your name as loTM will deliver him in time or evil, for the Son of fake. 'r»uble. prov. J4. 21. He that 1 '1 Per. 4. 14 If ye be p» nitre; on the poor, happy is reproached for the name of Christ, at- 'happy are ye; for the Spirit of

t Ps. 1 J. a. He that walk-3 yglory and ofGod resteth upon you;

lake. 12. * Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so b persecuted they the prophets which were before you. 13. ^[ Ye are the c salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be troden under foot' of men. 14. Ye are the d light ol the world. A city that is set on an hill, cannot be hid, 15. Neither do men light a ' candle, and put it under a (1) bushel: but on a candlestick, and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. 16. Let youi f light so shine before men, that they may see youi good works, and g glorifie your Father which is in hea


on their-part he is evil spoken of, the Sons of God, without rebuke but on your part he is glorified, in the midst of a crooked and per Ps. 35.11. False witnesses did rise verse nation, among whom yt up, they laid to my Charge things shine as lights in the world, which I knew not. Luk. 7. 33, e * Mar. 4. 21. — Is a candh 34. John Baptist came neither eat- 5 brought to be put under a Bushel ing Bread, nor drinking Wine; or under a Bed? and not to b« and ye say he hath a Devil. The set on a candlestick? '"Luk. 8.16 Son of Man is come eating and No Man when he hath lighted a drinking; and ye say, behold a candle, covereth it with a Veslel gluttonous Man, and a Winc-bibher, ai0cr putteth it under 3 Bed: But set friend of publicans and sinners. feth it on a candlestick, that the)

* V Jam. 1. 2. My Brethren, which enter in may fee the light count it all joy when ye fall * Luk. 11.33. No Man when ht into divers temptations Act. 5. hath lighted a candle, putteth it in41. They departed from the pre-j rto a secret Place, neither under s fence of the Council, rejoicing that bushel, but on a candlestick, thai they were counted worthy to suf- they which come in may see thf fer stiame for his Name. Rom. j. light. 1 Cor. 12. 7. The manise 3. Weg/ory in tribulations. —, station of the Spirit is given to e

b t Act. 7. 52. See on Mat. very Man to/>n>/fo withal. 23.31. 10 1 Pet. J. 12. Having youi

c * Luk. 14. 34. See on Mar. conversation hones} among the Gen9 <jo. tiles, that whereas they speak a

d Prov. 4. 18 The Path of gainst you as evil doers, they may the just is as the shining light, by your good Works which they that Jhintth more and more unto2jstia]l behold, glorifie God in th< the perfect day. Joh. 12. 36. Day of Visitation. While ye have light, believe in the 8 t 1 Cor. 14. 25. Thus are light, that ye may be the children the secrets of his heart manifest of light. Phil. 2. iy. That ye and so falling down on his face may be blameless and harmkss^o h<

CO jThe Word in the Original sigrufieth * Measure ct»taini»i about * Pint less than a Peck.

ven. 17. Think not that lam come to destroy the(1) Law or the Prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to h fulfil. 18- For verily I lay unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, 'one jot or one tittle shall in no wife pass from the Law, till all be fulfilled. 19. Whosoever therefore shall k break (3J one os these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he stiall be called the least in the kingdom ol heaven: but whosoever Jlhn 11

C 2 do

he will worship God, and report ousness to every one that be

thit God is in you of a Truth, lieveth. Rom. 3.31, Do we then

Jofi. Ij.8. Herein is my Father make void the Law through Faith?

glvifUd, that ye bear much Fruit, God forbiil: yea we establish the

h Joh. 1.17. The Law was given j ,*'See on Luk. 16*. 17. by Moses, but Grace and Truth * * Jam. J. 10. Whosoever ame by Jesus Christ. Mat. 3.15. shall keep the whole Law, and Thus it becometh us to fulfil all yet offend itt-tne. Point, he is guil* righteousness. Rom. 10. 4. Christioty of all. \ Is tie end of the Lav for righte- \

(2) By the Law and the Prophets are meant the great Rules of Lift delivered in the Writings of Moses and the Prophets, or in the Old Testament, more especially the Duties of the nural or iiitural Law. These cur Lord assures us, he did not come to destroy or di/solve: It was not his design to free Men from the Obligation they were under to practise the moral Laws of God, but to fulfil and perfect them. This our Lord did, by living up to> those Laws himself, and becoming thereby an Example to us, by freeing them from the corrupt Glosses which the Teachers among the Jews put upon them, and by expounding them in their fullest Sense, and according to their just Latitude, sliewing, that they command not only an outward Obedience, but the Obedience even or the Mind and Thoughts, as appears from what our Lord delivers in the following Verses. These Laws have their Foundation in the reason and nature of Things, and therefore their Obligation will never cease. We may as well suppose that Heaven and Earth should fass away, as that any of them should n6t be required of us.

The Ceremonial Law was dissolved by the Coming of Christ. For he being come who was figured and represented by the Rites, Sacrifices, &c. they were of no further Use. But the natural or motal Law, which our Saviour hassumm'd up in these two Precepts, [iht Love of God above all, and our Neighbour 4s our Selves] is as much in Force now as ever. It is as much a Rule of Life now, as ever it was. And though compleat and perfect Obedience is not made a Condition of Salvation, yet a sincere and universal one it. See A, Bp TiSotfons Sermon on these Words, Vol. 4.

(3) The Greek Word signifies to lock or dissolve. As if our Lord had said, if any Man shall be so bold, as to free himself or others from the Obligation to obey these Commandments of



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