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ing, much sooner than where the words are jambled together, without conveying any ideas; therefore the charm of drab, crab, grab, &c. is, in this book generally avoided.

The child should be taught to spell each word in his lesson before he is permitted to readit; and so continue on through the book -Indeed spelling is of such importance, that it should be most carefully attended to through the whole course of education.





0 m n.

Chapter 1. First. Aa Bb Cc. Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk LI Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu V v Ww X x Yy. Zz. &.

fi A ff ffi ffl Æ æ Ece. a z b y ex dweufv gthsirjql


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b at ca t dog eve fan hat in k jug kid la d

nag ode pen sky top ur n

y a m zed A bird that can sing and will not sing, must be made to sing. Ale B a le Cale D ale Ea r Fear Gear Hea r Ice Joist Kine Line Mine Nine Ore Pore Quail Sail Rail V a il Wolf Wa x Year Ze a l.


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W a X

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Ask m a s k. Ush mu sh. Buff

Loss moss. Rest west. Fire fill. Sire sill. Flip flow Slip slow. Actfac t.

Are you Blind?
Eat you r Fish.
It was Ja c k.
Mouse and N a g.
Quails will Run.
Use the Vine.

Come here Dog.
Go and Hunt.
Kite and Lark.
O x and Pig.
Spin your Top.
Where is X Y & Z?.

Let this be your plan,
Learn all that you can.

Chapter II. Second.

1. Now George, you know all the letters.
Now you must learn to spell and read.
A good boy will sit still, and mind his book.

2. Knife, fork, spoon, plate, dish, cup, bowl, mug, jug, pot, pan, tub, chair, ta-ble, bench, bed, box, desk, fire, wood, shov-el, tongs, bel-lows.

3. What is your name? My name is George. How old are you? Four years sold. Do you go to school? Yes sir. Can you spell ? Yes sir, a little.

4. Bread, but-ter, cheese, meat, pud-ding, pye, cake, beef, pork, veal, soup, sauce, salt, pep-per, gra-vy, mus-tard, su-gar, ho-ney,, car-rot.

5. George, can you count twenty ? Yes sir, One, two, three, four, five, six, se-ven, eight, nine, ten, e-le-ven, twelve, thir-teen, four-teen, fif-teen, six. teen, se-ven-teen, eigh-teen, nine-teen, twen-ty.

6. Now George, you can count Twenty, you must keep your place yourself, and learn to spell the two following lessons :

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8. Ba be bi bo bu by, ca ce ci co cu cy,

Da de di do du dy, fa fe fi fo fu fy:
Ha he hi ho hu hy, ja je ji jo ju jy.
Na ne ni no nu ny, co se si so su sy.

Chapter III. Third. 1. George, do you know how many Letters there are? Yes sir. Twenty-six. Can you spell the letters? Yes sir. A, be, ce, de, E, ef, je, aitch, I, ja, ka, el, em, en, 0, pe, cu, ar, es, te, ve, U, dou-ble-you, ex, Y, zed.

2. George, do you know how many vow-els there are? Yes sir. Six: a, e, i, o, u, y, are vowels ; and b, c, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, p, q, r, s, t, v, W; X, Z, are con-so-nants. There are six vow-els, and twen-ty con-so-nants. 3. Ace age ale, and ape ask, all awe law

Eke eve cell, elk end est.
Ice ile ire, ind ilk ist.
Ode ope ore, oft ord oct.

Ude une use, aft ust urn. 4. George, do you know who made you? Yes sip: God made me, and takes care of me. He loves good boys and good girls, and we must love him. God is very good to take care of us. 5. Make, bake, cake, band, hand, land, ball.

Call, beer, dear, fear, bent, dent, pent.
Bind, find, mind, bilk, milk, silk.
Gore, pore, torn, corn, horn, morn.

Cure, sure, pure, burk, lurk, turk. 6. When you go to bed you should pray to God; and when you get up do the same. If you have done a fault, confess it, and take care to do so no


7. Bane, cane, mane, ban, can, man, halt, malt,

Fere, here, mere, fer, her, mer. (salt,

Fine, pine, wine, fin, pin, win.
Cote, note, rote, cot, not, rot.

Cube, rube, tube, cub, rub, tub.
Please to give me my hát.

Please to give me a drink. Please to let me go out. Where is my whip? Wure is


horse? Here is your horse, you may ride him to town, To buy you a book, and your sis-ter a gown.

Head, hair, skin, skull, - brow, face, eye, ear, cheek, nose, mouth, lip, tongue, tooth, teeth, gums, jaws, chin, neck, throat, breast, heart, shoul-der, arm, el-bow, wrist, hand, fin-ger, thumb, knee, leg, an-kle, foot, toe.

A good-boy and a good girl will get good things. All the boys will love them, and God will bless them. Good boys mind their books.

Li-on, leo-pard, ti-ger. ca-mel, bul-lock, po-ny, mon-key, rab-bit, squir-rel. Bear, ox, calf, horse, swine, pig, mouse, rat, sheep, ram, goat, deer, lami), fox, hare, e-le-phant.

As the mind of a child is like soft wax, which will take the least stainp you put on in it, so let it be your care, who teach, to make the stamp good, that the wax be not hurt. Teach him to love God, and to obey his pa-rents.

Chapter IV. Fourth.

1. A good boy will do as he is bid: he will mind his book and try to learn.“ Who is a good boy? Charles is a good boy; and so is George.

2. If you are a good boy like Charles, and try to learn, you shall have a top. And you may spin your top. Bad boys shall have no tops.

3. If you are good all the boys will love you and play with you ; but if you are not good, the boys will not love you.

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