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in the kingdom of God ;" desiring to know the ce seasons when so great

uld take place, as they " the natural world; when kingdom should be set up ig should reign in righter Lord in a single sentence all their fond and fanciful

lle taught them, that the 1 which he came down on

establish—the only kingdom je ever will establish here be

a spiritual kingdom, a throne -ked in the heart, a dynasty

lusts, and passions, and evil You should be subdued and con

and every Christian grace and hould reign in the peaceful pos; while in this sense, and this ay the general outpouring of his in the fulness of time, the Lord shall reign from sea to sea, and nore to shore, in the great spiriunge which shall regenerate a world.

Lord's own words, in reply inquiry of the Pharisees, con''s most fully, and most satis

¥; “He answered and said, yilom of God cometh not with

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Luke 17, xxi.— Behold the kingdom of God is within you."


The heart of man is the same in all of him, “when the kingdom of God places and in all times. Those reli- should come;" desiring to know the gious inquiries which affect him least, times and the seasons when so great are usually those which occupy and a change should take place, as they delight him most. Some contested imagined, in the natural world; when point of doctrine—some unfulfilled a temporal kingdom should be set up and doubtful prophecy—some myste- and a king should reign in righterious and unexplained doctrine of Our Lord in a single sentence holy writ, interests and amuses us dispelled all their fond and fanciful for hours; while the plain course visions. He taught them, that the the obvious and unquestionable duty kingdom which he came down on -the vital and undeniable truth will earth to establish—the only kingdom be passed over often without a mo- which he ever will establish here bement's pause or a moment's medi- low—is a spiritual kingdom, a throne tation.

established in the heart, a dynasty Thus it is with the religious world where lusts, and passions, and evil among us at present; thus it was with tempers should be subdued and conthe religious world of the Jews eigh- quered, and every



and teen centuries ago. The Pharisees, who virtue should reign in the peaceful poshad, during the whole of our Lord's sessor ; while in this sense, and this ministry, turned a deaf ear and a har- only, by the general outpouring of his dened heart to every annunciation of spirit, in the fulness of time, the Lord his divine precepts, to all the simple Jesus shall reign from sea to sea, and and life-giving doctrines of the Gospel, from shore to shore, in the great spirino sooner hear of Messiah's reign, tual change which shall regenerate a and Messiah's kingdom, than they fallen world. came to our Lord to obtain some in- Our Lord's own words, in reply formation upon so delightful a subject to the inquiry of the Pharisees, conof speculation, so pleasing an employ- vey this most fully, and most satisment for their fancy. They accord-factorily; “ He answered and said, ingly with great urgency demanded the kingdom of God cometh not with




observation : neither shall they say lo | frequent than for persons, and perhere; or lo there : for behold the sons of good understanding on these kingdom of God is within you.” And matters, to imagine that the means as if this plain and decisive declaration of grace, and the kingdom of grace were insufficient, the Apostle to the are synonymous ; that when Romans, gives us this invaluable com- Lord said, “ the kingdom of God ment on it; “ The kingdom of God is within you,” he merely meant, that is righteousness and peace, and joy in the Messiah was now come, that the Holy Ghost."

the Gospel of truth was now preachTo many, then, I trust, by the aid of ed to them, and the offers of the good Spirit of our God, it will be grace freely made in the midst of an edifying subject—to those among us them; and carrying on the idea they at least who are in earnest seeking the very naturally argue that this is kingdom of which we speak—to enter equally true at the present day; a little more minutely into the nature and they argue that if we live in of this spiritual kingdom, which it is the use of the ordinances of religion the great object of the religion we we may calculate in safety on the reprofess, to establish in the hearts of sult; that if, indeed, we enjoy the God's people, and to ascertain whe- means, there is very little doubt we ther it be really set up in our own. shall be possessors of the kingdom. This is one of the most important Alas! brethren, this is very far, far in. considerations that can engage us; for deed, from being the fact. This differs unless we be, in this manner, partakers widely from the kingdom which is of the kingdom of grace here, we shall righteousness, and peace, and joy in unquestionably be excluded from the the Holy Ghost.” Our Lord himself kingdom of glory hereafter.

told the Jews, who heard his Gospel To make this subject practically use- and saw his miracles, that “the kingful, and more expressly so with reference dom of God was come nigh unto to the habit of self examination, which, them ;” but then to these very men valuable at all times, is peculiarly so he declared, that it would be better in as preceding and accompanying our the day of judgment for Sodom and coming to the table of the Lord, I shall Gomorrah than for them. You may First, CONSIDER SOME OF THOSE DE- then not only hear all that is to be

OFTEN heard for the Jews heard the Lord

Jesus himself-but you may know all KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN THEM. that is to be known of the saving truths

Then offer ONE OR TWO EVIDENCES of the Gospel, and yet never be a parBY WHICH THIS IMPORTANT FACT taker of the salvation of Jesus.

Next to this statement of the enjoyAnd conclude by endeavouring to ment of the means of grace for the RECTIFY SOME OF THOSE MISTAKES, possession of the kingdom, we may BY WHICH MANY, WHO ARE REALLY mention, the mistaken impressions of

the blessed results. You may have, BLESSED GIFT, GO

for instance, while under the faithful preaching of God's word, strong and deep convictions of sin ; you may leave the house of God, Sabbath after

Sabbath, full of good resolutions; and First, and briefly, with regard to yet the cares, and pleasures, and tempSOME OF THE COMMON DELUSIONS tations of life may so prevail with you ON THIS SUBJECT. Nothing is more to shake them off, that your cor















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