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-if we do come, as it were, with the My dear brethren, the church in great reason in the hands of our faith, heaven-even in heaven, comes as it presenting that reason, even the sa- were to God, even there, in the same crifice and the propitiation of the way as the church on earth comes to cross—if we do come on the very God. The office of Mediator will terbusiness on which the Mediator is | minate, I admit, but the church will appointed, and ask that pardon which always look to God as manifested we require ; then, I say, we shall through Christ; and it will be the have it; I have not the least doubt business of the church in eternity to of it; I have not the slightest shadow unite in praising Him who washed of a doubt, not the least; I think you them from their sins in his own blood, may have it to-night, every one of and made them kings and priests to you-now. I think that every human God. Now I say, none can join in being in the presence of God this that song in heaven; you never can afternoon, by coming to God in this be fitted for uniting in the service of way, and on this business, with this the upper world, and enjoying the sincerity of faith—I say, that every happiness of the spiritual church, one of you may lie down to-night unless you come to God in the way upon your beds, with your sins par- pointed out for the attainment of his doned, justified and accepted men mercy. through the faith of Christ. I believe I observe, in the next place, that the Bible teaches that ; I believe that this subject is exceedingly forgotten is the Gospel ; and I believe that we and neglected by men ; that there are should state it so. And the reason many men who never come to God at why you do not enjoy all this is, be- all. They never come in any way; cause you will not; because you they never think of it; they live enreject the counsel of God against tirely without God; their days and yourselves, and because you will not their nights pass without any thing come to Christ, and to God by Christ. like intercourse between the eternal Now I take that view of the perfect mind and theirs. And there may be readiness of God to receive any sin- some persons present who are in this ner that will come to the Saviour; state, who are restraining prayer beand I believe that God is perfectly fore God, and who are living just as sincere when he is making these though there were no God at all, promises and overtures unto you. who do not at all think of the injuncAnd I believe, that any man who tion of the passage. will come to God by Christ, shall be Then there are others who come to unquestionably received.

God, professedly, in the way he has Then fifthly, those who come to God appointed. There are some who reby the Mediator, and they only, are ject the counsel of God against themprepared for dwelling with God here- selves; who come to God professedly, after. It is not enough to die, and be but come in the wrong way. They do happy, as some people seem to ima- not come expecting to be accepted, gine ; you may die and be damned- by the way pointed out in Scripturethe Bible says so. The only way of do not come to the Father by the escape, and to come into the presence Son. There are others who neglect of God afterwards, and to dwell with the spirit of this declaration. They him for ever, is to come to him now profess to come in the right way, they --to come by the Mediator, and to profess to come upon this business, accept his grace, and to enjoy his and for this reason ; but the particuforgiveness.

lar exercises, and the positive enjoy- / attitude of humility and faith, which ments of religion, are to them an end must be experienced and manisested of itself. They are pleased with the by us. Well, then, do you believe that excitement; they are gratified by the error? Is your faith firm in all the spirit of devotional pleasure which is truths contained in scripture conproduced by natural feeling, by their nected with our condition ? Then engaging in religious exercises, and what is your feeling with respect to they make that an end which is only this? What is the faith of your heart a means; and they are satisfied with as to this truth, which has got a footthe mental excitement of appearing ing in your intellect? Supposing you to come to God, when they never, in admit the reality of all these thingseffect come to him, as the great end that all this is true with respect to to which these means are to lead. human nature and the importance of There are many persons dreaming the Messiah :—then how does all this away life in fanaticism and enthu- affect you? Has it ever led you to siasm, like those who are indulging God with repentance and faith? Have in this sort of spiritual luxury, not you ever gone upon the business-the properly regarding Him to whom express and specific business for they are approaching. Thus, I say, which you ought to go? And have these persons whatever they may pro- you succeeded, and are you living in fess, are not acting on the principles the enjoyment of that success ?-reof their declaration.

joicing that you are justified by faith And now, to conclude these obser- -rejoicing in the hope of the glory vations: How is it with us, brethren? of God? Then you may go on to How is it with you and with me? | increase under the influence of all this Examine yourselves as to your faith. in the paths of happiness and in the What is your belief upon this point? paths of holiness. And I would have Do you think that the Bible goes you to conclude the meditation by too far in what it says about human asking yourselves whether you are in depravity, and about our lost con- the habit of indulging spiritual medidition? Do you think the Bible goes tation in the contemplation of that too far in saying that you cannot save state in which you shall see God, yourselves, that you cannot go into and behold that Mediator in whom the presence of God by yourselves, you now believe, and partake of the that you must be introduced ? That perfection of the happiness which, in is the instruction of the Bible. Do a certain degree, you have received you think it goes too far in stripping already ? you of your claims to God's regards, These are a few thoughts suggested and stating that you must be accepted by this passage, the words of our in virtue of the work of another? Have Lord Jesus Christ. I commend them, you doubts about that being rather too with the blessing of God, unto your bad? Your doubts cannot alter the attention, and to his name shall be truth : it is God's truth to humble us, the praise for ever. Amen. and to bring us to his footstool in the

A Sermon,




Rev. v. 12, 13.-" Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and

wisdom and honour, and glory, and blessing.




Man is an ambitious creature, and sublime, and while it overwhelms us a desire of obtaining some species of by its grandeur, allures us by its excellence is deeply inwrought into beauty. May the sacred Spirit conthe very temper of the human mind. descend to dictate to my understandBut the path to excellence is of | ing and to your hearts, that while we steep ascent; and the cultivation of meditate on this subject, we may gain one part of our nature is often made materials for the information of the at the expense of another, and an one and for the benefit of the other. universal genius is seldom presented The subject requires no ingenuity to the view of the world. In taking of division: the plan which I have our estimate of human nature, we proposed is, frequently discover that those who I. TO MEDITATE ON THE CHARACTER most excite our admiration by the of Christ as the LAMB. gifts of their intellect, awaken our II. TO VIEW HIS DEATH. disgust by the degeneracy of their JII. TO CELEBRATE HIS PRAISE. hearts. Disappointed in our search First, we after excellence on earth, let us direct Christ as HE IS REPRESENTED UNDER our attention to heaven to aid us in THE CHARACTER OF A LAMB. our search. The sacred Spirit draws To aid our conceptions of the varied aside the veil that hides eternity from excellencies of the Saviour, the inmortal view, and presents to our spired writers lay under requisition attention one in whom all imaginable all the choicest productions of nature virtues concentrate and shine, and i and all the inventions of art, and who at once, by his ineffable grandeur, combining these, they endeavour, must command our homage, and, by through the media of our fancy and his unspeakable tenderness, must feeling, to instruct our judgment awaken our love. Listen, brethren, and improve our minds. All images -what sounds are those which this of worth are, in one part of the morning with so unearthly a nature sacred scriptures or another, employed burst upon our ears? It is the song by these inspired writers to delineate of angels, and it is of Jesus that they the character of Christ :—the Rose of sing. Ob that the employment of Sharon-the Lily of the valley—the heaven may become, for a short Root and Offspring of David—the period, the employment of earth ; and bright and morning star. But oh, all in the temple not made with hands, nature fails to represent his worth : and in this clay-built sanctuary, may the stars hide their diminished heads the song be heard, “Worthy is the before the lustre of this Morning Star Lamb that was slain !"

- the sun itself hath no glories comThe subject is as attractive as it is pared with this cloudless Sun of Righteousness—the beauties of nature | from heaven to avenge the insult, and bend low before this Rose of Sharon, to punish the impious wreteh? Ab! and “nature, to make his glories brethren, we know not what spirit we known, must mingle tongues not her are of. How different was the disown.” And yet, methinks, there is position that dictated the reply; “ If no one image so frequently employed I have spoken evil, bear witness of as that in the words of the text: the evil: but if well why smitest thou “Behold,” said the precursor of the me?" Go to the cross of CalvaryMessiah, “ the Lamb of God which see there the heartless multitude. taketh away the sin of the world.” Hear ye not that fiendish cry, “ Thou The apostle Peter speaks of him as that' savest others save thyself?” – “ the Lamb without blemish and with and will he not call down from heaout spot.”

ven twelve legions of angels to crush Here let us compare the image and instantaneously beneath the weight of the original. The lamb is an appro- his power, those insects of existence priate symbol of innocence and meek- that rise against him? Behold the ness, apparently as unable as unwil- lamb-like virtues of the Son of God: ling to resist any injuries that may be his last breath was expended in prayer inflicted: it bears them with a meek - for them, and he gave vent to the ness and passiveness which have won feelings of compassion, and to the agofor it the image we have employed. nies of the moment, in these wordsBut view for a moment this symbol “ Father, forgive them, for they know as illustrating the excellencies of not what they do.” Adorable Lamb Jesus. Never were the lamb-like of God! may we follow thee, though virtues brought to so severe a test, at an infinite distance, in those steps and never were they so strikingly thou hast honoured by thine example, portrayed. A recluse in his cell Whilst thou art a Lamb to forgive may reason justly on the duties of and to suffer, may we not be spoilers forbearance and forgiveness, but it is nor tigers of the flock. May we bless difficult to carry into practice the dic- them that curse us, and pray for them tates of sober solitude: yet Jesus gave that despitefully use us. And if there not only the theory but the practice be any contest, may it be the heroic of every possible virtue. He chose, effort to overcome evil by the diffusion as a test of his excellencies, twelve of good. disciples to be witnesses of his life II. MEDITATE ON THE DEATH and heralds of his death. Of these Christ. “ Worthy is the Lamb that one denied him, another betrayed him was slain.Let us view this part of —and they all forsook him and fled. the subject in the following order. His motives were questioned- his cha- First, He was slain decretively in racter traduced—his miracles assigned the purposes of Jehovah. To the allto diabolical influence--he was perse- comprehensive mind of the Deity the cuted even unto the death - nor did future lies clearly known, and he saw they cease till they had pierced with even before the creation of man, his a spear that heart which had never disgrace and fatal fall; though his beaten but with benignity and love. prescience had no influence on the “He was led as a lamb to the slaugh- moral mind of man: for the prescience ter.” See that brutal officer taking of the Deity and the accountableness advantage of his defenceless situation of man are perfectly harmonious, to smite him with the palms of his hands :-and shall not fire descend

(To be continued.)


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(Rev. T'. Adkins's Sermon concluded.) though the reconciliation may not be | view it as the purchase of the favour clearly discerned by us. That which of the Deity: whereas the very oppohis eye foresaw, his compassion deter- site is the case. The love of God was mined to counteract; and hence, he the fountain from whence the satisappointed his Son to be the substitute faction of Christ took its rise ; and of man. He determined to raise a that sacrifice became an honourable new spiritual empire reflecting his medium through which mercy, withglories and resounding his praise ; out money and without price, might and as the only way by which this descend to the vilest of the vile. could be effected, he gave that Son Secondly, He was slain emblemato take upon him our nature, to suffer, tically by the sacrifices under the to bleed, and to die. Without ar- Levitical dispensation. It would have guing the point whether any other been incompatible with the wisdom of would have been available, we main-| the Deity, to have allowed those who tain that if it could, the Deity would lived prior to the incarnation, to bave never have given up his Son to suffer been ignorant of that event; or that and to die. We assert therefore, that that event should burst at once upon Christ was appointed to be slain in the world like the sudden appearance the annals of eternity. Every part of a meteor in a stormy sky. To enof the undertaking, from the cradle lighten the minds of those who lived to the cross—from the incarnation to previous to the coming of Christ-to the ascension--was, arranged accord- usher in, by a successive developeing to the council of that mind which ment, the God-like scheme of recannot err. Especially does this ap- demption—God appointed sacrifices ply to the very fact of his death. to be offered; between which and the “ Him being delivered by the deter- victim they represented, there is so minate counsel and foreknowledge of striking an agreement that if ScripGod, ye have taken, and by wicked ture were silent on the subject, reahands have crucified and slain.” And son would discover that the one was on this principle it is the Apostle an emblem of the other. Some, respeaks of him as “the Lamb slain ferring to the origin of sacrifices, before the foundation of the world." tell us they arose in priestcraft. I

This part of our subject may serve would ask these sagacious expositors, to correct an error into which indi- Who were the priests in the days of viduals are disposed to fall with refe- Cain and Abel when sacrifices were rence to the atonement of Christ, who offered ; and what priestcraft could VOL. V.


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