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The Map of my subject being at length delineated, the reader has it in his power to survey it; which he may do either in detail, in the several divisions of

Temperature, &c. which follow, or first as a whole, in the Summary, where it is treated in the order of the months and seasons. On turning over the work now that it is about to be completed at press, I am sensible of some imperfections in the arrangement; which might have been made more easy for the reader, and the text less interrupted by results in figures, had the whole been reserved, till now, unprinted. The few points of theory which I have introduced here and there, might likewise have been embodied in a preliminary dissertation; the want of which will be scarcely supplied, to some readers, by the summary above inentioned. My principal apology must lie, in the want of a good model, for a design so nearly novel in character: to which may be added a strong inducement to print the several parts, as they were digested, for the sake of easy reference. In attempting to reduce to some sort of method the great mass of observations before me, I was not seldom in the case of the traveller in a South American forest, who is obliged, even where others have gone before him, to cut his way at every step through a

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