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Delhi, lived in the beginning of the seventeenth century, during the reign of the Emperor Shāh Jahān, to whom this work is dedicated. No Mohammcdan or Hindoo gentleman is considered thoroughly acquainted with the Persian unless he has read the Bahār Dānish. 2417 JAMAL-AL-DIN MOHAMMAD ’AUFI, Jami’-al-Hikāyāt wa Lawāmi’-al-Riwāyāt, a

collection of stories and anecdotes, compiled from various Arabic and Persian Authors, a Persian MS. folio, 605 pp. neatly and closely written, 23 lines in a page, native binding, 25.s

This MS. contains the second, third and fourth parts of the entire work, wanting only the first part. Each part consists of twenty-five chapters, and is complete in itself. 2418 JAMI'S Nafahat ul uns. The Odours of Friendship, a Biographical Work, the names of the subjects are in red, 336

leaves, hf. bd. £2. 10s 2419 JAMI (Abd-al-Kahman) Yusuf wa Zulaikha. The Loves of Joseph and Zuleikha,

in Persian, 4to. 300 pp. very neatly written, surrounded by gold and coloured

lines, illuminaied titles, the headings written in gold, native binding, 24s 2420

Laili wa Majnoon, a Persian Poem, sm. 12mo. a neatly written MS. native binding, 108

Purchased by Captain Mounsey at Shiraz. 2421

KITAB Laili wa Majnun, the Loves of Leila and Majnun, in Persian, 8vo. 156 pp. 58

A tragical story of two lovers, the Romeo and Juliet of the East. 2422

History of Joseph and Zalika, in Verse, Persian MS. 8vo. 142 leaves, stained, native binding, 58

ca. 1800 2423 JEHAN GHIR NAMEH, History of the Emperor Jehan Ghir, Persian Manuscript,

258 pp. neatly written, and well preserved, bd. 78 6d 2124 KHOSRU DIHLARVI (Amir). Ainah-i-Sikandarī. “The Mirror of Alexander.”

A poetical romance on the history of Alexander the Great, a Persian MS. impl. 8vo. 296 pp. neatly written, in double columns, the headings to the chapters writ

ten in gold, native binding, 10s 2425 KISSAS-AL-ANBIA, or Memoirs of the Prophets from Adam to Fatima (daughter

of the Prophet Mohammed) Persian MS. 4to. 464 pp.old binding, 18s Saec. XV.

Amongst other Biographies this work contains the Life of Mohammed, which is very interesting. The author says that he compiled it from the Korān, the Commentators, and several other works which he mentions; one of the authors having derived his information from the famous conversation between Mohammed and the Angel Gabriel. 2126 Lloyd's (Chs.) Persian Translation of Captain Baillie's Arabic Inflexions, 4to. a

remarkably well-written Arabico-Persian MS. Indian binding, 5s Calcutta, 1802 2127 METHNAWI MOOLAH-ROMI. Moral Treatises in verse, a work of the

highest standing in Oriental Literature, folio, beautifully and uniformly written

in 4 columns, neatly hound, £3. 58 2428 MIRKHOND, Rouzut us Suffa : Mirkhond's History, Persian, Vol. I. 1010 pp.

elegantly written, each page being surrounded with gold, red and blue lines, the two first pages have a wide floreated border in gold, the title is illuminated in blue

and gold, slightly wormed, Oriental binding, £2. 2429 MUHAMMAD. History of the Prophet Muhammad and his Family, Companions,

Disciples, &c. Persian MS. folio, 464 pp. native binding, 258 Saec. XVII.

In the Nasta'lik character. Defective at the beginning and end. This is perhaps the Rauzatal-Akbab of "'Allā Allah:which was originally written and dedicated to 'Ali Shāh, A.D. 1494. (See Haji Khalfa, vol. 111. p. 495.) 2430 NEAMUT-OLLA, Collection of his Odes, Elegies, and Poems, in Persian, 488

pp. narrow folio, beautifully written, slightly wormed, russia, 24 2431 NIZAMI, Sekunder Nameh, the fabulous History of Alexander the Great, 400 pp.

very neatly written on thin paper, calf, 10s 2432 PERSIAN HISTORY : a MS. partly Turkish, partly Persian, neatly written' in

Taalik, containing various historical pieces, sm. 4to. 232 pp. native binding, 2s 6d 2433 PERSIAN Miscellany in prose and verse, Persian MS. folio, 234 pp. neat modern

writing, oriental binding, 58 2434 PERSIAN POETRY (OLD), small 4to. 96 pp. on thick paper, curiously, but

distinctly and beautifully, written in 10 differently coloured compartments on each page, the interstices being filled up with floreated ornament, the title mended

otherwise in excellent preservation, bd. 30s 2135 Persian TREATISES, a MS. written in India, containing three, small folio. 362

bd. 7s 6d

2 pp.

2436 PROVERBS and Sayings, Persian MS., 1074 in all, in alphabetical order, and in Verse, 8vo. 296 pp. bds. 25s

Saec. XIX. A very curious manuscript without date or compiler's name. 2437 SAADI, Poetical Works of, thick 8vo. 1084 pp. beautifully written within gold lines, russia, 328

A. H. 1009 This is a very neatly executed copy of the works of the popular author, the Sheik Saadi, written by a professed scribe, in double columns, within borders. It appears to have been finished in the year 1009 of the Hejira.

The name of Edward Scott Waring, of the Bengal Civil Service, is on the fly-leaf at the end. He was the son of Major Scott, of Warren Hastings' day. He was a good Persian scholar. 2438 SAADI's Goolistan, in Persian, 8vo. 264 pp. excellently written, each page ruled in

compartments by gold lines, gold writing is sometimes tastefully introduced, with two drawings comprising 23 figures, the two first pages illuminated in blue and

gold, an ancient manuscript in good preservation, old gilt oriental binding, £2. 2439 Bostan, elegant Persian MS. 12mo, 290 pp. calf, 103

ca. 1800 2440 Tooti NAMEh, or Tales of a Parrot, a series of Fables, 4to. boldly written, bd. 8s 2441 Tooti NAMEA i Nekshebi.—Tareek Ali Adil Shah Bejapooree : History of Ali

Adilshah, Sultan of Beejapore.—2 vols. in 1, folio, 550 pp. written in a good bold

modern hand, bound, 12s 2442 'URFI, “Kasidahs” (Idyls), A collection of Poems by 'Urfi, 2 vols. 8vo. 274 pp. gilt oriental binding, £2. 2s

Saec. XVI. Beautifully written, Anno Hegiræ 999 (A.D. 1590), in the Nasta’lik character. The margins of this manuscript are wormed. 'Urfi is highly esteemed as a Persian poet, and considered by his countrymen as next to Hāfiz. 2443 WAKAAT AKBERI, or Historical Account of the Life of Akbar, small 4to.

560 pp. oriental binding, 308 2444 WALI. Diwan-Wali, a Persian MS. sm. 4to. 266 pp. native binding, 6s 2445 ZINAT-AL-KULUB. A Cyclopaedia of Astronomy, Natural History, Anatomy,

Geography, &c. a Persian MS. 4to. 360 pp. closely written, native binding, £2. Zs

1554 This MS. contains some very curious information. The author frequently quotes the Ajāib-alMakblūkāt. 2446 ZUFUR NAMEH, by Shuruf-ood-Deen Alee Guzdee, being a History of Timur

SHAH, commonly called TAMERLANE, a Persian MS. neatly written, stout sm.

folio, 1170 pp. the margins slightly wormed, red morocco, £4. 10s 2447 Sanskrit. AMARẮCOSÉA. A Dictionary of the Sanscrit Language,

written in the first Century before Christ, with an English Translation by Sir William Jones, 2 vols. Transcript made for Sir C. E. Carrington by his writer, with the English portion in Sir C. E. Carrington's autograph-SANSCRITAE PRINCIPIA GRAMMATICAE, copied from Sir W. Jones's MS. by Sir C. E. Carring

ton's writer in 1794–3 vols. large folio, an important Manuscript, whole russia, 30s 2448 Dwārka MAHATMYA, in Sanscrit, folio, 172 pp. green morocco, 15s Saec. XVIII.

We do not know whether, like the Dery Mahatmyam, this is an abstract from the Markandaya Purana. See Adelung, an Hist. Sketch, p. 123. 2449 Sikh Relic. Passages from the GRUNTH, written in a neat and bold hand on

113 small slips, each measuring 4 inches by 31, all much used; enclosed in the original leather case with strap, intended to be hung round the neck as a

preservative charm, an interesting curiosity, 258 Written in a character which bears great resemblance to the Arabic. The Grunth is the sacred book of the Sikhs, and (similar to the sacred books of the Druses) is on no account whatever given to strangers ; even the selections are sacredly guarded from their hands; verses from it, with their peculiar superstition, are worn on the body as a preservative charm against all evils. The above was taken by an English officer, on the field of the battle of the Sutlej, from the body of a Sikh, who, although covered with wounds and surrounded by numbers, fought to the last with that desperate madness, which only religious enthusiasm can give, when no hope of success remains. 2450 Tibetan. KLAPROTA (Julius) Tibetanisches Wörter-Verzeichniss : Vocabu

larium Tartaricum. Tatarische Wörter und Phrases, &c. 8vo. 106 pp. bds. 20s

Sæc. XIX In the autograph of this eminent Philologist. Some pages are in the autograph of Bayer the celebrated Orientalist.

2450*Telinga. Grammaire et Dictionnaire de la langue Talenga, dite vulgairement

le BADEGA, folio, old calf, from the library of the late M. Félix Lajard, £2. Manuscrit du XVlle siècle, d'une belle écriture et probablement inédit, le dictionnaire contient à lui seul 460 pp. à 2 colonnes. 2451 Turkish. KHIALI, Diwan, a collection of Poems, 8vo. slightly imperfect, 3s 6d

A celebrated Turkish poet, died A. H. 964.

ORIENTAL LITERATURE. Translations from Oriental Languages have been inserted after their respective originals. For BiBLES see Nos. 1871—2142; for ORIENTAL MSS. Nos. 2332-2451. Works on China, Egypt, India, Turkey, and of the Oriental Translation Fund are grouped separatelysee post. ORIENTAL HISTORY AND POLYGLOTTS, TRANS

actions of the Oriental Societies of Europe and Asia. 2452 AMERICAN Oriental Society, Journal of the, Vol. I. Nos. 1, 3,4; and Vol. II. 8vo. sd. 153

Boston and New York, 1843-51 2453 ANQUETIL DUPERRON, Législation Orientale, montrant les principes fondamen

taux du Gouvernement, en Turquie, en Perse, et dans l'Indoustan, 4to. calf, 58

1778 2454 ARABIAN NIGHTs' (The) Entertainments, a new translation from the Arabic,

with copious notes, by LANE, 3 vols. impl. 8vo. genuine and best edition, with

the first impressions of the many hundred woodcuts by Harvey, cloth, £3.38 1839 2455 ASIATIC RESEARCHES, or Transactions of the Society instituted in Bengal

for Inquiring into the History, the Antiquities, the Arts and Sciences, and Literature of Asia, A PERFECT UNMIXED SET, 20 vols. and Index, 1 vol.-together

21 vols. royal 4to. many plates, calf gilt, fine tall set, £32. Calcutta, 1788-1836

The best copy which has hitherto passed through my hands ; free from injuries by worms, damp, or neglect. 2456 - another set, 20 vols. and Index, 4to. one leaf wanting, not uniform, £25.

Calcutta, 1788-1836 Vols. 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 20, with the Index, may be had still in Calcutta, and can be supplied at 36s per volume. Complete sets are of very rare occurrence. 2457 - the same, the English edition, Vols. I.-XI. 11 vols. 4to. half russia, £3. 108

London, 1799-1816 Contains the learned Essays by Colebrooke, Sir William Jones, Carey, Strachey, Dr. Wallich, Roxburgh, etc. “They are full of the most curious and valuable intelligence, in every possible form, and on every possible subject.”Dibdin. 2458 ASIATIC SOCIETY OF GREAT BRITAIN and Ireland, TRANSACTIONS of the ;

complete, 3 stout vols. 4to. 80 plates of Facsimiles, etc. (pub at £9. 58) half calf, 258

London, 1827-35 2459 — the same, 3 vols. in 9 parts, 4to. with 80 plates of Facsimiles, Inscriptions, etc. uncut, 20s

1827-35 This valuable publication upon the learning, languages and antiquities of the East, contains amongst the names of its contributors those of Professor Wilson, G. C. Haughton, Davis, Morri. son, Colebrooke, Humboldt, Dorn, Grotefend, and most of the eminent Oriental scholars of the


This may be called the first series of the Publications by the Royal Asiatic Society of England. The continuation or second series appeared in 8vo. as follows. 2460 JOURNAL of the ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY of Great Britain and Ireland, from

the beginning to 1856, 8vo. COMPLETE, as far as published, Vols. I.--X, Vol. XI. part 1, Vols. XII. XIII. Vol. XIV. part 1, XV. parts 1 and 2, XVI. parts 1 and 2, many plates, in parts, £5. 108

1834-56 2461

the same, 11 vols. neatly half bound calf, the remainder in parts, £6. 68

1834-56 Sets completed at moderate charges. 2462 BAYERI (Th. S.) Historia Regni Græcorum Bactriani, in qua simul Græcarum

in India Coloniarum vetus memoria explicatur ; accedit Waltheri Doctrina

temporum Indica cum Paralipomenis, sm. 4to. calf, 78 6d Petropoli, 1738 2463 BEKE's Origines Biblicae : or researches in primeval history, Vol. I. all published, 8vo. map, cloth, a learned work, 3s 6d


I. to XXVII. and Index, 8vo. the first twenty-two volumes, hf. bound calf in 34, the remainder in numbers, ending with No. 267, with all the plates and Tables of

Contents, excessively rare both in India and in Europe, £36. Calcutta, 1832-58 2465

another set, from the beginning, Vols. I.-XXI. in 34 vols. 8vo. com. plete, with all the plates, titles, and tables of contents, neatly hf. bd. red roan, a good sound copy, £36.

Calcutta, 1832—(Dec. 1852) 1853 All the early volumes are out of print in Calcutta, and sell there at exorbitant prices. 2466 GLEANINGS IN SCIENCE, a monthly periodical, in 3 vols. 8vo. numerous plates and woodcuts, half russia, £4.

Calcutta, 1829-31 ** These Gleanings, edited by PRINSEP, formed the forerunner of the Bengal Journal, and copies are now of the utmost degree of rarity. This copy, which has Prinsep's autograph, does not contain Plate 5 of Vol. I., 6 of Vol. II., and 21, Vol. III., as according to the list, it should ; but these 3 plates were probably never published. 2467 PRINSEP's Useful Tables, printed as an Appendix to the Journal of the Asiatic

Society, 3 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. containing the Indian Coins, Weights, and Measures, Chronological Tables, and the Generic Characters of Roxburgh's Flora Indica, with plates of coins, etc. 30s

Calcutta, 1834-36 This extremely rare work should be added to a set of the Bengal Journal. 2468 BIJDRAGEN tot de Taal- Land- en Volkenkunde van NEERLANDSCH INDIE, Vol. I.IV. thick 8vo. cloth, £2. 2s

Amst. and Gravenh. 1852-56 2469 BIRD (James) Historical Researches on the Origin and Principles of the

Buddha and Jaina Religions ; embracing the leading Tenets of their System, as found prevailing in various countries, with descriptive Account of the Sculptures in the Caves of Western India, folio, 54 plates, mostly COLOURED, hf. 6d. £2.

Bombay, 1847 2470 BOMBAY Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, Journal of the, Nos. I to 19, consecutive, 8vo. plates, sd. £4. 43

Bombay, 1841-54

Sets completed. 2471 BOMBAY. Transactions of the Literary Society of BOMBAY; containing trans

lations from the Chinese, the Persian, etc., dissertations on Hindoo Mythology, Ethics, Antiquities, Mahomedan Mysticism, comparison of the Gipsy and Hin. doostanee languages, plan of a comparative Vocabulary of Indian languages by Sir J. Mackintosh, on Cuneiform Inscriptions, etc. numerous plates of An. tiquities, facsimiles, etc. 3 vols. 4to. bds. £3.

1819-20 2472

the same, Vol. III. 4to. 23 plates of Inscriptions, Facsimiles, Antiquities, etc. half calf, 78 6d

1833 2473 BOMBAY Quarterly Review, Nos. 1, 5, 6, 7, 9-14, 10 parts, 8vo. 24s Bombay, 1855-8 2474 BRITISH MUSEUM: Catalogus Codicum Orientalium Musei Britannici, tres partes, in 4 vols. royal folio, facsimiles, bds. 36s

1838-47 Contents : I. Codd. Syriaci et Carshunici; II. Arabici ; III. Aethiopici. - pars III. (the Ethiopic MSS.) large folio, bds. 3s 6d

1847 2476 CALCUTTA JOURNAL, or Political, Commercial and Literary Gazette, from its.

commencement in 1818 to 1821, 14 vols.-Asiatic Department of the Calcutta Journal, 1831 to 1823, 7 vols.-together 21 vols. royal 4to. maps and plates, not uniform, very rare, £8. 10s

Calcutta, 1818-23. An important Indian periodical, almost unknown in Europe. 2477 CALCUTTA Monthly Journal, from 1817 to 1840, in 51 vols. 8vo. and small 8vo. calf, and half calf, scarce, £5.

Calcutta, 1817-40, A very rare and still valuable periodical. The series was not all published in uniform size. 2478 CALCUTTA REVIEW, from the beginning in 1844 to June, 1858, complete,

together 30 vols. 8vo.-eighteen volumes neatly bd. half calf, the remainder in quarterly parts, uncut, £10. 10s.

Calcutta, 1844-58 2479

another copy, Nos. 1460 (without No. 39-40, intended for the Index), forming 30 vols. 8vo. sd. £9.

1844-58 Numbers sold separately at 28. Vol. XX. intended for an Index, is not published yet. 2480 CASTELLI (E.) LEXICON HEPTAGLOTTON: hebraicum, chaldaicum, syriacum,

samaritanum, aethiopicum, arabicum, et persicum, 2 vols. royal folio, portrait,

slightly stained, a good serviceable copy, in old calf gilt, £4. London, 1699 The important supplement to Walton's Polyglott Bible, wanting to many sets.

Priced, 1831, H. Bohn, uncut, £11. 118 ; 1832 and 1837, Payne and Foss, wanting dedication and portrait, £5.58; 1837, Payne and Foss, a fine copy, £9. 98 ; 1834, Straker, £7.178 6d; 1849,

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Stewart, £5. 158 6d. “This work is perbaps the greatest and most perfect undertaking of the kind hitherto performed by human industry and learning. Dr. Castell expended both his fortune and his life in this immense undertaking.”Horne. 2481 CHAMICH, History of Armenia, translated from the Armenian, with continuation by Avdall, 2 vols. 8vo. map and plates, bds. 88 6d

Calcutta, 1827 2482 CHEREFEDDIN ALI, Histoire de Timur Bec, le grand Tamerlan, Empereur des

Mogols et Tartares, par La Croix, 4 vols. 18mo. hf. vellum, 5s Delf, 1723 2483

the History of Timur-Bec, or Tamerlaine the Great Emperor of the Moguls and Tartars, being an historical journal of his Conquests in Asia and Europe, 2 vols. 8vo. maps, calf, 68

1723 2484 COLEBROOKE'S (H. Î.) Miscellaneous Essays, 2 vols. Svo. BEST EDITION, nu

merous facsimiles from early Indian MSS. and Inscriptions,bds. rare, £2. 128 1837 2485

the same, new edition of all the important Vedantic papers, 8vo. cloth, (pub. at 10s 6d) 8s 6d

1858 A rich assemblage of Materials for the History and explanation of the Vedas.

COLEMAN-see post under “ INDIA 2486 CONDE, Histoire de la Domination des Arabes et des Maures en Espagne et en Portugal, par Marlès, 3 vols. 8vo. half calf, 6s

1825 2487 DALRYMPLE's Oriental Repertory, 2 vols. royal 4to. no plates, half calf, 98 1808 2488 the same, Vol. I. 4to. plates, calf, 5s

1791-93 2489 DEGUIGNES, HISTOIRE DES Huns, des Turcs, des Moguls, et des autres Tar

tares Occidentaux, precedée d'une introduction contenant des Tables Chronologiques, 5 vols. 4to. old French calf neat. £5.

1756-58 Heath's copy fetched £8. 28 6d; Willett's £5. 88 6d ; Hibbert's mor. £7. 158 ; Talleyrand's £5. 58 ; North's, £6. A perfect mine of Eastern Historical Literature, based most extensively upon Oriental Manuscripts. The above is without doubt the best History of the different Asiatic Nations, who invaded and conquered Eastern Europe, Spain, etc. A most valuable work, based upon all the existing Eastern and European sources ; indispensable to the student of Mediæval and Oriental History. “An eternal monument of the depth and extent of De Guignes' researches."

Butler. 2490 D'HERBELOT, BIBLIOTHÈQUE ORIENTALE, ou Dictionnaire universel contenant

tout ce qui fait connaître les peuples de l'Orient, leurs histoires et traditions tant fabuleuses que véritables ; leurs religions et leurs sectes; leurs gouvernemens, politique, lois, mours, coûtumes, et les révolutions de leurs empires ; les arts et les sciences ; les vies de leurs saints, philosophes, docteurs, écrivains, capitaines ; des jugemens critiques et des extraits de leurs livres, écrits en arabe,

persan ou turc sur toutes sortes de matières, folio, calf, 10s Paris, 1697 2491

la même, avec le SUPPLEMENT, par Visdelou et Galand, in 1 vol. large folio, LARGE PAPER, calf neat, 30s

Maestricht, 1776-80 2492 D'HERBELOT (B.) BIBLIOTHÈQUE ORIENTALE, avec des Corrections et Additions

par Schultens, et un Supplément par Visdelou et Galand, 4 vols. 4to. BEST EDITION, £4.

La Haye, 1777-82 2493 Vol. I. only, 4to. portrait, uncut, 78 6d

1777 Edition la plus complète de cet ouvrage estimé ; vend. 110 fr. Hérisson ; 120 fr. Cour.' bonne." —Brunet. Latest and best edition of the most esteemed work on oriental antiquities and literature. “Herbelot received the most splendid reward of his industry: he was invited to Italy by Ferdinand II., Duke of Tuscany, who entertained him with that striking magnificence which always distinguished the race of the Medici. After the death of Ferdinand the illustrious Colbert recalled him to Paris, where he enjoyed the fruits of his labour, and spent the remainder of his days in easy retirement."-Sir W. Jones. For solid literature, extensive and profound oriental learning, no man ever surpassed Herbelot; he that came nearest him was the late Sir W. Jones. The work itself is a treasure of useful and ornamental knowledge ; and has done more to draw the attention of the Europeans to the writings of the Asiatics than all the other works yet published on the subject.”. Bibliogr. Dict. “Bartholomew D'Herbelot was born in Paris in 1625. He was first among the French who understood the oriental languages and history. He was at first but little regarded in bis own country. He was received by Ferdinand the Second, Duke of Tuscany, with a distinction which taught France to know his merits. He was recalled and encou ed Colbert, who raged everything. His Bibliotheque Orientale 'is equally curious and profound. He died in 1695."

Voltaire. 2494 D'OHSSON, Histoire des Mongols, depuis Tchinguiz-Khan jusqu'à Timour Bey

ou Tamerlan, avec une carte de l'Asie centrale au 13e siècle, 4 vols 8vo. new, uncut, 32s

Amst. 1852

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