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ten. The work Major Stewart proposed to write was one of great curiosity to all classes of readers, and a desideratum of real consequence to Oriental scholars." —British Critic. 2564 Tippoo Sultan. Select Letters of Tippoo Sultan to his principal Military Com

manders, Governors of Forts and Provinces, Commercial Agents, &c. &c., ar

ranged and translated by Colonel Wm. Kirkpatrick, 4to. (pub. at 21s) 10s 1811 2565

the same, impl. 4to. LARGE PAPER, (pub. at £3.3s) bds. 15$ 1811 2566 TITSINGH'S (M.) Illustrations of JAPAN, impl. 4to. with 10 coloured plates after the Japanese, calf extra, 32s

1822 2567 TRACTS (Oriental). Garcin de Tassy, Religion Musulmane dans l'Inde, Paris,

1831–Le système métrique des Arabes, 1832—Les fêtes populaires des Hindous, 1834–Bailey (J.) Hieroglyphicorum origo et natura, Cantabrigiae, 1816— Stapfer (Ph. 1.) de philosophia Socratis, Bernae, 1786—Maetzner, (E.) de

Jove Homeri, Berolini, 1834-in 1 vol. 8vo. hf. calf, 58 2568 Wahl (S. F. G.) Allgemeine Geschichte der Morgenländischen Sprachen und Litteratur, 8vo. with 11 plates of Alphabets, bds. 58

Leipzig, 1784 2569 UPHAM’S (E.) history and doctrine of Budhism, with notices of the Kappooism

or Demon Worship, and of the Bali, or planetary incantations of Ceylon, impl.

4to. with 13 coloured prints from orginal Singalese designs, £2.168 1829 2570 WEIL, Geschichte der Chalifen, nach handschriftlichen, grösstentheils noch unbenützten Quellen bearbeitet, 3 vols. 8vo. calf extra, 36s Mannheim, 1846

The best and most authentic history of the Chalifs. 2571 WILKINS (Chas.) Glossary of Oriental Terms, 4to. Appendix to a report of the E. I. Company, interleaved, cloth, 9s

1813 2572 WILSON'S (H. H.) Descriptive Catalogue of MACKENZIE's Collection of OriENTAL MANUSCRIPTS, etc. 2 vols. 8vo. uncut, 24s

Calcutta, 1828 2573 ZEITSCHRIFT für die Kunde des Morgenlandes, herausgegeben von Ewald, Ga

belentz, Kosegarten, Lassen, Neumann, Rödiger, und Ruckert, Vols. I.–VII. in 12 Heften, not consecutive, 20s

Göttingen u. Bonn, 1837-50 2574

der DEUTSCHEN MORGENLÆNDISCHEN Gesellschaft, Vol. I.-X. 1, 2, 8vo. A COMPLETE SET, facsimiles, sewed, £6. 10s

Leipzig, 1848-56 Vol. V, No. 1, Vol. VIII. No. 1, at present wanting, will be supplied afterwards. 2575 ZEND-AVESTA, ouvrage de ZOROASTRE, contenant les idées theologiques, phy

siques et morales de ce législateur ; les cérémonies du culte religieux qu'il a établi, et plusieurs traités importans relatifs à l'ancienne histoire des Perses ; traduit en français sur l'original Zend, avec des remarques, et accompagné de plusieurs traités propres à éclaircir les matières qui en sont l'objet, par Anquetil du Perron, 3 vols. 4to. plates, £3. 108

Paris, 1771 For Reviews of this elaborate work-see : Journal des Savans, 1771, Dec.; 1772, Mars et Mai.

According to the Dabistan, Zerdusht or Zoroaster was born in a town in the province of Jibal, or Irak Ajamtbro country of the ancient Parthians, and appeared as a religious reformer in the reign of Gushtap the Fifth, monarch of the Kyanian dynasty of the kingdom of Persia, and who by most historians, both ancient and modern, is identified with Darius Hystaspes. Chronologi. cally, this account of him makes him to have been almost contemporary with the minor prophets of the Old Testament, Haggai and Zechariah, and a few years after the Hebrew prophets Ezekiel and Daniel, and the Greek philosopher and legislator Solon, the poets Mimnermus, Anacharsis, and Æsop, Anacreon and Simonides, and the Chinese philosopher Confucius, and to have lived shortly before Pythagoras, Heraclitus, and Æschylus. It was not doubted by the elegant translator of the Zend Avesta, M. Anquetil du Perron, that the Zend was the old language of Media, and that the books preserved in that very ancient language were the genuine works of Zerdusht or Zoroaster, and written in the fifth or sixth century before Christ; although some have thought that the Zend language was a dialect of the Sanscrit, introduced into Persia for religious purposes, and never spoken in any part of Persia. The learned Professor Rask, however, readily admits the conclusions arrived at by M. Anquetil du Perron, and is decidedly in favour of the genuineness and authenticity of the Zend. The language of the Cuneiform inscriptions of Persepolis, so far as yet discovered and deciphered by Professor Grotefend, institutes in his judgment a powerful argument in support of the pinion that the Zend was the real language of ancient Media. Zerdusht or Zoroaster has earned for himself a fair and just title to the name and character of a reformer and a philosopher.”—Dr. W. Camps. 2576 Tracts on Oriental Subjects: Klaproth, Vipano-Mongols, 1823 ; Syro-Egyptian

Society, 1845 ; Boetticher, rud. mythol. semit., 1848 ; Tody Méwar, 1829; Dod,
Ellora, 1829 ;-together 7 tracts, 4to. and 8vo. 2s 6d


TEMPLE'S LARGE PAPER SUBSCRIPTION COPY, 50 vols. impl. 4to. 44 vols. impl. 8vo. ; in all 94 vols, with many maps and plates, (subscription price and original cost £304. 108) clean and new, £52.

1829-57 VOLUMES IN QUARTO : Ibn Batuta, by Lee

1829 Titsingh, Annales de Japon, par Klaproth 1834 The Emperor Jahangueir, by Price 1829 Ethiopic Didascalia, by Platt

1834 The Sorrows of Han, by Davis

1829 Haji Khalfae Lexicon bibl. et encycl. a MusMacarius' Travels by Belfour, 9 parts 1829-36 tafa ben Abdallah, ed. Flügel, 6 vols. 1835-52 Neamet Ullah's Afghans, by Dorn 1829-36 Tabari, Chronique, par Dubeux, vol. I. 1836 History of Vartan

1830 Sankhya Karika, by Colebrooke & Wilson 1837 Memoirs of Timur, by Stewart

1830 Makrisi, Hist. des Sultans Mamlouks de l' Hatim Tai, by Forbes

1830 Egypte, par Quatremère, 2 vols. in 4 1837-45 Maritime Wars of the Turks, vol. I. 1831 Rigveda-Sanhita, ed. Rosen

1838 Kalidasae Raghuvansa, ed. Stenzler 1832 Kalidasae Kumara Sambhava, ed. Stenzler 1838 Klaproth, Trois Royaumes, the plates 1832 Vishnu Purana, or Hindu Mythology, by Wilson Memoirs of Humayun, by Stewart 1832

Makkari's History of the Mohammedan DynasNaima's Turkish Empire, by Fraser 1832 ties in Spain, by Gayangos, 2 vols. 1840-43 Sangermano's Burmese Empire, by Tandy 1833 Ibn Khallikan's Biographical Dictionary, by Ram Raz, Hindu Architecture

1834 Mac Guckin de Slane, Vols. I. II. III. part 1 Evliya's Travels, by Hammer, 2 vols. 1834-50 Huzailis, Arabic Poems, by Kosegarten, Vol. I. Harivansa, par Langlois, 2 vols. in 3 1834-35

VOLUMES IN OCTAVO : Fortunate Union, by Davis, 2 vols. 1829 Chronicles of Rabbi Joseph Ben Joshua, 2 vols. Yakkun Nattannawa, Cingalese poems 1829 Laila and Majnun, by Atkinson

1836 Memoirs of a Malayan Family, by Marsden 1830 Reynolds' Temple of Jerusalem

1836 Life of Sheikh Mohammed Ali Hazin, Persian Philosophy of the Muhammedan People, by and English, by Belfour 1830-31 Thompson

1839 The War in Bosnia, 1737-9, by Fraser 1830 Tassy, Littérature Hindoui et Hindoustani, 2 Life of Hafiz ool-Moolk, by Elliott 1831 vols.

1839.47 Miscellaneous Translations, 2 vols. 1831-34 El-Mas'udi's historical Encyclopædia, by Spren. Translations from the Chinese and Armenian

1841 Algebra of Mohammed Ben Musa 1831 History of Hydur Naik, by Miles

1842 Cercle de Craie, par Julien

1832 Popular Poetry of Persia, by Chodzko 1842 Aperçu des trois Royaumes, par Klaproth 1832 The Sanhita of the Sama Veda, by Stevenson History of the Mohammedan Powers in India, The Dabistan, or School of Manners, by Shea vol. I. 1832 and Troyer, 3 vols.

1843 Firdausi's Shah Nameh, by Atkinson 1832 History of Tipu Sultan, by Miles

1844 Mirkhond's Early Kings of Persia 1832 Biographical Notices of the Persian Poets, by Sadik Isfahani's 1832 Ouseley

1846 Atkinson's Women of Persia 1832 The Kalpa Sutra, by Stevenson

1848 Tohfut-ul-Mujahideen, by Rowlandson 1833 The Apostolical Constitutions of the Apostles, Alfiyya, grammaire arabe, par S. de Sacy 1833 Coptic and English, by Tattam

1848 Aventures de Kamrup, par Tassy 1834 Hariri's Makamat, by Preston

1850 Livre des Récompenses et des Peines, par Julien Memoires sur les Contrées Occidentales, par History of Gujarat, by Ali Mobammed Khan Julien

1857 I Such a fine set, complete up to 1857, has not occurred for sale before. Separate volumes may be had from me at a reduction of 20 per cent from the price of publication. Works published by the Oriental Translation Fund now in Stock, offered at the

affixed much reduced prices : 2578 IBN BATUTA's Travels, translated from the Arabic, with notes, illustrative of the History, Geography, &c. by S. Lee, 4to. sd. 12s

1829 2578*. the same, 4to. Large Paper, sd. 168

1829 2579 MACARIUS (Patriarch of Antioch) Travels in Anatolia, Romelia, Moldavia,

Wallachia, the Cossack Country, and Muscovy, etc. written by his Attendant, Archdeacon Paul of Aleppo, in Arabic, and translated by F. C. Belfour, 2 vols. impl. 4to. LARGE PAPER, (pub. at £4. 4s) hf. calf extra, £2.

1829-36 2580

the same, parts 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, sold separately at 2s each 2581 NEAMET Ullah’s History of the Afghans from the Persian, by Dorn, part 1,38 1829 2582 Memoirs of the Emperor Jahangueir, from the Persian by Price, 4to. 1s 6d 1829 2583 the same, roy. 4to. Large Paper, sd. 5s


ger, vol. 1

2584 FORTUNATE UNION (the), a Romance, translated from the Chinese, with Notes, by Sir John F. Davis, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 14s

1829 2585 HAN KOONG TSEW, or the Sorrows of Han, a Chinese Tragedy, Chinese and English, by Davis, 28

1829 2586 MULFUZAT TIMURY, or Memoirs of the Emperor Timur, by Stewart, 4to. Large Paper, sd. 68

1830 2587 Hatim Tai, the adventures of, a Romance, from the Persian, by Forbes, 4to. 5s

1830 2588 the same, roy. 4to. Large Paper, sd. 78

1830 2589 ELISAEUS' History of Vartan, and of the Battle of the Armenians, by Neumann, 4s

1830 2590 NEUMANN, History of the Pirates who infested the Chinese Sea, 1807-10, English, with Notes, Svo. bds. 2s

1831 2591 ELLIOTT’s Life of Hafiz ool Moolk, Hafiz Rehmut Khan, entitled Goolistan-I. Rehmut, 8vo. ls 6d

1831 2592 MISCELLANEOUS Transl. from Oriental Languages, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. cloth, 58 1831 2593 BELFOUR’s Life of Sheikh Mohammed Ali Hazin, written by himself, edited in Persian from Persian MSS. roy. 8vo. cloth, 3s 6d

1831 2594 HAJI KHALIFEH's History of the Maritime Wars of the Turks, translated by J. Mitchell, Chapters I.-IV. 4to. sd. 28

1831 2595 TEZKEREH al Vakiat, or Memoirs of the Moghul Emperor Humayun, written in Persian by Jouher, translated by Stewart, 4to. cloth, 38

1832 2596 the same, impl. 4to. Large Paper, cloth, 4s

1832 2597 SIYAR-UL-MUTAKHERIN, a history of the Mahomedan Power in India, during

the last century, by Mir Gholam Hussein-Khan, revised by J. Briggs, Vol. 1. roy. 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d

1832 2598 San Kokf Tsou Ran To-Sets, ou Aperçu général des trois Royaumes, (qui avoisen

le JAPON) traduit de l'Original Japonais-Chinois, par J. Klaproth, roy. 8vo

LARGE PAPER, with 4to. atlas of plates and maps, cloth, 78 6d Paris, 1832 2599 HOEI LAN KI; ou, l'Histoire du Cercle de Craie, Drame traduit du Chinois, par Julien, 8vo. cloth, 3s

1832 2600 NAIMA's Annals of the Turkish Empire, 1591-1659, translated by Fraser, Vol. I. impl. 4to. all published, 3s 6d

1832 2601 ALFIYYA, ou la quintessence de la Grammaire Arabe, par Eddin Mohammed, avec

un Commentaire par Silv. de Sacy, roy. 8vo. Large Paper, cl. 68 Paris, 1833 2002 Kamrup. Les Aventures

de Kamrup, par Tahcin-uddin : traduites de l’Hindoustani, par M. Garcin de Tassy, 8vo. 1s 6d

1834 2603

the same, roy. 8vo. Large Paper, 2s 6d 2604 Evliya Efendi's Travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa, in the XVIIIth Century, by Hammer, Part I. 4to. 2s 6d

1834 2605 the same, impl. 4to. Large Paper, cloth, 5s

1834 2606 ETHIOPIC DIDASCALIA, or the Ethiopic version of the Apostolic Constitutions,

received in the Church of Abyssinia, Ethiopic and English, by Platt, 4to. 58

1834 2607 the same, impl. 4to. Large Paper, cloth, 78 6d

1834 2608 RAM RAZ on the Architecture of the Hindus, impl. 4to. Large Paper, 48 plates, (pub. at £1. 11s 6d) sd. 78 6d

1834 2609 HARIVANSA, ou Histoire de la Famille de Hari, traduite du Sanscrit


A. Langlois, 2 vols. impl. 4to. pub. at £2. 16s

Paris, 1834-35 2610

the same, Vol. I. in 2 stout parts, Large Paper—Vol. II. small paper, 4to. complete, 158

1834-35 2611 CHRONICLES (the) of RABBI JOSEPH BEN JOShua Ben Meir, translated by C. H. F. BIALLOBLOTZKY, 2 vols. royal 8vo. Large Paper, cloth, 168

1835-36 2612 HAJI KHALFA. - Lexicon Bibliographicum et Encyclopædicum a Mustafa Ben

Abdallah Katib Jelebi, dicto et nomine Haji Khalfa,” celebrato compositum, Arabice et Latine, cum Commentario G. Fluegel, Tomus I. impl. 4to. cloth, 3s 6d

Leipzig, 1835 2613 LAILI and MAJNUN, a poem, from the Persian of Nazami, by J. Atkinson, royal 8vo. Large Paper, cloth, 38 6d

1836 2614 TABARI, Chronique d'Abou-Djafar Mohammed Tabari, traduite par L. Dubeux, tome I. impl. 4to. all published, bds. 78 6d

Paris, 1836

the same,

2615 MAKRIZI. Histoire des Sultans Mamlouks de l’Egypte, écrite en Arabe par

Taki-Eddin-Ahmed.Makrizi, et traduite en Français avec des notes par M.
Quatremère, 4 parts in 2 vols. half calf, 28s

Paris, 1837-45 2616 Tome I. partie 1, 2, 4to. bds. 58

1837-40 2017 RIGVEDA-SANHITA, lib. I. Sanskrite et Latine, edidit F. Rosen, impl. 4to. Large Paper, cloth, 158

1838 2618 KUMARA SAMBHAVA, Kalidasae carmen, Sanskrite et Latine, edidit Stenzler, 4to. sd. 58

Berlin, 1838 2619 impl. 4to. Large Paper, 78

1838 2620 MAKKARI, History of the Mohammedan Dynasties in Spain, in English, with

notes on the history, geography, and antiquities of Spain, by Don P. de Gayangos, 2 vols. 4to. (pub. at £4. 4s) bds. £2. 12s

1840 2621 the same, Vol. I. 4to. bds. 18s

1840 2622 VISHNU PURANA, a system of Hindu Mythology and tradition, translated

from the Sanscrit and illustrated by notes by H. H. WILSON, 4to. bds. VERY RARE, £3. 108

1840 2623 CHODZKo’s Specimens of the Popular Poetry of Persia, 8vo. (pub. at 16s) bds. 98

1842 2624 DABISTAN, or School of Manners ; translated from the original Persian, with

Notes and Illustrations, by Shea and Troyer, 3 vols. royal 8vo. cl. 288 1843 2625 the same, vol. 2, 8vo. 2s 6d

1843 2626 CHINA. A miscellaneous collection of 19 Tracts and volumes on China, its

commerce, etc. comprising: The Canton Register, vols. 2-10; the Canton Miscellany, No. 5; la province chinoise de Tse-Tchouen ; Pauthier, la Chine, 1841-43; Sir G. Staunton's China, 1836; and pamphlets by Biot, Morrison,

Rule, Wolf, and others—the lot, 10s 2627 Asiatic Society. Transactions of the China branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, Nos. 1, 3, 5, 8vo. sd, 5s

Hong Kong, 1848-55 2628 CASTNER (G.) Relatio Sepulturae magno Orientis Apostolo S. Francisco Xaverio

erectae in Insula Sanciano, anno 1700, 8vo. lithographed and printed on Chinese paper, with 2 rude maps, 10s

Canton, s. a. 2629 CHINESE NEWSPAPERS. Canton Press, and Canton Register, a large Series of these two Newspapers, not consecutive, the lot, 158

Canton, 1827-39 Anglo-Chinese Newspapers are very rare. 2630 CHINESE REPOSITORY (The) (of Facts and Statements respecting the

History, Statistics, Trade, &c. of China and the adjacent Countries), from the beginning in 1832, Vols. I to XV; Vol. XVI, No.1; XIX, Nos. 1,9–12 ; XX, complete ; 8vo. plates and maps, very rare, £18.

1832-51 2631 Vols. 1.-XIII. 8vo. £7.

1832-44 This second set wants to Vol. IV. Nos. 1, 2, 7o; to Vol. V. 1, 4, , 9, 10, 11 ; to Vol. IX. 9, 10, 11, 12.—A still more imperfect copy in stock, of which Numbers are sold separately. The entire remaining stock of this valuable Repository was destroyed by the Chinese during their destruction of the British Factories near Canton.

“This work, edited by the late Dr. Morrison, contains a great variety of valuable and curious papers.”—MacCulloch.

This valuable Repository is of great importance to Oriental scholars ; its scarcity is so great that few of the public Libraries of England can boast of complete sets; on the Continent the work is vainly sought after. Abel Remusat could never get sight of it, and complains of it in the preface to his Chinese Grammar. China is a world of its own on this Globe; so much independent thought and so many wonderful achievements in Arts, Literature, and Industry, are entirely peculiar to the Chinese, that European readers will derive the greatest interest and profit from the careful study of this “ Chinese Repository,” which embodies the most accurate recent information on the Celestial Empire. 2632 CORRESPONDENCE relating to China, consisting of papers presented to Parliament, 2 vols. with additional papers, in 1 vol. folio, half calf, 2s 6d

1840 2633 DAVIS (Sir J. F.) China during the War and since the peace, 2 vols. 8vo. plans, (pub. at 18s) cloth, 6s

1852 2634

The Chinese ; China and its Inhabitants, with supplement, 4 vols. in 2, 16mo. woodcuts, hf. calf, 4s

1844-5 2635 DE GUIGNES, Remarques philologiques sur les Voyages en Chine, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d

Berlin, 1809


2636 DU HALDE, Description Géographique, Historique, Chronologique, Politique et Physique de l'Empire de la Chine et de la Tartarie Chinoise,

4 vols. folio, large maps and plates, £2. 168

Paris, 1735 Priced, 1848, Payne and Foss, calf, £7. 78. La description de la Chine du P. Du Halde est certainement la plus précieuse; elle fait le mieux connoître la Chine et la Tartarie dans un grand détail.”Boucher. 2637 ELLIS' Journal of the proceedings of Lord AMHERST'S Embassy to China, 4to. 3 maps, portrait, and 6 coloured plates, cloth, 6s

1817 2638 FORTUNE (Rob.) Three Years' Wanderings in the Northern Provinces of China,

1847-Journey to the Tea Countries of China, 1852—together 2 vols. 8vo. plates, (published at 30s), half calf neat, 22s

1847-52 2639 GROSIER, LA CHINE ; ou Description générale de cet empire, rédigée d'après les

Mémoires de la Mission de Pekin, ouvrage qui contient la Description topographique des quinze provinces de la Chine, celle de la Tartarie, des îles et des divers Etats tributaires qui en dépendent, la nombre de ses villes, le tableau de sa population, les trois règnes de son histoire naturelle, etc. 7 vols. 8vo. map, (pub. at 358) sd. 10s

Paris, 1818 A very useful condensed History and statistical account of the Celestial Empire. 2640 MACARTNEY (Earl of) Embassy to China in 1792, written by Sir Geo. Staun

TON, 2 vols. impl. 4to. plates by Alexander and others, with Atlas of maps &c. in folio, bds. 158

1797 2641

the same, 2 vols. impl. 4to. and folio Atlas, hf. calf, 20s Priced, 1822, Allen, £6. 68.; 1836, H. Bohn, russia, £4. 48; 1843, J. Bohn, £2. 168 ; Gardner's copy in russia fetched, 1854, £3. 38. 2642 MEMOIRES concernant l'Histoire, les Sciences, les Arts, les Meurs, les Usages, etc. des Chinois, par les Missionaires de Pékin (Amyot, Bourgeois,

Ko et Poirot) 15 vols. 4to. plates, £4. 10s

Paris, 1782-91 “ Cette collection ne doit pas être confondue avec la plupart des rélations des missionaires relatives à la Chine ; elle renferme des recherches et des observations précieuses sur des objets du plus grand intérêt : c'est incontestablement le meilleur ouvrage que les Jésuites aient publié sur la Chine.”Boucher. 2643 SACRED EDICT (The), containing sixteen Maxims of the Emperor Kang-he;

translated from the Chinese, with Notes by Milne, 8vo. hf. bd. 38 6d 1817 2644 STAUNTON's Miscellaneous Notices relating to China, with translations from the

Chinese, second edition enlarged, 8vo. (pub. at 108 6d) bds. 3s 6d 1822-50 2645 TA Tsing LEU LEE, the fundamental Laws and supplementary Penal Code of

China, translated by Staunton, with appendix of documents, and notes, royal

4to. facsimile of the title page of the Chinese original, bds. 68 London, 1810 2646 EGYPT. Tracts on Egypt: Lettre sur les Hiéroglyphes, 1802; Pettigrew,

Enc. Aegypt; Hierogrammata; and other tracts and tables, by S. Birch, Glid

don, Hunt, Jannelli, Loewe, Th. H. Martin, Thomson, etc.--the lot, 58 2647 ABD-ALLATIF, Rélation de l'Egypte, suivie d'extraits d'écrivains Orientaux,

et d'un état des provinces et des villages de l’Egypte dans le XIVe siècle, traduit par SILVESTRE DE SACY, 4to. VELLUM PAPER, sd. 20s

Paris, 1840 2648 AHMAD BIN ABUBEKR Bin Wahshih, Ancient ALPHABETS and HIEROGLYPHIC

characters explained ; with an account of the Egyptian priests, in Arabic, and in English by J. HAMMER, sm. 4to. bds. 58

1806 2649 BELZONI'S Narrative of the Operations and Discoveries within the Pyramids în Egypt and Nubia, 4to. bds. 12s

1820 2650 the same, 2 vols. 8vo. third edition, hf. bd. 10s

1822 2651

The Plates, illustrative of the Researches and Operations in Egypt and Nubia, with the scarce Supplement, 1 vol. atlas folio, 50 finely coloured plates,

hf. bd. red morocco, uncut, Louis Philippe's Cypher on back, £3. 158 1820-22 2652

the same, atlas folio, 50 coloured engravings, including the six rare additional ones, half russia, rare, £3. 10s

1820-22 2653 BRUGSCH (Dr. H.) die Geographie des Alten Aegyptens, nach den Alt-Aegypti

schen Denkmälern, 4to. with map and 58 plates of Hieroglyphics, bds. 32s 1857 2654

Monumens de l'Egypte, livraison I. royal folio, with 18 plates, in a portfolio, 98

Berlin, 1857 2655 BUNSEN'S Aegypten's Stelle in der Weltsgeschichte, 3 vols. in 2, 8vo. with 53 plates, hf. bd. calf, 12s

Hamburg, 1845

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