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2831 THORNTON (Th.) Turkey, or a description of the Ottoman Empire, with Moldavia and Wallachia, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, 58

1809 2832 AMHARIC. ISENBERG'S (C. W.) DICTIONARY of the Amharic Lan

guage, Amharic and English, and English and Amharic, 4to. calf, £2. 1841 2833

Regni Dei in terris historia, amharice. I. Illa quae populo Dei acciderunt, inde Adami lapsu ad Hierosolymitarum delectionem, enarrat. II. Ecclesiae Christianae historiam a S. Joannis morte ad tempora nostra, system. exponit. 8vo. cloth, 3s 6d

1841 2834

GRAMMAR of the Amharic Language, royal 8vo. cloth, 10s 1842 2835 LUDOLF (F.) Lexicon Amharico-Latinum, cum indice Latino, folio, calf, £1.

Francofurti, 1698 2836 ARABIC. ABD-ALLATIF (Medecin Arabe de Bagdad) Relation de

L'EGYPTE, suivie de divers Extraits d'Ecrivains Orientaux, et d'un Etat de l’Egypte dans le XIVe siècle, traduit et enrichi de notes par SILVESTRE DE Sacy, 4to. VELLUM PAPER, sd. 208

Paris, Impr. Roy. 1810 2837 ABULFEDAE Historia Ante-Islamica, Arabice et Latine, cum notis et indicibus edidit Fleischer, 4to. sd. 2s 6d

Lips. 1831 2838 Idem, 4to. cloth, 3s 6d

1831 2839

de Vita, et de Rebus Gestis Mohammedis, Arab. et Lat. à Gagnier, folio, vellum, 14s

Oxon. 1723 2810

Tabulæ quædam Geographicæ et alia ejusdem argumenti specimina, Arabice, edidit Rinck, 8vo. ls 6d

Lips. 1791 2841 ABUL-PHARAJII (G.) Historia compendiosa Dynastiarum (Orientalium) usque

ad tempora authoris, arabice et latine, a Pocockio, cum Supplemento, 2 vols. in 1, small stout 4to. sound clean copy in vellum, 258

Oxonii, 1662-63 2842

Idem, the Arabic text separately, with the title “Supplementum Historiae Dynastiarum,” sm. 4to. calf, 78 6d

Oxon. 1663 2843 ABU ZAČARIA JAHIA Ebn el Awam, Libro de Agricultura, traducido al Cas

tellano, y anotado, por Don José Antonio Banqueri, con uno discurso preliminar del traductor, y uno Catalogo de los nombres Arabes de Plantes, Arabic and

Spanish, 2 vols. folio, hf. vellum, uncut, slightly stained, 21s Madrid, 1802 2844

the same, 2 vols. folio, a beautiful copy in red morocco, Arms on sides, £3.

1802 Priced, 1824, Thorpe, mor. £5. 58. Cet ouvrage interesse non-seulement comme production d'un écrirain Arabe Espagnol, mais encore parce qu'il fait voir l'état avancé où se trouvait l'agriculture dans la Péninsule sous la domination des Maures. 2845 AHMEDIS ARABSIADE vitae et rerum gestarum TIMURI, qui vulgò Tamerlanes

dicitur, historiae, arabice, edidit J. Golius, sm. 4to. calf, 108 Lugd. Bat. 1663 2846 AHMEDIS ARABSIADÆ vitae et rerum gestarum Timuri, qui vulgò Tamer.

lane, dicitur, historiae, arabice et latine, adnotationes adjecit Sam. Henr.

Manger, 4 vols. sm. 4to. BEST EDITION, calf gilt, rare, £2. 12s Leovardiæ, 1767 2847

another copy, 2 vols. sm. 4to. Dutch calf, full gilt backs, Arms on sides, £3. 3s

1767 2848 ALFRAGANUS MUHAMMEDIS fil. Ketiri Ferganensis, qui vulgo dicitur Alfraganus,

Elementa ASTRONOMICA, arabicè et latinè, cum notis, opera J. Golii, sm. thick 4to. bds. 10s

Amst. 1669 2849 ALI EBN ABI TALEBI, Sententiae, arabice et latine, cum notis ed. Cornelius Van Waenen, 4to. russia, 6s

Oxon. 1806 2850 ALIF LAILA, or the Arabian Nights' Entertainments, now first published com.

plete in the ORIGINAL ABABIC, from an Egyptian MS. edited by W. H. Macnaghten, 4 vols. royal 8vo. complete, sd. £3. 10s

Calcutta, 1839 2851

another edition, from different Arabic MSS. very carefully edited by some most learned Natives, 2 vols. 4to. VERY RARE, £7. 108 Boulac (P 1830)

Lane made his beautiful English translation from “ this ” edition. COLLATION: Vol. I. 710 pages, Vol. II. 620 pages. So eager are the Arabs after this edition of the Alif Laila, that the price of it in Egypt, which was formerly £2, has now risen there to £8.; and even at that advance it is very difficult to get a copy. 2852 ARABIC Granımar in Arabic, 8vo. 230 pp. hf. bd. 58

? Boulac, 1830 2853 ARABIC-Persian and Persian-Arabic Dictionary, 2 vols. stout royal 4to. in treble

columns, supposed to have been printed in Calcutta, sd. 10s

2854 ATHANASIUS. Sermons of the Reverend Holy Father Saint Athanasius,

Patriarch of Jerusalem, for every Sunday and Holyday throughout the Year, according to the Eastern Orthodox Church, in modern Arabic, with a preface in Arabic and Greek by the Patriarch CRISANTOS, folio, large woodcuts and vignettes, 421 pp. (valued by Mr. Catafago at £4.) calf, £3. 38

Aleppo in Syria, printed at the expense of the Patriarch of Jerusalem, 1711 This book, which contains 57 Sermons for Sundays and 10 Speeches op different Holydays, is a model of Christian Arabic eloquence, every sermon containing many amusing and interesting anecdotes. 2855 AVICENNÆ OPERA, (libri V. Canonis Medicinae) Arabice, 3 vols. in 1, stout fol. bds. uncut, in very fine condition, Sir T. Stamford Raffles' copy, £3. Romae, 1593

Priced, 1834, Dondey-Dupré, 115 fr. A very rare work, especially in a fine state. Collation, Vol. 1, Title, 5 preliminary leaves, 610 pages numbered ; Vol. 2, blank leaf, 268 pages numbered, 32 leaves of Index for the 2 volumes ; Vol. 3, title and 85 pages numbered. 2856 BAILLIE. Five Books upon Arabic Grammar: the Meeut Amel, Shurhu Meeut

Amel, Mesbah, Hedayut-don- Nuhve, and Kafeea, with Appendix, in 3 vols. royal 8vo. (pub. at £1. 11s 6d) calf, wormed, 158


1802-5 Volume 3 is wanting in most copies. It is asserted that these volumes have been so carefully edited that there is not one error, even of a letter, in the whole three volumes. 2857 BERESFORD's Arabic Syntax, chiefly selected from the Hidayut-oon-Nuhvi, a

treatise on Syntax in the original Arabic, by H. B. Beresford, roy. 8vo. (pub. at 10s 6d) cloth, 2s 6d

1843 This volume is a useful appendix to Faris' Arabic Grammar, being intended for more advanced Arabic students. 2858 BOCTHOR (E.) Dictionnaire français-Arabe: revu par Caussin de Perceval, roy. 8vo. second edition, hf. bd. calf, 30s

Paris, 1848 2859 BOHADINI Vita et res gestae SULTANI SALADINI; necnon excerpta ex historia

universali Abulfedae, Arabice et Latine, fol. neatly hf. bd. 188 Lugd. Bat. 1732 2860 the same, small folio, old calf gilt, 20s

1732 Copies with the date, 1755, have merely got a new title. “ Bohadinus was secretary to the Sultan during the third crusade, and has inserted in his history an interesting journal of Saladin's watchful, active, and wary accompaniment of Richard's progress. See a beautiful description of the march of Richard on Cesarea, p. 120. His account of the Sultan's last moments is interesting.”—Turner. 2861 BOURGADE (F.), La clef du Coran, faisant suite aux soirées de Carthage, 8vo. cloth, 3s 6d

Paris. 1852 2862 CAABI BEN-SOHAIR Carmen in laudem Muhammedis— Motenabbii Carmen gratu

latorium—Carmen ex Hamasa ; Arab. et Lat. ed Freytag, 4to.bds. 2s Hal. 1823 2863 CALILA ET DIMNA, ou Fables de Bidpai, et suivies de la Moallaka de Lébid,

en Arabe et en François, par Silvestre de Sacy, 4to. VELLUM PAPER, calf extra, 30s

Paris, 1816 2864 CANES (F.F.) Gramatica Arabigo-Española, con un Diccionario Arabigo-Español,

con el texto de la doctrina cristiana, Arabic and Spanish, 2 parts in 1, sm. 4to. morocco gilt, gilt edges, 78 6d

Madrid, 1776 2865 CARLYLE's Specimens of Arabian Poetry, Arabic and English, small 4to. calf, 58

Cambr. 1796 2866

the same, second edition, Arabic and English, royal 8vo. bds. uncut, 3s 6d

1810 2867 CASIRI (Mich.) Bibliotheca Arabico-Hispana Escurialensis sive Librorum

omnium Manuscriptorum quos Arabice ab Auctoribus magnam partem AraboHispanis compositos Bibliotheca Coenobii Escurialensis complectitur, recensio et explanatio, 2 vols. folio, red morocco, richly gilt, binding a little damaged, £2. 16s

Matriti, 1760-70 2867*. the same, 2 vols. folio, not uniform, first volume in calf, the second LARGE PAPER, sd. 158

1760-70 “The execution of this work does honour to the Spanish press; the MSS. to the number of 1581, are judiciously classed by the editor, and his copious extracts throw some light on the Mahommedan literature and history of Spain.”Gibbon.

Ce Catalogue fait avec soin, a été tiré à petit nombre d'exemplaires.”Brunet.

“The value of the catalogue which Casiri made of the Arabian MSS. in the library of the Escurial, first gave modern Europe an adequate idea of the extent of the Saracen studies.”—Turner.

2868 CASIRI (Mich.) Bibliotheca Arabico-Hispana Escuraliensis, Vol. 1, folio, calf, 10s

Matriti, 1759 2869

the same, Large Paper, Vol. 2 only, royal folio, uncut, 78 6d 1770 2870 CATAFAGO’S ARABÍC DICTIONARY: an Arabic-English and English

Arabic Dictionary, by Joseph Catafago, Esq. of Aleppo, Syria; Secretary to Soliman Pasha, Major-General of the Egyptian Army in Syria, 1839-1810; First Interpreter of the General Consulate of his Majesty the King of Prussia, at Beirut, 1842-1851; Secretary of the Imperial General Consulate of Russia, at Beirut, 1851-53;, Corresponding Member of the Sociétés Asiatiques of Paris and Leipsic, also of the Syro-Egyptian Society of London; translator of the Catechism of the Ansari,presented to his Majesty the King of Prussia in 1845, and of other Arabic Manuscripts ; 2 vols. small 8vo. Vol. I. xii. and 316 pp. Vol. II. viii. and 744 pp. double columns, much matter compressed into a small space, all the Arabic words with the pronunciation in Roman letters, (pub. at £2.) cloth, 30s

Bernard Quaritch, 1858 2871

the same, 8vo. LARGE PAPER, (pub. at £3. 38) half morocco, uncut, £2. 10s

1858 This work is the first Arabic and English Dictionary ever published. “A valuable publication.—A work of this kind has been long wanting, and Mr. Layard is convinced that Mr. Quaritch has rendered not only good service to those who wish to study the Arabic Language, but to such Easterns as wish to obtain a knowledge of English."'-A. H. Layard.

“ He did not see why we should not encourage a knowledge of Oriental languages by establishing scholarships in connexion with our colleges after the French system. A wonderful future was destined for the East, and the more our representatives knew of the Eastern languages, the better it would be for our diplomacy.”—MR. Wise's Speech about the Diplomatic Service, House of Commons, April 22, 1858.

Catafago's Arabic Dictionary is indispensable to Travellers in Syria, Egypt and Arabia,-and will satisfy the first wants of readers of the Alif Laila (the Arabian Nights) Hariri's Sessions; the Koran, and even of the Biblical scholar.

This new Arabic Dictionary does not pretend to supersede the copious works of Richardson, Freytag, Golius, and Meninski, but it offers immense advantages over them, hy a most discriminate selection of the Arabic words, every one of them being either in actual use now, or occurring in standard authors. As regards the English-Arabic part, the new work of Catafago is without a rival as every good and current English word is rendered into Arabic, with the pronunciation in Italics.

“ There are actually no less than Eighty Millions of the human family who are either Arabs, speaking Arabic; or who use that language for their religious services. The Koran is strictly forbidden by Mahomet to be translated or read in any other tongue.

“ The Arabic language is spoken from the shores of the Mediterranean away to the plains of India. Not merely the Mabomedans, but also the Christians, and the Jews who inhabit Morocco - AlgeriaEgypt–Tripoli - Arabia--Palestine, and Mesopotamia-speak Arabic.

" It is the religious language of Turkey-Persia–Central Africa-Bokharah-Tartary-Cir. cassi—Georgia - Arabia-Hindostan, and even parts of China ! The pious Mahomedan must learn Arabic to read the Koran. All Mabomedan Rulers use Arabic characters on the coins they strike.

“Now the inevitable course of recent events in the Providence of Almighty God, is daily bringing England into closer contact with these Arabian races.

“The recent War on behalf of Turkey, has broken down barriers which no human power can re-build; and opened doors that no re-action can close again.

“ The transit to India through Egypt, and along the shores of the Arabian Sea—the prospective lines of Telegraph-the projected Railroads and Canals, &c., indicate sufficiently what science and commerce will soon develope; besides what may result from aggressive Missionary enterprize, or Political complications.".

“ The Committee rejoice to announce that already with the money paid to him for the AngloTurkish Lexicon, that enterprising publisher Mr. Bernard Quaritch bad engaged a Syrian-Arabic Scholar, residing in London, to compile an Anglo-Arabic Lexicon in two vols."

ANGLO-ORIENTAL LITERATURE Society, Report for 1857-58, G. R. Birch, Hon. Secretary.

“Dr. Baikie having now had time to refer to Catafago's Dictionary, must express bis satisfaction with it, as it has already rendered him great assistance in reducing some African languages, on which he is engaged, especially “ Háusa" and Púlo ( Fuláta ), the only literature exists in Arabic characters.”Niyer Expedition, Rabba, September 19th, 1859. 2872 DE FOE's Robinson Crusoe, in vulgar Arabic, 16mo. bds. 58 Malta, 1830 2872*DELAPORTE, Guide de la Conversation française-Arabe, 4to. hf. cf. 68 Alger, 1837 2873 DIZIONARIO Italiano e Arabo, 4to. hf. russia, rare, 10s

Bolacco, 1822 2874 Dombay, Grammatica Linguae Mauro-Arabicæ, 4to. bds. 1s 6d Vindob. 1800

2875 DOZY, Catalogus Codicum Orientalium Bibliothecæ Academiæ Lugduno Batavæ,

Vol. I. 8vo. containing extracts from Arabic MSS. sd. 6s Lugd. Bat. 1851 2876

Dictionnaire des Noms des Vêtements chez les Arabes, 4to. Large Paper, ods. 18s

1845 Ouvrage couronné et publié par l'Institut Royal des Pays-Bas. 2877 EBN EL FAREDH. Commentaire du Divan d'Ebn El Faredh, célèbre poète

arabe commenté par Hassan el Bourini (sous le rapport scientifique) et par Abd Elghani Nabulsi (sous les rapports scientifiques, selon les opinions de la secte des Sofis), en Arabe, impl. 8vo. 602 pp;

sd. 158

Marseille, 1854 2878 EDRISI. De geographia universali hortus cultissimus, mire orbis regiones,

provincias, etc., earumque dimensiones et orisonta describens, arabice, Romae, 1592–Geographia Nubiensis, id est accuratissima totius orbis in septem Climata divisi descriptio, praesertim exactam universae Asiae et Africae explicationem continens, ex Arabico in latinum versa, Paris, 1619—the 2 vols. in 1, russia, 28s

1592-1619 2879

Geographia Nubiensis, latine, sm. 4to. Morocco, gilt edges, 21s Paris, 1619 2880 ENIS EL-DJELIS, ou Histoire de la Belle Persane, conte des Mille-et-une Nuits, Arabe et Français, par Kazimirski, 8vo. sd. 28 6d

Paris, 1846 2881 ERPENII Grammatica Arabica, cum fabulis Lokmani, excerptis Anthologiae quae.

inscribitur Hamasa Abi Temmam, Arabice et Latine, notis, etc. ed. à Schultens, stout sm. 4to. calf, 6s

Lugd. Bat. 1749 2882

Rudimenta Linguae Arabicae : florilegium sententiarum Arabicarum ut et clavium dialectorum, ac praesertim Arabicae adjecit A. Schultens, sm. 4to. hf. vellum, 78 6d

Lugduni Batav., 1770 2883

Grammatica Arabica, accedunt Locmani fabulae, etc. 8vo. hf. bound, 58

Romæ, 1829 2884 EUCLID, Elementorum libri XIII. studio Nasidirini Tusini, nunc primum Arabice impressi, folio, 453 pp. Diagrams, calf neat, 30s

Romae, 1594 2885 the same, folio, LARGE PAPER, calf neat, 36s

1594 2886 FARHAT (Germanos Maronite) Dictionnaire Arabe, augmenté par R. de Dahdah, 4to. (pub. at £5. 58) hf. calf neat, £2. 108

Marseilles, 1849 2887 another copy, 4to. calf neat, £2. 16s

1849 This valuable and rare Dictionary is a new edition of the Kamoos, with all the useless matter left out, and many words, particularly those occurring in Christian works, added. 2888 FARIS' ARABIC GRAMMAR: a Practical Grammar of the Arabic Lan

guage, with Interlineal Reading Lessons, Dialogues, and Vocabulary, by FARIS EL-SHIDIAC, a Native of Mount Lebanon, Syria ; formerly Professor of Arabic at the University of Malta ; Translator of the whole Bible into Arabic; Author of “ An English Grammar for Arabs," and of the Arabic work called " The Fariyac,” 1 vol. 12mo. cloth, 58

1856 The only cheap and good Arabic Grammar. This little Manual will be of the greatest assistance to beginners of that difficult but very important Language.

Arabic is spoken by all the Syrian and Egyptian troops of the Porte; Northern India abounds with Mahommedans, who speak Arabic ; Arabic is the foundation of Turkish and Persian, and finally Arabic Literature is as valuable and important as Greek and Latin.

Such are the claims of this elaborate Language of Poets, Romancers and Historians, Mohammed, Harriri, Abulfeda, Macrizi, the authors of the Arabian Nights' Entertainments, etc. upon Scholars and, I may be allowed to point out) upon the British Government, to be adopted as one of the indispensable languages, as a study in Public Colleges and particularly in all the Military Academies.

Preston Rectory Suffolk, Nov. 8th, 1855. Dear Sir,“I think the little Arabic Grammar you are about publishing will be welcomed by those who have been hitherto deterred from commencing the study of the language. The high character of Mr. Faris for Arabic learning will be a sufficient guarantee for its accuracy, while, I trust, the alterations as to arrangement and other details made at my suggestion when the MS. was submitted to me, will be found to have improved it. The dialogues, I am sure, will supply a defect I have long observed. I should not hesitate to recommend the volume as a most useful and simple compendium of Arabic Grammar.

Yours faithfully, To Mr. Quaritch.

HENRY G. WILLIAMS, And now allow me to thank you for the book. I have looked it through, and it is by all means the best manual of the kind I ever saw. I only wish I had had something of the kind during my travels in the East. It would have saved me much unnecessary trouble.

Believe me, Sir, yours faithfully,
Broadwindsor, Jan 20, 1856.

S. D. Malan,

MR. MÜLLER begs to thank Mr. Quaritch for the copy of the Arabic Grammar by M. Faris. He is sorry he did not know of it in time to mention it in the List of Grammars in the second edition of the Languages of the Seat of War, as it is evidently a work which could be strongly recommended to Officers and Travellers on account of its practical and compendious character.

TAYLOR INSTITUTION, Oxford, Jan. 8, 1856. 2889 FREYTAGII Lexicon Arabico-Latinum, præsertim ex Djeuharii Firuzbadique

et aliorum Arabum operibus desumtum, adhibitis Golii quoque et aliorum libris, confectum; accedit Index Vocum Latinarum locupletissimus, 4 vols. 4to. (pub. at £5. 58) hf. bd. £2. 12s

Halis, 1830-38 2890 the same, 4 vols. in 2, 4to. calf, £2. 168

1830-37 2891

Lexicon Arabico-Latinum, ex opere suo majore in usum tironum excerptum, 4to. 694 pp. (pub. at 36s) sd. 188

Halis, 1837 2892 FUTAWA Alumgiri; a collection of opinions and precepts of Mohammadan

law, compiled by Sheikh Nizaum, Arabic, Vol. 4, 5, 4to. sd. 20s Calcutta, 1832-34 2893 Futawa Alumgeeree : Treatises of Mahommedan Law, in Arabic, thick 8vo. calf, 58

Calcutta, A.H. 1228 2894 FUTAWA QAZEE Khan on the Institutes of Aboo Huneefa, in Arabic, lithographed, 4 vols. 8vo. sd. 158

Calcutta, 1835 2895 GERMANI (D.) Fabrica linguæ Arabicæ, cum interpretatione Latina et Italica, et indicibus, folio, 1238 pp. double columns, vellum, 158

Romæ, 1639 Priced, 1858, £2. 28. 2896 GIGGEI Thesaurus Linguæ Arabicæ, 4 vols. folio, fine sound copy, hf. bound russia, £2. 10s

Med. 1632 Sold by myself before for £3. 38. “ This excellent work is a translation of the Kamoos, which, being entirely written in Arabic, few but proficients in the language can derive any benefit from, and on this account the work of Giggeus is peculiarly valuable." -Clarke. Quoiqu'en grande partie effacé par les lexiques Arabes qui l'ont suivi, cet ouvrage renferme un assez grand nombre d'interprétations que jusqu'à ces derniers temps on eût cherché vainement ailleurs ; vend. 80 fr. Soubise; 130 fr. Langlès ; 76 fr. Debure; 36 fr. br. en 1840."- Brunet. 2897 GOLII LEXICON ARABICO-LATINUM contextum ex probatioribus Orientis Lexico

graphis, ac Index Latinus copiossissimus ; fol. old binding, £2. Lugd. Bat. 1653

Priced, 1822, Thorpe, £7.78 ; 1832 and 1837, Payne and Foss, £10. 108 ; 1839, DondéDupré, 300 francs ; 1848, Payne and Foss, £8. 88; Klaproth's copy sold for 161 fr.

6. This is an invaluable work, and the best on the subject ever published.”Clarke.

" Ce dictionnaire est un livre classique indispensable à tous ceux qui étudient et meme qui savent l'Arabe.”Bibl. Elzev. Golius' Arabic Lexicon is preferred by many Arabic Scholars to Freytag. 2898 HALEBI. Selecta ex historia Halebi, Arabice et Latine, cum notis ed. Freytag, 8vo. cloth, 6s

Paris, 1819 2899 HAMAKER. Inverti auctoris liber de Expugnatione Memphidis et Alexandriae,

vulgo adscriptum Abou Abdallae Mohammedi Omari filio, Arabice, cum notis, ed. Hamaker, 4to, hf. calf, 4s

Lugd. Bat. 1825 2900 HARIRII eloquentiae arabicæ principis, tres priores CONSESSUS, cum notis ab

A. Schultens, arabice et latine, sm. 4to. vellum, 10s Franequerae, 1731 2901 HARIRI (Aboo Moohummudin) Adventures of Aboo Zyde, in fifty Stories, in Arabic, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. calf, 12s

Calcutta, 1809-12 2902

the same, with Arabic-Persian Dictionary by Mouluvee Jaun Alee, in 3 vols. 4to. bds. 30s

Calcutta, 1809-14 Les trois volumes coûtaient £4. 14s 6d. Vend. 180 fr. Langlès. 2903

Séances de, en Arabe, avec un commentaire par Silvestre de Sacy, 2me édition, par Reinaud et Derenbourg, 4 parts in 2 vols. 4to. £3. 10s Paris, 1847-53 2904 the same, Vol. II. part I. 4to. sd. 58

1853 C'est, après le Coran, le chef-d'oeuvre de la Littérature Arabe.”—Brunet. 2905 HERBIN, Principes de la Langụe Arabe moderne, suivis d'un recueil de phrases,

de traductions interlinéaires, des Proverbes Arabes, 4to. with 11 plates of penmanship, half calf, 58

Paris, 1803 2906 HIDAYAH, with its Commentary, the Kifayah, in Arabic, by Hukeem Moulvee Abdool Mujeed, Vol. I. 4to. cloth, 20s

Calcutta, 1834 2907 the same, Vols. 3 and 4, 4to. calf neat, 30s

Calcutta, 1831-32 2908 the same, Vol. 4 only, 4to. 650 pp. sd. 10s

1832 2909 HOOGVLIET, diversorum scriptorum loca de Regia Aphtasidarum Familia et de Ibn Abduno Poeta, Arubice et Latine, 4to. sd. 2s 6d

Lugd. Bat. 1839


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