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3461 WILLIAMS' (M.) Grammar of the Sanscrit Language, roy. 8vo. second edition, cloth, 12s

Oxford, 1857 3462 WILSON'S Sanscrit-English Dictionary, translated and enlarged from a compi

lation by learned natives, royal 4to. first edition, bd. £2. 2s Calcutta, 1819 3463

the same, 4to. second edition, LARGE VELLUM PAPER, calf neat, presentation copy from the Author to H. T. Colebrooke, £12.

Calcatta, 1832 A masterpiece of philological learning; the groundwork to all the great modern discoveries in Comparative Grammar. 3465 WILSON. Select Specimens of the Theatre of the Hindoos, translated from t the Sanscrit, 2 vols. 8vo. (pub. at 24s) bds. 10s 6d

1835 The Dramas selected are—The Mrichchakati, or the Toy-Cart— Vikrama and Urvasi, or the Hero and the Nymph-Uttara Rama Cherita, or Continuation of the History of Rama-Malati and Madhava, or the Stolen Marriage-Mudra Rakshasa, or the Signet of the Minister-Retnavali, or the Necklace.

“This work, by one of our most accomplished oriental scholars, is delightful from its novelty ; but its true praise is that it unfolds before us the finest part of a national literature and thereby illustrates a highly interesting national character.”Blackwood's Magazine.

“This is a most important addition to our literature, and it will surprise those literary men who

were, till now, but little acquainted with the learning of the Hindus.”New Monthly Mag. 3466 WILSON'S Grammar of the Sanscrit Language, 8vo. (pub. at 188) cloth, 78 6d

1841 3467 YATES (W.) Dictionary in Sanscrit and English, 8vo. £2. 168 Calcutta, 1846

The above is an excellent substitute for the scarce second edition of Wilson. The author states in his preface: “The main object of this work was to bring Wilson's Dictionary to the 8vo. form without diminishing the size of the type or the number of words. This has been effected and a little more ; for while the number of the words has been increased, the number of pages has been a little reduced." 3468 SANSCRIT Works and Tracts : Wilson's Sanscrit Dictionary, impft. 1818; Odes

to the Ragas, Calc. 1818; Forster's Sanscrit Grammar, impft. ; Bopp's Lehrgebäude der Sanskrita Sprache, 1827, impft. ; Delius, Radices Pracr. 1839, and

others, in all 20 vols. 4to. and 8vo. the lot a bargain, 12s 3469 HINDU LAW : Traité des Successions, 1844; Vyavahara Tatwa, Daya Krama;

Daya Tatwa, in Sanscrit, Calcutta, 1828—together 4 vols. 8vo. the lot 2s 3470 SIAMESE. LOW’S Grammar of the Thai or SIAMESE language, 4to. with 7 lithographs of specimens, bds. 20s

Calcutta, 1828 3471 PALLEGOIX, Grammatica Linguae Thai (Siamese), 4to. rare, 32s Bang. 1850 3472 PALLEGOIX (D. J. Bapt.) Grammatica Linguæ Thai, 4to.hf. bd. rare, £2. 1850 3473

Siamese Dictionary ; Dictionarium Linguæ Thaï, sive Siamensis, interpretatione latina, gallica, et Anglica, illustratum auctore D. J. B. Pallegoix, episcopo Mallensi, vicario apostolico Siamensi, stout folio, the Siamese in native

and Roman Letters, explained in French and English, sd. £2. 2s Paris, 1854 3474 the same, folio, hf. bd. red morocco, £2. 16s

1854 Bishop Pallegoix has returned to Siam, and has taken the remainder of the edition with him. 3175 Tibetan. Georgii Alphabetum Tibetanum, 4to. 820 pp. hf. russia, 12s 1762

A learned work, containing a valuable essay on the Religion and History of Tibet. 3476 KOROS, DICTIONARY, Tibetan and English, prepared with the assistance of the

Bandé Sangs-Rgyas Phun-Tshogs, a learned Láma of Zangskár, by A. Csoma de Körös, 1834-Grammar of the Tibetan Language, in English, 1834-in 1 vol. 4to. calf neat, £2. 10s

Calcutta, 1834 3477

Tibetan and English Dictionary, 4to. cloth, 30s Calcutta, 1834 3478 SCHRETER, Dictionary of the Bhotanta, or Botan Language, edited by

Marsham; to which is prefixed a GRAMMAR of the Bhotanta Language, edited by W. Carey, 4to. the Botan printed in Tibetan characters, calf, rare, £2. 10s

Serampore, 1826 This Language is spoken in the region on the Himalaya Mountains, usually called Chinese Tartary, extending a line of 1000 miles of border land, between the Languages of India derived from the Sanscrit, and the Languages spoken throughout Tartary. 3479 Tunchinese. Rhades (A. de) Catechismus pro iis qui volunt suscipere Bap

tismum, Tunchinese and Latin, very sm. 4to. hf. bd. 3s 6d Romae, 1651 3480 TURKISH, ACHTERI KEBIR, Arabic Dictionary, explained in Turkish, sm. folio, 709 pp. native binding, 168

Constantinople, 1827

3481 BARKER’s Turkish Grammar, Dialogues and Vocabulary, a practical Guide to the

acquisition of the Turkish Language, 1 vol. 12mo. 166 pp. cloth, 4s 1854 The Grammar is short and practical, the Dialogues embrace all the most useful questions and likely answers. The Vocabulary contains about 1250 of the most useful words.


“A little book of the time, very opportune in its appearance. This book should be the com. panion of every Englishman on his way to Constantinople.”-Athenæum, June 10, 1854. 3482 BABKER's Reading Book of the Turkish Language, with a Grammar and Vocabu

lary; containing a selection of Original Tales, literally translated and accompanied by grammatical references; the pronunciation of each word given as now

used in Constantinople, 8vo. (pub. at 148 by Madden), cloth, 2s 6d 1854

Barker's little Grammar and the above Reading book should be bought together, as they form a complete course for the study of the Turkish Language. 3483 BELLETÊTE, Contes Turcs en Turc, extraits du roman “Les quarante Vizirs,” 4to. sd. 3s 6d

Paris, 1812 3484 BERNARDO (F.), Vocabolario Italiano-Turchesco, tradotta dal Francese nell'

Italiano dal P. Abbavilla, sm. 4to. 3 vols. 2478 pp: hf. russia, 78 6d Roma, 1665 3485 BIANCHI, Dictionnaire Turc-Français et Français-Turc, 4 stout vols. 8vo. calf gilt, £5. 158

Paris, 1835-47 3486 Vocabulaire Français-Turc, stout 8vo. hf. bd. 108

Paris, 1831 3487

Guide de la Conversation en Français et en Turc, suivi du Traité de Commerce, 1838, Turc et Français, oblong roy. 8vo. hf. calf, 68 Paris, 1839 3488 seconde édition, oblong, 8vo. sd. 78 68

1852 3489 CARBOGNANO (Comidas de) Gramatica Turca, stout sm. 4to. hf. bd. 38 Roma, 1794 3490 Davids, Grammar of the Turkish Language, 4to. facsimiles, (pub. at 288) bds. 78 6d

1832 3491 GULSHENY MAARIF: History of the Ottoman Empire, in Turkish, 2 stout vols.

sm. 4to. 1702 pp. native binding, 258 3492 GUZEL-OGLOU, Dialogues Français-Turcs précèdés d'un Vocabulaire, 8vo. and

404 pp. with the pronunciation of the Turkish throughout, hf. bd. 78 6d 1852 3493 HINDOGLOU, Dictionnaire Français-Turc, 8vo. hf. russia, 78 6d Vienne, 1838 3494 Grammaire de la langue Turke, 8vo. Is 6d

Paris, 1834 3495 HOLDERMAN, Grammaire Turque, ou methode courte pour appendre la langue

Turque, avec un Vocabulaire et des dialogues, sm. 4to. the Turkish in Arabic and Roman letters, hf. calf, 98

Constantinople, 1730 “ Volume peu commun et assez recherché. Vendu 40 fr. m. r. Maucune."- Brunet. 3496 JAUBERT, Elémens de la Grammaire Turke, avec une Appendice de proverbes et

d'extraits en Turk et Français, plates of characters, 4to.hf. calf, 2s Paris, 1823 3497 seconde édition, 8vo. sd. 3s 6d

1853 3499 KAMOOS (the) Abul-Kemel Es-Seid Ahmed Aassim El-Okeanus al-bessit fiterd

schümet il-Kamus Almuhit, an ARABIC DICTIONARY, explained in Turkish, 2 vols. folio, 1900 pp. native binding, £3. 108

Scutari, A. H. 1230-33 3500 LETELLIER, Choix de Fables, en Turc et français, avec un glossaire, large 8vo. Large Paper, hf. russia, 14s

Paris, 1826 3501 MALLOUF, English and Turkish Conversation, 18mo, 2s 6d

Paris, 1859 3502 MENINSKI, linguarum Orientalium institutiones, seu Grammatica Turcica, adno.

tatiuncula in linguam Tartaricam, de harmonia verbi Turcico-Arabico-Persici, Latine, Germanice, Italice, Gallice, et Polonice explicati, cum extractis, folio, old calf, 7s 6d

Vienna, 1680 3503

Idem, curante Kollar, 2 vols. in 1, sm. fol. cf. nt. 9s Vindobonæ, 1756 For the “ DICTIONARY,” see General Oriental Literature. 3504 Nazmi ZADEH's Gilshan Khalafa: a History of the Khalifs and their Successors, in Turkish, folio, Oriental binding, 10s

Constantinople, A. H. 1143 3505 RASHID EFFENDY, History or Chronicles of the Ottoman Empire, in Turkish, 3 vols. folio, Oriental binding, £3.

Constantinople, M. E. 1153 Printed under the reign of Sultan Mahmoud the First ;-the Grand Wezeer then being Ahmet Pasha and the Shieck-ul-islam Mustafa Effendy. Contents : Volume I. 277 leaves, relates the Events from 1071-1115. Volume II. 194 leaves, relates the Events from 1115-1130. Volume III. 158 leaves, relates the Events from 1130–1141.

3506 REDHOUSE'S English and Turkish Dictionary, in 2 parts: Part I. English and

Turkish. Part II. Turkish-English ; in which the Turkish words are repre. sented in the Oriental character, as well as their correct pronunciation and accentuation shewn in English letters, by J. W. Redhouse, F.R.S.A., Member of the Imperial Academy of Science of Constantinople, &c. &c. in 1 stout vol.

sm. sq. 8vo. xxvi. and 1151 pp. (pub. at £2.) cloth, 32s B. Queritch, 1857 HT The first English and Turkish Dictionary, published, written by Mr. Redhouse, a thorough Turkish Scholar, who resided for 20 years in Turkey, employed by the British and Turkish Governments in their diplomatic intercourse; the Author of the only printed Dictionary of the Turkish Language, explained in Turkish, for the use of Turks.

This Dictionary has the Orthograpby of the Turkish Words, as also their correct pronunciation and accentuation, two things never achieved, and, the latter never attempted, even in the best Dictionaries published on the Continent. It cannot fail of being acceptable to the very great number of our countrymen now interested in obtaining quickly a competent knowledge of the language of our eastern allies ; the greater number of errors to be traced in every page of the more voluminous and much more expensive continental works of Meninski, Bianchi and Hindoglou, is a circumstance which greatly deteriorates the value of their productions.

The Turkish Language is, in itself, well worthy of the labour of being acquired ; there exists in that language, a literature, mostly in manuscript as yet, it is true, as varied and as refined as that which is known to be found in the Persian tongue. In a political, and in a commercial view, the tongue of the Ossmanli merits as great attention as any, since its use, or that of its congeners, among natives of every sect or nationality, or among official people, is spread from Tunis in Africa, throughout the Turkish Empire, the northern half of Persia, Khorassan, to Independent, Chinese, and Russian Tartary. But it is as true, as it will appear singular, that whether from apathy, or from the fatal delivering themselves up into the hands of double sets of interpreters (one set consisting of Greeks, Armenians, Jews, or Levantines, who explain verbally between Europeans and Turks, and the other of Turkish writers, who reduce these verbal explanations into written forms of their own), the greater part of our merchants and consuls living in Turkey, some for periods of fifty years, are unable, with a few rare exceptions, to read a word of the language, or perhaps to understand it when read to them ; and many are incapable of uttering a single phrase in common conversation. The fact, however, of servants, working engineers, and others, picking up Turkish in a short time, without books or aids of any kind, is sufficient to indicate that there is nothing peculiarly difficult in the language itself; while the mere mechanical difficulty of the handwriting, as is known to all students, is equally easy to be got over with a little practice.

A creditable publication. An English Turkish Dictionary was a great desideratum and you have been fortunate in getting the best Turkish scholar of the day to write it. “ British Museum, Oct. 16, 1836.

Ch. Rieu." 3507 REDHOUSE, Grammaire de la Langue Ottomane, large 8vo. cloth, 15$ 1846 3508 RHASIS (G.) Vocabulaire français-Turc, 4to. turkish binding, 258 St. Petersb.1828 3509 SHARHI PENDI ATTAR, or explanations of the poem of Attar in Turkish, by Mehemet Murad, 8vo. 367 pp. bd. 78 6d Constantinople, A. H. 1252

AFRICAN LANGUAGES. 3510 DIALOGUES, and portion of the New Testament in the English, Arabic, Haussa

and Bornų languages, oblong sm. folio, 116 pp. lithographed, sd.78 6d 1853 3511 Accrą. Jesu Biergprädiken, oversat i det Accraiske Sprag, 8vo.3s 6d Kiob. 1829 3512 Angola. Gentilis Angolae fidei mysteriis Angolense, Lusitane et Latine, edd. De Coucto et Prandomontanus, sm. 4to. hf. bd. 78 6d

Romae, 1661 3513 Bechuana. ARCHBELL’s Grammar of the Bechuana Language, 8vo. cloth, 98

Graham's Town, 1837 3514 Berber. HODGSON (W. B.) Notes on Northern Africa, the Saharah and Soudan, roy. 8vo. cloth, 58

New York, 1844 3515 NEWMAN's Grammar of the Berber Language, 8vo. 1s 6d.

1836 3516 Bornu. KOELLE, Grammar of the Bornu or Kanuri Language, 8vo. cloth, 98

1854 3517 KLAPROTH, Essai sur la Langue du Bornou, et Vocabulaires du Begharmi, du Mandara et de Timbouctou, 8vo. 2s 6d

Paris, 1826 3518 Bullom. NYLANDER’s Grammar of the Bullom Language, 12mo. hf. bound, 10s

1814 3518*. Portions of the Common Prayer in Bullom, 12mo. 2s

1816 3519 Bunda. CANNECATTIM. Diccionario da LINGUA BUNDA ou Angolense, ex.

plicada na Portugeza, e Latina, small 4to. 720 pp. treble columns, morocco, £2.

Lisboa, Impressao Regia, 1804

3520 Calabar: WADDELL's Vocabulary of the Efik or Old Calabar Language, 12mo. bd. 2s 6d

Edinb. 1849 3520* Dankali. ISENBERG’s Vocabulary of the Dankali Language, 12mo. 28 1840 3521 Galla. KRAPF's Elements of the Galla Language ; Vocabulary; St. John; 3 parts, 12mo. 2s 6d

1839-42 3522 TUTSCHEK, Dictionary of the Galla Language, part I. Galla-English-German,

part II. English-Galla-Grammar of the Galla-Language, 3 vols. in 1, 8vo. hf. bd. 10s

Munich, 1844-45 3523

Galla-English-German Vocabulary, 8vo. 208 pp. sd. ls 6d 1844 3524 Haussa. Schön's Vocabulary of the Haussa Language, both alphabets, with a Grammar, 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d

1843 3525 Kaffir. BOYCE's Grammar of the Kaffir Language, 2nd ed. by Davis, 8vo. hf. bd. 8s

1844 3526 Mandingo. Mandingo and English elementary Sounds, Spelling Lessons and Vocabulary, 12mo. 2s 6d

1827 3527 MACBRAIR’s Grammar of the Mandingo Language, with Vocabularies, 8vo. hf. bd. 7s 6d

London (? 1840) 3528 Oji. Rüs, Grammar and Vocabulary of the Oji-Language, with reference to the Akwapim Dialect, 8vo. cloth, 98

Basel, 1854 3529 Sechuana. CASALïs, Etudes sur la Langue Sechuana, 8vo. 58 Paris, 1841 3530 Sherbro and English Church Catechism, 12mo. hf. bd. 78 6d London, 1824 3531 Siwah. MINUTOLI, Verzeichniss von Wörtern der Siwah Sprache, 4to. sd. 2s 6d

Berlin, 1827 3532 Susoo. Grammar and Vocabulary of the Susoo Language, 8vo. bd, rare, 12s

Edinb. 1802 Added are the names of some Susoo Towns, near the banks of the Rio Pongas; a List of learned men of the Mandinga and Foulah Countries, etc. 3533 Wolof. DARD, Dictionnaire Français-Wolof et Français-Bambara, suivi du

Dictionnaire Wolof-Français, avec des observations sur la grammaire, 8vo. hf. of: 78

Paris, 1825 3534 Grammaire Wolofe, 8vo. hf. bd. rare, 12s

Paris, 1826 3535 ROGER, Recherches sur la Langue Ouolofe, Vocabulaire français-ouolof, 8vo. 6s

Paris, 1829 A pres l'Arabe, l'idiome Wolof est celui à l'aide duquel on est le plus sûr de se faire comprendre des rives de l'Atlantique aux bords du Niger.”—Preface. 3536 Yoruba. CROWTHER (Rev. Sam.) Vocabulary of the Yoruba Language, with introductory remarks by Vidal, 8vo. cloth, 5s

1852 3537 Zulu. SCHREUDER, Grammatik for Zulu-sproget, 8vo. 2s

1850 3538 DÖHNE'S (J. L.) ZULU-KAFFIR DICTIONARY, etymologically explained, with

copious illustrations and examples, preceded by an introduction on the Zulu

Kaffir Language, 8vo. xiii. and 418 pp. double columns, 128 Cape Town, 1857 3539 the same, hf. morocco, uncut, 15s

1857 AMERICAN LANGUAGES. 3540 Athapask. Buschmann, der Athapaskische Sprachstamm (Mexico), 4to. with Vocabularies, bds. 7s 6d

Berlin, 1856 3541 Caraibe. RAYMOND BRETON, Dictionnaire Caraibe-Français, meslé de

quantité de Remarques historiques pour l'esclaircissement de la Langue, Auxerre, 1665—Dictionnaire Français Caraibe, Auxerre, 1666–Catechisme Caraibe, avec une Traduction Française, 1664–3 vols. in 1, 16mo. old calf, RARE, £6. 10s

Auxerre, 1664-66 A lexicographical production of extreme rarity. The author, a Dominican, was sub-prior of the Monastery of Preaching Friars at Blainville; and one of the first four French Missionaries deputed to the Island of Gardeloupe now called Gaudeloup, and the Caribbee Islands in America. The same learned Missionary wrote a Caribbee Grammar, published 1667. 3542 Chilian. FEBRES, Diccionario Chileno Hispano i Hispano Chileno, enriquecido i mejorado por Calzada, square 12mo. half morocco, gilt top, uncut, 18s

Santiago, 1846 3543

Grammatica de la lengua Chilena, escrita por el Reverendo padre Misionero Andres Febres, de la C. de J. adicionada i correjida por el R. P. Fr. Antonio Hernandez Calizada, de la orden de la Regular Observancia de N. P. San Francisco. Edicion hecha para el servicio de las Misiones por orden del Su. premo Gobierno i baja la inspeccion del R. P. Misionero Fr. Miguel Anjel Astraldi, impl. 8vo. Large Paper, hf. red morocco, uncut, 28s Santjago, 1846

3544 Cree. Howse's Grammar of the Cree Language; with an analysis of the Chippeway Dialect, 8vo. hf. bd. 78 6d

1844 3545 Galibi. Dictionnaire François-Galibi, et Galibi-François, precedé d'un Essai de Grammaire, 12mo. hf. bd. 7s 6d

Paris, 1763 3546 Greenlandish. KLEINSCHMIDT, Grammatik der grönländischen sprache, 8vo. 2s 6d

1851 3547 MARBAN (Pedro) ARTE DELLA LENGUA Moxa, con su Vocabulario y Catechismo,

stout 12mo, vellum, fine copy, rare, £5. 15$ Ciudad de los Reyes (Lima), 1702

Collation : Title, dedication, etc. 16 pp. ; Arte de la Lengua Moxa, fol. 1-117; Vocabulario de la Lengua Moxa, fol. 118-664 ; Catechismo menor en Lengua Española y Moxa, fol. 1-142; Algunas advertencias tocantes al valor del Matrimonio entre los Indios recien convertidos, 2 pp. ; Cartilla y doctrina cristiana en Lengua Moxa, 20 pp.; Declaracion, fol. 163-202; Indice, 2 pp. 3548 Lenņi. ZEISBERGER's Grammar of the Lenni Lenape, or Delaware Indians, translated by Duponceau, sm. 4to. hf. bd. 12s

1816-17 Part of the Transactions (Vol. III.) of some American Society. POLYNESIAN AND AUSTRALIAN LANGUAGES. 3549 THRELKELD's Australian Grammar, the Language spoken in New South Wales, 8vo. cloth, 12s

Sydney, 1834 3550 TEICHELMANN and SCHÜRMANN, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Phraseology of the language of South Australia, 8vo. sd. 78

Adelaide, 1840 3551 MARSDEN'S (W.) Miscellaneous Works, on the Polynesian or East-Insular Languages, 4to. map, 21s

1834 3552 New Zealand. WILLIAMS' (W. Archdeacon of Waiapu) Dictionary of the

New Zealand Language, and a concise Grammar : to which is added a selection of colloquial Sentences, 8vo. (pub. at 88) cloth, 4s

1852 3553 the same, first edition, 12mo. calf, 2s 60

1820 3554 SHORTLAND, Traditions and Superstitions of the New Zealanders, 12mo. with Songs in the native language, cloth, 3s 6d

1854 3555 Tagala. TOTANES (Šeb. de) Art de la Lengua Tagala, sm. 4to. xii. and 140 pp. vellum, 30s

Manila, 1850 3556 Tahitian. Buschmann, Aperçu de la Langue des Isles Marquises et de la Langue Taïtienne ; avec un Vocabulaire Taïtien, par G. de Humboldt, 8vo. 38


comprehensæ, COMPLETE, 25 parts, in 7 vols. folio, numerous maps, and many hundred curious plates by the De Brys and M. Merian, fine impressions, blue morocco, gilt edges, an excellent set, £165.

Francof. 1590-1634 Grand Voyages.

Petits Voyages.
Pars I.

Francof. 1590
Elenchus, etc. M. Merian, 1634 Pars I.

cum Append. Francof. 1598 ii.

Francof. 1591


ib. 1599, cum App. ib. 1625 III.

ib. 1592-1605

Francof. 1601 IV.

ib. 1594

ib. 1601 V.

ib. 1595

ib. 1601 VI.

ib. 1596

ib. 1604 VII.

ib. 1599

ib. 1605 VIII.

ib. 1599

ib. 1607 IX. cum Addit. ib.


ib. 1612, Suppl. ib. 1613 X. Oppenheim, 1619

Colloquia Lat.. Malaica, ib. 1613 XI. Oppenheim, 1619, cum Append.


Francof. 1613 Francof. 1620 XI.

Oppenheim, 1619 XII. Francof. 1624 XII.

Francof. 1628 XIII.

ib. 1634 First Editions of many of the Parts, in large, clean and perfect state. Partes 12, 13, of the Grands Voyages and Pars 1 of the Petits Voyages are a trifle smaller than the other volumes of their respective suites. The leaf “ ad Lectorem Prefatio," Pars IV. Gr. V. (wanting in many copies) is shorter than the rest, having been inserted from another copy; two or three other leaves (plates) are inlaid.

The important additions of the ELENCHUS (9 leaves, the reprint) to Pars I. of the First Series,

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