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4086 PTOLEMÆUS. Orbis Antiqui Tabulæ Geographicæ secundum Ptolemæum, cum Indice, large folio, 28 maps, half bound, 78 6d

Amst. 1730 4087 Quadi Fasciculus Geographicus, complectens totius Orbis regionum tabulas cum

enarrationibus, sm. folio, nearly 100 maps, with the Arms of the States, fine copy, bds. scarce, 10s

Coln, 1608 4088 Quin's (Edw.) Historical Atlas of the World, oblong folio, 21 folding coloured

maps of the World at different periods by W. Hughes (pub. at £3. 38) hf. russia, 78 6d

1846 4089 SOCIETY ATLAS. General Atlas published under the superintendence of the

Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, compiled from the latest and most authentic sources, with the Plans of the Cities, the Star Maps, and the general Index, 2 vols. in 1, royal folio, 218 coloured maps, (pub. at £10. 108) hf. bd. morocco, £4. 10s

1842-53 The above is still the best and most extensive Atlas, comprising Modern and Ancient Maps ; original copies like the present have clearer impressions of the maps than those issued now. 4090

the same, Parts 1-60 and 65 as originally published; containing 136 coloured maps not consecutive, and the larger Index, 1.58

1829-31 4091 SPRUNER'S Historical Atlas : Historisch-Geographischer Hand-Atlas zur Ge

schichte der Staaten Europa's vom Anfang des Mittel-alters bis auf die neueste
Zeit, oblong roy. folio, 73 fine large coloured maps, with text, (pub. at £3. 68)
oloth, £2.
The best Historical Atlas published.

Gotha, 1846 4092 STIELER'S PHYSICAL AND POLITICAL ATLAS : Hand-Atlas über alle Theile der

Erde u. über das Weltgebaude, oblong folio, 63 excellent coloured maps, including Title and 2 Star Maps, (pub. at £1. 198) hf. calf, 9s

Gotha, 1834 4093

LATEST EDITION, with 83 MAPS, coloured, obl. folio, (pub. at £2. 2s) cloth, 20s

1848 4094 the same, folio, hf. bd. russia, 25s

1848 Steiler's Atlas enjoys great reputation for correctness in Germany. 4095 TARDIEU. Atlas Universel de Géographie, Ancienne et Moderne, dressé et gravé

par Ambr. Tardieu de la Société royale de Géographie de Paris, avec un texte explicatif, folio, 27 coloured maps, 21 in. by 15, bds. 78 6d

Paris, 1842 4096 WEILAND'S Allgemeiner Hand-Atlas der ganzen Erde, imp. folio, 70 large

folding maps, (pub. at £5. 108) hf. bd. russ. £3. 3s Weimar, Geogr. Inst. 1850-55 4097 WELLS (E.) New Sett of Maps of antient and present Geography, impl. folio,

61 maps, engraved by Burghers and others, rough calf, 25s Oxford, 1702

The last plate is entitled “ the considerable Plantations of the English in America.” 4098 ZANNONI (G. A. Rizzi) Atlante Marittimo delle Due Sicilie, Parte prima, il Peri

metro littorale del Regno di Napoli, atlas folio, 25 charts of the entire Coast, on a very large scale, hf. vellum, 78 6d

Napoli, 1792 4099 Algiers (Coast of), Bérard, Côte Septentrionale d'Afrique (partie entre

Alger et les Iles Zafarines, 35 in. by 23 ; Carte de la Côte Septentrionale (partie entre Alger et l'Ile de la Galite) 35 in. by 24; Plan particulier des Isle Zafarines, 24 in. by 18; Plan de l'Ile de la Galite, 24 in. by 18; Cartes des Golfes de Stora et de Collo, 35 in. by 24; Cartes des Attérages de Bone, 35 in. by 24, together 6 maps shewing the Coast-soundings and heights of the Mountains, mounted, in a 4to. case, 68

1831-6 4100 Algiers and Tunis, Pelet, Possessions Françaises en Afrique et de Tunis,

52 in. by 23, coloured ; Pelet, Carte du Territoire d'Alger, 37 in. by 23, coloured; Carte de Constantine, 34 in. by 18; Plan d'Alger (Ville), 38 in. by 25 ; together 4 maps, mounted, 2s 6d

Paris, 1832-7 4101 America (North) New Brunswick and Lower Canada ; Map of the Territory

in dispute between Gt. Britain and the United States, by Mudge and Featherstonhaugh, 48 in. by 30; A portion of Mitchell's map for the Plantation Office, 1755; and 5 other old French maps, 1609—1783, 31 in. by 19 ; 2 maps, coloured and mounted, in case, 5s

Foreign Office, 1840 4102 - Brué, Carte du Mexique et d'une partie de l'Amérique Centrale, 38 in. by 26, mounted, 2s

Paris, 1834 4103 Asia (Central), Bokhara, Cabool, Persia, etc. Arrowsmith’s map, 30 in. by 21, (pub. at 78 6d) in case, 2s

1834 4104 Bavaria. ÁPIANI Chorographia Bavariae, engraved on copper by P. Weiner,

23 maps, surrounded by Arabesques and coats of arms, folio, half vellum, scarce, 12s

(? 1550)

4105 Bristol. ASHMEAD's Plan of the City of Bristol and its Suburbs, 2 sheets

forming one fine large map, 79 in. by 60, shewing every house, on a corner of the map are the arms of the City, See and Society of Merchant-Venturers of Bristol, mounted on canvas, 10s

Bristol, 1828 4106 Cambridge. Baker's Map of the County of Cambridge and Isle of Ely, 63 in. by 48, coloured, mounted, in case, 2s 6d

1821 4107 China, Australia, New Zealand. The Society map of China ; China

and the Birman Empire, with parts of Cochin-China and Siam; The Islands of New Zealand ; Australia ; New South Wales from MS. in the Colonial Office and Australian Agricultural Company; Western Australia and Van Diemen's land; Islands in the Pacific; Pacific Ocean ; Islands in the Indian Ocean ; Malay Archipelago; Society map of Empire of Japan, maps engraved by J. and

C. Walker, each 16 in. by 13, coloured, and mounted on canvas, in case, 5s 1840-1 4108 Crimea Peninsula. Mukhin (Genl.) and Jervis, Military, Topographical Map

of the Krimea ; Huot and W. P. Jervis, Geological Map of the Crimea, folio, a large map 91 in. by 51, coloured and mounted on canvas, 3s 6d

1817-54 4109

the same in 2 maps, coloured and mounted, in a 4to. case. The best map of the Crimea, 58

1854 4110 Danubian Principalities, Stanford's Map of the, from the Vienna Map in 21 sheets, 56 in. by 54, in 2 sheets, coloured, in case, 2s 6d

(1856) 4111 Devon with parts of Cornwall and Somerset, Ordnance Geological Map of, by,

De la Beche, 4 large sheets, each 38 in. by 26 (pub. at 35s in sheets) coloured and mounted on canvas, in a russia case, 78 6d

1809 4112

Ordnance Map of, with portion of the adjoining counties by Lt. Col. Mudge, 8 maps, each 38 in. by 26, atlas folio, hf. bd. russia, 7s

1809 4113 Hanover, MANUSCRIPT Map of part of: Carte von Amt-Meppen, aufgenom

men vom Major von Colson, gezeichnet von Heinrich Russell, 58 in. by 47,

mounted on canvas, with the stamp of the Duke of Cumberland, 20s Hasel. 1809 4114 Holland. Muller's Kaart der Nederlanden, 54 in. by 38, mounted, in casė, 28

1816 4115 India. Walker's Sketch Map of the Punjab and Sikh territory, 25 in. by 19, mounted, in 12mo. case, ls 6d

1846 4116

Baree Doab Canal, general Map, to accompany the present state of the works for May 1, 1854, Original MS. Map, 51 in. by 15, mounted in case, 58 1854 4117 Ireland, ARROWSMITH's Map of; 4 sheets, each 35 in. by 28, coloured, 2s 6d

1811 4118

Beauford's (W.) Map of Ancient Ireland, during the Middle Ages, in 2 sheets, each measuring 19 inches by 27, 2s

. a. ca. 1780 4119 Rocque's Survey of the City, Harbour, Bay, and Environs of Dublin; with Im

provements and additions to the year 1773, by B. Scale, in 4 sheets, each measuring 22 inches by 29, rare, 10s

1783 4120 TAYLOR's

Map of the County of Kildare, in 6 sheets, each measuring 24 inches by 32, two of them including plates, rare, 20s

1783 4121 Livonia and Esthonia, Ancient and Modern Atlas of; Ancient Map:

Livland nach der Eintheilung Heinrich des Letten und zu den Zeiten der Bischöffe u. Ordensmeiter bis 1562; 1 general modern map; and 14 special maps: together 16, each 28 in. by 20, designed by Count Mellin, coloured and mounted, in a roy. folio, hf. morocco case, 20s

Riga and Berlin, 1797-8 4122 London, Westminster and Southwark. An Alphabetical Index of the Streets,

Squares, Lanes, Alleys, etc. contained in the Plan engraved by John Pine from an actual Survey made by John Roque and printed on 24 sheets of Imperial paper, 4to. with a contracted Sketch of London, which is a map of London 281 in. by 163 engraved by Jno. Pine, bds. good clean copy, 368

1747 Very rare. Lowndes only notices one copy of the map on 24 sheets, as having occurred for sale, the White Knights, which fetched £2. 38: he does not mention this alphabetical Index and Key map, and from the importance and value even at his time of early maps of London, it may be safely asserted that he would have done so if he had heard of it; but the probability is that this Index may be rarer than the map itself. The Key map is in reality a good map of London, as it has all the Streets, Lanes, etc. marked and named. Collation : Title ; Preface, List of Subscribers, etc., 5 leaves ; Wap; Index of Alleys, Churches, Public Buildings, etc. pp. 1–46; Contents, 1 leaf.

4123 London. ROCQUE's Plan of London, (and its environs), dedicated to Prince John

Duke of Montague, 27 in. by 20, on canvas, folded in 8vo. bds, rare, 78 6d 1766 - On the top of the map is : “ on the same scale as that of Paris : In order to ascertain the difference of the extent of these two rivals, the Abbé de la Grive's Plan of Paris and that of Lồndon by J. Rocque have been divided into two equal Squares where London contains 39, and Paris but 29, so that the superfice of London is to that of Paris as 5455 Acres to 4028, the former being 81 square miles and Paris 64. London 1762 with improvements to 1766.". 4124

HORWOOD (L.) Plan of the Cities of London and Westminster, the Borough of Southwark and Parts adjoining, shewing every House, 32 sheets, each 277 inches by 22%, atlas folio, £3. 10s

1792-99 This beautiful map is engraved by Ash and Spear, and is dedicated by Horwood to the Trustees and Directors of the Phænix Fire Office. 4125 Munepoor Territory, Capt. Pemberton's Map of, with part of Kubo val.

ley and Burmese frontier, from actual survey, 36 in. by 48, col. and mounted, 3s 4126 Rome, with Index of the Monuments, 45 inches by 30, mounted, in case,

Roma, 1824 4127 Ruegen Island. Hagenow, Special Charte der Insel Rügen, 4 maps, each

27 in. by 24, making one large map surrounded by 30 coats of arms, mounted in

case, from the Duke of Cumberland's collection, 78 6d Königl. Institut. 1829 4128 Sardinia. DurY (A.) Chorographical Map of the King of Sardinia's Do

minions, on 13 sheets, from the Map of Borgonio-Chorographical Map of Genoa, on 9 sheets, by A. Dury, from the Spanish Map of Chaffrion, together 20 coloured maps, in 1 vol. roy. folio, 7s

1765 4129 Silesia. HOMANN, Atlas ilesiae, id est Ducatus Silesiae, atlas folio, 20 large folding maps, title and index mended, hf. bd. 30s

Norimb. 1750 4130 Spain. TOFINO, VALDES Y ALCALA, Atlas Maritimo de Espana, with additional

maps of the Antilles, Mexico, Peru, Chili, Plata, Montevideo, Maldonado, Cape Horn, etc. large atlas folio, 65 maps, good copy, Spanish calf, scarce, £1. 58

Madrid, 1786-1808 - Tofino's is the Best Atlas of the Spanish Coasts, and was printed by order of the Government. It is usually priced 200 francs. Priced, 1847, H. G. Bohn, 45 maps only, £2. 28 4131 Spain and Portugal. Nantiat's Map of Spain and Portugal, with details

requisite for the intelligence of Military Operations, in 4 maps, each 32 in. by 23, coloured and mounted on canvas, in case, 2s 6d

1810 4132 MENTELLE and Chanlaire's Map of Spain and Portugal, atlas folio, 10 large coloured maps, bds. 2s

1808 4133 Sweden, MARELIUS (Nils) Atlas of Sweden, from Swedish Government

Surveys, atlas folio, 25 maps, 24 in. by 21, coloured, bds. 10s Stockholm, 1751-95

Thebes, Wilkinson's Map of-see ante, Class “ Egypt.” 4134 Yorkshire. GREENWOOD's Map of, on the Basis of Triangles by Lieut.-Col.

Mudge and Capt. Colby, 9 sheets, oblong atlas, folio, each 32 in. by 26, an excellent map shewing the Woods, Plantations, Mines, etc. (pub. at £5.58), with the autograph of Sir M. M. Sykes, £2. 2s

Leeds and Wakefield, 1817 4135 LARGE MAHOGANY Case for holding Maps, 36 inches by 31, and 5 inches deep, in the form of a Book, with russia leather back, and fitted with a lock, 358

Comprising the Library of that distinguished Military Officer

Lieut.-Colonel C. Hamilton Smith of Plymouth. 4136 MILITARY DRAWINGS OF BATTLES AND SIEGES. A VALUABLE AND

UNIQUE COLLECTION OF 92 DRAWINGS OF PLANS OF BATTLES, SIEGES, FORTIFICATIONS, BLOCKADES, NAVAL MANOEUVRES, ATTACKS ON COASTS, HARBOURS, DEBARCATIONS OF TROOPS, &c., executed by or under the inspection of Lieutenant-Colonel C. HAMILTON SMITH ; all of them coloured, and carefully finished, mostly accompanied by elaborate Manuscript descriptions, in an impl.folio volume, half bound, on the cover is written “Lt.-Col. C. H. Smith, 22nd July,

1830,” £12.

This assemblage of Drawings was prepared from ORIGINAL SURVEYS by the learned and intelligent Lieut.-Col. C. Hamilton Smith. Amongst the modern engagements he describes the most interesting battles, sieges, and movements, in which he was an actor, and for the older ones he has

re-surveyed the ground, and given fresh descriptions with comments upon them. The work is a masterpiece of careful military drawing, and was intended by the author for publication as an indispensable course of military and naval studies. If viewed in the light of history, these drawings are interesting to all, as shewing the difficulties presented by the sagacious enemy, and the exact means, laid down in a concise manner, by which our armies and naval forces performed the deeds for ever redounding to the glory of England; for example, the descriptions accompanied by plans which review the victories of the Duke of Marlborough, Prince Eugene, Lord Nelson, Sir R. Abercrombie, Gen. Hutchinson, Gen. Lake, &c.; or, if seen in a practical point of view, they are of the greatest importance at the present time, as the bulk consists of plans of engagements both by sea and land, conducted on modern principles of warfare, which are applicable to our own days, a few actually shew the available and deficient parts of our own coasts.

Considered altogether, the above work, from the number and variety of the drawings it contains, their carefully finished state, and the importance of the matter to the Naval, Military, and Engineering Sciences, ought to be placed in a public library easily accessible to gentlemen who take an interest in the defences and welfare of their country.

The following is a brief list of the Plans .- Plan of the Coast and Harbour of Milford Haven ; Order of Battle of the British combined Army in Aug. 1794, H.R.H. Fred. Duke of York, Commander-in-Chief in the Netherlands); Position of St. Jean de Luz, as occupied by the French under the Duke of Dalmatia, 10 Nov. 1813 ; Bequis Bay, with the Situations of the English and French Fleets, 1-3 Aug. 1798, with the subsequent movements of the ships ; Battle of Jemappes, 6 Nov. 1792, between the Austrians under the Prince of Saxen-Teschen, and the French under Gen. Dumouriez; Action between part of the Anglo-Russian Army under Sir Ralph Abercromby, and the Gallo-Batavian Forces, near Camper, 2 Oct. 1799 ; 2 Sketches of Boylay (or Bouley) Bay, Trinité and St. Martin, Jersey, 1806 ; Table Bay, shewing the Action between the British and Batavian troops, July 8, 1806 ; Plans of the Positions at Malplaquet; St. Domingo, Fortifications of St. Louis and environs, 1792; Positions of the Duke of York's Army at Tournay, 1794; Attack on Prague by the Russian Army under Gen. Suworow Rymnikski, 1794 ; Naval Engagement between Sir G.B. Rodney and the Count de Grasse, 1782 ; Chart of the Bay of Gibraltar, with position of the Military and Naval Forces during the late Siege ; Action near Alexandria between the French under Gen. Menou, and the English under Sir Ralph Abercrombie ; Siege of Havana, 1762; Affair at Rahmanie in Egypt between the English under Lieut.-Gen. Lord Hutchinson, and the French Forces under Gen. Lagrange, 9 May, 1801 ; Battle of Crevelt or Anrat, 1758, between the Allied Army under Prince Ferdinand, and the French under Count Clermont; Positions at the Cote de Bienne of the French and the corps under the Prince of Hesse ; Plan of the Operations of the British and Dutch Forces, and the French Army of the North, from July 9 to Nov. 3, 1794, by H.P.R. von Porbeck ; Blockade of the Town of Jacmel ; Landing of the Troops, Naval and Military Movements at Aboukir, Egypt, 1794; Attack on Algiers ; Naval Maneuvres and Engagement at Camperdown ; Gen. Lake's Arrangements at Secundra, Aug. 20, 1803; Battle of Assye, 1803; Battle of Cape St. Vincent, 1797 ; Battle of Navarino, 20 Oct. 1827 ; Battle of Lasswary, Nov. 1, 1803; Battle of Meinpoor, 21 Dec. 1817; City of Nagpoor, with plan of the Action; Passage of the Dardanelles ; Battle of Trafalgar ; North Coast of Spain, with the position of the Allies ; Battle of Zenta, 11 Sep. 1697 ; Battle of Chiari, Sep. 1, 1701 ; Survey of the Field of the Battle of Poictiers, 1356 ; Action between the British and the Americans at Moravian Town, Newfoundland, 1814; Battle of Luzara, 15 Aug. 1702; Battle of Blenbeim, 1704; Malplaquet, 1709; Battle of Peterwardin, 1716; Siege of Belgrade, 1717 ; Attack on the Entrenchments at Schellenberg, 1704 ; Plans of Breda, 1794; Forcing of the Lines on the Geete, near Tirlemont; Battle of Ramilies; Battle of Oudenarde, 1708; Plan of Denain, 1712; Siege and Relief of Turin, 7 Sep. 1706 ; Battle of Falxim, 1711 ; Siege of Narva, 1700; Naval Battle of La Hogue; Survey and View of the Field of Battle of Crecy; Battle of Maida in Calabria, July, 1806; Plan and Views of Johanna, Comore Islands ; Castle of St. Juan, Nicaragua, Mexico; Charts of Port Jackson and Port Hunter, New South Wales ; Engineering Project for communicating with the Shore at Longueil from St. Helens by two bridges and Tête de Pont, across the River St. Lawrence; Plans of the Coast, City, Harbour, and Forts at Curaçoa ; Project of Fortifications at St. Domingo ; Plan of the Island of Montreal ; and many others without names. 4137 AIDE-MEMOIRE à l'usage des officiers d'Artillerie de France, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. 28 1819 4138 AMBERT, Esquisses historiques de l'Armée Française, impl. 8vo. plates, cl. 78 1841 4139 ABMANDI, Histoire militaire des Elephants, 8vo. sd. 48 6d

Paris, 1843 4140 BAKER's British Cavalry, its organization, &c. 8vo. coloured plates, 2s 6d 1858 4141 BAMFORD's Field movements of Cavalry, part 1, all published, impl. folio, 6 plates, (pub. at £2. 2s) bds. 3s 6d

1824 4142 BARRIFFE (Lieut.-Col. William) Militarie Discipline : or the young Artilleryman, 4to. calf, rare, wanting the portrait, 20s

1643 Contents: Plate of Coat of Arms · Arma Pacis Fulcra,' Title, 3 leaves of Dedications and Poetry, 166 pp. and Contents' 2 leaves. The last sheet, Y, has only 2 leaves according to Lowndes; this copy has 4. It also has 2 folding plans at p. 164, not mentioned by Lowndes.

4143 BARRY'S (Gerat) Discourse of Military Discipline, declaringe the partes or

dained in a souldier servinge in the Infantery, and treatinge of Fire-wourckes of rare executiones by sea and lande, as alsoe of firtifasions (sic), sm. folio, engraved frontispiece, plates and tables, also woodcuts of Fire-workes, old calf, rare, 208

Bruxells, 1634 4144 BASTA (George) Le Gouvernement de la Cavallerie Legère, folio, curious folding

plates, engraved title mounted, vellum, nice clean copy, 12s Rouen, 1627 4145 BAURAIN (Chev. de) Histoire Militaire de Flandres, 1690-1694 inclusivement,

qui comprend le détail des Marches, Campemens, Batailles, Sièges et Mouvements des armées du Roi et de celles des Alliés pendant ces cinq campagnes, seconde edition, augmentée de la campagne de Hollande en 1672, 4 vols. in 2, folio, many large folding maps and plates of the Battles of Louis XIV. fine copy, old French calf gilt, fuil gilt backs, £2.

La Haye, 1776 4146

Histoire des quatre dernieres Campagnes du Maréchal de Turenne, folio, plates and 24 large folding plans of battles and sieges, French calf gilt, 158

Paris, 1782 4147 BEGBIE'S History of the Madras Artillery, and the East India Company's power

in Southern India, 2 vols.- Migout and Bergery, Essay on Gun Carriages ; De Brack's Advance Posts of Light Cavalry, translated by Begbie, 2 vols.-together, 4 vols. 8vo. plates, calf, 25s

Madras, 1842-53 4148 BELIDOR, Mathematique à l'usage de l'Artillerie et du Genie, 4to. plates, hf. cf. 58

Paris, (1725) 4149

Science des Ingenieurs dans la Fortification, 4to. cf. 386d La Haye, 1754 4149*BERWICK. Mémoires du Maréchal de Berwick, écrits par lui-même, 1716-34, 2 vols. 12mo. map, old calf gilt, 58

Paris, 1778 4150

The Life of James Fitz-James, Duke of Berwick, Marshal of France, containing his military exploits, 1685-1734, 8vo. calf, 5s

1738 4151 Biggs' Military History of Europe, from the commencement of the war with

Spain, to the treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, 1739-1748, with a history of the Scottish
Rebellion, 8vo. plans, old calf gilt, 58

1755 4152 BLACKER (Lieut.-Col.) Memoir of the Mahratta War, 1817-19, 4to. plates, maps and plans, fine copy, calf gilt, marb. edges, 12s

1821 4153 BOURDONNAIS (le Sieur Mahé de la) Memoire, avec les Pieces Justificatives :

Mémoire a consulter pour la famille du Sr. Dupleix: Second Mémoire: Observations sur les deux Mémoires, 4 vols. in 1, stout 4to. old French calf neat, the back slightly wormed, scarce, 12s

Paris, 1750 Highly spoken of by Voltaire and by the Abbé Raynal in ' l'histoire philosophique des deux Indes.' This work is interesting for the account of the siege of Madras and of the naval battles between the French and English in the Indian Ocean. 4154 BOUSMABD, Essai général de Fortification et d’Attaque et Défense des places,

3 vols.--the Supplement, “ Tentatives à faire pour perfectionner l’Art de Forti

fier les Places," i vol.-together 4 vols. binding not uniform, 20s Berl. 1797-1804 4155 Brown's (R.) Journal of a Brigade of Foot Guards, 1793-94, 8vo. map of Holland, hf. bd. 2s 6d

1795 4156 BUCKLE’s Memoir of the Bengal Artillery, stout 8vo. (pub. at 218) red morocco back, 10s

1852 4157 BUSCA (G.) Della Espugnatione et Difesa delle Fortezze, 4to. fine large wood

cuts of battles and military tactics, the size of two pages, folded, clean copy, vellum, very rare, unknown to Brunet, 12s

Turino, 1585 4158 CADALVÈNE et Barrault, Histoire de la Guerre de Mehemed-Ali contre la Porte Ottomane, 1831-33, 8vo. half bound, 2s 6d

1837 4159 CAMPAGNE des Armées françaises, en Prusse, en Saxe, en Pologne, 4 vols. 8vo. maps, hf. calf gilt, 78 6d

Paris, 1807 4160 CAMPAIGNS of the British Army at Washington and New Orleans, 1814-15, 8vo. calf, 3s 6d

1821 4161 CARLETON. Memoirs of Capt. George Carleton, an English Officer, relating to the War in Spain under Lord Peterborough, 8vo. calf, 3s 6d

1809 4162 CARNOT, De la Défense des places fortes, 8vo. half calf, 28 6d Paris, 1811 4163 CHEŅIER (L. J. G. de) Guide des Tribunaux Militaires, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. 3s 6d 1838 4164 CONNOLLY’S (T. W.J.) History of the Royal Sappers and Miners, 1772-1856,

2 vols. 8vo. second enlarged edition with 17 coloured plates, cloth, 278 1857

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