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4394 FÉTIS, Biographie universelle des Musiciens et Bibliographie générale de la Musique, 8 vols. roy. 8vo. original edition, sd. £2. 168

Brux. 1834-44 4394*— another copy, 8 vols. in 4, royal 8vo. hf. green morocco, £4.

A very excellent work, both the Lives and List of Works of the Musicians are extensive and elaborate. 4395 FEUILLET, Choregraphie ou l'Art de décrire la Dance par Caractères, Figures et

Signes ; Recueil de Dances par M. Feuillet ; Recueil de Dances par M. Pecour ;

3 vols. in 1, 4to. 156 plates of the music and the steps, calf, 78 6d Paris, 1700-1 4396 Fux (Jo. Jos.) Gradus ad Parnassum : Manductio ad Compositionem, original

and best edition, folio, frontispiece, fine copy, calf gilt, 12s 6d Vienna Aust. 1725 4397 GAFURII (Fr. Laudensis Regii Musici publice profitentis Delubrique Me

diolanensis Phonasci) De Harmonia Musicorum Instrumentorum opus, folio, woodcuts, hf. morocco, very fine copy, £3. 58

Mediolani, 1518 VERY RARE, unknown to Brunet, who mentions the other works of Gafurio. 4398 GERBERTUS (Mart.) de Cantu et Musica sacra, a primâ ecclesiæ ætate usque

ad praesens tempus, 2 vols. 4to. plates of facsimiles of old Music, cf. gt. £3. 1774

Ouvrage recherché et tres-important pour l'histoire de la musique au moyen-âge: on y trouve un grand nombre de fac-simile d'anciens manuscrits. Ce livre a été imprimé au Couvent de S. Blaise dans la Fôret-Noire. 4398*_ Scriptores Ecclesiastici de Musica Sacra, ex variis Italiae, Galliae et Germaniae Codd. MSS. collecti, 3 vols. 4to. calf, very neat, £3. 3s

1784 4399 GRADUALE Romanum juxta Missale : Antiphonarium Romanum juxta Breviarium

SS. concil. Trident. Ž vols. 8vo. with the Gregorian music noted throughout, old calf, 20s

Poris, 1723-34 4400 GUNN, on the Harp of the Highlands of Scotland, 4to. LARGE PAPER, plates, calf neat, fine copy, 58

Edinb. 1807 4401 HANDEL SOCIETY PUBLICATIONS:Handel's Coronation Anthems, edited

by Dr. Crotch; Esther, by Lucas ; L'Allegro, etc. by Moscheles ; Israel in Egypt, by Mendelssohn; Ode for St. Cecilia's Day, by Mudie ; Acis and Galatea, by W. S. Bennett; Dettingen Te Deum, by Sir G. Smart, together 7 vols.impl. music folio, all in FULL SCORE, with an arrangement for the Organ, or Piano, by the Editor, £3. 3s

1843-47 These superb editions of Handel's Works were printed for subscribers only, at the rate of one guinea per volume. 4402 HAWKINS' (Sir John) General History of the Science and Practice of Music,

5 vols. 4to. with 51 portraits, and numerous engravings of Musical Instruments, many pieces of old Music, &c. the Author's own copy, hf. calf uncut, £4. 168 1776

A very esteemed work. Harward's copy fetched, 1858, at Sotheby's, £6. 78 60. Hawkins' History having met with little success when first published-public attention being at the same time engrossed with Burney's work-only a small number of copies were sold, but the value of Hawkins' work as a vast storehouse of curious and interesting information, having in recent times been proved, the commercial value has in consequence risen considerably. 4403 HEINICHEN, der General-Bass in der Composition; mit einer Einleitung von der

Musik überhaupt, sm. 4to. 980 pp. containing music, hf. vellum, 10s Dresd. 1728 4404 JONES (Edw.) Musical and Poetical Relicks of the Welsh Bards, and History of

the Bards and Druids, with an account of their Music, Poetry and musical Instruments, Welsh and English, with the Music, impl. 4to. original edition, frontispiece, hf. bd. 188

1784 4404* the third edition, impl. 4to. bds. 158

1808 Priced, 1841, Rodwell, £1. 18. the Bardic Museum of primitive British literature, impl. 4to. Welsh and English, with 26 engraved pp. of Music, frontispiece, hf. bd. rare, 208 1802

• Forming a second volume to the Musical and Poetical Relicks." 4406 KIRCHERI (Athanasii) Musurgia sive Ars magna Consoni et Dissoni, quâ uni

versa sonorum doctrina et musicae scientia traditur, et admirandae vires Consoni et Dissoni in Mundo, Natura, et omni pene facultate demonstrantur, 2 vols. in 1, very stout folio, with frontispieces and upwards of 30 large plates and cuts, of Music, Machinery, Mathematics, etc. vellum, very fine copy, £2.

1650 This work, says Dr. Burney, which undoubtedly contains many curious and amusing portions, is however disgraced by the author's credulity and ill-founded assertions. The author has been truly called “Vir immensae quidem, sed indigestae eruditionis." Yet with all its imperfections, the Musurgia contains much curious and useful information.

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4407 LA BORDE, Essai sur la Musique, 4 vols. 4to. with upwards of 200 very fine

plates of Musical Instruments and Performances, also many engraved pages of Songs with the Music and celebrated Airs of all Countries, calf, £2. 2s 1780

Priced, 1831, H. Bobri, £5. 158; 1840, J. Bohn, £3. 138 6d. 4408 MARTINI (G. B.) Storia della Musica, 3 vols. 4to. folding plates and tables, very neat in calf, rare, £3.

Bologna, 1757-81 A classical and very elaborate work. 4408* Esemplare o sia Saggio fondamentale practico di Contrappunto sopra il Canto Ferr 2 vols. nice copy, hf. backs and edges, scarce,

258 1774-5 4409 Marx, Allegemeine Musiklehre, 8vo. bds. 3s

Leipzig, 1846 4410 NORTH's (Hon. Roger) Memoirs of Music, printed from the original MS., with Notes, by Dr. Rimbault, sm. 4to. portrait, (pub. at 158) hf. morocco, 98

1846 4411 PARRY (John, Bardd Alaw) The Welsh Harper, being an extensive collection of

Welsh Music, arr. for the Harp or Piano, with historical annotations, and observations on its character and antiquity, also an account of the Harp, 2 vols. impl.

4to. portrait and engraved pp. of Music, (pub, at £2. 6s) cloth, 288 1848 4412 PENNA (Lorenzo) 'li Primi Albori Musicali per li Principianti della Musica

Figurata : Canto Figurato, Contrapunto e l'Organo · Clavicembalo, sm. 4to. large woodcut of the hand and scale at p. 9, calf extra, gilt edges, the Duke of Marlborough's copy, £2. 2s

Bologna, 1696 Best edition of this rare and curious work, containing the author's last additions. See Burney's History, iii. 539. This copy_has the scarce portrait added. 4413 RECUEIL de Cantates, Françoises et Italiennes, Airs Serieux et à Boire, oblong 4to. with the musical notes, calf, 2s 6d

Amst. 1726 4414 SALE's Psalms and Hymns for the service of the Church, 4to. cloth, 4s 6d 1837 4415 Smith's Harmonics, or Philosophy of Musical Sounds, stout 8vo. best edition,

LARGE PAPER, presentation copy from the Author, calf neat, 4s 6d Camb. 1749 4416 STADEN (J.) Operum Musicorum Posthumorum pars I. Cantus I, III, IV,

Tenor I, II, Bassus et Bassus generalis, five parts complete, folio, vellum, rare, 36s

Norimb. 1643 ** A valuable and interesting memorial of old Instrumental music, of rich harmony and peculiar modulation. The work is not mentioned by Fétis. 4417 SUPPLÉMENT aux Parodies du Théâtre Italien, 3 vols. 8vo. with music of the airs, calf gilt, 58

Paris, 1764-5 4418 TARTINI (G.) de' Principi dell' Armonia musicale contenuta nel Diatonico Genere, 4to. bds. clean and uncut, 6s

Padova, 1767 4419 THOMSON (W.) Orpheus Caledonius, or a Collection of the best Scotch Songs,

set to Musick, folio, engraved and printed for the Author, at his house in

Leicester Fields, fine copy in old calf, gilt edges, rare, £1. 18 London, (? 1710) 4420 TIBALDI (Gio. B.) Sonate a tre, due Violini e Violone è Organo, 6 parts bound

in 1 vol. 4to. engraved titles, fine copy, original gilt vellum, rare, 308 Roma, 1704

I believe the above work to be the only example where engraved plates and the moveable type have been used conjointly, 4421 TURLE (Jas.) and TAYLOR (Edw.), the People's Music Book. Psalm and Hymn

Tunes, Sacred and Secular Music ; comprising Anthems, Motets, Sacred Songs, Glees, Madrigals, etc. 3 vols. 8vo. upwards of 400 classical pieces, with Pianoforte arrangement, (pub. at £1. 12s) cloth, 168

1844 4422 ZARLINO (G.) tutte l'Opere: Istitutioni e Dimostrationi Harmoniche ; con

Sopplimenti Musicali, 4 vols. in 2, folio, cuts, fine copy in limp vellum, rare, £3. 38

Venetia, 1588.89 There appears to be no title to the second volume published. Fetched, 1858, Puttick, 4 vols. in 1, £4. 108.

GAMES, SPORTS, EXERCISES. 4423 CIRINO (And.) de natura et solertia Canum, in quo Veterum Oracula, Animan

tium arcana, ferarum mores, etc. illustrantur, sm. 4to. many rude woodcuts of various breeds of Dogs, vellum, very rare, 258

Panormi, 1653 The most elaborate historical Essay on the Dog Tribe, including even its Biblical History. 4424 [Cox], Gentleman's (the) Recreation: Hunting, Fowling, Hawking, Fishing, thick 8vo. fifth edition, plates, calf, 98

1707 4425

the same, 8vo. sixth edition, frontispiece and 3 folding plates, calf neat, the back symbolically tooled, 12s

1721 This copy has the folding sheet of music, giving easy directions for Blowing the Horn, which is often wanting. The Appendix contains choice receipts for the cure of several maladies.

4426 LIGER, Amusements de la Campagne, ou nouvelles Ruses innocentes de prendre

aux Pièges des Oiseaux, des Bêtes, etc. et les Secrets de la Pèche, 2 vols. 12mo. numerous woodcuts of Traps, calf gilt, fine copy, 58

Paris, 1753 4427 OLINA (Gio. P.) UCCELLIERA Overo Discorso della Natura e Proprieta di Di

versi Uccelli e in particolare di que' che cantano, con il modo di prendergli, conoscergli, allevargli, e mantenergli, 4to. with 66 fine woodcuts the size of the page, by TEMPESTA and VILLAMENA ; representing full-length figures of BIRDS, and the Italian methods of setting traps, fowling and teaching birds to SING, vellum, £2.10

Roma, 1622 4428 - another edition, 4to. 66 woodcuts by Tempesta and Villamena, some of them differing from the above, fine copy, calf gilt, £2. 12s 6d

Roma, 1684 4129 BIRD-HATCHING. REAUMUR, Art de faire éclorre et d'élever en toute saison des

Oiseaux domestiques de toutes especes par la chaleur du fumier et par le feu, 2 vols. 12mo. numerous folding plates and neatly executed vignettes, beautiful copy, in choice old olive morocco extra, 16s

Paris, 1749 DIRECTORIES, CALENDARS, PEERAGES. The introduction of this class is an entirely new feature in Booksellers' Catalogues. Gentlemen engaged upon statistical or historical Researches are constantly enquiring after suchsupposeduseless volumes in Public Libraries, and miss them there to their regret. 4430 ALMANACH de Goiha, 12mo. portraits, various volumes, at 2s 6d each. 4131 ARMY LIST, published by the War Office, containing a list of the Officers of

the Army and Royal Marines on full, retired, and half-pay, for the years 1797, 1827, 1830, 1831, 1832, 1835, 1836, 1837, 1838, 1841, 1814, large 8vo. to be sold separately at 4s

1758-1846 4432 BANKRUPT REGISTER : Perry's Bankrupt and Insolvent Gazette, containing

a complete Register of English, Scotch, and Irish Bankrupts, Insolvents, &c.

1827-47, Vols. 2422, together, 21 vols. stout 12mo. hf. mor. rare, £3. 1827-47 4433 BELGIUM. Almanach Royal Officiel, par Tarlier, roy. 8vo. hf. cf. 2s 6d Brux, 1850 4443 CAMBRIDGE University Calendar, for 1801, 1810, 1818, 1820–26, 1829, 1838,

1841-2, 1844-9, and 1853-7, 25 vols. 12mo. bds. 258 Cambridge, 1810-53 4435 INDIA. DODWELL and MILES' List of the East India Company's Bengal,

Madras, and Bombay Civil Servants, 1780-1839, with Lists of the GovernorsGeneral and East India Directors, 3 vols. royal 8vo. (pub. at £4. 14s 6d) cloth, 20s

1839 4436 --- Alphabetical List of the Officers and medical Officers of the Indian

Army for the three Presidencies, from 1760-1837, 2 vols. royal 8vo. (pub. at £2. 2s) cloth, 10s

1838-39 4437 -- List of Officers of the Madras Army, 1760-1837, 8vo. cloth, 2s 1838 4438 EAST INDIA REGISTER and Army List, containing complete lists of the Company's

servants, civil, military, and marine, with their appointments, compiled by Mason and Owen, and Clark, from 1821 to 1857, inclusive, together 74 vols. sm.

8vo. including the variations issued in the same year, morocco, £6. 1818-58 4439 BOMBAY Calendar and Directory, 8vo. cloth, 2s 6d

Bombay, 1847 4440 MADRAS Almanac and Compendium for 1839; Pharoah's for 1854; Madras

Almanac and Compendium for 1857; 3 vols. 8vo. map, bd. 15s Madras, 1839-57 4441 PRINSEP's Register of the East India Company's Civil Servants of the Bengal

Establishment, from 1790 to 1842, with List of the Governors General, royal 8vo. hf. bd. 5s

Calcutta, 1844 4442 Java Annual Directory and Almanack for 1814-17, 4 vols. 8vo. sd. very rare, - 10s

Batavia, 1814-17 4443 LONDON. Complete Guide to the City of London and parts adjacent, contain

ing the Names of all the Streets, &c. and the Names and Places of abode of Merchants, Traders, etc., the ninth edition, 12mo. 204 pp. folding map of London and plan of the Royal Exchange, bd. 20s

1763 4444 - - the same, the eleventh edition, 12mo. 264 pp. ods. 108

1768 4445 LONDON Directory, containing the Names and Residences of the Merchants,

etc. in the Metropolis and its environs, with the number affixed to each house, sm. 8vo. 176 pp. plan of the Royal Exchange, hf. bd. uncut, 12s



- 4446 OXFORD UNIVERSITY Calendar for 1823-28, 1834, 1845-47, 1849, 1853-54, 13 vols. 12mo. 10s

Oxford, 1824-53 4447 ROYAL KALENDAR for 1800, 1821, 1823-6, 1829-30, 1833, 1835-52, together

30 vols. 16mo. and 12mo. including Rider's British Merlin for 1800, 1820, 1823, 1824-6, 1829, 1830, 1833, 1835, and the British Calendar for 1821 and 1827, and Ridgway's Peerage for 1823, 1829-30, 1833, 1835-42, 1845-7, 1849-50, bound, 10s

1775-1852 BIBLIOGRAPHY, LITERARY HISTORY. Literary Journals and Transactions are inserted in this Class ;-Scientific Transactions

are amongst the next Class SCIENCES." 4448 ADLER's (J. G. C.) Uebersicht seiner biblischkritischen Reise nach Rom, 12mo. bds. 5s

Altona, 1783 4448*ADRIAN, Catalogus codicum Manuscriptorum Bibliothecae Academicae Gis

SENSIS, 4to. 8 facsimiles, bds. extra, gilt edges, 10s Francof. ad Mænum, 1840 4449 the same, 4to. sd. 8s

1840 4450 AMSTERDAM Academy. Catalogus van de Boekerig der Akademie van Wetenschappen

te Amsterdam, Vol. I. part 1,8vo. 342 pp. ods. 58 Amst. 1858

Comprises the Transactions of Learned Societies. 4451 ANNUAIRE HISTORIQUE Universel, fondé par Lesur, 1818-1843, 26 vols. 8vo. hf. bd.calf, the last not uniform, £2.

1818-44 Each volume gives a different abstract of the Politics and Statistics of Europe for the past year. 4152 AUDIFFREDI (J. B.) Catalogus Historico-Criticus Romanarum editonum Sæculi XV. 4to. calf, 78

Rome, 1783 4453 BAILLET, Jugemens des Savans sur les principaux Ouvrages des Auteurs ;

avec l’Anti Baillet par Ménage ; et Gibert Jugemens sur les Auteurs qui ont traité de la RHÉTORIQUE, 17 vols. 12mo. vellum, very neat, £2. 2s Amst. 1725 “ Cette édition en 12mo. est celle qu'on préfère.”Brunet.

Priced, 1831, Bohn, £2. 128 6d. “ Baillet's Jugemens des Savans, edited by De la Monnoye, is one of those works with which no man, fond of typographical and bibliographical pursuits, can comfortably dispense.”Dibdin, 4154 BARBIER ET DESESSARTS, nouvelle Bibliothèque d'un Homme de Goût, 5 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. 10s

Paris, 1808-10 4455 BAUER, Bibliotheca Librorum variorum universalis, cum 2 Supplementis, 7 vols. 12mo. sd. 32s

Nürnberg, 1770-91 4456

idem, cum Supplemento primo, 6 vols. 12mo. calf, 158 Nürnberg, 1770-4 4457 BẠYLE, Dictionnaire historique et critique ; 5me edition par Des Maizeaux, 4 vols. folio, an excellent copy in russia, £2. 10s

Amst. 1740 4158

Dictionnaire historique et critique; nouvelle édition, augmentée de notes extraites de Chaufepié, Joly, Marchand, etc. 16 vols. 8vo. BEST EDITION, hf. bd. £5.

Paris, 1820 4459 BĂYLE'S Dictionary, Historical and Critical, with the Life of the Author by Des Maizeaux, 5 vols. folio, portrait, best edition, £5.58

1734-38 • Bayle was a man of immense but desultory reading ; of a subtle understanding, invincible patience, and not less indomitable industry. His Dictionary is as a Cornucopia of flowers-bright, blooming, and captivating; but the roses have more than an ordinary share of keen and penetrating thorns. The notes are the grand field in which Bayle delighted to pour forth his multifarious knowledge; and I have reason to believe that his · Life of Nero' furnished a celebrated Greek quotation at a late ever-memorable state trial. But a further word respecting this extraordinary man. If he was sceptical, he was peaceably disposed in private life ; although constantly assailed by the bitterest enemies. Even his 'magnum opus,' the Dictionary, was criticised before it appeared; a practice not confined to foreign countries. Jurieu, Saurin, and Le Clerc were unable, collectively, to ruffle the calmness of his temper, or embitter the sweetness of his retirement. He told Des Maizeaux, in one of his letters, that from twenty to forty, he worked fourteen hours a dayand, in fact, he never knew what leisure was.”—Dibdin's Library Companion. 4460 BERLIN ACADEMY PAPERS: A collection of 31 valuable and important

Dissertations and Works on Philology, Ancient Art and Literature, with many plates, in 2 portfolios, 4to. red morocco, 30s

Berlin, 1846, etc. This collection includes, A. PALOLOGY : Hagen, die Schwanen-Sage; Bopp, Georgische Sprache ; Schott, das Altaische Sprachen geschlecht ; Hagen's Artus ; J. Grimm's Deutsche Sprache ; in all, 13 parts.-B. ANCIENT ART : Gerhard's Agathodämon ; Gerhard's Eros;

Welcker's Lesche zu Delphi ; Panofka's der Vasenbildner Panphaios ; Panofka's Perseus ; Gerhard's Kunst der Phoenizier ; together 8 parts, with plates.-C. SCIENTIFIC ; Karsten, die Vegétations Organe der Palmen, with plates, and others by Bessel, Encke, &c. together 10 parts. 4461 BERNARD (Auguste, membre de la Société des antiquaires de France) de l'Ori

gine et des débuts de l’Imprimerie en Europe, 2 vols. 8vo. 13 plates of facsimiles, papier vergé, (pub. at 20 fr.) new, sd. 108

Paris, 1853 4462 BIBLIOTECA ITALIANA, ossia Giornale di Letteratura, Scienze ed Arti,

compilato da una Societa di Letterati (Monti, Breislak, Giordani ed Acerbi) dal suo principio nel 1816 al Dicembre, 1837, 88 vols. 8vo. plates, boards, £3.

Milano, 1816-37 A valuahle, critical and scientific Periodical. 4463 BIOGRAPHIE GÉNÉRALE (Nouvelle) depuis les temps les plus reculés

jusqu'à nos jours, publiée par Didot, sous le Direction de M. le Dr. Hoefer, Vols. 1 to 28, (A–La Laure), 8vo. sd. £3. 168

Paris, Didot, 1852-58 4464 BIOGRAPHIE moderne, ou Galerie historique des Français depuis la Révolution, 2 vols. 8vo. 58

Paris, 1815 4465 BIOGRAPHIE UNIVERSELLE, ANCIENNE ET MODERNE, 52 vols. in 26, 8vo. French calf gilt, £9. 98

Paris, Michaud, 1811-28 Still the best, and ONLY COMPLETE great French Biographical Dictionary. 4466 BIOGRAPHIE UNIVERSELLE, ou Dictionnaire de tous les Hommes, par une Société de gens de lettres, 21 vols. impl. 8vo. (4to.) sd. £3.3s Bruxelles, 1843-47

The best Biographical Dictionary for such a reasonable price. 4467 BOUTERWEK's Geschichte der Poesie und Beredsamkeit, in Italien, Spanien,

Portugal, Frankreich, England und Deutschland, vom 13ten bis zum 18ten

Jahrhundert, 12 vols. in 6, 8vo. (pub. at 21 thalers) calf, 218 Göt. 1801-19

Volumes 7 and 8 are entirely devoted to the History of English Literature, from the end of the sixteenth century to Burke, Dr. Johnson, Blair, etc.

Contents: Vol. 1, 2, Einleitung ; Italienische Poesie ; 3, 4, Spanische und Portuguesische Poesie ; 5, 6, Französische Poesie; 7, 8, Englische Poesie ; 9-11, Deutsche Poesie ; 12, Syst. und Namen-Register. 4468 British Museum. CATALOGUE of the Maps, Prints, and Drawings at

tached to the Library of George III. now in the British Museum, royal folio, bds. not published, 18s

1829 4469 CATALOGUE of the Printed Books, Vol. I. A to Azz. sm. folio, cloth, 16s 1841

This volume contains 91 admirable rules for cataloguing. The article Academies supplies a valuable Bibliography of all the Transactions of Learned and Publishing Societies. 4470

List of Additions made to the Collections (MSS., Books, Natural History, and Coins), 1831-2, 2 vols. royal 8vo. bds. 2s 6d

1833-4 4471 COTTONIAN LIBRARY. A Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Cottonian Library, deposited in the British Museum, folio, hf. od. 78 6d

1802 4472 HARLEYAN LIBRARY. A Catalogue of the Harleyan Collection of Manu

scripts preserved in the British Museum, 2 vols. folio, portrait of Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford, hf. russia, 12s 6d

1759 4473 BRYDGES (Sir Egerton) Polyanthea Librorum vetustiorum Italicorum, gall. hisp.

angl. et latinorum, 8vo. 464 pp. hf. bd. only 75 copies printed, 158 Genevæ, 1822 4474 BULLETIN des Sciences Historiques, Antiquités, Philologie, rédigé par MM.

Champollion, sous la direction de M. Le Baron de Ferussac, Vols. 5 to 19, (wanting vol. 15 and 16) 8vo. hf. bd, 6s

1826-31 4475 CATALOGUS Librorum Manuscriptorum Angliæ et Hiberniæ, in unum collect. cum Indice, thick folio, calf, 6s

Oxon. 1697 4476 CAVE, Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Historia Literaria, a Christo nato ad S. XIV. 2 vols. large folio, best edition, calf neat, scarce, £2. 58

1740-43 Priced, 1843, £4. 48. 4477 CHARITIUS (A.) De viris eruditis Gedani ortis, sm. 4to. hf. bd. rare, 78 6d 1715 ✓ 4478 CHEVILLIER (André) l'Origine de l'Imprimerie de Paris, 4to. calf, 28 Paris, 1694 4478*CHRIST (Joh. Fr.) Catalogus Bibliothecae suae, auctione publicae venditae, 2 vols. 12mo. fine paper, with prices, bds. 58

Lipsiae, 1757-8 4479 CLEMMi Novae amoenitates literariae, 4 facs. in 1 vol. 8vo. vellum, 78 60

Stuttg. 1764 4480 COTTONIAN Library. A Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Cottonian Library, 8vo. ods. 2s 6d

London, 1777

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