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4558 Osmont, Dictionnaire typographique historique, etc. de Livres Rares, 2 vols. 8vo. old calf gilt, 10s

Paris, 1768 4559 PANZER, ANNALES TYPOGRAPHICI, ab Artis inventae origine, 11 vols. in 6, 4to. £7.

Norimbergae, 1793-1803 The most elaborate and trustworthy record yet published of the early history of printing, it comes down to the year 1536, though the title-page of the first volume limits it to the fifteenth century. Panzer's great compilation consists of eleven volumes, published at intervals in the course of eleven years,—the first in 1793, the last in 1803. At first the author proposed to carry bis Annals no further than the year 1500, and be achieved his purpose in five volumes ; he then extended his design, and carried the work up to 1536 in six volumes more. There is, it may be remarked, one very serious defect in Panzer's arrangements. While he inserted books in every other European language -Swedish, Dutch, Bohemian, &c.—he systematically omitted all those in German, because they were included, or intended to to be included, in a separate work, the . Annalen der ältern deutschen Litteratur,'—which he unfortunately did not live to bring down further than the year 1526. 4560 PAQUOT, Mémoires pour l'histoire littéraire des Pays-Bas, de la Principauté de Liège, etc. 18 vols. fine paper, uncut, 32s


Louvain, 1763-70 “ Cet ouvrage se distingue par des details intéressants et une certaine exactitude."— Brunet. 4561 Pelisson, Histoire de l'Académie françoise, depuis son établissement jusqu'à 1652, 2 vols. 12mo. second edition, fine copy, veau fauve, 58

Paris, 1730 4562 PERCEL, de l'usage des Romans avec une Bibliothèque des Romans, 2 vols. 12mo. sd. 58

Amst. 1734 4563 the same, 2 vols. 12mo. calf, 58

1734 The second volume is entirely devoted to the Bibliography of the “ Romances of Chivalry." 4564 PIETERS, Annales de l'Imprimerie Elseverienne, 8vo. sd. 78 6d Gand, 1852 4565 PINELO (A. de Leon) Bibliotheca Oriental y Occidental, Nautica y Geogra

phica, los Escritores de las Indias Orientales, China, Tartaria, Japan, Persia, Armenia, Etiopia, y otras Partes, 3 vols. folio, LARGE PAPER, bds. £2. 168 1737

Priced 1822, Thorpe, £6. 68 ; 1845, Rodd, £3. The most complete general Bibliography of Geographical Works, Travels, Missionary Reports,

“ The second volume contains the works relating to America, and its greatest value consists in the notices it gives of Spanish manuscripts on the subject, most of which are still existing in Spain.”Rich's Bibliotheca Americana Nova. 4566 QUERARD, La France littéraire, ou Dictionnaire Bibliographique des Littera

teurs Français et Etrangers qui ont écrit en français, A-Lion, 5 vols. in 9 parts, 8vo. sd. 30s

Paris, 1827-33 4567

Archives d'histoire littéraire, de biographie et de bibliographie françaises (1855-1856), complément de la France littéraire, des supercheries littéraires dévoilées, etc. 2 stout vols. 8vo. sd. 9s

Paris, 1855-56 4568 RENOUARD (A. A.) Catalogue de la Bibliotheque d'un Amateur, 4 vols. 8vo. hf. bd. calf, 21s

Paris, 1819 Priced by Payne and Foss, 1841, £2. 2s. A catalogue well known to Bibliographers. It contains much valuable information on the 'various editions of the classics as well as of modern literature. It is worthy a place with the productions of Barbier, De Bure and Peignot. 4569 RENOUARD, Annales de l’Imprimerie des ALDE, stout 8vo. troisième édition, por. traits, hf. bound morocco, 21s

Paris, 1834 “Renouard, in his description of the productions of the Aldine press is without a rival."

Beloe's Anecdotes of Literature, &c. vol. 3, p. x. (Pref.) “ Le savant historien des Aldes a fait de son propre catalogue une bibliographie très précieuse.”—Ch. Nodier. 4570 ROYAL SOCIETY OF LITERATURE ; Transactions of the Royal Society of Litera

ture of the United Kingdom, 3 vols. in 6 parts, 4to. First Series complete, plates, (pub. at £9. 19s 6d) 368

1827-29 4571

Second Series, Vol. 3, in 3 parts, 1847-49, 8vo. maps, sd. 78 6d 1850 4572 Sacy (Silvestre de) Catalogue de sa Bibliothèque, 3 vols. 25s 1842-47 4573 SAINTE PALAIE, Histoire Littéraire des Troubadours, extraits de leurs pièces, etc. 12mo. hf. bd. 3s 6d

Paris, 1774 4574 the same, 3 vols. 12mo. calf gilt, 78 6d

1774 4575

Memoires sur l'ancienne Chevalerie, 3 vols. 12mo. old calf, 3s 6d ib. 1781 4576 another copy, 3 vols. 12mo. calf neat, 7s 6d


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4577 SANDERI (A.) Bibliotheca Belgica Manuscripta, sive elenchus universalis Co.

dicum MSS. in Belgii Bibliothecis adhuc latentium, 2 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. vellum, 36s

Insulis, 1641-44 4578 SANTANDER (De la Serna) Catalogue des Livres de sa Bibliothèque, 4 vols. 8vo. with 5 folding plates of Water Marks, hf. cf. 36s

Brux. 1803 Bound up with it is : "Memoire sur l'origine des Signatures et des Chiffres," Brux. 1796. 4579 - Dictionnaire Bibliographique choisi du quinzième siècle, 3 vols. 8vo. sd. 16s

- Brux. 1805 - the same, 3 vols. 8vo. calf, 18s 4581 SARTORI, historisch-ethnographische Uebersicht der Cultur und Literatur in

Oesterreich, Vol. I. 8vo. with an Appendix, The Lord's Prayer in 24 Languages, hf. bd. 3s 6d

Wien, 1830 4582 SEEMILLER, Bibliothecæ Academicæ Ingoldstadiensis Incunabula Typographica, 2 fasc. in 1 vol. 4to. bds. 58

Ingoldstadii, 1787 4583 Seiz, het derde Jubeljaar der uitgevondene Boekdrukkonst, 8vo. plates, calf, 2s 6d

Haerlem, 1740 4584 Sicily. Effemeridi Scientifiche e Letterarie per la SICILIA, plates, Vols. I. to

III. January 1832 to Sept. 1833, in numbers, sd. 2s 6d Palermo, 1832-33 4585 GIORNALE di Scienze e Arti per la Sicilia, Nos. 85-6, 91-2, 98, 100-4, 108-9, 109. 111, 113, 115, 118, 120-22, 125-together 20 nos. plates, 2s 6d

1830-3 These 2 periodicals are of general and local interest. 4586 SMITH (Joseph, British Consul at Venice). PASCHALII (J. B.) Bibliotheca

Smithiana seu Catalogus Librorum D. Josephi Smithi per cognomina Authorum dispositus, stout sm. 4to. hf. bd. calf, 30s

Venetiis, 1755 *** This valuable library was purchased by Geo. III. and now forms a portion of the King's Library in the British Museum.

Particularly valuable on account of pp. LXVII. to CCCXLVIII. of the Addenda, containing Praefationes et Epistolae voluminibus editis appositae, ab Incunabulis Typographiae ante annum MCCCCC.4587 STIERNMAN, BIBLIOTHECA SUIOGOTHICA ; in qua, cum dissertatione de Phi.

losophia literisque Gothorum, Reges, Magnates atque viri insignes enumerantur ; eorumque SCRIPTA edita ac inedita luci restituuntur ; additis auctorum VITIS, 7 vols. in 1, small 4to. hf. bd. calf gilt, uncut, rare, 155

Holmiæ, 1731 4588 TERNAUX-COMPANS, Bibliothèque Asiatique et Africaine, ou catalogue des ouv.

rages relatifs à l'Asie et à l'Afrique, depuis la decouverte de l’Imprimerie, jusqu'en 1700, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. 98

Paris, 1841 4589 THESAURUS Bibliothecalis seu Bibliotheca Bibliothecarum: Versuch einer voll

ständigen allgemeinen Bibliothec für Bücher-Liebhaber, 3 vols. in 1, stout 4to. fine paper, calf, 30s

Franckfurth, 1738 4590 THORPE's Catalogue of Manuscripts, mounted on small folio writing paper, up

wards of 700 articles, with ample descriptions, total value of the collection, £2978.

hf. bd. 12s 4591 – - CATALOGUES OF MANUSCRIPTS, State Papers, Autographs, Drawings, Engravings, etc. in all 35, the bundle, 7s 6d

1830, etc. 4592 TIMPERLEY's Encyclopædia of Literary and Typographical Anecdotes : Diction

ary of Printers and Printing, with the Progress of Literature, Ancient and Modern: also Bibliographical Illustrations, &c. thick royal 8vo. (pub. at £1. lls 6d) cloth, 12s

1842 A useful book in all matters connected with Literature and Printing from the 12th to the 19th centuries. 4593 Tory. Bernard (A.) Geofroy Tory, peintre et graveur, premier Imprimeur

Royal, reformateur de l'orthographie et de la typographie sous François I. 8vo. sd. 78

Paris, 1857 4594 UPCOTT'S Bibliographical Account of the principal Works relating to English

Topography, 3 vols. 8vo. hf. bd. calf, uncut, £3. 8s
Priced, 1834, Arch, £5. 58 ; 1836, £4. 148 6d; 1840, Jas Bohn, £4. 148 6d.

Large Paper, 1834 and 1836, Arch, £7.178 60; 1843, Payne and Foss, £6. 68 ; 1848, mor£8. 88. Dawson Turner's copy, 1853, fetched £4. 48, Lardner's copy, 1854, £3. 158.

An indispensable adjunct to the Library of any Public Institution or Local Collector, containing an accurate Record of Local Historical Works, arranged under the various Counties which they illustrate, with Collations of the various editions, lists of the maps, plates, pages, &c. which perfect copies ought to contain.


4595 VARUSOLTIS (de Troyes) Xylographie de l’Imprimerie Troyenne pendant

XV-XVIII. siècle, precedée d'une lettre sur l'histoire de la gravure en bois, impl. 4to. 571 quaint woodcuts taken off on 72 leaves of fine paper, boards, 30s

Troyes, 1859 This work will shortly become scarce, only a few copies having been printed. 4596 VERARD. Renouvier, des Gravures en Bois dans les livres d'Anthoine Verard, Libraire de Paris, 1485-1512, 8vo. sd. 8s

Paris, 1859 Tiré à 200 exemplaires. 4597 VOGT, Catalogus historico-criticus librorum rariorum, 12mo. bds.58 Hamb. 1753 4598 WALCHII (J. G.) BIBLIOTHECA THEOLOGICA selecta, litterariis adnotationibus instructa, 4 vols. 8vo. vellum, 21s

Jene, 1757-65 Priced, 1831, H. Bohn, £2. 88. Bp. Randolph's copy fetched £2. 128 60.

“ All who are conversant with sacred literature have borne willing testimony to the correctness and research of Walch, whose work will always remain a production admirable for the extensive reading and accuracy which it evinces. All possible aids for theological literature are here embraced.”—Horne's In. troduction. An invaluable analysis of all the principal theological works ever published, especially those of Germany. Mr. Horne's introduction is largely indebted to this work 4599 WOLFII (J. C.) Monumenta Typographica, 2 vols. stout 12mo. cuts, half vellum, 12s

Hamburgi, 1740 4600 WÜRDTWEIN (S. A.) Bibliotheca Moguntina libris Saeculo primo typographico

Moguntiae impressis instructa, 4to. with 9 plates, calf neat, 18s Aug. Vind. 1787 4601 ZELTNERI (J. C.) Theatrum Virorum eruditorum qui speciatim Typographiis

laudabilem Operam præstiterunt, cum Vita Auctoris per F. Roth-Scholtzium, 12mo. portrait, hf. vellum, 20s

Norimb. 1720 This rare work contains 100 Biographies, including the Life of Miles Coverdale. NATURAL HISTORY, SCIENCES, MATHEMATICS, Including Transactions of Academies and Learned Societies. 4602 ABBOT and SMITH'S Natural History of the rarer Lepidopterous Insects of

GEORGIA, with the Plants on which they feed, 2 vols. in 1, large folio, with 104

beautifully COLOURED plates, (pub. at £25. 4s) russia extra, £6. 68 1797

Priced, 1829, and 1836, Jpo. Bohn, £8. 188 6d ; 1830, Jas. Bohn, £8.; 1840, Wood, £12. 128. Hibbert's copy fetched £8. 88.

" John Abbot was a most assiduous collector, and an admirable draftsman of insects. His work is one of the most beautiful that this or any other country can boast of. The original coloured impressions are seldom met with.”-Swainson.“The insects are charmingly represented in all their mutations; and on such large and characteristic specimens of their food, the whole Plants as well as Insects being scientifically delineated and described, that this publication is to the full as valuable to the Botanist as it is to the Entomologist : we never before beheld the sister sciences walk so closely, and so engagingly hand in hand, as in this interesting volume. It is truly a Flora et Entomologia."-Haworth's Review of Entomology. 4603 ACHARII (Erik) Lichenographia Universalis, stout 4to. 696 pp. and 14 coloured plates, sd. 188

Gottingae, 1810 4604 ÁGASSIZ, Recherches sur les Poissons FOSSILES, comprenant la description de

500 espèces qui n'existent plus, une nouvelle classification des Poissons exprimant leurs rapports avec la série des formations, leur développement, etc. 5 vols. roy. 4to. of Text, uncut, and FOLIO Atlas of 394 plates in four portfolios, very

1833-45 The text of this work was never completed. The entire collation is as follows: Text.

PLATES Vol. I. pp. xii. and I to 40, Feuilleton

Vol. I. complete

10 additionel, pp. 144

II. complete 149 Vol. II. Part 1

III, complete

83 IV. complete

rare, £24.

pp. 264


pp. 1–72

61 Vol. III. pp. viii., 390, aud 34

V. complete

91 Vol. IV.

pp. viii., 290 and 22 Vol. V. Part 1

394 2

pp. 84 and 7 4605 the same, imperfect, with Atlas of 285 plates, £7.10s

1833-43 Collation: Text. Vol. I. pp. xii. 40, and Feuilleton additionel, pp. 114: Vol. II pp. 264 ; Vol. III. pp. viii. and 156 ; Vol. IV. pp. xvi. and 204 ; Vol. V. pp. 15 and 56.-ATLAS, Vol. I. 7 plates; II. 111 plates ; 111. 55 plates; IV. 58 plates ; V. 54 plates. Total, 285 plates. 4606 a third set, containing 153 plates, £5.


pp. 17-32

4607 ACADÉMIE ROYALE DES SCIENCES (DE PARIS], the following Series as de

scribed below, 103 vols. 4to. many plates, (pub. at about £120.) sewed, uncut, £52.

Paris, 1798-1856
Mathématiques et Physiques, pour les années VI. d. 1. R.-1806 (Vols. I.-VI.);
et 1808-15, 8 vols. in 13 parts-together 14 vols. in 19 Paris, 1798-1818

Sold separately, vols. 1, 2, and 6.
Mémoires présentés par divers Savans : Sciences mathématiques et physiques,
Tomes I. II. (all published)

ib. 1806-11
Sold separately for 158.
Littérature et Beaux-Arts, Tome I.–V. années IV.-XI. an VI–XII.

Sold separately, calf, 158.
Sciences morales et politiques, Tome 1.-V.

an VI.-XII.
Sold separately, calf, 158.
Rapports et Discussions de toutes les Classes

1810 This finishes the FIRST SERIES of the work, it afterwards takes the title of: MÉMOIRES DE L'ACADÉMIE ROYALE DES SCIENCES, du commencement en 1816, Tomes I.-XXIV, XXVII. première partie

1818-54, 56 Sold separately Vols. 1 to 19, 21, 23, at £l. per volume, or £12. the series. MÉMOIRES PRÉSENTÉS PAR DIVERS SAVANTS à l'Académie des Sciences : Sciences mathématiques et physiques, Tome I.-XIV.

1827-1856 Sold separately, Vols. 1-8, 12, 14, at £1. per volume, or £5. the series. COMPTES RENDUS des Séances de l'Académie des Sciences, le SUPPLÉMENT, Tome I.

1856 RECUEIL DES DISCOURS, Rapports et Pièces diverses lus dans les séances de l'Aca. démie française, depuis 1803 jusqu'en 1849, 6 vols.

1847-50 HISTOIRE ET MÉMOIRES de l'Institut Royal de France: Classe d'Histoire et de Littérature ancienne, Tome I.-IV.

1815-18 Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres, Tome V.–VI. XVIII. 2ème partie, XIX. Ire partie

1821-22, 1849, 1851 Mémoires présentés par divers Savants à l'Académie Royale des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres de l'Institut de France : DEUXIÈME SERIE: Antiquités de la France, Tome I.

1843 MÉMOIRES DE L'ACADÉMIE ROYALE des Sciences morales et politiques, Tomes I.-IX.

1837-55 Sold separately, vols. 1-3, 5, and 8, at £1. per volume, or £2, 10s the series. Savants Etrangers, Tomes I. II.

1841-47 Sold separately, vol. 1, 108. 4608 Acosta (Christ.). Historia della natura et virtu delle Droghe medicinali et altri

Semplici rarissimi, che vengono portati dalle Indie Orientali in Europa, sm. 4to. woodcuts, vellum, 5s

Venetia, 1585 4609 AGARDH (C. A.) Synopsis Algarum Scandinaviæ, 8vo. LARGE PAPER, an autograph letter of the author inserted, cloth, 7s 6d

Lundæ, 1817 4611 ÁGRICULTURAL and Horticultural Society of India, Transactions of the, 8 vols. 8vo. cloth, rare, £3.

Calcutta, 1838-41 4612 the same, Vols. I.–VII. 8vo. cloth, £2.

1829-40 The first volume of these Transactions was reprinted 3 times, hence the variations in the dates. 4613 PROCEEDINGS from Jan. 1839 to June 1842, 8vo. 20s Calcutta, 1839-42 4614

Monthly Journal, Vols. I.–V. part 2, in 27 parts, 8vo. sd. 368 1842-46 4615 AINSLIE'S MATERIA INDICA; an Account of the Articles employed by the

Hindoos in their Medicine, Arts, and Agriculture, 2 vols. 8vo. the name of the
Ingredients in Tamul, Cingalese, Arabic, Persian, Malay, Cochin-Chinese,
French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, etc. bds. 20s

1826 4617 ALPINUS de Medicina Aegyptiorum, sm. 4to. vellum, 2s 6d

Venet. 1591 4618

Medicina Aegyptiorum et Indorum, sm. 4to. vellum, 2s 6d 1719 4619

de Plartis Ægypti et de Balsamo, 4to. numerous fine woodcuts, russia, gilt edges, 7s 6d


SOCIETY, held at Philadelphia, Vols. 1 to 4, 1768-99, plates, Philadelphia, 178999—Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Vol. I. 1780-3, plates, Boston, 1785—together 5 vols. 4to. numerous scientific plates, 3 vols. in bds. and 2 in calf, £2. 10s

1785-99 The American Philosophical Society was the first, and the American Academy the second Li.

terary or Scientific Society established in America. They received original contributions from Franklin, Priestley, Rittenhouse, Ewing, Bowdoin, Willard, and the most eminent men of the time. The transactions of both are very rare. 4621 TRANSACTIONS of the American Philosophical Society held at Philadelphia, Vol. 1, 1768-71, 4to. 7 plates, calf, 7s 6d

Philadelphia, 1789 4622 TRANSACTIONS of the AMERICAN PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY, held at Philadelphia,

for promoting useful Knowledge, New series, Vols. I. to XI. part 1, 4to. many plates, rare, £10.

Philadelphia, 1818-57 4623 ÁMERICAN Academy of Arts and Sciences, Memoirs of, New Series, 4to. Vols. I.

II. III. IV. part 1, V., VI. part 1, plates, Dr. Buckland's copy, £7. 1833-57 Mostly valuable Scientific Transactions by Worcester, Paine, Bowditch, Bond, Nuttall, Hale, Lovering, Capt. Owen, Storer, Asa Gray, Everett, Haldeman, Leidy, Emory, Sargent, Burnett, Eustis, Jussieu, Bache, Jas. Hall, and others. Vol. I. contains “ A Dictionary of the Abnaki Language in North America by Father Sebastan Rasles, edited by Pickering." 4624 AMERICAN Association for the Advancement of Science, fourth Meeting, Newhaven, 1850, 1 vol. 8vo. plates, cloth, 7s 6d

Washington, 1851 4625 American Scientific Periodicals, in 8vo.

American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1848-52, Vol. II. Boston, 1852
American Journal of Science, No. 9

Newhaven, 1821 American Philosophical Society's Proceedings, Vols. I.–VI. or Nos. 1-56 (a few wanting)

1848-55 Bahama Soc. Journal, Nos. 6, 11

1835-36 Boston Journal of Natural History, Vol. III. parts 1—4, IV. part 1 1840-42 New Orleans Academy of Sciences, No. 1

1854 New York Annals

of the Lyceum of Natural History, Vol. III. 8–14, Vol. IV. Nos. 1–11, V. Nos. 2-3

1836-51 Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, from Jan. 1856- April 1858, includ.

ing Ruschenberger's Notice of the Academy and Meigs' Catalogue of Human Crania, with cuts, various parts

1847-58 Quebec Transactions, Vol. III. p. 1, 2

1832 The whole lot, containing many plates, from the libraries of Dr. Horsfield and

the Horticultural Society, £2. 10s 4626 AMSTERDAM ACADÈMY: Verhandelingen der Konikl. Akademie van We

tenschappen, Vols. 1-6, in 5 vols.-Verhandelingen der erste Klasse van het Koninkl.-Nederlandsche Instituut, 3de Reeks, Deelen 4, 5, 1851-2; together 8 vols. in 6, 4to.plates of Anatomy, Zoology, Conchology, Icthyology and Botany, 3 vols, in cloth and 3 sd. £3. 12s


rately, viz. : 4627 BAEHR over Ligchaam om een Vast Punt, etc. 4to. 2s

1857 4628 BIERENS de Haan, Reduction d'Intégrales Définies, 4to. sd: 38

1855 4629 Tables d’Intégrales Définies, 3 vols. 4to. uncut, 368

1856-58 4630

Reduction des

Intégrales Définies Generals, 4to. sd. 7s 6d 1857 4631 BLEEKER, Ichthyologische Fauna van Japan, 4to. sd. ls

1853 4632 DELPRAT over de Betrekking tuschen de gemiddelde Snelheid van het Water in Rivieren, 4to. 9 plates, sd. 4s

1855 4633 GHIJBEN Onderzoek, hoe de Rigtingen van de Hoofdassen der Ligchamen, etc. 4to. 2 plates, sd. 2s

1855 4634 HALBERTSMA, Ziektekundige Ontleedkunde der Tanden, 4to. 5 plates, sewed, 38

1855 4635 HARTING, Description d'un Diamant rémarquable, 4to. coloured plates, sewed, ls 6d

1858 4636 HOEVEN (J. Van der) over het Geslacht Icticyon van Lund, 4to. plate, sd. ls 1855 4637 KAISER, Eerste Onderzoekingen met den Mikrometer van Airy, 4to. sd. 38 6d 1857 4638 LACOSTE (Van der Sande) Synopsis Hepaticarum Javanicarum, adjectis quibus.

dam speciebus Hepaticarum novis extra-Javanicis, 4to. 22 plates, sd. 12s 6d 1856 4639 MULDER, Boon Mesch, en Rijk, over de Oorzaken dar Zelfontbranding van Stoffen in schepen geladen, 4to. sd. 3s 6d

1854 4640 OUDEMANS, Mémoire sur l'Orbite de la Comète périodique decouverte par D'Arrest, 1851, 4to. sd. 2s

1854 4641

Beobachtungen der Veraenderlichen Sterne, 4to. plates, 2s 1856

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