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5433 DEFOE (D.) Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, 2 vols. 8vo. engravings. after designs by George Cruikshank, calf, marbled edges, 168

1831 5434 Fables, fifty-one original, with morals and ethical index by NORTHCOTE, 8vo.

with 85 original designs by R. CRUICKSHANK, engraved on wood by Slader, Dodd, S. Williams, Bonner, and others, cloth, 10s

1833 5435 FERDINAND and Franck; an auto-biographical sketch of a musical student, 18mo. with amusing illustrations, cloth, 5s

1831 5436 MONSIEUR MALLET ; or my daughter's letter, illustrated by R. Cruikshank, 12mo. amusing cuts, 1s

1830 5437 POINTS OF HUMOUR ; illustrated by the designs of George Cruikshank, 10 points,

in 2 parts, many singular cuts, 1823-24— Illustrations of Popular Works, part 1, published for the artist, singularis fine Etchings on India Paper, n. d.-in 1 vol. 8vo. hf. bd. with autograph from George Cruikshank to his friend John Auldjo, August, 1830,” very rare, 20s

1823, etc. 5438 CUMBERLAND (R.) Anecdotes of eminent Painters in Spain, 2 vols. 18mo. half bound, 4s

1787 5439 DAHLBERG, SUECIA ANTIQUA ET HODIERNA, 3 vols. in 1, royal folio, a splendid

Series of 353 fine large plates of Views of Swedish Towns, Palaces, Castles, Gardens, Scenery, foc. with the Coats of Arms of the Nobility, very fine impressions,

an excellent copy in old calf, from Lord Walpole's library, £5.5$ Holmiae, 1701-12 5440 DE LA GOURNERIE, Rome Chretienne, ou tableau historique des Monumens chrétiens de Rome, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. 7s 6d

Paris, 1843 5441 Delices de l'ESPAGNE et du Portugal, 6 vols. 12mo. maps, and 166 pretty plates, comprising Views of all the principal Towns, Churches, etc. old calf gilt, 18s 61

Leide, 1715 5442 DELICES de la Grande Bretagne et de l'Irlande, par J. Beeverell, 8 vols. in 5, and many pretty Views, calf gilt, 208

Leide, 1725 5443 DELICES (Les) des Pays-Bas, ou Description des XVII Provinces Belgiques,

5 vols. 12mo. with numerous engravings, comprising correct Views of all the

principal Old Buildings in Flanders and Brabant, calf gilt, 12s Liège, 1769 5444 DESCAMPS, Vies des Peintres FLAMANDS, ALLEMANDS, et HOLLANDOIS ; et

Voyage Pittoresque de Flandres, 5 vols. 8vo. numerous Portraits, fine impressions, sd. uncut, 288

Paris, 1753 Priced, 1839, Payne and Foss, £3. 38 ; 1848, calf, £4. 48 ; 1845, Bossange, £3.; 1855, Bernal's copy, wanting the last volume, £2. 148. 5445 DIDRON et Ďurand. Manuel d'Iconographie Chrétienne, grecque et latine ;

avec une introduction et des notes par Didron; traduit du Manuscrit Byzantin

“Le Guide de la Peinture" par Paul Durand, 8vo, hf. calf gilt, 108 6d Paris, 1845 5446 DODWELL'S (E.) Classical and Topographical Tour through GREECE during

the years 1801, 1805, and 1806, 2 vols. 4to. embellished with 67 fine plates, mostly engraved by Charles Heath, (pub. at £10. 108) calf neat, 36s

1819 Dodwell's Tour in Greece is universally admitted to be a work of the most sterling merit, and the best executed of all the accounts yet published of this interesting country. Stevenson (in his Catalogue of Voyages and Travels,) says that “it displays great research, aided and directed by much preparatory knowledge, sound judgment, and good taste," and the late Dr. E. D. Clarke, than whom no man was more competent to give judgment on this subject, pronounced it “ by far the best book on Greece," and in a letter to the publisher requested that his name might be made use of, in recommendation of the work, in any way the most likely to promote its sale. 5447 DOMINICI (Bernardo de) Vite de' Pittori, Scultori ed Architetti NAPOLETANI,

3 vols. sm. 4to. a title to the third volume was, I believe, not published ; a portrait to the second volume appears to be wanting, hf. bd. calf, RARE, 36s Napoli, 1742-43

" It is extremely scarce, and but for the kindness of friends both in Italy and England, I should have been unable to refer to it. The first volume of a reprint (quite void of notes) appeared in 1840. The work is a storehouse of information respecting the Neapolitan artists of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and many citations are also given verbatim from the MS. collections of the painters Giovanni Angelo Criscuolo, Massimo Stanzioni, and others, respecting the bistory of art at Naples.”

Lord Lindsay's Christian Art, Vol. II. p. 148. 5448 DOMINICI [Bernardo de] Vite dei Pittori, Scultori ed Architetti Napolitani, 4 vols. 8vo. sewed, 10s

Napoli, 1840-46 Respecting the first edition, the editor says in the preface : “Alla ristampa di questa opera, ci ha spinto la rarita sua ; e quasi l'impossibilità di poterla avere, anche a carissimo prezzo." 5449 Donati, de' Dittici degli Antichi, profani e sacri, small 4to. with 5 plates of Dypthics, hf. bd. 10s

Lucca, 1753

5450 DOPPELMAYR's Nachricht von den Nurnbergischen Mathematicis und Künstlern,

fol. with 15 plates of early NURNBERG WORKMANSHIP, the splendid FOUNTAINS, Monuments, etc. boards, 78 6d

Nürnberg, 1730 5451 DRAWINGS (16) by Early German and Italian Masters, executed in Pen and

Ink, Sepia, etc. with a few Artist's studies added, various sizes, £2. 2s

The attention of Connoisseurs is respectfully directed to these Drawings, they were collected by an Amateur in Southern Germany. 5452 DUCHESNE, ainé, Essai sur les Nielles, gravures des Orfévres florentins du XV. Siècle, 8vo. plates, sewed, 12s

Paris, 1826 5453

Voyage d'un Iconophile: revue des principaux Cabinets d’Estampes, Bibliothèques et Musées d'Allemagne, de Hollande et d’Angleterre, 8vo. sewed, 3s 6d

Paris, 1834 5454 DÜRER (A.) und sein Zeitalter, von Weise, 4to. 2s

Leip. 1819 5455 DUTENS, des Pierres précieuses et des Pierres fines, 18mo. hf. bd. 28 Paris, 1776 5456 the same, 16mo. hf. bd. 3s 6d

Bale, 1778 5457 EMBLEMS. APOLLO's MARSDRAGER, veylende allerhande scherpzinnige

Snel, Punt, Schimp- en Mengeldigten, 3 vols. in 1, 18mo. many very amusing plates by Gorée, some rather coarse, vellum, 5s

Amst. 1725-28 5458 BEVERWYCK, Schat der Ongesontheyt, plates, including one of a CrucifixionLof der Medicine, in 1 vol. 12mo. öld vellum, 2s 6d

Dordrecht, 1641 5459 Bocchi (Ach.) Symbolicarum quaestionum, de universo genere, quas serio

ludebat, libri V. small 4to. with about 150 neat Symbolical engravings, bds. uncut, 10s

Bononiae, 1574 These symbolical engravings differ in character from the usual class of Emblems. 5460 CAPACCIO (G. C.) Il Principe, tratto dagli Emblemi dell’Alciato, stout small 4to. pretty emblematic cuts in oval shape, calf, 78 6d

Venetia, 1620 5461 DONI (Academ. Peregrino) Marmi, cioe ragionamenti introdotti à farsi da varie

conditione d’Huomini, à luoghi di honesto piacere in Firenze, 3 parts in 1 vol. small 4to. many curious woodcuts, calf, 58 6d

Venetia, 1609 5461*EMBLEMATA ANNIVERSARIA Academiae Noribergensis, quae est Altorffii studio

rum juventutis exercitandorum caussa inde ab ann. 1577 usque ad annum 1616 proposita ; oratiunculis, etc. explicata, atque in IV. Decadas distributa, Editio II. cum indice, stout small 4to. many engravings of Medals, with emblematic designs by SIEBMACHER, issued by the University of Altdorf, black calf, full gilt sides, 258

Nurenberg, 1617 5462 GLAZEMAKER, Toonneel der Werreltsche Veranderingen, tweede deel, 12mo. numerous plates of Assassinations, Brawls, etc. vellum, 3s 6d

Amst. 1650 5463 LE MOYNE, de l’Art des Devises ; Cabinet de Devises ; Jardin des Devises

Devises royales et adoptées, 4to. upwards of 100 very pretty engravings, surrounded by circular Ornaments, many with Coats of Arms below, fine copy, old calf gilt, 18s

Paris, 1666 5464 MERIAN. Wol-geschliffener Narrenspiegel, worinnen 114 Arten allerley Narren

ihr Ebenbild und ungestaltes Wesen ersehen; mit Reimen durch Jocoserius, folio, 115 curious plates, illustrative of every kind of Human FOLLY, hf. vellum, £2. 12s

Freystadt, printed this year, (? 1680) 5465 PRAMBHOFER, wunderseltsame lächerliche Traum-Gesichter von Persohnen, mit

biblischen Concepten, small 4to. with numerous curious copper-plates, several emblematic designs on the same plate, some very amusing, engraved by Steinberger afler designs by Rogg, hf. bd. 78 6d.

Augspurg, 1712 5466 WEIGEL (Christ.) Ethica naturalis, seu documenta moralia e variis rerum natu.

ralium proprietatibus collecta, small 4to. 100 very pretty plates, fine impressions, with Latin verses underneath, calf, 16s

Norimbergae, s. a. (ca. 1700) “ Collectors of engravings, and especially of old woodcuts, are familiar with that large class of curious books which aim at the typification of moral truths and doctrines in a series of symbolical images and devices.

“ In the middle of the 16th century this class of books assumed in Italy the character of a distinct kind of literature ; and the tendency to multiply books of this class passed to France, Germany, Holland, Spain, and England, until their issue was incredibly large-so large as to form almost a considerable library, when they were brought together by the diligence of collectors. At this day, except in libraries unusually comprehensive, it is hardly possible to form a notion of the number of these works or of their characteristic quaintness and formal ingenuity. The symbolism of the Middle Ages was secularized for their production, and art, although it had then grown emin

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ently realistic, was inexhaustible in the eccentricity, as well as the variety of the conceptions which it sought to turn into pictures for their embelliehment.

“Such works, as a class, have not only long since passed out of fashion, but the specimens of this by-gone literature which occasionally turn up at book sales are now so rare as to command very high prices. There is no class of books more attractive to the true bibliopolist who cares for distinctive excellence rather than rarity ; and we find such books in what we may term gentlemanly libraries deservedly preserved as tokens of an educated taste.”Times, Nov. 24, 1859. 6467 EMERIC-DAVID, Recherches sur l'Art statuaire, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d Paris, 1805 5468 - the same, 8vo. hf. calf, 3s 6d

1805 5470 Eyck: Schopenhauer's Johann van Eyck und seine Nachfolger, 2 yols. 12mo. sd. 3s 6d

1822 5471 EYNDEN en WILLIGEN, Geschiedenis der Vaderlandsche Schilderkunst, sedert

der XVIII. Eeuw, 4 vols. 8vo. portrait of Dutch Painters uncut, 12s 1816-40 5472 FENELON, TELEMAQUE, a beautifully illustrated and rare edition in German;

die Begebenheiten des Prinzen von Ithaca, oder der seinen Vater Ulysses suchende Telemach, in deutsche Verse gebracht, und erläutert von B. Neukirch, 3 vols. small folio, illustrated by a fine series of plates by Winter, a handsome copy in green MOROCCO, gold borders, £2.

Onolzbach & Anspach, 1727-39 Very few copies were sold; they were mostly given as presents. 5473 FERRIOL, Recueil de 100 Estampes representant les Nations du Levant, impl. fol.

26 pp., 1 plate of Music, and 102 large and beautiful plates of Turkish, Tartar, Persian and Berber full-length Costume, representing particularly every Class of Turkish Society in their customary attire and occupation, taken from authentic

pictures, executed from Life, by Van Mour, neat in hf. russia, rare, 30s Par. 1715

Priced, 1855, Quaritch, Queen Charlotte's copy, £2. 58 ; 1856, Quaritch, calf gilt, £2.; the Fonthill copy fetched £7.78.

The original costume of the various Eastern Nations in the Levant is gradually disappearing, the above fine work is therefore of particular interest. 5474 FICORONI (F.) Dissertatio de Larvis Scenicis et Figuris comicis antiquorum

Romanorum, 4to. with 84 plates of Ancient Works of Art, with Masks, fine copy in old calf gilt, £1. 11s 6d .

Romæ, 1750 5475 - Gemmæ antiquæ litteratæ, aliæque rariores, cum adnot. et declarationibus a N. Galeotti, 4to. with 29 plates, hf. bd. 7s 6d

ib. 1757 5476 FIELDING’s Theory of Painting, roy. 8vo. coloured plates, (pub. at 26s) boards, 12

1836 5477 FIESOLE (Giov. de) La Vita di Gesu Christo dipinta, incisa da Nocchi, atlas

folio, 56 very large beautiful engravings from the famous Paintings in the Florentine Gallery, hf. morocco, £2. 10s

Firenze, 1843 5478 FIORILLO'S WERKE : Geschichte der zeichnenden Künste von ihrer Wiederau,

flebung bis auf die neuesten Zeiten, oder Geschichte der Mahlerey in Rom; Toscana; Venedig; Bologna und den Hauptstädten der Lombardey; Neapel, Genua, etc.; in Frankreich ; in Spanien; in Gross Britannien; in Deutsch land und den vereinigten Niederlanden, 9 vols.-Kleine Schriften artistischen Inhalts, 2 vols. in 1-together 11 vols. in 10, 8vo. hf. red morocco, £2. 10s

Göttingen und Hannover, 1798-1820 5479 FLORENCE. LE TRE PORTE del Battistero di San Giovanni di Firenze, impl.

folio, 46 beautiful engravings by Lasinio, FINE PAPER, of which only 24 copies were printed, an autograph letter of C. Lasinio inserted, wants title-pages to the first and second doors, hf. russia, £2.

Firenze, 1821 5480 FUESSLIN's Allgemeines Künstler-Lexicon, oder Nachricht von dem Leben und

den Werken der Mahler, Bildhauer, Kupferstecher, etc. mit zwei Supplementen, 3 vols. in 2, stout sm. 4to, old calf, 58

Zürich, 1763-71 5481 Füssli über Rheinische Kunst : Žürich und die Städte am Rhein, mit Bezug auf

Werke der Architektur, Sculptur, und Malerei, 2 vols. 12mo. cloth, 58 1843 5482 GALÉRIE DU MUSÉE [NAPOLEON] DE FRANCE, publiée par FILHOL,

graveur, et redigée par LAVALLÉE (Joseph), complete in 11 vols. 4to. LARGE PAPER, 792 beautiful plates of all the Pictures in the Louvre before their dispersion by the Allies in 1815, PROOFS before the Inscriptions, (pub. in 132 livraisons at 24 fr. being 3168 fr., cost of binding £22. st. more), a superb copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, £45.

Paris, 1814-28 Priced, 10 vols. 4to. 1836, Bossange, £60. I remember only two copies of this—the choicest state-one sold in 1856 at Sotheby's, and the present.

This very interesting publication will perpetuate the matchless collection which formerly graced

the Louvre, combining as it did nearly all the excellence which the various countries on the continent could boast in Painting and Sculpture. And though a chain of wonderful events has restored many of the brightest gems of art to their original owners, so much of excellence still remains, that the Gallery of the Louvre is yet to the man of taste, the greatest attraction in Paris, and the very cir. cumstance of the dispersion of so many wonderful productions gives additional value to the work which describes them in a collected state. That which was admired in Paris will not be less worthy of admiration because the “chance of war" has removed it to Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice, Antwerp, or Vienna. It is necessary to observe that this work is not a mere collection of prints, as it contains many luminous and masterly dissertations upon the state of the arts in different ages, observations upon the style, excellence, and defects of the various schools of painting, lives of the most eminent painters, and finally, a minute description of every painting, statue, &c. drawn up with extreme care and correctness. 5483 GALÉRIE AGUADO: Choix des principaux Tableaux de la Galérie du

Marquis de las Marismas del Guadalquivir, par C. GAVARD, atlas folio, 38 very fine engravings after exquisite specimens by MURILLO, VELASQUEZ, etc. cloth, £7.

Paris, 1839 Priced, 1845, in 12 livraisons, £7. 108. A copy, India Proofs, before the inscriptions, date 1813, 32 plates, from King Louis Philippe's library fetched, 1853, at Baron Taylor's sale, £17.

“ Admirable in illustration, as far as it goes, of the Spanish School of Art."-D. Turner. 5484 GALÉRIE DE DUSSELDORF, 2 vols. in 1, oblong folio, with 30 beautiful plates, con

taining 365 small ones, engraved by MECHEL, original and BRILLIANT IMPRESSIONS, old russia, £2. 10s

Basle, 1778 This work is by no means uncommon, but copies like the above are seldom to be met with. As the plates are very minute, it is only in fine impressions that their beauty can be seen.

Priced, 1831, H. Bohn, £5. 58 and £7. 178 6d; 1847, £4.48 to £6. 68; Dent's copy, £6. 128; the Marquis of Lansdowne's, £5.; Dawson Turner's,

£4. 48. 5485 GALÉRIE DE MUNICH: Königlich Baierischer Gemälde Saal zu München

und Schleissheim, 2 vols. atlas folio, containing 186 superb Plates from Subjects by Old Masters, beautifully executed in lithography by Piloty, Strixner, and others, a portion of the descriptive text wanting, half russia, the Earl of Shrewsbury's copy, £10. 10s

Munich, 1817-31 Priced, 1841, H. Bohn, 200 plates, in parts, £47. 58 ; 1847, morocco, £12. 5486 GALERIE DES PEINTRES FLAMANDS, hollandais, et allemands ; ouvage enrichi

de 201 planches, gravées d'après les meilleurs tableaux de ces maîtres, par les plus habiles artistes de France, de Hollande, et d'Allemagne, par J. B. P. LEBRUN, 3 vols. roy. folio, 201 beautiful engravings after celebrated pictures, ORIGINAL BRILLIANT IMPRESSIONS, bright old calf gilt, a remarkably beautiful copy, £18.

Paris, 1792-96 As there exist three different issues of this beautiful Gallery, an original copy like the above should be secured by a collector of genuine editions of the Galleries.

A proof copy at Talleyrand's sale, £73. 108; Dent's copy, catalogued as on Dutch paper, proofs before the letters, the only copy taken off, mor. £40. 198.

This fine work, which was twenty years in publishing, is one of the most interesting of its class, and exhibits nearly all the best pictures of the Flemish School, with the history, description, and mercantile value of each; written by a painter whose whole life was devoted to this particular department.

The picture dealers in all countries refer to the opinion of Le Brun as of the first authority.

This work, confined to the productions of a distinct and separate school, is accompanied by letter-press, in which Le Brun has displayed the extensive knowledge, which the particular study of painting, long experience, and frequent travels in foreign countries, enabled him to acquire.

Ventouillac. 5487 GALERIE IMPÉRIALE AU BELVÉDÈRE à VIENNE ; d'après les dessins de M. S. de

Perger, peintre de la cour, gravée par différents Artistes, avec un texte par C. Haas, 4 vols. 4to. containing 240 highly finished line engravings, superb impressions, equal to PROOFS, (subscription price 120 Thalers), half bound, RARE, £12.

Vienne, 1821-28 Of all the celebrated Continental Picture Galleries, this is perhaps the most popular and pleasing, the subjects being selected with the most consummate taste and judgment; it was published in 60 parts, small 4to. Priced, 1847, Bobn, £20.; 1855, Artaria Manheim, 200 A. A few copies were issued of the Large Paper Proofs before Letters, sold by me, 1859, for £24. The coppers of this work have recently passed into other hands, and are worked again. 5488 GALERIE DE DRESDE. Les principaux Tableaux de la Galérie Royale de Dresde,

lithographiés d'après les Originaux, aves des Explications en Allemand et en Français ; publiés par François HANFSTAENGL: Die Vorzüglichsten Gemälde der Königlichen Galerie in Dresden, nach den Originalen auf Stein gezeichnet;

COMPLETE in 60 livraisons, atlas folio, containing 193 plates, original INDIA

PROOFS, (original subscription price 360 Thalers), in three portfolios, £30. 1836

Collation : 2 titles ; frontispiece; portraits of Friedrich August, König von Sachsen, of Maria, Königin von Sachsen, of Hanfstäng! (the artist); 2 leaves of preface; text, pp. 1-96 ; 190 plates. There exists an edition of proofs before the letters.

“ La Galerie de Dresde jouit à juste titre d'une haute célébrité, tant à cause du nombre des tableaux qu'elle referme qu' à cause de leur choix.”Duchesne V. d’un Iconophile. 5-189 GALERIE de Dresde : Abrégé de la Vie des Peintres dont les tableaux composent la Galerie de Dresde, stout 12mo. hf. bd. uncut, 3s 6d

Dresde, 1782 5490 GALERIE DU PALAIS-ROYAL, dite d'Orleans, gravée d'aprés les tableaux des

differentes écoles qui la composaient par Couché, avec un abrégé de la vie des peintres, et une description historique de chaque tableaux, 3 vols.royal folio, 354 very fine engravings, from the most beautiful collection of Paintings ever formed, first brilliant impressions, including one Proof before the descriptions under the engraving, half

red morocco, uncut, £16. 16s Paris, 1786-1808 It is not possible to have finer impressions than the above, excepting Proofs. One plate is unfortunately wanting, viz. in Vol. II. No. 20, Venus à la Coquille, by Titien Vercelli. Care should be taken in the purchase of this splendid work to have an early copy. The plates have been worked three times, always with the original text.

This Collection is known as the Orleans Gallery, and is one of the scarcest and most pleasing ; many of the Paintings are now in this country.

Priced, 1831, H. Bohn, £28.; 1847, morocco, £31. 108; 1850, Willis, mor. £26. 58; sold at Sotheby's, 1853, russia, £17.; Baron Taylor's copy, 1853, £20.; at Christie's, 1854, russia, £19. 108; 1859, at Christie's, £18.

Large Paper, Proofs before the letters, with the descriptions printed separately on India Paper, and placed opposite, very rare ; priced, 1847, mor. £45.; sold by auction, the Marquis of Lansdowne's copy, 20 livr. only, £26. 158 6d ; 1855, Baker's copy, russia, £40. 108.

The new edition was (1844) in Lebigré's (a Paris remainder dealer) hands, who offered his edition, with inferior impressions, Papier velin 200 fr. ; Papier de Chine, 300 fr. Both are usually sold for less. 5491 GALILEO. Descrizione della tribuna inalzata alla memoria del Galileo, 4to. por. trait and 15 plates, sd. 28 6d

Firenze, 1841 5492 GALLE's Passion : Treurspel van het Lyden Christi, small 4to. with 20 fine plates

after Stradanus and Collaert, engraved by Galle, cf. neat, 14s Amst. 1687 5493 GAU, ANTIQUITÉ DE LA NUBIE, ou monuments inédits des bords du Nil, situés

entre la première et la seconde cataracte, atlas folio, with 78 plates and vignettes, 8 of them coloured, (pub. at 150 fr.) bds. £2. 10s

Stuttgart, 1822 The Vellum Paper copies are published at 240 fr. Cet ouvrage peut étre considéré comme le complément à la Description d'Egypte, publiée par ordre de l'Empereur ; son exécution le rend digne d'y être joint. 5191*GEMS. LICETI (F.) Hieroglyphica, sive antiqua schemata Gemmarum Anularium quaesita, folio, numerous plates, calf, 128

Patavii, 1653 5492*MONUMENS de la VIE PRIVÉE DES DOUZE CÉSARS, d'après une suite de

pierres gravées sous leurs regnes, 4to. Caprée, 1780, avec 50 planches gravées en cuivre-Monumens du Culte secret des dames Romaines, 4to. Caprée, 1784, avec 50 planches gravées en cuivre--together 2 vols. 4to. french calf, gilt edges, VERY RARE, £6. 68

1780-84 “ Ces deux ouvrages licencieux sont d’Hugues d'Hancarville qui les a fait imprimer à Nancy, vendus 170 frs. Labédoy.”—Brunet. 5493*STOSCH.-Pierres Antiques gravées sur lesquelles les Graveurs ont mis leurs

noms, dessinées et gravées en cuivre sur les originaux ou d'après les Empreintes, par Bernard Picart, expliquées par Philippe de Stosch, Lat. et Fr. par M. de Limiers, folio, 70 plates, fine impressions, very neat, in russia, with the book plate of Josiah Wedgwood, 258

Amst. 1724 Priced, 1854, Tross, 96 fr. Sold in 1856, Rogerscopy, mor. £2. 158. 5494 GERHARD (E.) auserlesene Griechische Vasenbilder, hauptsächlich Etruskischen

Fundorts, 3 vols. impl. 4to. 240 coloured plates, with text, (pub. at £16. reduced to £6.) cloth, uncut, £3. 58

Berlin, 1840-47 5495

Antike Bildwerke, atlas folio, 80 fine large plates, Greek and Etruscan Art, with 4to. text, bds. 158

Berlin, 1828 5496 GOLDSMITH (Oliver) Poetical Works, edited by R. A. Wilmott, square 8vo.

printed with ILLUSTRATIONS designed by Birket Foster and H. N. Humphreys, red morocco, gilt edges, 21s


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