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5614 PORTRAITS. BESZE (Theod. de) les vrais Pourtraits des Hommes

illustres en pieté et doctrine, small 4to. a series of Portraits of the Protestant REFORMERS, engraved on wood, within cartouches, followed by 44 pretty EMBLEMS,

with French verses beneath, very fine clean copy, vellum, 278 Geneve, 1581 5615 BULLART, Academie des Sciences et des Arts, contenant les Vies et les Eloges

historiques des Hommes illustres, 2 vols. in 1, folio, with 274 Portraits, 86 of them those of Artists, engraved by Boulonnois, Larmessin, Hollar, etc. russia, 36s

1695 5616 CELLII Imagines Professorum Tubingensium, 1577-96, smallest 4to. a series of

35 circular woodcut-portraits of the Professors of the Tübingen University, all in elegant cartouches, sd. 278

Tubingae, 1596 5617 Crasso, Elogii d'Huomini letterati, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. many portraits of Italian Authors, hf. calf, 108

Venetia, 1666 5618 Gool (J. van) de nieuwe Schouburg der Nederlantsche Kunstschilders, 2 vols.

8vo. many very fine portraits of Dutch Painters, calf neat, 20s Gravenhage, 1750 5619 HOFMAN (Tycho) PORTRAITS Historiques des Hommes illustres de DANNE:

MARK, avec les Memoires du Grand Chancellier Griffenfeld, &c. 7 parts in I vol. 4to. quite complete, FINE PAPER, containing upwards of 100 fine Portraits, (several Euglish), and Vignettes, by Burford, Folkema, Wille, and other firstrate artists of the time, FINE IMPRESSIONS, also GENEALOGICAL TABLES of Illustrious Families in Denmark, a beautiful tall copy in blue MOROCCO, gilt edges, by Lewis, very rare, £7. 15s

Copenhagen, 1745 5620 LODGE'S°(E.) Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain, 3 vols. larg ?

folic, containing the entire series, engraved on the large-size coppers, 180 fine Portraits, after original Paintings, BRILLIANT IMPRESSIONS, half bound russia, £8. 108

1821-28 Priced, 1836, Arch, f42. ; 1837, Payne and Foss, £42.; 1840, £21. Large Paper, proofs, 3 vols. russia, fetched, 1855, at Sotheby's, £15. 58; 1856, £15. 10s and £16. 158.

This is the grandest collection of engraved portraits ever published in this country, and subscription copies have long been at a premium. The folio series is to be distinguished from the 8vo. and 4to. now publishing, the portraits being on a much larger scale and of superior execution. This work can never be depreciated by succeeding impressions, as the coppers were regularly destroyed after the publication of each number. 5621 MANDER (K. van) het Schilderboeck, waerin vooreerst de jeught den grout der

- Edele vrye Schilderkonst wort voorgedragen, daer na in dry deelen t'leven der doorluchtighe Schilders des ouden ende nieuwen Tydts, 1618–Uytleggingh op den Metamorphosis Ovidii, 1616, 2 vols. in 1, stout sm. 4to. frontispieces and 68

portraits, remarkably fine impressions of the plates, calf, 32s Amst. 1616-18 5622 - Leven der Nederlandsche en Hoogduitsche Schilders, vermeerderd en

vollediger gemaakt door J. de Jongh, 2 vols. 8vo. 51 plates, containing 150 Portraits of celebrated Dutch and German Painters, uncut, 16s Amst. 1764

Priced, 1847, Bohn, £1. 48. 5623 MYLIUS (Arn.) Principum et Regum Polonorum Imagines, small folio, port. of

Cardinal Radzivil, and fine series of 43 Portraits of the Kings of Poland, engraved by HOGENBERG, with text, fine copy, hf. cf. £2. 6s

Colon. 1594 5624 NEUGEBAUER (Sal.) Icones et Vitae principum ac regum POLONIAE, small 4to. numerous portraits, original calf, 105

Francof. 1620 On the title is written "Liber Willmi Buxton de Lindley Com: Leic : 1623." 5625 PRIORATO (G. G.) Scena d'Huomini illustri d'Italia, 4to. numerous portraits and couts of arms, calf, 78 6d

Venezia, 1659 5625*RESTOUT, GALERIE FRANÇOISE, ou Portraits des Hommes et des Femmes

célèbres qui ont paru en France, gravés en taille-douce par les meilleurs artistes sous la conduite de M. Restout, peintre ordinaire du Roi; avec un abrégé de leur vie, folio, 40 fine portraits, engraved by Voyer, Henriquez, Lorraine, Bossé, Migér, Le Vasseur, etc. calf, RARE, 30s

Paris, 1771 Very scarce, not mentioned by Brunet, nor in the Catalogues consulted by me. 5626 SANDRART (J. de) Academia nobilissimæ Artis Pictoriæ, folio, several hundred

portraits of Artists and a few other plates, most elaborately engraved, FINE IMPRESSIONS, old calf gilt, tall copy, £2.

Norimbergæ, 1683 5627 SOPRANI (Raf.) Vite de' Pittori, Scultori, ed Architetti GENOVESI, 2 vols. 4to. portrait, slightly wormed, hf. 1d. 14s

Genova, 1768

5628 TOMASINI (J. P.) Illustrium virorum Elogia virorum literis et sapientia illustrium

iconibus exornata, 2 vols. small 4to. upwards of 100 Portraits of Italians eminent in Literature, calf, 18s

Patavii, 1630-44 5629 VAN DYCK. Icones Principum, Virorum doctorum, Pictorum, Chalcogra

phorum, Statuariorum, nec non Amatorum Pictoriae Artis numero CENTUM, ab Antonio Van Dyck pictore ad vivum expressae ; ejusque sumptibus aeri incisae, folio, 110 fine Portraits after this celebrated painter, engraved by Vosterman, De Jode, Pontius, Bolswert, &c. with ELEVEN ETCHINGS by his own hand, BRILLIANT IMPRESSIONS, russia, £8. 10s

Antverpiae, Gillis Hendricx, s. a. Brunet says that the premières épreuves are contained in the copies published by Vanden Enden; very few copies indeed were issued by that publisher. Of the copies issued by Hendricx many variations exist, copies with 110 plates (the title says 100) I consider from the beauty of the impressions of the above, to be the FIRST ISSUE made by Hendricx. Subsequent issues, with more plates, bad naturally inferior impressions of the plates of the Old Series. Brunet adds, “ Tous les exemplaires ne sont pas sans date, car il s'en trouve avec des titres datés de 1636 et de 1646."

Priced, without date : 1829, J. Bohn, 125 portraits, £10. 108. The edition, Amst. 1636, was priced, 1847, H. Bohn, 114 portrait-, £12. 128. 5629*WALPOLE. Anecdotes of Painting in England, with some Account of the

principal Artists, and Notes on other Arts, collected by George VERTUE, and digested by Horace WALPOLE, 4 vols. FIRST EDITION, many beautiful Portraits, SUPERB IMPRESSIONS, Strawberry Hill, 1762-71-VERTUE's Catalogue of EnGRAVERS who have resided in England, with his Life, and Account of his Works, portraits, fine impressions, 1763-Jon. RICHARDSON's Works : I. Theory of Painting ; II. Art of Criticism ; III. Science of a Connoisseur, with 12 portraits, 1792-EDWARDS, Anecdotes of Painting, 1808, bds.-together 7 vols. 4to. five hf. bd. russia, two in boards, PERFECTLY UNCUT, a very early matchless copy, from the Earl of Orford's library, Woolterton Hall, Norfolk, £12. 12s

Strawberry Hill, 1762-1808 Such a fine set with first impressions, clean and “uncut” is of a rare occurrence. This is by far the most important and desirable of the numerous elegant productions of Walpole's private


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Kirkgate's copy fetched £12. 128 ; Roxburghe's, £13.; the Marquis of Townshend's, £13. 138; Merly's, £18. 188; Heathcote's, £12. 12%; Woodehouse's, £15. 158 ; Daly's, £14.48. 5630 VITE E RITRATTI DI ILLUSTRI ITALIANI, complete, 2 vols. royal 4to.

60 beautiful portraits, engraved by RAPHAEL MORGHEN, LONGHI, and others, also 24 engravings of Napoleon Medals, (pub. at £20.) elegantly bound in crim

son morocco, full gilt, joints, gilt edges, £8. 8s Padova, 1812; Mil. 1820 “ This cupy was selected for me by Longhi himself, who wished me to buy it, as containing some of the finest works of his graver."-D. Turner.

A few copies exist folio, velLUM PAPER, proof impressions of the portraits before the letters, published at £25. 5631 ZANOTTI (Giamp.) Storia dell'Accademia Clementina di BOLOGNA, 2 vols. 4to. portraits, calf neat, 24s

Bologna, 173) - the same, 2 vols. royal 4to. portraits, red morocco, uncut, 36s 1739 5632*POUGET fils. Traité des Pierres Précieuses et de la manière de les employer

en PARURE, 4to. with 79 plates of Diamonds arranged as Head-dresses, a bevuti

ful copy in old French olive morocco, gilt edges, £2. 2s Paris, chez l'auteur, 1762 5633 PUFENDORF de Rebus a Carolo Gustavo Sueciæ Rege gestis, 2 vols. folio, with

upwards of 100 plates of Portraits, Battles, Pageants, Sieges, and Views in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Poland, original and beautiful impressions, a very fine copy in russia, gilt edges, £2.

Norimb. 1696 A later edition appeared, Nürnberg, 1729, with inferior impressions of the plates. 5634 PUGIN'S GLOSSARY OF ECCLESIASTICAL ORNAMENT AND COSTUME, setting forth

the Origin, History, and Signification of the various Emblems, Devices, and Symbolical Colours, peculiar to Christian Design of the Middle Ages, with especial reference to the Decorations of the Sacred Vestments and Altar Furni. ture, formerly used in the English Church, impl. 4to, illustrated by nearly 80 plates, splendidly printed in gold and colours by the new lithochromotographic process, containing Examples of the Ecclesiastical Costume of the Roman, Eng. lish, French, and German Bishops, Priests, and Deacons ; Aitar Furniture, Embroidery, Diaperings, Bordures, Powderings, Floriated Crosses, Holy Emblems, Holy Monograms, Examples of the Nimbus, Conventional Forms of Animals and Flowers for Heraldic and Church Decoration, Funeral Palls, &c.&c. &c. (pub. at £7.78) hf. mor. extra, top edges gilt, the back and sides ornamented with appropriate devices in gold, £4. 58

1846 5635 RACZYNSKI (Comte Athanase) Histoire de L’ART Moderne en ALLEMAGNE,

3 vols. 4to. with 240 fine woodcuts, calf neat ; and the large folio Atlas of 38 Engravings, in hf. calf, uniform, rare, £9.

Paris, 1836-9-41 Priced, 1846, £15. 88 ; 1847, bds. £14. 148. Only a small number of copies were printed. 5636 RAIMBACH (Abraham, Engraver) Memoirs and Recollections of, including a

Memoir of Sir David WILKIE, edited by M.T. S. Raimbach, square 4to. frontispiece, cloth, NOT PUBLISHED, 12s

1843 5637 RAFFAEL D'URBIN, LOGGIE NEL VATICANO, atlas folio, 36 plates by Volpato, fine impressions, calf, £4. 4s

Roma, 1772 COLLATION: Frontispiece, being the View of the Interior, 1 plate: The Gates, A. B. 4 plates ; the Elevation, 3 plates ; the Arabesques, I.-XIV. 28 plates. 5638

Frescoes in the Loggie nel Vaticano, oblong atlas folio, 14 double plates, half bd. £2. 2s

Roma, s. a. 5639 RAPHAEL. TESTE SCELTE di Personaggi Illustri in Lettere e in Armi, dipinte

nel Vaticano da Raffaello d’Urbino, disegnate ed incise secondo la loro grandezza da P. FIDANZA, 5 vols. in 2, impl. folio, consisting of 180 extraordinary fine and boldly engraved Portraits, selected from the Pictures of Raphael and Michael Angelo in the Vatican, hf. bd. £6.

Roma, 1769 5640 - Recueil de TETES CHOISIES, arranged in 2 vols. bound into 1, atlas folio,

the 180 superb Portraits executed in bistre, whole bound, red morocco extra, gilt edgès, a sumptuous and magnificent book, £9.

Rome, 1785 This grand Series of Portraits forms the best set of Artist's Studies in existence. An extraordinary book, wbether viewed as a Portrait Gallery by the divine Raphael, or as Studies for Artists. 5641 RAPHAEL. Psyches et Amoris Nuptiae ac Fabula a Raphaele Sanctio Urbi.

nate Romae in Farnesianis Hortis transtyberim ad veterum aemulationem ac laudem colorum luminibus expressa a N. Dorigny, 12 plates, Romae, 1693– Pitture del Salone Imperiale del Palazzo di Firenze, in tavole XXVI, Firenze, 1751, 25 plates, of which 5 are foldingA superb series of 14 large engravings by Jac. Frey and others, after paintings by Guido Reni, Poussin, A. Caracci, Cortona, and Sacchi-in all 51 large engravings, in 1 vol. atlas folio, old bind

ing, £3. 108 5642 RAPHAEL. Psyches et Amoris Nuptiae, 12 plates, Romae, 1693–Galeria dipinta

nel Palazzo del Prencipe Panfilio da Pietro Berrettini da Cortona, intagliata da C. Cæsio, 15 plates, Roma, G. J. Rosso-Barberinae Aulae Fornix Romae P. Berettini Cortonensi Picturis admirandus, engraved title and 13 plates, Romae, de Rubeis Deorum Consilium in Pinciis Burghesianis Hortis ab J. Lanfranco, expressum, a P. Aquila incisum, title and 2 plates, Romae, de Rubeisin all

44 fine engravings, oblong atlas folio, half bound, £2. 12 . 5643 REMBRANDT, Recueil de 85 Estampes originales : Têtes, Paysages, et dif

férens sujets ; et 35 autres Estampes, dont les Originaux sont fort rares, folio, 105 Etchings by this great master, bds. £2. 16s

Paris, Basan, s. a, 5644

GERSAINT, Helle et Glomy, Catalogue raisonné des pièces qui forment l'Euvre de Rembrandt, avec le Supplément par Yver, 12mo. portrait, old calf gilt, 78 6d

Paris, 1751 5645 DESCRIPTIVE Catalogue (A) of the Prints of Rembrandt, by an Amateur, 8vo. cloth, 10s

1836 5645*RECUEIL. GALÉRIE DE BOYER D'AGUILLES : i.e. Recueil d'Estampes d'après

les Tableaux des Peintres les plus célèbres d'Italie, des Pays Bas, et de France, qui sont à Aix, dans le Cabinet de Boyer d’Aguilles ; atlas folio, containing vignette and 1.12 fine engravings by Cælemanns, ORIGINAL AND FINE IMPRESSIONS BEFORE THE NUMBERS, in old French calf, with the autograph of James Todd, London, 1820," £5. 58

Paris, 1744 Priced, 1831, 118 plates, H. Bohn, £9.98; or with the numbers, £6. 6s.

This fine work occurs in four different states ; the coppers are still in existence. 5646 RETZSCH'S SHAKSPEARE GALLERY. Gallery to Shakspeare's Dramatic Works

in Outline, invented and engraved by Moritz Retzsch, complete in 1 vol. impl. 4to. 101 exquisitely engraved plates, ORIGINAL IMPRESSIONS, with descriptions in English and German, morocco, gilt edges, £3. 153 Leipsic, 1838-1846 5647 RETZSCH. The same, the re-issue, 4to. 101 plates, modern impressions, sd. 27s Engravings is a perfect work of Art; to every Bible Reader, every Oriental Scholar, and to gentle. men wbo resided or travelled in the East, Roberta's works will afford the most pleasant reminiscences. 5659 Rome. NIBBY, Itinerario di Roma e delle sue vicinanze, 2 vols. in 1, 12mo. plates, vellum, 58

1847 Contents : Hamlet, 17 pl.-Macbeth, 12 pl.-Romeo and Juliet, 12 pl.–King Lear, 12 pl.The Tempest, 12 pl.-Othello, 12 pl.-Merry Wives of Windsor, 12 pl.-King Henry IV. 12 pl.

These fascinating plates are now offered to the public at the above much reduced price. For sweetness of design, truth of expression and variety, the Outlines of Retzsch are unsurpassed, they nobly represent the thoughts of the immortal Shakespeare.

RÉVOLUTION FRANÇAISE-see post, Tableaux" 5649 REYNST (D. Ger.) Signorum veterum Icones, large folio, 112 plates of Statues

and Busts, plates 25, 26, Priapus in fine preservation, vellum, rare, sound clean copy, £2. 108

Amstel. Nic. Vischer, s. a (? 1700) “ Ce recueil, composé de 110 planches, peut être regardé comme le 2e vol. du Cabinet de Reynst." - Brunet. 5650 RIDINGER (J. E.) ETCHINGS OF WILD AND DOMESTIC ANIMALS, Entwurf einiger

Thiere, wie solche nach ihren unterschiedenen Arten, Actionen und Leidenschaften, nach dem Leben gezeichnet, 7 parts in 1 vol. folio, with 126 very spirited ETCHINGS, original impressions, old rough green calf, £2. 12s 6d

Augsburg, 1738-54 A very interesting collection of Animal Studies ; contents : Part I. 1738, plates 1-18, Dogs; II., 1738, plates 19-38, Wild Beasts ; III., 1738, plates 39-56, Wild Beasts ; iv., plates 57-72, Wild Beasts ; V., plates, 73-90, Wild Beasts ; VI., plates 1-22, Horses ; VII., plates 23-96, Asses and Mules. 5651 RIDOLFI (Carlo) Maraviglie dell'arte, ovvero le vite de gl'illustri Pittori

Veneti, e dello stato, 2 vols. in 1, stout sm. 4to. frontispieces and 38 plates of
Portraits, fine impressions, old calf gilt, fine copy, 32s Venetia, Sgava, 1648

Ouvrage rare et très-estimé. Priced 1847, Payne and Foss, £2. 28. 5652 RIO, de la Poesie Chrétienne, Forme de l'Art, Peinture, 8vo. Paris, 1836 5653 de l'Art chrétien, Tome II., 8vo. sd. 6s 6d

1855 5654 ROBERT (Léopold) sa Vie, ses Euvres, et sa Correspondance, par M. Feuillet

de Conches, impl. 4to. LARGE THICK PAPER, a presentation copy, with the autograph of the Author, hf. morocco, uncut, rare, 25

Paris, 1848 5655 ROBERTS (David) Sketches of the Holy LAND, with Historical and Descrip.

tive Notices, and an Introductory View of Jewish History, by the Rev. George Croly, 20 parts complete forming 2 vols. atlas folio, portrait and 123 beautiful and interesting plates, executed in tints, ORIGINAL PROOFS, hf. bd. green morocco, £18.

1842 5656 – SKETCHES in ANCIENT EGYPT, and NUBIA, with Historical Descrip

tions by Wm. Brockedon, 20 parts in 3 vols. atlas folio, ORIGINAL PROOFS, 125 superb engravings, all the vignettes on separate plates, the same size as the views, beautifully tinted and executed in lithography by Louis Haghe, a subscriber's

copy, brilliant impressions, half bound green morocco, gilt edges, £18. 1846

PROOFS were published at £64. 11s 6d, and fetched in parts, 1854, at Southgate's sale from £35. to £40.; THE ARTISTIC BEAUTY of the plates are best preserved in THIS (PROOFS) edition; the Costume appears to best advantage in the COLOURED edition. 5657

HOLY LAND, Syria, Idumaea and Arabia, with historical descrip. tions by Croly, 4 vols. atlas folio, 125 magnificent plates, COLOURED LIKE THE ORIGINAL DRAWINGS, each plate mounted on card board, and fastened on guards,

half bound blue morocco, $42.

Coloured copies of “Roberts’s Holy Land” are of very rare occurrence. The binding of the above copy has cost £10. 5658

- EGYPT and NUBIA, from Drawings made on the spot, by David Roberts, R.A., with historical descriptions by Brockedon, complete, 21 parts in 13, forming 3 vols. atlas folio, 123 PLATES MOST BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED TO IMITATE THE ORIGINAL DRAWINGS, and mounted on cardboard, (pub. at £44. 2s) hf. bd. £25.

1846-49 Genuine COLOURED COPIES; some speculator bad a few ordinary copies coloured, but these are easily detected by the fact, that the ordinary copies have the Vignettes on the text, whilst in the PROOFs, and in the ORIGINAL COLOURED copies the vignettes are on separate plates.

Roberts' “ Holy Land and Egypt” is a really noble and grand publication. The great artist has represented, in his masterly style, all the famous sites and stupendous Architectural Remains of the Land of the Bible, of Ancient Egypt, Nubia, etc., such as they appear now. Every one of the

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Roma, 1838 5660 RUBENS. Histoire de P. P. Rubens, suivie du Catalogue raisonné de ses tableaux, par André van Hasselt, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d

Brux., 1840 5661 MICHEL (J. F. M.) Histoire de la Vie de P. P. RUBENS, 8vo. portrait, bds. 78 6d

Brux. 1771 5662 SADELER (I. et R.) Solitudo Vitæ Patrum Eremicolarum, 29 plates; Oraculum

Anchoreticum, 25 plates ; Trophæum Vitæ Solitariæ, 27 plates ; Sylvæ Sacræ, 25 plates; Solitudo sive Vitæ Foeminarum Anachoritarum, 24 plates, fine im. pressions, in 1 vol. oblong 4to. calf neat, £2. 108

1631 A very complete series of these Engravings illustrative of the Asiatic Life of Hermits, Saints and Martyrs ; the back ground scenery is very attractive and of great variety. Most of the designs ale by Martin de Vos. 5663 Salig, de Diptychis Veterum, sm. 4to. frontispiece, vellum, 7s 6d Halæ, 1731 5664 SALVATOR Rosa : MORGAN (Lady) the Life and Times of Salvator Rosa, 2 vols. 12mo. hf. calf, 3s 6d

1824 5665 SANDERI (Ant.) Chorographia Sacra BRABANTIÆ, 3 vols. large folio, numerous

very fine plates of Castles, Cathedrals, Churches, Historical Monument, etc. beautiful copy in vellum, gilt edges, £3.

Hagae Comitum, 1726-27 5666 SCHILLER'S Gedichte, 12mo. illustrated with 73 very beautiful plates, green MOROCCO extra, gilt edges, FINE COPY, 21s

Stuttgart, 1852 5607 SCİNAISE (C.) Geschichte der bildenden Künste, 8vo.Vols. 1, 2, cloth, 5s 1843-44

Contents: 1. Die Völker des Orients-11. Griechen und Römer. 5668 SCHREINER (J. G.) Fresco- Gemälde in der K. Allerheiligenkapelle zu

München, elephant folio, 43 fine extremely large lithographs of the Frescoes in the ALL SAINTS' CHAPEL AT MUNICH, with descriptive text, hf. bd. red morocco, gilt edges, £5.58

München, s. a. (? 1850) 5668*SCOTLAND. Cardonnel's Picturesque Antiquities of Scotland, 8vo. a series of 51 beautiful e'chings, bds. 3s 6d

1788 5669 SCHRENCK (J.) Der aller durchleuchtigisten und grossmächtigen Kayser,

Königen, Ertzhertzogen, hochgebornen Fürsten, Grafen, Herren, etc. in dem fürstlichen Schloss Ombrass (Ambrosianae) gelegen; in die teutsche sprach transferiert durch J. E. Noyse, royal folio, 130 ff. y compris le titre, avec grand

nombre de Portraits en pied, richement encadrés, complete, hf. cf. £2. 10s 1603

Livre rare et recherché; les planches de cet ouvrage, dessinées par Fontana, gravées par Custodis, donnent avec exactitude les portraits des personnages compris dans la collection et sont d'une certaine importance historique pour les costumes de guerre de cette époque là. 5670 SERRADIFALCO (Duca di) Antichità della Sicilia, Vols. I.-IV. folio, con-'

taining 131 fine plates, chiefly of Architectural Subjects, with elevations and details, (pub. at £12. 12s in bds.) hf. bd. red morocco, £9. Palermo, 1834-40

The work complete, 5 vols. 1834-42, 180 plates, can be supplied for £12. 5671 SCOTT'S (Sir Walter) BORDER ANTIQUITIES OF ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND;

comprising specimens of Sculpture, Architecture, and other vestiges of former ages, accompanied by descriptions, together with illustrations of remarkable incidents in Border History, and Tradition, Original Poetry, &c. 2 vols. impl. 4to. LARGE PAPER, original INDIA PROOF impressions of the 98 beautiful plates, (pub. at £9.) russia extra, gold borders, gilt edges, £5.

Edinb. 1814 Ordinary copies usually sell in mor. for three guineas. The above, Large Paper, original India Proofs, published at £26. 158, was priced, 1847, Bohn, £6. 168 6d and £7. 178 61; 1855, Bernal's copy fetched £5. 58.

Copies reprinted under the old date, and counterfeit proofs taken off on India Paper, after the coppers were nearly out, sell for about £2. 108.

A set of the Border Antiquities and Provincial Antiquities, 4 vols. Large Paper, India Proofs, and Etchings, was priced, 1847, H. Bohn, £25. 48. 5672 SCOTT'S PROVINCIAL ANTIQUITIES AND PICTURESQUE SCENERY OF SCOTLAND,

2 vols. impl. 4to. LARGE PAPER, PROOF IMPRESSIONS of these extremely beautiful Engravings, by the first artists, after Drawings by TURNER and others, (pub. at £15.) richly hf. bound morocco, gilt top, uncut, £4.

1826 ORDINARY COPIES, were published at £8. Large PAPER copies published at £15. ; priced, 1829, J. Bohn, £9. and £14.; 1834, J.

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