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mata omnia, accuratissime delineata et disposita ab Andr.Morellio. Acced. nummi miscellanei nunc primum edit. et comment. illustr. a Sig. Havercamp. Amstelodami, 1734, 2 vols. 184 plates—Thesaurus Morellianus, sive Chr. Schlegelii, S. Havercampi et Gorii commentaria in XII, priorum IMPERATORUM Rom. Numis. mata, delineata ab A. Morellio, cum præf. Wesselingii, Amstelodami, 1752, 3 vols. 200 plates-together 5 vols. folio, hf. bd. calf, fine uncut copy, £5. 58.

Amst. 1734-52 Priced, 1832, 37, 40, Payne and Foss, £8. 88 ; 1847, Bohn, £10. 108; in 1854, Hearne, £6. 68. Hibbert's copy fetched £6. 88 6d; Brockett's, £13.; Towneley's, £7. 128 6d. 5915 MORELLII (A.) Thesaurus Morellianus, sive FAMILIARUM ROMAN. Numismata omnia, ed. et comm. illust. S. Havercampus, 2 vols. folio, plates, calf gilt, 25$

Amst. 1734 The Morelli Cabinet was the most complete and finest collection of Roman Coins brought together; the learned descriptions and dissertations by Havercamp and Wesseling are of great histori. cal importance. 5916 Noris (Cardinalis) Annus et Epochae Syro-Macedonum in vetustis Syriæ nummis

expositæ, additis Fastis consularibus ; accesserunt dissertationes de Cyclis variis, stout small 4to. plates of Coins, vellum, 6s

Lipsiæ, 1696 5917

alia editio, thick small folio, cuts of Coins, calf, 108 Florent. 1691 5918 NUMISMATIC JOURNAL, CHRONICLE, and Numismatic Society's Proceedings,

from the beginning in 1836: Journal, 8 Nos. 1836-38; Chronicle, Nos. 1-70-together 78 Nos. 8vo. numerous plates, £10.

1836-55 5919 PELLERIN, EUVRES SUR LES MEDAILLES—viz. Recueil de Médailles de Rois,

qui n'ont point encore été publiées, 22 plates, Paris, 1762— Recueil de Médailles de Peuples et de Villes, 3 vols. 136 plates, Paris, 1763- Mélange de diverses Médailles, pour servir de Supplément aux Recueils des Médailles de Rois et de Villes, 2 vols. 32 plates, Paris, 1765—Quatre Suppléments aux six volumes de Recueils des Médailles, 2 vols. 21 plates, Paris, 1765-67—Deux Lettres de l'auteur des Recueils, 7 plates, Francfort, 1768-70%Observations sur quelques Médailles du Cabinet de M. Pellerin, par LE BLOND, La Haye, 1771–Additions aux neuf volumes de Recueils, 4to. plates, Paris, 1778—together 11 vols. in 9, 4to. portrait and plates, £5. 158

Paris, 1762-78 ** The ninth volume in this fine set contains the original edition of the (first) Lettre de l'Auteur des Recueils, Francfort, 1768; and the title to “Additions aux Neuf Volumes,'' possesses the engrared head of Ptolemy upon it.

Ouvrage très estimé ; vendu 403 fr. en 1839.—Brunet. Recommended for perusal by Pinkerton; he says: “ These volumes chiefly contain coins never before published, and are justly held in high esteem. The view of his plates almost equals that of the coins themselves.” 5920 PELLERIN. LE BLOND, Observations sur quelques Médailles du Cabinet de M. Pellerin, 4to. seconde édition, sd. 10s

1823 5921 PEMBROKE COINS. Numismata Antiqua in tres partes divisa, collegit olim

et æri incidi vivens curavit Thomas Pembrochiæ et Montis Gomerici Comes, folio, 308 plates, LARGE PAPER, not printed for sale, russia, presented by the

Countess of Pembroke to Richard Westmacott, rare, £3. 10s

The present copy possesses the fourth part, containing the “ Nummi Anglici et Scotici." Large Paper copies were priced, 1832 and 1840, Payne and Foss, £7. 78. 5922 PRONTUARIO de le Medaglie de piu illustri et fulgenti Huomini et Donne, 2 parts

in 1 vol. 4to. with about 1000 Medallion Portraits, elaborately engraved on wood, with the biographies, FIRST IMPRESSIONS, fine tall copy, old calf, 108

Lione, G. Rouillio, 1553 5923 RAOZYNSKY (Ed.) Cabinet Medalow Polskich; le MEDAILLER de POLOGNE,

3 vols. 4to. 256 fine plates, text in French and Polish; of the Supplement, the third in Polish only, sd. 258

Berlin and Poznanier, 1841-45 5924 the same, 3 vols. 4to. hf. red morocco, gilt tops, 36s

1841-45 5925 the same, Vols. II. and III. 4to, many plates, 128

1838-45 5926 RAMUS, Catalogus Numorum Veterum Graecorum et Latinorum Musei Regis Daniae, 2 vols. 4to. Thick Paper, with 13 plates, bds. 258

Hafniae, 1816 Priced, 1841, Hearne, £2. 28; 1854, £2. 128 60; 1847, H. Bohn, £2. 88 ; a copy sold in 1853 at Sotheby's, £2. 28.

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5927 RASCHE (J.C.) Lexicon univ. REI NUMABIAE VETERUM et praecipue Graecorum

et Romanorum cum observat. antiq. geogr. chron, etc. et passim c. explic. monogramm. Tom. 1–6. Pars I. (A-2). Supplementorum tomi 1, 2, 3 (A—J) QUITE

COMPLETE, as far as published, 13 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. gt. £6. Lipsiae, 1785-1804 5928

the same, 13 vols. 8vo. whole calf, very neat, £6. 108 1785-1804 An excellent and very learned work, indispensable to Antiquaries and Classical Scholars.

In 1853, Borrell's copy fetched £8.; 1854, Gardner's copy, russia, £7. 188; 1859, Burdon's, hf. bd. £5. 178 6d.

“ Besides this very elaborate wor Rasche published sever works on the coins of the ancients. He officiated for nearly forty years as a clergyman in Saxony, and died in 1805, in the 72nd year of age.”—MacCulloch.

“Un des livres les plus remarquables de la Science Numismatique, travail prodigieux de pa. tience et d'érudition. C'est sans contredit un des ouvrages de Numismatique les plus utiles qui existent."-Hennin. 5929 RENAULDIN, Etudes sur les Médecins Numismatistes, 8vo. a singularly well executed work, sd. 7s 6d

Paris, 1851 5930 RENESSE-Breidbach (Comte C. W. de) Histoire Numismatique de l'Eveche et Principauté de Liége, 8vo. with 78 plates, hf. cf. uncut, 14s

Brux. 1831 5931

Mes Loisirs, Amusemens Numismatiques, 3 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. 58 1835-36 5932 REVUE NUMISMATIQUE, PUBLIÉE PAR CARTIER ET L. DE LA SAUSSAYE,

du ler Janvier 1836 à Novembre 1858 incl., et la TABLE des 20 premiers volumes – together 24 vols. 8vo. QUITE COMPLETE, many plates and engravings, in parts, VERY RARE, £20.

Paris, 1836-58 5933 REVUE Numismatique Belge, Vols. I.-IV.8vo. plates, sd. 158 Brux. 1842-48 5934 RICCIO (Gennaro), Le monete delle antiche famiglie di Roma, fino allo-impera

tore Augusto inclusivamente co’suoi zecchieri, dette monete consolari, disposte per ordine alfabetico, etc. 4to. viii. et 288 pp., leaf of errata, and 72 plates of Coins, hf. morocco, uncut, 30s

Napoli, 1843 5935 RUDING (R.) Annals of the Coinage of Great Britain and its Dependencies,

third edition enlarged, 3 vols. 4to. illustrated by several beautiful figures of coins on 159 plates, cloth, £3. 168

1840 5936 SAINTHILL (Richard, of Cork) An Olla Podrida: or Scraps, Numismatic,

Antiquarian, and Literary, 2 vols. royal 8vo. portraits of Sir T. D. Acland, Dr. Aquila Smith and others, plates of coins, cloth, printed for private circulation only, £2. 168

1844-53 5937

Numismatic and other Crumbs, 8vo. pl.58 Cork, privately printed, 1858 5938 Savot (L.) Discours sur les Médailles antiques, 4to. stained, vellum, 2s 6d Par. 1627 5939 SCHOENVISNER (Steph.) Catalogus Numorum Hungariæ, ac Transilvaniæ Instituti Nationalis SZÉCHENYIANI, 2 vols. 8vo, and folio Atlas of 107 plates, sd.

Pestini, 1807-8 An appendix by J. F. Miller de Brasso appeared in 1810. The title to the Atlas has suffered from dust. 5940 SCILLA, Notizia delle Monete Pontificie antiche e moderne sino all'anno 15 di Clemente XI., 4to. vellum, 12s

Roma, 1715 5941

the same, 4to. LARGE PAPER, from the Earl of Shrewsbury's library, vellum, 16s

1715 5942 Scotti della Rarita delle Medaglie Antiche, sm. 8vo. 442 pp. hf. cf.38 Fir. 1819 5943 SESTINI (D.) LETTERE e DISSERTAZIONI NUMISMATICHE, FIRST SERIES, Vol. I.

to IV: Collezione Ainslieana, Livorno, 1789-90_Vol. V. Collezione Ainslieana e di altri Musei, Firenze, 1821-Vol. VI. Museo Knobelsdorffiano, Berlino, 1804– Vol. VII. Museo Nazionale di Francia, ib. 1805—Vol. VIII. Museo Regio di Berlino e di altri Musei, ib. 1805—Vol. IX. Museo Ducale di Gotha e Continua. zione del Museo Nationale di Francia, ib. 1806—together 9 vols. in 6, 4to. LARGE PAPER, many plates, hf. bd. vellum,

1789-1806 Lettere e Dissertazioni Numismatiche, SECOND SERIES, 9 vols. 4to. plates, sd.

Milano, &c. 1813-20 Descriptio Numismatum e Museo olim de Camps nunc Bibl. Berol. 1808 Medaglie antiche relative alla Confederazione degli Achei, plates, Milano, 1817 Descrizione degli Stateri Antichi, 9 plates

Firenze, 1817 Descrizione delle Medaglie Ispane nel Museo HEDERVARIANO, Vol. I. II. III. e Continuazione, being 4 vols. with 41 plates

Firenze, 1818-29 - Medaglie Antiche greche, Parte Europea, 2 vols. 6 plates ib. 1830

rare, 258

Descrizione di molte Medaglie antiche greche in piu Musei, 14 plates ib. 1828
Medaglie greche del Museo di Crestiano Federigo di Danemarca, 2 plates 1821
Medaglie greche del Museo di C. d'Ottavio Fontana di Trieste, 3 vols. 43
plates- Serie Consolare, 4 plates

ib. 1822-27 Medaglie greche del Museo del Barone St. di CHAUDOIR, 6 plates ib. 1831 Together, THE WHOLE SET, 34 vols. with many thousand engravings of Rare hitherto undescribed Coins, £12. 108

1789-1831 As the binding of this valuable Numismatic Series would require particular care, Mr. Q. proposes to bind it into ten volumes, each with contents lettered. 5944 Simon's Irish Coins, with Snelling's Supplement, 4to. 12 plates, bds. 108 Dub. 1810 5945 SMYTH (Capt. W. H.) Descriptive Catalogue of a Cabinet of Roman Imperial ! Large Brass Medals, 4to. with autograph of the author, eloth, 158

Not printed for sale, 1836 5946 SMYTH'S (Adm. W. H.) descriptive Catalogue of a CABINET of Roman Family

Coins, belonging to the Duke OF NORTHUMBERLAND, 4to. cloth, Privately printed. £2. 168

1856 5947 SPANHEMII Dissertationes de præstantia et usu Numismatum Antiquorum, 2 vols. folio, plates of coins, vellum, 18s

Lond. 1717 Priced, Large Paper, 1832, 37, 40, 48, Payne and Foss, mor. £5. 58. 5948 SPIES (J.J.) Brandenburgische Historische Münzbelustigungen, 5 vols. sm. 4to.

numerous cuts of medals, ducats, dollars, and other coins, seals, etc. half bound calf, ins

Anspach, 1768-74 5949 THOMAS (E.) Coins of the PATAN SULTANS of Hindustan, 8vo. 7 plates, 58 ; cloth, 6s ; 78 6d

1847 5950

Supplementary Contributions, reprinted from the Delhi edition, but without the engravings, very rare, 108

London, 1852 5951

the Epoch of the Sah Kings of Surashtra, illustrated by their Coins, 8vo. with 7 plates, cloth, 9s

As. Soc. 1848 Mr. Thomas was for several years “ The British Resident” at Delhi, and had there peculiar advantages in collecting and describing the Coins of the Mohammedan Rulers of India. His works are of the greatest historical value. For Mr. Thomas's edition of “ Prinsee's Indian Antiquities" see ante, Class “ Oriental Books." The great merits of Thomas's literary labours are pointed out in a Review [attributed to Professor Max. MÜLLER) of that work in “ The GUARDIAN, Oct. 20. 1858.” The reviewer concludes by saying, “ We hope that Mr. Thomas may continue his researches in the same spirit, and that, with the materials which he has collected, he will soon give us "Thomas's Indian Antiquities." 5952 TYCHSEN, Introductio in Rem Numariam Muhammedanorum, 12mo.with 6 plates, bds. 5s

Rostochii, 1794 5953 VAILLANT, Numismata Aerea Imperatorum Augustorum et Caesarum, in Coloniis, etc. ex omni modulo percussa, folio, cuts, calf, 10s

Paris, 1688 5954

Arsacidarum et Archænenidarum Imperium, 2 vols. 4to. cuts of coins, calf, 108 6d

Paris, 1725 5955

Numismata Imperatorum Romanorum, a Julio Caesare ad Postumum usque, cum appendice a Postumo ad Constantinum, 3 vols. 4to. numerous plates of coins, old calf neat, 21s

Romæ, 1743 5956 VELASQUEZ, Ensayo sobre los Alphabetos de las Letras desconocidas, que se en

cuentran en las mas Antiguas Medallas, y Monumentos de Espana, 4to. with 20 plates, hf. calf, 78 6d

Madrid, 1752 5957 VERKADE (P.) Muntboek bevattende de Namen en Afbeeldingen van Munten,

geslagen in de zeven voormalig vereenigde NEDERLANDSCHE PROVINCIEN, etc. 2 vols. 4to. 228 plates, and duplicates of plates 1 to 12 with variations, boards, £2. 108

Delft, 1831-48 5958 VERMIGLIOLI, della Zecca e delle Monete Perugine, 4to. with 3 folding plates, sd. 108

Perugia, 1816 5959 VIGNOLII (J.) Antiquiores Pontificum Romanorum Denarii

, cum notis B. Floravantis, small 4to. cuts of Coins, interleaved with writing paper, red morocco super extra, 18s

Romæ, 1734 5960 VOSSBERG, Geschichte der Preussischen Münzen und Siegel von frühester

Zeit bis zum Ende der Herrschaft des Deutschen Ordens, 4to. 20 plates of Coins and Seals, hf. bd. calf, 10s

Berlin, 1843 5961 Walsh (Rev. R.) An Essay on Ancient Coins, Medals and Gems, sm. 8vo. plates, eloth, 2s 6d


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5962 WASER de antiquis Numis Hebraeorum, Chaldaeorum et Syrorum, sq. 8vo. cuts, cloth, 3s 60

Tiguri, 1605 5963 WESTON'S Historic Notices of Cities in Greece that have struck Coins, 8vo. second edition, bds. 58

1827 5964 WICZAY (C. M. a) Musei Hedervarii in Hungaria Numi antiqui Græci et Latini, 2 vols. royal 4to. LARGE PAPER, 44 plates, calf gilt, rare, 328 Vindobona, 1814

Mr. Brockett's copy sold for £7.78. 5965 WILSON'S Ariana Antiqua: A Descriptive Account of the Antiquities and

Coins of AFGHANISTAN, with a Memoir on the Buildings called Topes, 4to. map and 36 plates of Bactrian Antiquities and Coins, cloth, £2. 28

1841 The best account of Ancient Bactria, or Modern Afghanistan, of equal importance to the Scholar and to the Antiquary.

This valuable work is now quite out of print, and will never be reprinted, the plates being destroyed. 5966 NUMISMATIC TRACTS AND MINOR WORKS. A valuable collection, comprising many rare treatises, in all 20, £2. 108

Borrell, Médailles des Rois de Chypre 1836 Millin, les Martinales

Corsini de Minsari aliorumque Armeniae Regum Mittheilungen der numismat. Gesellschaft in
Liburni, 1754 Berlin

1846 Du Mersan, Cabinet des Médailles 1838 Reynier, Médailles Antiques Genève, 1818 Goeze, Sale Catalogue of his Collection

Snelling, 33 plates of English Medals 1776

Hamburg, 1792 Stickel, morgenländische Münzkunde 1845 Kehr, Nummi Arabici Argentei Lips. 1724 Stieglitz, Archäol. Unterhalt. Leip. 1820 Klotzii Opuscula Nummaria Halae, 1772 Tôchon d'Annecy, Antiochus VII. 1815 Levezow, griech Münzen in Posen gefund 1833 Wachteri Archaeologia Nummaria Lips. 1740 Longperier, Cabinet de M. de Magnoncour 1840 Ziervogel de Re Nummaria Suiogothica Medaglie Pontificie Roma, 1824

Upsaliae, 1745 5967 English Gold Coin. Henry VII., Angel, 1st Coinage, m.m. Rose and Sun united, a very rare coin, 42s

CURIOSA. I. LATIN MISCELLANIES, including Mediaeval Latin Writers, Mystical Literature, Astrology, Satires, etc. 5968 Baconi (Fr.) Sermones Fideles, Ethici, Politici, Qeconomici, Accedunt Faber

Fortunae, Colores boni et Mali, etc. 1644-de Jure et Judicio, 1659–2 vols. in 1, 12mo. vellum, 78

Lugd. Batav. et Hagae, 1644-59 5969 BOSSUS (M.) de instituendo Sapientia Animo, sm. 4to. sound copy in russia, gilt edges, 24

Bononiae, 1495 “Mateo Bosso, by his worth and talents, conciliated the favour of Lorenzo de Medici. Not less conversant with the writings of the ancient philosophers than with the theological studies of his own times, Bosso was a profound scholar, a close reasoner, and a convincing orator."--Roscoe.

His books are both scarce and held in high estimation. 5970 BOURNE (V.) Poematia, 12mo. Latin and English, calf, 3s 6d

1734 "I love the memory of Vinny Bourne. I think him a better Latin poet than Tibullus, Propertius, Ausonius, or any of the writers in his way, except Ovid, and not at all inferior to him.

Cowper. 5971 CAPYCIUS (Scipio) de Vate Maximo, 4to. first edition, vellum, 3s 6d Neapoli, 1533 5972 CHIRII (Consulti Fortunat.) Rhetorica ; Hermogenis Rhetorica; Priscianus de

Rhetoricae Praeexercit. Basileae, 1526–Musler de Scholis et praeceptoribus
deligendis, Norimb. 1529—de Subventione Pauperum Hyperiorum, Antv. 1531
-Encomium Brassicarum per St. Aquaeum, Paris, 1531-Salmonii Carmina,
Paris, 1531–5 scarce works, in 1 vol. 12mo. very old stamped calf, Coat of Arms

on sides, 9s 5973 DECEMBRII (Angeli) Mediolanensis Oratoris clarissima, Politiæ Literariæ lib.

VII. first edition, folio, Major's copy, with notes in his autograph relating to the rarity of the book, calf, gilt back, very scarce, 21s

Aug. Vind. 1540 Not mentioned by Maittaire, Brunet, and other bibliographers. Priced, 1842, Thorpe, £1. 58. Sold, Aug. 1816, in the Roscoe sale for £3. 108. “Angelus Decembrius, Uberti F. Petri Candidi frater Grammaticus, unus eorum qui tenebris capita extollere ensi sunt, sacpe rari judicii scriptor, ut G. Bartbio dicitur ad Claudiani IV. Cons. Honor." -Saxius in Onomastico.

5974 DIBUADII (C.) in Geometriam Euclidis Demonstratio Linealis, Arnhemii, 1603

-Ejusdem in Geometriam Euclidis Demonstratio numeralis, Lugd. Bat. 1603 -Cataldi (Petri Antonii) Opusculum de Lineis rectis æquidistantibus et non æquidistantibus, Bononiæ, 1603—Cataldo (P. A.) Operetta delle Linee rette equidistanti, et non equidistanti, Bologna, 1603_Romani (Adriani) Problema Apolloniacum, Wirceburgi, 1596—a collection of 5 very scarce mathematical tracts, 4to. bound in old citron Morocco, with the arms of J. A. Thuanus (De

Thou) stamped in gold on sides, £3. 3s 5975 DISSERTATIONES Ludicrarum et Amoenitatum Scriptores varii, 6d 1644 5976 FOLENGO (Theophilo). Merlini Cocaii poetae Mantuani Macaronicorum opus, 18mo. many quaint woodcuts, very fine copy in russia, 98

Venet. 1585 5977

Opus Macaronicum, notis illustratum, cui accessit Vocabularium Vernaculum, Etruscum et Latinum, 2 vols. 4to. portrait and vignettes, hf. bd. 30s

Amstelodami, 1768-71 5978 GEBRI (Regis Arabum, philosophi perspicacissimi) Summa Perfectionis, 12mo. vellum, 3s 6d

Gedani, 1682 On Alchemy, early Chemistry and Astrology. 5979 JOANNIS PHYSIOPHILI Specimen Monachologiae methodo Linnaeana, 4to.

3 plates of the Garments of all the Monastic Orders, hf. bd. 7s 6d Aug. Vind. 1783 5980 the same, royal 4to. Large Paper, hf. russia, 10s

1783 5981

the same, with the Tract “Phylantropii Specimen Antimonachologiae, 1783,” 4to. hf. bd. 12s

1783 5982

Opuscula : Monachologia, Accusatio et defensio Physiophili, Anatomia Monachi, ed Martius, 8vo. with 6 plates, hf. bd. 10s

Aug. Vind. 1784 5983

Mönchologie, nach Linnäischer Methode, 8vo. 3 plates, hf. mor.58 1786 The late Mr. Brown, the eminent Naturalist, possessed the above 5 copies of this most cutting Satire against the Vices and Characteristics of Monks, in which they are treated as Animals, arranged according to the Linnaean system. 5984 LONGOLII (C.) Epistolæ, item Bartolomæus Riccius de Imitatione, fine copy, choice old French red morocco, gilt back, marbledand gilt edges, 12s

Lugd. apud hæred. Seb. Gryphii, 1563 5985 NIPHUS (Augustinus) de Pulchro, 4to. clviii leaves printed in italic type, vellum, 158

Niphani, 1529 Rare. The only edition Brunet mentions is that ofLugd. Batav. 1641.' On the colophon stands Niphani Novembris, MDXXIX,' but the permission is dated • die vii Decembris, Mdxxx.' 5986 PEUCERUS de praecipuis Divinationum generibus, in quo a prophetiis et a phy

sicis conjecturis discernuntur Artes Diabolicae ; de Astrologia, Magia, Somniis, Incantationibus, Oraculis, etc. st. sm. 8vo. vellum, 12s

Servestae, 1591 5987 PINAEUS de Integritatis et Corruptionis Virginum notis ; Boniaciolus, Plater,

Gassendus et Sebizius de Virginitate, 12mo. plates, vellum, 2s 6d Lugd. Bat. 1650 5988 REISCH (Greg.) Margarita Philosophica, totius philosophiæ rationalis naturalis

et moralis principia duodecim libris dialogice complectens, sm. stout 4to. fine woodcuts, old calf gilt, 18s

Argent. 1504 5989

another edition, printed on THICK PAPER, with a different series of woodcuts from the preceding, 4to. calf, very neat, fine copy, 36s Venetiis, 1519

Ouvrage singulier et fort bien exécuté, tant pour la partie typographique que pour les figures gravées en bois qui s'y trouvent en assez grand nombre, &c."— Brunet. In all the 12 subsequent editions to 1535, the first part of the title was left out. “This work has exercised a great influence upon the spreading of mathematical and physical knowledge, and Chasles has proved the importance of Reisch's Encyclopædia for the History of Mathematical Sciences.”—A. von Humboldt. A work in twelve books, comprising a distinct treatise on all the seven liberal sciences."-Burney. 5990 ROSVITH. Poesies latines de Rosvith, religieuse saxonne du xe siecle, avec

une traduction libre en vers français, par Vignon Rétif de la Bretonne, large 8vo. hf. bd. red morocco, uncut, 7s 6d

Paris, 1854 5991 SADOLETI (Jac., Cardinalis) Epistolæ, cum Appendice et Vita Sadoleti, 5 vols.

12mo. portrait, good copy in calf, a present to Archd. Coxe from Wm. Melmoth, Esq. of Bath, in 1774, 18s

Romæ, 1759-67 Best edition of the Epistolae, containing : Epistolae, Leonis X., Clementis VII., Pauli III., nomine scriptae ; Epistolae Familiares, 3 vols. ; Epistolarum Appendix accedunt Hier. Nigri et Pauli Sadoleti Vitae ac rariora Monumenta. 5992 SIDONII (C. Sol. Apollin., Arvernorum Episc ) Opera, cum notis J. Sirmondi,

4to. best edition, Louis XIVth's copy, in old red morocco, gilt edges, the sides

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