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and back covered with the crowned L and fleur-de-lys, and having the royal arms on sides, all worked in gold, £2. 2s

Paris, 1652 “Sidonius, Bishop of Claremont, lived in the fifth century. He was a man learned above the age he lived in, skilled in all parts of literature and science, of a subtle and penetrating wit, and not an inelegant writer. Of his works about four and twenty poems, and nine books of Epistles, containing many particulars relative to the learning and history of the times, are still extant.”. Chalmers. “ His writings, very different from those of Prudentius, bear the stamp rather of Paganism than of genuine Christianity.”Herbert's Attila, p. 463. “ Les temoignages de cette epoque (des Gotlıs) contemporaine de massacres, de Pillages, d'Incendies se trouvent dans les lettres de Sidoine Apollinaire toutes empreintes de la tristesse de son temps."-Barante, Melanges Hist. ii, p. 22. 5993 SPINOZA (B. de) Opera omnia, praefationes vitamque auctoris addidit Paulus, 2 vols. stout 8vo. portrait, bds. rare, 158

Jenae, 1802-3 5993* SAINTES, Histoire de la Vie et des Ouvrages de Spinosa, 8vo. portrait, sd. 3s 6d

Paris, 1842 5994 STEPHANI (H.) Principum Monitrix Musa. Ejusd. Poemata, sm. 8vo. russia gilt, Dr. Askew's and Wodhull's copy, 12s

Basil, 1590 5995 TITII (Roberti, Burgensis) Locorum controversorum libri X. in quibus plurimi

veterum scriptorum loci conferuntur, explicantur, et emendantur multò aliter, quàm hactenus a quoquam factum sit, Florentiæ, 1583—Ejusdem pro suis Locis controversis Assertio adversus Yvonem Villiomarum (J. Scaligerum), ib. 1589. 2 vols. 4to. Baron Meerman's copy in old Dutch red morocco, gilt edges, with

his book-plate pasted on the inside covers, £2. 10s This copy originally sold for £5. 58, and was afterwards priced by Thorpe £2. 128 6d. Hibbert's copy fetched £1. 178.

These two volumes are very rare ; the second, which is directed against the criticisms of J. Scaliger, under the name of Villiomarus, is so exceedingly scarce, that I never saw another copy; nor ever knew a scholar who possessed the book, indeed few know its existence.

Rev. J. Mitford, 1831 “ Ce traité fit honneur a l'erudition de l'auteur, et excita la bile de Joseph Scaliger, qui l'attaqua en ennemi et d'une manière tres violente. Titi defendit son livre en 1589, en vrai savant, et répondit à la critique injuste et violente de Scaliger, sans lui rendre injures pour injures."

Dictionnaire Universel. 5996 Tobacco. Cohausen, Raptus ecstaticus in Montem Parnassum, in eoque Visus

Satyrorum Lusus cum nasis tobaco-prophoris, 12mo. calf, 2s 6d Amst. 1726 5997 VANINI (Jul. Cæs.) Amphitheatrum æternæ providentiæ divino-magicum, chris.

tiano-physicum, nec non astrologo-catholicum adversus veteres Philosophos, Atheos, Epicureos, Peripatetices et Stoicos, small 8vo. red morocco, gold borders,

Lugd. 1615 5998 VERGILII (Polydori) de Rerum inventoribus libri VIII. et de Prodigiis libri III.

12mo, engraved title, a portrait inserted, vellum, uncut, 188 Amst. Elz. 1671 “ Des exemplaires non rognés ont été vendus 74 fr. F. Didot; 58 fr. Coulon ; 44 fr. Labédoy."

Brunet. 5999 VIDÆ (M. H.) Poemata omnia, curantibus J. A. et C. Vulpiis, 2 vols. 4to. portrait, calf gilt, 158

Patavii, 1731 6000 WOLFII (Joh.) Lectionum Memorabilium et Reconditarum Centenarii XVI.

2 vols. folio, engraved titles, portrait of the author, and numerous curious woodcuts including figures of monsters, representations of extraordinary Phenomena, etc. ; original edition, with the best impressions of the woodcuts, nice clean copy, in old English calf, ornamented sides, £2. 2s

Lavinge, 1600 Sold at the Roxburgh sale for £6. 168 6d. This prodigious repertory appears never to have received that accurate and minute description to which its contents give it so decided a claim. The compiler, Wolfius, is said to have been employed on it during the greater part of his life, diligently transcribing from more than three thousand authors, chiefly Protestant, all the Anecdotes, Histori. ettes, Memorable Events, Sketches, Epigrams, Remarkable Prophecies, and an indescribable variety of other matters, which seemed worthy of insertion. Many of these relate to eminent Englishmen, and are probably extracted from some of our publications of the fifteenth century, with which the editor may have become acquainted during his residence in this country, as Ambassador from the Electors Palatine.—Though fragments constitute the leading feature of the work, yet frequently large and entire pieces are introduced, for example : the Satirical Poetry of Walter Mapes, (who distinguished himself for his wit, under K. Henry II., K. John, and K. Richard.)– A curious Comparison between Christ and Antichrist in verse, occupying 36 columns.-L. Capilupii Cento Virgilianus,--and various others. The following lively notice contained in Dibdin's Decamerou

scarce, 145

may be appropriately subjoined. “On a rainy or a snowy day, when all looks sad and dismal without, my worthy friend and neighbour, Phormio, sometimes gives me a call,—and we have a rare set to at my old favourite volumes--the Lectiones Memorabiles et reconditæ' of Wolfius,-a common-place book of as many curious and extraordinary occurrences, as ever were introduced into two ponderous folios. The number of strange cuts in it used to amuse my dear children, whose parent, from the remembrance of the past, still finds a pleasing recollection in looking at them.'

II. SPECIMENS OF PRINTING, in curious types ; Books printed on VELLUM, or Coloured Paper; Specimens

of Old BINDING. 6001 GALTHERI (Philippi) Alexandreidos Libri decem nunc primum in Gallia Galli

cisque Characteribus editi, small 4to. 84 leaves in Script-type (Lettres de Civilité) VERY RARE, fine copy, red morocco, gilt edges, by F. Bedford, £3. 10s

Lugduni excudebut Robertus Granjon, 1558 Priced, 1827, Thorpe, morocco, £3.38 ; sold in Marsh's sale for £2. 68., in Watson Taylor's for £3. 58., in Mr. Dent's wanting the title and first leaf, for £2. 118, and in the White Knights for £2. 18. A much inferior copy fetched at Mitford's sale, Dec. 20, 1859, at Sotheby's £3. 68.

“ Cette édition exécutée en caractères cursifs, dits de civilité, est peu commune et assez recherchée." - Brunet.

A scarce poetical Romance. The author, a native of Lille, was Bishop of Maguelone in Languedoc, and was esteemed one of the best Latin Poets of liis age. He is considered the author of the well-known Proverb " Incidis in Scyllam cupiens vitare Charybdin,” which occurs at folio 42 in this poem.

Galeottus Martius, who died in 1476, was the first to discover the author of the line in question, see Menagiana, edit. 1729, vol. i. p. 173. Erasmus was ignorant of this author, although we learn from Henricus Gandavensis de Scriptoribus Ecclesiasticis, that the Alexandreis had been read in the schools. Barthius also, in his notes to Claudian, has words to the same effect Freinsheim, however, in his Comment on Quintus Curtius, confesses that he had never seen the work of Gaultier. Shakspeare, who caught the ray of every gem, has embodied this line in his Merchant of Venice, Act III. Scene 5. See Steven's Shakspeare, edit. 1793, vol. v. pp. 490-2. 6002 APIANI CHOROGRAPHIA BAVARIAE : Beschreibung Obern und Nidern Bavern,

ob. fol. 25 maps engraved on copper by P. Weiner, surrounded by Arabesques ard Coats of Arms, PRINTED UPON VELLUM, interleaved with a MS. Contents of euch

map, very rare if not UNIQUE in this state, hf. bd. vellum, £10. P(1550) 6003 FEUDAL Laws : Beau Traicté de la Diversité de Nature des Fiefs en Flandres,

royal 8vo. printed, from a Manuscript written about the middle of the XVIth century, on ROSE COLOURED paper, russia extra, gilt edges and silk linings, 18s

Gand. 1839 6004 FROMMENT, les Actes et Gestes merveilleux de la cité de GENEVE, nouvelle

ment convertie à l'Evangille, redigez en fourme de Chroniques, commencant 1532 ; mis en lumière par Revilliod, 8vo. xxxii, 250 and ccxvi pp. numerous

Etchings, printed on COLOURED PAPER, vellum, uncut, 30s Geneve, 1854 6005 GENNARI (G.) Annali della Citta di Padova, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. the only copy printed

on large thick blue paper, done expressly for the Count Tomitano, with his autograph, vellum, uncut, £2. 10s

Bassano, 1804 6006 MACHAZOR Italicum sive Judiacarum Precum totius Anni Italici Ritus ad

Usum Hebræorum, Hebraice, 12mo. 351 leaves, printed upon vellum, unique, black morocco, gilt edges, £10.

Bologna, 1558 The Headings to each division, as well as the Intitulations to each Prayer, are in LETTERS OF

Neither Van Praet nor Brunet mentions this beautifully printed edition, and no copy of it is to be found in the Grenville Collection.

Sheet 32 has 10 leaves, all the rest 8 leaves each. 6007 THOMSON, les Saisons, poëme, traduit de l'anglais (par Mme. Bontemps) 8vo. beautifully printed on LARGE BLUE PAPER, cf. extra, gt. edges, 30s Par. Didot, 1795

Very few copies were printed on Blue Paper. 6008 ARISTIDIS ORATIONES, interprete Gul. Cantero, Graece et Latine, 3 vols.

in 2, sm. 8vo. a beautiful copy in choice old red morocco, the back and sides elaborately tooled in excellent taste, gilt edges, fine specimen of a rare style of tooling, £2. 10s

(Genevae) Oliva Pauli Stephani, 1604 6009 BIBLE (ENGLISH). The Holy Bible, containing the Old Testament and the

New; the whole Book of Psalms, collected into English metre by Sternbold and
Hopkins-together 3 vols. in 1, small 8vo. engraved title by Vaughan, fine copy,


in old English red morocco, tooled back and sides, gilt edges, in beautiful preservation, £2. 28

Cambridge, John Field, 1661 Sold in Hollis' sale for £3. 13s 6d. A rare edition, containing an important substitution in the Acts, chap. vi. verse 3, where, instead of 'we may appoint,' is 'ye may appoint.' 6010 Novum TESTAMENTUM GRÆCUM, folio, ruled with red lines, a superb specimen of

a rare style of red morocco binding, the back and sides covered with elaborate tooling of excellent design and workmanship, somewhat in the Grolier style, but differing by the greater freedom and by the introduction of floriated ornament ; the whole has just been carefully revived by a first rate London binder, £5.58

Lutetiae, ex offic. R. Stephani, 1550 In ordinary bindings, the above has been priced, by Treuttel, mor. £1. 128 ; 1847, Nattali, old calf, £1. 168 ; Heath's copy in mor. fetched £4. 48 ; Roscoe's, £2.; Devonshire duplicate, £l. lls 6d.

“This is the splendid and critical edition of R. Stephen, which has so justly excited the admiration of the curious and learned. It contains various readings in the margin from the sixteen MSS. (including the Complutensian edition) which were consulted in the formation of the preceding ones and the text is allowed to be not only more correct than that of the foregoing editions, but to be the parent of almost all the subsequent ones. Its intrinsic excellence has not only been acknowledged by every Bibliographer, but its celebrity has placed Stephen, the editor as well as printer, on a footing with the most distinguished literary characters in Europe." See Dibdin's Bibl. Spencer. V.p. 102. 6011 BIBLIA Sacra Vulgatæ Editionis, 4to. ruled with red lines, frontispiece and

numerous vignettes, a beautifully printed book, in old red morocco, the back and sides covered with an elaborate tooling of the period, the gilding in parts slightly faded, but the design still quite perfect, £2. 2s Parisiis, e typog. Regia, 1653 For an account of the edition, see Dibdin's Bibl. Spencer., VII. p. 53.

III. PROVERBS. 6012 FLORIATI Proverbiorum trilinguium Collectanea, Latina, Italia et Hispana, sm. 4to. 340 pp. vellum, clean copy, 308

Napoli, 1636 This very choice collection of Italian and Spanish Proverbs is unknown to Nopitsch and other bibliographers. 6013 MACDONNEL's Dictionary of Quotations, from the Latin, French, Greek, Spanish

and Italian, with translations and illustrations, 12mo. hf. bd. 4s 6d. 1811 6014 MÉRY, Histoire générale des Proverbes, Adages, Sentences, et Apophthegmes, 3 vols. 8vo. sd. 12s

Paris, 1828 6015 NOPITSCH, Literatur der Sprichwörter, 8vo. 2s

Nürnberg, 1833 6016 SELECT PROVERBS, Italian, Spanish, French, English, Scottish, British (or

Welsh), Italian, Spanish and French with English translations, 12mo. calf, 88

1707 6017 Arabic. Meidanii Proverbia Arabica, notis illustravit Schulteng, 4to. 454 proverbs in Arabic and Latin, hf. bd. calf, 78 6d

Lugd. Bat. 1795 6018 Chinese. DAVIS (Sir John F.) Chinese Novels, translated from the originals, to which are added Proverbs and Moral Maxims, 8vo. cloth, 38 6d

1822 6019

Chinese Moral Maxims, with a free and verbal translation, affording examples of the grammatical structure of the Language,

8vo. cl. 78 6d Macao, 1823 6020 Danish. MEYER (J.) Dictionnaire des Proverbes Danois, 4to. 32 and 568 pp. in Danish, with a French translation, good copy in calf, 18s Copenhague, 1757

Vol. peu commun et assez recherché,"— - Brunet. 6021 Dutch. TUINMAN, de Oorsprong en Uitlegging van Nederduitsche Spreek

woorden, 2 vols. in 1, with Supplements of Weather Proverbs, the School of Salerno, etc. stout sm. 4to. vellum, fine copy, 108

Middelburg, 1726-27 6022 English. JANUA LINGUARUM, turned from the Spanish into English by Wm.

Welde, editio quarta, sm. 4to. containing several hundred proverbs in English

and Latin, calf, 20s Lond. execudebat H. L. impensis Matt. Lownes, 1621 6923 Ray's (Rev. J.) English Proverbs, also the most esteemed of the Scotch, Italian,

French, Spanish and other Languages, the fourth edition, 1768—Ray's Collection of English Words not generally used, with their Significations : Glossaries of North, South and East Country Words, Glossarium Northanhymbricum,

1768—2 vols. in 1, 8vo. bright old calf gilt, 10$ 6024 French. BELLINGEN l’Etymologie ou explication des Proverbes François,

divisée en trois livres, par chapitre en forme de dialogue, 12mo. original binding, 158

La Haye, Ad. Vlacq. 1656 Volume peu commun et rès-recherché. Vendu jusqu'à 38 fr. 50 c. Labédoy.—Brunet.

rare, 20s

6025 CRAPELET, Proverbes et Dictons Populaires,

avec les Dits du Mercier et des Marchands, et les Crieries de Paris, aux XIIIe et XIVe Siècles, par G. A. Crapelet, impl. 8vo. PAPIER D'HOLLANDE, facsimiles, bds. 21s Paris, 1831

Only 7 copies were printed on Large Dutch Paper. 6026 DICTIONNAIRE des Proverbes François, et des Façons de Parler comiques, Bur.

lesques et Familieres, etc. avec l'explication et les Etymologies les plus avérées, 12mo. calf, 58

Paris, 1749 6027 DICTIONNAIRE des Proverbes Français, 8vo. 418 pp. sd. 78 6d Paris, 1821 6028 Matinées Sénonoises, ou Proverbes Français, 8vo. 548 pp. calf, 78 6d Sens, 1789 6029 PROVERBES FRANÇAIS (Le livre des) par le Roux de Lincy, avec un Essai sur

la Philosophie de Sancho Pança par F. Denis, 2 vols. 12mo. hf. vellum, 78 6d

Paris, 1842 6030 the same, 2 vols. in 1, 12mo. hf. russia, 78

1842 6031 QUITARD, Etudes sur les Proverbes Français contenant l'Explication d'un grand

nombre de Proverbes oubliés dans tous les recueils, 8vo. hf. calf, 6s Paris, 1860 6032 Gaelic. MACKINTOSH's Collection of Gaelic Proverbs, 12mo. Gaelic and English, bds. 58

Edinburgh, 1819 6033 German, EISELEIN's Sprichwörter und Sinnreden des deutschen Volkes Alter und neuer Zeit, 8vo. sewed, 3s 6d

Freiburg, 1840 6034 FRANCK'S Sprichwörter, Schöne, Weise, Herzliche Clugreden unnd Hoff.

sprüch, zusammen tragen in ettlich Tausent inn lustig höflich Teutsch bekürzt, 2 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. 6, 163 and 211 leaves, original stamped vellum binding,

Franckenfurt am Meyn, 1541 6035 SPRICHWÖRTER, das ist, schöne, weise und kluge Reden, darinnen Teutscher

unnd anderer Spraachen Höflicheit, Zier, höchste Vernunfft und Klugheit gespürt und begriffen, stout 16mo. hf. calf, 58

Franckfurt, 1591 6036 ZINKGRÄFEN's Deutsche Apophthegmata: Teutscher Nation Klug-aussge. sprochene Weissheit, 18mo. vellum, 2s 6d

Leyden, 1644 6037 Italian. GARUFFI, l'Antidoto de' Malinconici, 12mo. with Cento Proverbi Rabinici,' vellum, 78 6d

Rimino, 1687 6038 PESCETTI (Orlando) Proverbi Italiani-Proverbi Italiani et Latini per uso de fanciulli—in 1 vol. 18mo. vellum, fine copy, 188

Verona, 1602 6039

the same, another edition, 2 vols. in 1, 18mo. vellum, 158 Venetia, 1629 6040 RAMPOLDI Proverbi e Sentenze Proverbiali, 18mo.562 pp. sewed, 38 Milano, 1852 6041 Latin. Erasmi Adagiorum Opus, copioso locupletatum auctario, folio, printed in italic type, engraved woodcut border round title, clean copy, 78 6d

Lugduni, S. Gryphius, 1529 “The Adagia of Erasmus contains a collection of about 5000 Proverbs, gathered from a constant study of the ancients. Erasmus, blest with the genius which could enliven a folio, delighted himself and all Europe by the continued accessions he made to a volume, which even now may be the companion of literary men for a winter day's fire-side.”—D'Israeli. 6042 Maltese. VASSALLI, Motti, Aforismi e Proverbii Maltesi raccolti ed interpretati con note filologiche, 8vo. bds. 58

Malta, 1828 6043 Persian and Hindoostanee. ROEBUCK's Proverbs, and Proverbial Phrases in the Persian and

Hindoostanee Languages, compiled and translated chiefly by the late Capt. T. Roebuck, edited by Professor H. H. Wilson, stout 8vo. hf. bd. rare, 36s

Calcutta, 18.4 In addition to the translation of the Proverbs, many of them are further illustrated by a comparison with the analogous proverbial phrases of the West, and by an explanation of their tendency, or the circumstances on which they are founded. 6044 Scottish. KELLY's collection of Scottish Proverbs, explained to the English Reader, 12mo. bds. 68

1818 6045 Spanish. COLLINS' Dictionary of SPANISH PROVERBS, compiled from the best

authorities in the Spanish Language, translated into English, with explanatory illustrations from the Latin, Spanish and English Authors, sm. 8vo. 302 pp.cloth, 88

1828 “I am of opinion, Sancho, that there is no Proverb which is not true, because they are all sentences drawn from experience itself, the Mother of all the Sciences.”—Don Quixote, part I.cap. 21. 6046 Lopez de Mendoca (Iñigo) Proverbios, 24mo. calf, 5s

Anvers, 1594 6047 NUNEZ (H.) Refranes o Proverbios en Castellano, por el orden Alfabetico, revistos y enmendados


Luis de Leon, 4 vols. 16mo. calf, 28s Madrid, 1804 “ Cette dernière edition renferme de nombreuses augmentations.”– Brunet.

6048 OUDIN, Refranes Castellanos : Proverbes espagnols et françois, 2de édition, 12mo, calf, 78

Paris, 1609 6049

another edition, with “ Cartas en Refranes de Blasco de Garay,” 18mo. vellum, 7s 6d

Brux. 1612 6050 PEREZ DE HERRERA (Christ.) Proverbios Morales y consejos Christianos,

small 4to. large woodcuts of Proverbs and Emblems, fine copy of a scarce edition of Spanish Poems, bds. 36s

Madrid, 1733 6051 SORAPAN de Rieros (Dr. Juan) Medicina Española, contenida en Proverbios

vulgares de nostra Lengua, stout small 4to. vellum, rare, 30s Madrid, 1616 EARLY PRINTED BOOKS, ROMANCE LITERATURE.

1. ENGLAND. 6052 ARTHUR OF LITTLE BRITAIN. The History of that Valiant Knight Arthur of

Little Britain, a Romance of Chivalry, translated by Lord Berners, and now edited by Utterson, 4to. with a DOUBLE SET OF 25 PLATES, one set coloured after ancient illuminated manuscripts, blue morocco extra, with joints and gilt leaves, £5. 108

1814 Copies with illuminated plates have been priced, 1817, Baldwin, mor. £7.; 1843, morocco, £5. 58 ; 1822, Baldwin, mor. £6. ; Hibbert's copy fetched, £5. 108; 1857, Utterson's copy, mor. £6. 158.

The editor of this elegant volume uses extraordinary diligence in tracing out the name of the original writer of the above Romance, the time of its composition, and other much wished for particulars."-Holmes' Catalogue. 6053 BROWNE (T., Dr. of Physick) Hydriotaphia, Urne-Buriall, or a Discourse of the

Sepulchrall Urnes lately found in Norfolk, with the Garden of Cyrus, 12mo. frontispiece of 4 urns, first edition, old calf, 7s 6d

1658 This copy has a frontispiece to the Garden of Cyrus and 3 leaves at the end, not mentioned by Lowndes. * One of the most beautiful works of this admirable author."- Quarterly Review. 6054 DIGGES (Thos.) Geometrical practical Treatize named Pantometria : Longimetra,

Planimetra, and Stereometria, folio, many woodcuts and diagrams, old binding, 78 6d

London, Jeffes, 1591 6055 FREEMASONRY : MANUSCRIPT (English) on the History of Freemasonry,

written on 24 leaves in a large clear hand, sm. folio size, a curious manuscript, 3s 6d

(P 1700) 6056 HOARE (Sir Richard Colt) Recollections Abroad, from 1785 to 1791 inclusive,

(during his Travels in France, Germany, Istria, Italy, Sicily, Malta, Abruzo, &c.) 4 vols. royal 8vo. UNCUT, PRIVATELY PRINTED, EXTREMELY RARE,. £12.

Bath, 1815-18 Priced 1847, Thorpe, mor. £25.; Lowndes mentione only 3 vols. and says that Coxe's copy fetched, £11. 18.

ONLY TWENTY-FIVE Copies of Vols. I. and II. and Fifty of the Vols. III. and IV. of this interesting work were privately printed, to be given as presents to the friends of the noble baronet, whose writings are much coveted by antiquarians and collectors in general. It contains a description of his four several journeys from London to Paris, Lyon, Turin, Milan, Parma, Modena, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Naples, Geneva, Loreto, Ancona, Rimini, through Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Sicily, Malta, &c., with description of each place, the paintings, curiosities, &c., forming a most valuable acquisition to the traveller, artist, or connoisseur. The above copy is numbered 9 and was presented to T. S. Champneys, Esq., with the author's autograph, AND IT IS BELIEVED TO BE THE THIRD COMPLETE ONE WHICH HAS EVER OCCURRED FOR SALE.

“ Vol. I, contains the Recollections of the Author, the late Sir Richard Colt Hoare, Bart., in France and Italy. Vol. II. Recollections of Germany, Istria and Italy. Vol. III. Sicily and Malta. Vol. IV. Italy, Abruzzo, &c. Of Vols. I. and JI. twenty-five copies only were printed. Vols. III. aná IV. fifty copies.”—Martin's bibliogr.-catalogue of privately printed Books. 6057 PURCHAS (Samuel) Theatre of Politicall Flying-Insects, wherein especially

the Nature, the Worth, the Work, the Wonder, and the manner of Rightordering of the Bee, is discovered and described, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. calf, 165 1657

* An amusing work upou the natural history of Bees.”—Lowndes. 6058 REGIMEN Sanitatis Salerni ; or the Schoole of Salernes Regiment of Health,

enlarged by P. (hilemon) H. (olland). Whereunto is annexed a necessary Discourse of all sorts of Fishes, sm. 4to. Black letter, old calf, rare, 20s 1640

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