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Nations, edited and enriched with notes by Dr. Latham. This immortal work was long out of print, and you have conferred a benefit on Science, especially on Ethnology, by publishing a new edition of it. Mr. Quaritch, Publisher, Leicester Square.

I am, yours, truly, R. CULL. SIR,_I am much obliged to you for sending me Prichard's Eastern Origin of the Celtic Nations by Dr. Latham. This new edition of Prichard's Celtic Nations, seems (as far as I have had time to look into it) a very great improvement upon the old one, and contains twice the quantity of matter. Llangadwaladr, Anglesey, July 1, 1857.

Yours obediently, J. H. WILLIAMS. “ Dr. Prichard's greater work is too well known for it to be necessary for us to do more than introduce the present new edition to the reader. But this volume is not merely a reprint; it contains a large amount of original matter. For instance, nearly a hundred pages are devoted by Dr. Latham to the Celtic nations of antiquity; and anotber long supplementary chapter discusses several questions collateral to the main one. We have been struck with the fact, that a topic treated with great depth of learning is yet made of intense interest to general readers."-Clerical Journal. 1126 TOLAND'S (John) Miscellaneous Works, with Life by Des Maizeaux, 2 vols. 8vo. old calf, rare, 12s

1726 Contains a Specimen of the Critical History of the Celtic Religion and Learning, with an Account of the Druids.—Vocabularium Armorico- Hibernicum.-Specimen of the Armorican language.-Catalogus vocum quarundam Armoricarum quas Hibernicas esse deprehendi.-De Jordano Bruno.-An Account of Jordano Bruno's celebrated Book.-Books ascribed to the Apostles. The Primitive Constitution of the Christian Church, with Account of the principal Controversies, &c. 1127 ZEUSS, Grammatica Celtica, e Monumentis Vetustis tam Hibernicæ Lingua

quam Britannicæ Dialecti Cambricæ, Cornicæ, Armoricæ, nec non e Gallicæ priscæ reliquiis, 2 vols. 8vo. 1167 pp. new, 24

Lipsiae, 1854 The most learned Celtic Polyglott hitherto published. It is really astonishing what immense stores of Philological research are treasured up in these two volumes. 1128 Breton. LEPELLETIER, Dictionnaire de Langue Bretonne, où l'on voit

son antiquité et son affinité avec les anciennes langues ; et l'étymologie de plusieurs mots des autres langues, folio, calf gilt, £2. 12s 6d

Paris, 1752 "An excellent Dictionary of the old Breton Language ; Lepelletier was one of the most learned Scholars in Celtic matters that Brittany has produced.” - 1, Li Jones. 1129 LEGONIDEC, Grammaire Celto-Bretonne, 8vo. xvi and 316 pp. half russia, 68

Paris, 1807 1130

Grammaire Celto-Bretonne, 1838; Essai sur la Philologie Slave et sur l'Influence politique et religieuse qui l'a dirigée par M. D. S****k, plate of

Slavic Alphabets, 1846, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. hf. bound, 68 6d Paris, 1838-46 1131 - - Dictionnaire Celto-Breton, ou Breton Français, avec des observations

preliminaires, et un tableau des Celticismes, 8vo. xxiii pp. and 460 pp. double columns, hf. russia, 12s

Angoulême, 1821 1132 - Dictionnaire Breton-Français et Français-Breton, avec la Grammaire

Celto-Bretonne ; enrichi d'Additions et des mots Gallois et Gaëls correspondants au Breton, par Hersart de la Villemarqué, 3 vols. in 2, 4to. sd. uncut, 32s

Saint Brieuc, 1847-50 An excellent Dictionary, indispensable to every Celtic student, and offered at a moderate price. 1133 VILLEMARQUÉ (Hersart de la) Barzaz-Breiz, Chants Populaires de la Bretagne,

avec une traduction française, des Arguments, des Notes et les Mélodies originales, quatrième edition augmentée, 2 vols. 12mo. 970 pp. text, and 56 pp. music, fine copy in green morocco, gilt edges, 188

Paris, 1846 1134 Cornish-English Vocabulary, a curious MS., 108 pp. treble columns, sm. 4to

hf. bd. from the library of Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Hamilton Smith of Ply

mouth, can be inspected at my establishment. - 1135 NORRIS. THE ÅNCIENT CORNISH DRAMA, edited and translated by Mr. Edwin Norris, R.A.S. 2 vols. 8vo. new, 218

1859 The work consists of three old mystery or miracle plays, of which the original is given on the left hand page, and a translation on the right. The first is on the Creation, wherein Adam, amongst other animals, named the Conger. The second play is on the Passion of our Lord, and the third on the Resurrection. Following these are notes, a grammar of the language, also, printed separately, a vocabulary, a list of names of places mentioned, etc. 1136 Gaelic. ARMSTRONG'S Gaelic Dictionary: Gaelic-English and EnglishGaelic, with a Grammar, 4to. (pub. at £3. 13s 6d) bds. 20s

1825 - 1137 DICTIONARIUM Scoto-CELTICUM, a Dictionary of the Gaelic Language, compiled

by the Highland Society, 2 vols. 4to. (pub. at £7. 78) cloth, £2. Edinb. 1828 1138 Ossian. The Poems of Ossian, Orrann, Ulin, and other Bards, collected (and translated) by H. and J. M.Callum, 8vo. bds. 78 6d

- Montrose, 1816


1139 OSSIAN'S Poems in the Original Gaelic, with a literal translation into Latin by

Macfarlane, a dissertation by Sir John Sinclair, a translation from the Italian of the Abbe Cesarotti's Controversy with Notes, &c. by J. M. Arthur, published under the sanction of the HIGHLAND SOCIETY of London, 3 vols. 8vo. plates, £2. 108

1807 1139* the same, LARGE PAPER, royal 8vo. £3. 38

1807 1140 MACKENZIE, Report of the Committee of the Highland Society of Scotland on

the Poems of OSSIAN; Appendix, with specimens of the Poems in Gaelic and English ; Account of Gaelic MSS.; 8vo. 3 facsimiles, with a page_in MS. on

the subject by Lt.-Col. Chas. Hamilton Smith, half calf, 78 6d Edinb. 1805 1141 Irish, CATECHISM; or Christian Doctrine (Donlevy's) in English and Irish, the latter printed in the Irish character, 8vo. calf, 6s


The Complete Series of 6 vols. royal 8vo. portraits (sold to subscribers for £7.) clean copy, in cloth, £2. 2s

1847-53 LEABHAR NA G-Ceart, or, the Book of Rights; a Treatise on the Rights and Privileges of the Ancient Kings of Ireland, now for the first time edited, with Translation and Notes, by John O'DONOVAN, LL.D., M.R.I.A. Prefixed to this volume are the following historical and critical dissertations by the Editor:-1. On the various Manuscripts of the Book of Rights. II. On the Saltair Chaisil, or Psalter of Cashel. III. On the will of Cathaeir Mor, and other pieces introduced into Leabhar na g-Ceart. IV. On the references to Tomar as King or Prince of the Danes of Dublin. V. On the Tract prefixed to the Book of Rights, entitled “The Restrictions and Prerogatives of the Kings of Eire.' VI. On the Division of the Year among the ancient Irish. VII. On the Chariots and Roads of the ancient Irish. VIII. On Chess among the ancient Irish (with engravings). IX. On the Irish Text and Translation. The large paper copy contains full-length portraits of Archbishop Ussher, Luke Wadding, and Roderick O'Flaherty. Sells £1.

CAMBRENSIS EVERSUS, &c. 3 vols. sells £4.
MiscellaNY OF THE Celtic Society, containing :
A Treatise from the Book of Leacan on the O’h-Eidirseceoil's (O'Driscol's) Country, in

the County of Cork.
A Historical Poem on the Battle of Dun (Downpatrick), A.D. 1260.
Sir Richard Bingham's Account of his Proceedings in Connaught, in the reign of Elizabeth.
A Narrative of Sir Henry Docwra's Services in Ulster, written A.D. 1614 ; together with

other original Documents and Letters illustrative of Irish History. Edited by JOHN

O'DONOVAN, Esq., LL.D., M.R.I.A., sells £1. Cath Muighe LENA : The Battle of Magh Lena; an ancient historic Tale, edited by EUGENE

CURRY, Esq., M.R.I.A., from original MSS. sells £1. 1143 GAELIC Society's Publications:

Observations on the Gaelic Language ; O'Flanagan's Advice to a Prince and Deirdri, Irish and English, etc. in 1 vol. 8vo. half bound, 58

Dublin, 1808 1144 DOCTRINA Christiana, in Irish : An Teagasg Chrissoaiohe, 12mo. leaf, with woodcuts of the Crucifixion and Assumption, half russia, rare,

78 6d Romae, 1707 1145 HARDIMAN's Irish Minstrelsy, or Bardic Remains of Ireland, in Irish, with Eng. lish poetical translations, 2 vols. 8vo. £2.

1831 1146 IRISH ARCHÆOLOGICAL SOCIETY PUBLICATIONS, in 14 vols. 4to. cloth, £7. 10s.

1841-55 CONTENTS : Tracts relating to Ireland, 2 vols.; Battle of Magh Rath ; Irish version of Nennii Historia Britonum; Tribes and Customs of Hy-Fiachrach ; Clyn and Dowling's Annals of Ireland ; Obits and Martyrologies of Christ's Church, Dublin ; Tribes and Customs of Hy many; Grace's Annals of Ireland ; Register of All Hallows, Dublin ; Miscellany ; O'Flaherty's West Connaught ; Petty's History of the Down Survey; O'Kelly's Destruction of Cyprus.

The most complete copy yet offered by me for sale. 1147 MAC CUIRTIN, English-Irish Dictionary and Irish Grammar, 4to. 30s Par.1732

This is the only extensive English-Irish Dictionary published. 1148 Molloy, Grammatica latino-hibernica,18mo. clean copy, cf. neat, 12s Romæ, 1677 1149 O'CONNOR's Chronicles of Eri; being the History of the Gaal Sciot Iber, or the

Irish People ; translated from the original Manuscripts in the Phenician dialect of the Scythian language, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. portrait, plate, facsimile, and 5 maps, bds. uncut, 12s

1822 Containing " A Demonstration of the original Seat, Nations, and Tribes of the Scythian race," “ Radices of words of the ancient Scythian language," and various etymological discussions."

1150 O'DONOVAN's Grammar of the Irish Language, 8vo. cloth, 145

1845 1151 O'REILLY, Sanas Gaoidhilge Sagsbhearla : Irish-English Dictionary, with the

Supplement and a compendious Irish Grammar, 4to. cf. neat, £2. Dublin, 1817 1152 VALLANCEY's Grammar of the Iberno-Celtic or Irish Language, 2nd edition, with an Essay on the Celtic language, 8vo. calf, 7s 6d

ib. 1781 1153 Wood (Thos.) on the Primitive Inhabitants of Ireland, 303 pp. map, 1821—Val

lancey on the Antiquity of the Irish language, 115 pp. 1822–in 1 vol. 8vo. half

bound, 58 1154 Manks. CREGEEN (Archibald) Dictionary of the Manks Language, with

the corresponding words or explanations in English, interspersed with many Gaelic Proverbs, 8vo. 108

Douglas, printed for the Author, 1835 The first Manks Grammar and Dictionary ever published. The author was a poor stone-cutter in the Isle of Man, and never had any other education than that afforded by a penny school. The work is the labour of twenty years, and, melancholy to state has not remunerated the author. 1155 KELLY'S (Rev. John) Practical Grammar of the antient Gaelc; or, the Lan

guage of the Isle of Mann, usually called Manks, 4to. Dedication and 75 pp. bds. very rare, 368

1804 1156 Welsh. DAFYDD AB GWILYM, Barddoniaeth (Poems in Welsh); with a sketch

of his life and writings, and account of men and places mentioned in his works, by W. Owen, thick 12mo. calf, 10s

London, 1789 1156*DAVIES (John, D.D.) Antiquae Linguae Britannicae, nunc communiter dictae

Cambro-Britannicae, å suis Cymraecae vel Cambricae, ab aliis Wallicae, Rudimenta, 12mo. vellum, original edition,

very rare, 25s Lond. Joh. Bill, 1621 Collation : Title ; Dedication to Dr. Richd. Parro; Preface, 23 pp. ; Rescriptum E. Prisei ; Gramınar, 223 pp. ; Authorum Nomina, Poetae Britannici citati, 4 leaves.

This copy has a page neatly written in an old hand “A comparison of ye Pronunciation of ye letters in Welsh to ye Greek and Hebrew letters, by Edward Kyffin ;" also the following auto graphs, 'Liber Guli Cranmer Audo. Lloyd, 1696 ;' Liber Audoeni Lloyd ex dono Gul. Cranme anno Dni 1696, April;' · Henry Salesbury M.A. of Denbigh printed his Grammar 1593. Mr. Wm. Rowlands lent it me anno 1699.' 1157 DAVIES (J.) Antiquae Linguæ Britannicæ, nunc vulgò dictæ Cambro Britan.

nicæ, et Linguæ Latinæ, Dictionarium duplex; accesserunt Adagia Britannica, small folio, no title, poor copy, hf. bound, 258

Lond. 1632 A most elaborate and excellent work." —Nicolson. “ This is a Dictionary of Modern Welsh, the Ancient Welsh was in many instances obscure to Davies."— Murray. 1158 Davies' (Robt.) Welsh Grammar, with the Rules of Welsh Poetry, 12mo. bds. 58

Chester, 1808 1159 DosPATH EDEYRN Dafod Aur: or the Ancient Welsh Grammar, which was com

piled in the thirteenth century by Edeyrn the Golden Tongued, by command, and at the desire of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, Prince of Wales; Rhys Vychan, Lord of Dynevor and Ystrad Towy; and Morgan Vychan, Lord Paramount of Morganwg; and which received the sanction of a national jury. To which is added Y Pum Llyer Kerddwriaeth; or the Rules of Welsh Poetry, originally compiled by Dafydd Ddu Athraw, in the fourteenth, and subsequently enlarged by Simwnt Vychan, in the sixteenth century: with an English Translation, and copious Notes, by the Rev. John Williams Ab Ithel, M.A. 8vo. cloth, 168

Llandovery, Welsh MSS. Soc., 1856 The Editorial Notes, in a smaller type, are incorporated in the Text of Edeyrn, with the view of supplying deficiencies, and rendering the work complete as a practical Grammar of the Cymraeg from the 6th century to the present day. 1160 EVANS (E.) Specimens of the Poetry of the Antient Welsh Bards, Welsh and English, with Notes, 4to. bds. uncut, 12s

1764 1161 GUEST (Lady) THE MABINOGION, or Ancient Romances of Wales, from the

Llyfr Coch o Hergest, and other Ancient Welsh Manuscripts with an English Translation and Notes, by Lady Charlotte Guest, 3 vols. roy. 8vo, with facsimiles of MSS., vignettes, &c. £4. 10s

Llandovery, 1849 The first part is out of print. This is a work abounding with interesting singularities, and must be placed most justly amongst the curiosities of literature."-Hereford Journal. splendid and magnificent work. The notes are exceedingly rich and meritorious, to the infinite credit of Lady Charlotte Guest, whose liberality in this grand undertaking can only be measured by the talent and spirit with which it is conducted."--Monthly Review.

“ The notes are learned in the best sense. The energy of the Translator has been rightly

A most

directed to the complete illustration of her subjects, and she has succeeded in tracing in other lan. guages the same traditions she recovered from the oblivion of the Welsh tongue. Wherever any resemblances existed she has sought them out and recorded them, so that the Mabinogion' gives. us not merely the Welsh Tales, but the contemporaneous poems of the English, the Norman, the German, and even Icelandic writers.”Chronicle. 1162 LEWIS' Geirlyfr Cymraeg a Saesneg: Welsh-English Dictionary, 12mo. 310 pp. double columns, sewed, 4s

Carmarthen, 1805 1163 Welsh-English Dictionary, 12mo. bds. 4s

Carmarthen, 1815 1164 OWEN'S WELSH-English Dictionary, containing nearly 100,000 words; with

Grammar of 166 pp. and Introduction prefixed, and the Addenda of 1 leaf, 2 vols. stout royal 8vo. containing illustrative quotations and translations, half bound, (pub. at £3. 188) 368

1803 1165

the same, with the Grammar, Introduction, and Addenda, 2 vols. 4to. LARGE PAPER, hf. bd. russia, a nice copy, £2. 10s

1803 1166 OWEN (Aneurin) Ancient Laws and Institutes of Wales ; comprising Laws to be

enacted by Howel the Good, prior to the Conquest by Edward I. and Anomalous Laws, Welsh and English, with Indexes and a Glossary, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, uncut, 365

1841 1167 PRICHARD (Rees) the Welshman's Candle: Canwyll y Cymry; sef Gwaith y parchedig, 8vo. bd. 78 6d

Caerfyrddin, 1808 1168 PUGHE'S Welsh and English Dictionary, with Illustrations from the Literary

Remains and from the Living Speech of the Cymmry; to which is prefixed Å Welsh Grammar. An Outline of the Characters of the Welsh, and its utility in connexion with other ancient Languages, for developing the Primitive Speech

of Mankind, is also subjoined, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. (pub. at £3.) cloth, £3. 3s 1822 1169

Welsh-English and WALTER’s English-Welsh Dictionary, 4 vols. royal 8vo. (pub. at £6. 3s) cloth, £4. 4s

Denbigh, 1828-32 Pughe’s Welsh Dictionary is the best extant; it is now out of print. 1170 TALIESIN ; or the Bards and Druids of Britain, a translation of the Remains of the Earliest Welsh Bards, by W. Nash, 8vo. cloth, 10s 6d

1858 1171 Thomas (D.) Welsh Poems : Corph y Gaingc, neu Ddifyrwch Teuluaidd, 12mo. half morocco, 78 6d

Dolgellen, 1810 1172 WALTER'S English and Welsh Dictionary, wherein not only the Words, but

also the Idioms and Phraseology of the English Language, are carefully translated into Welsh, by proper and equivalent Words and Phrases : with a regular interspersion of English Proverbs and Proverbial Expressions, rendered by corresponding ones in the Welsh Language. To which is added, A Dissertation on the Welsh Language, pointing

out its

Antiquity, Copiousness, Grammatical Perfection, with Remarks on its Poetry, and other Articles not foreign to the subject, 2 vols. royal 8vo. third edition, corrected and improved, (pub. at £3. 38 bds.) cloth, 21s

1828 Pughe and Walters united, make the best Welsh Dictionary. 1173 WELSH PRAYER-Book. Holl Ddled-Swydd Dyns yn Cymro-aeg gan Langford ;

Dwywolder Neillduol ar amyw Achasion, yn gystal Cyffredinol ag Anghyffredinol, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. calf, rare, 158

1711 GERMANIC LANGUAGES. 1174 ANGLO-SAXON, ÆLFRIC SOCIETY, Publications of the, the com

plete Series : the Homilies of Ælfric, 10 parts--Poetry of the Codex Vercellensis, part 1–The Dialogues of Salomon and Saturn, 3 parts, edited by J. M. Kemble --together 14 parts 8vo. sewed, £2. 10s

1843-8 1175 BEDÆ Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum; Item Rege Aluredo Anglo

Saxonicè redditum Chronicon; Vita S. Cudbercti; Historia Abbatum Viuremu-
thensium et Gyruuensium; Epistola ad Ecgberctum; libellus de Locis sanctis ;
Martyrologium, cum auctuario Flori, &c.; Vita B. Felicis confess. Curâ et studio
Johan. Smith, folio, best edition, plates, old calf, £2.168

"Cantabr. 1722 Priced, 1829, Thorpe, mor. £7.178 68; 1842, Stewart, £4. 108. A Large Paper copy was priced by Rodd, £6.108. 1176 BEOWULF. Poema Danicum de Danorum rebus gestis, Secul. III. et IV. AngloSaxonice et Latine, ed. Thorkelin, small 4to. 3s 6d

Havniae, 1815

1177 BEOWULF.—The Anglo-Saxon Poems of Beowulf, the Travellers' Song, and the

Battle of Finnes-Burh, edited with an historical Preface by J. M. Kemble, Esq. together with an English Translation, a copious Glossary, Preface and Philological Notes, by the same, 2 vols. 12mo. £2. 12s 6d

1835-7 1178 BEOWULF, the Anglo-Saxon Poems of, with a literal translation, notes, glossary, &c. by Thorpe, 8vo. cloth, 14s

Oxford, 1855 “The interest of the poem of Beowulf is not confined to the Philologist, it also interests the antiquary and the historian in a very high degree. In it we have the most lively sketches of a state of society, which our imagination could never have pictured to us without it, and we have conternporary illustrations of mannners and customs, which will solve a host of doubtful questions. We never in our life met with a poem so full of beautiful and striking passages as the Romance of Beowulf.1179 BOETHIUS de Consolatione philosophiae, King Alfred's Anglo-Saxon version, with English translation by Cardale, 8vo. cloth, 21s

1829 1180 BOSWORTH'S

(Rev. Dr. J.) Dictionary of the Anglo-Saxon Language, with a Preface on the Origin and Connection of the Germanic Tongues, a Map of Languages, and the Essentials of Anglo-Saxon Grammar, roy. 8vo. cloth, rare, £2. 108

1838 1181 the same, roy. 8vo. calf, £2. 12s 6d

1838 By an ingenious contrivance this dictionary not only answers the purpose of a Saxon-English and of a Saxon-Latin dictionary, but of an English and Saxon, Latin and Saxon dictionary.

I may add, that the English index refers to all the English words immediately derived from Saxon, of which Dr. Bosworth not only gives the derivation, but the cognate words from other Gothic languages. 1182 BOSWORTH'S compendious Anglo-Saxon and English Dictionary, 8vo. second edition, treble columns, cloth, 10s

1848 Anglo-Saxon, that is Angle, Engle or English Saxon, is the Language of the Platt, Low, or North Part of Germany,-brought into this country by the Jutes, Angles and Saxons,--and modi. fied and written in England. 1183 CEDMON'S Metrical Paraphrase of Parts of the Holy Scriptures in Anglo-Saxon,

with English translation, notes, and verbal index, by B. Thorpe, 8vo. (pub. at £1. 1s) bds. 12s 6a

1832 1184 CHRONICON SAXONICUM, seu Annales Rerum in Anglia praecipue gestarum, ad

annum usque mcLIV, studio Gibson, 4to. Anglo-Saxon and Latin, cf. 78 68 1692 1185 CONYBEÅRE (J.T.) Illustrations of Anglo-Saxon Poetry, 8vo. russia extra, 245

1826 1186

the same, 4to. LARGE PAPER, presentation copy, scarce, 36s 1826 This valuable collection of pieces of Anglo-Saxon Poetry includes nearly the entire poem “ Beowulf.” Large Paper copies are very rare ; they match in size Ingram's Saxon Chronicle. 1187 ELSTOB, an English-Saxon Homily on the Birth-day of St. Gregory, anciently

used in the English-Saxon Church, Anglo-Saxon and English, with Ñotes, large
8vo. calf
neat, fine copy, 78 6d

1709 1188 Gwilt’s” (Jos.) Rudiments of Anglo-Saxon Grammar, 8vo. 56 pp. cloth, scarce, 58

Pickering, 1829 1189 HELIAND. Poema Saxonicum Seculi noni nunc primum edidit J. A. Schmeller,

Monachii, Stutgartiæ et Tubinga, 1830—Glossarium Saxonicum e Poemate Heliand inscripto et minoribus quibusdam priscæ Ling. Monumentis collectum, cum Vocabulario Lat. Sax. et Synopsis Grammaticæ, ib. 1840, 4to. half calf, 168

1830-40 1190 HENSHALL’s Etymological Organic Reasoner, or Yldestan Radchenistres Gewit

nessa (oldest reckoner's witness); with observations on the works of Mr. Whiter and Mr. Tooke : and one sheet of the Gothic Gospel of St. Matthew; and another of the Saxon Durham Book, in Roman characters, and a literal English lesson, 8vo. bds. 6s


Goth. Franco-Theotisc. Island.) Thesaurus Grammatico-Criticus et Archæologicus, 3 vols. in 2, folio, facsimiles, plates of Anglo-Saxon Coins, calf, £5. 158

Oxon. 1703-5 Sold in Horne Tooke's sale for £14. 108, and in Willett's for £12. 128 ; priced by Jas. Bohn, 15 guineas; 1836, Thorpe, £8. 88; 1840 and 1848, Payne and Foss, £12. 128.

" This work has had so many just praises given to it at home and abroad, that few English

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