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| English Spelling Improved. JARRETT'S NEw wat

OF MARKING THE Sounds of English Words, without change of spelling, applied in a series of progressive lessons for children, teachers, and foreigners, 8vo. 40 pp. stiff cloth covers, 18

Quaritch, 1858 the Holy GOSPELS and the Acts, in English, so printed as to show the Sound of each word, without change of Spelling, with Tables representing English Sounds by each of the Alphabets of nineteen of the Languages of Europe and Asia. By the Rev. THOMAS JARRETT, M.A., Regius Professor of Hebrew, and

late Professor of Arabic, in the University of Cambridge, 8vo. cloth, 78 6d 1857 English Provincial Glossary: TALLIWELL'S (J. o.)

Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, Obsolete Phrases, Proverbs, and Ancient Customs, illustrating early English Authors, from the XVth Cen-> tury, 2 vols. 8vo. (original price £2. 28) bds. 128

1855 t the same, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. ca!f gilt, 158

1855 This useful work begins with a History of the English Provincial Dialects of 36 pp.; to every Word in the whole Dictionary an Ancient or Provincial poet or other source is given, and when purely Provincial, the name of the County is added, where the Word or Phrase is used.

An indispensable book to the reader of our old Poets, Dramatists, Theologians, and other writers, whose works abound with allusions of which explanations are not to be found in ordinary Dictionaries and other books of reference.

Thu exact number of words in this dictionary is 51,027, many of which have never appeared even in scattered glossaries and are illustrated by original authorities. English Songs. CHAPPELL (W.), POPULAR MUSIC of

the Olden Time; a Collection of ancient Songs, Ballads, and Dance Tunes, illustrative of the National Music of England ; with short introductions to the different reigns, and notices of the airs from writers of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, also a short account of the Minstrels; the whole of the airs harmonized by G. A. Macfarren, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. with the Music of all the Songs, cloth (pub. at £2. 88) new in cloth, £2. London, 1859 German Dictionary: HILPERT'S Complete German Dictionary,

iu two parts, English-German and German-English, 2 parts in 1, very stout volume, Svo. (rub. at 188) new in cloth, 78 6d

1855 А

very useful and excellent German Dictionary, abridged from the celebrated large work of Dr. Hilpert, with considerable improvements for the use of the English student;---including a copious selection of Scientific and Technical Terms, with the Provincialisms, Archaisms, humourous and ironical words, etc, carefully distinguished.

Hindustani Grammar : EASTWICK'S concise Grammar of

the Hindustani Language, to which are added Selections for Reading, new edition, enlarged with a Vocabulary, Dialogues, 12 facsimiles of Persian and Devanagari Writing, etc. by the Rev. G. SMALL, M.C.P., 8vo. cloth, 10s 1858

The easiest method for learning Hindustani, hitherto used at Haileybury College. This new edition unites into one compact volume all that a beginner of the Hindustani Language requires. The Vocabulary has the pronunciation in Roman letters.

The first edition of this work was not undeservedly received with favour. But the labours of the present editor have added greatly to the value of the original performance.

"Mr. Small's accquaintance with the Hindustani tongue has eminently qualified him for the task he has here undertaken.

“ The volume before us is about twice as large as the original edition, and we really think, contains everything that an incipient scholar could desire ; so that any person bound for India in whatever capacity, would find this book an agreeable Vade Mecum. The Vocabulary and Dialogues are most important additions to the work, and the admirably executed facsimiles of oriental writing will be found useful in practice.”- Indian News, June 12, 1858.

" Mr. Small possesses an intimate and practical knowledge of Hindustani, as of several other Oriental languages. He has been in the habit of preaching to the natives of India in Hindustani, and one of his auditors, most qualified to judge, bas testified to the correctness of his style. This fact alone would be sufficient proof of his competence to edit a grammar of the Urdu tongue, and he has certainly done so much for the one before us that it is rather a new book than a new edition.

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One desideratum supplied by him is to be found, we think, in no other Hindustani or Hindi grammar-we mean specimens of the Kaithi or running Hindi character, which is very extensively used in the Bengal Presidency.

“We feel bound to acknowledge the utility of Mr. Small's labours, and can conscientiously recommend his book."- The Homeward Mail, lóth June, 1858.

“ All the officers who were well acquainted with the Hindoostanee being selected for staff appointments, only those were left in most regiments who knowing but little of the language, had but little intercourse with their men, and therefore they learnt nothing of this (mutinous spirit) except in one or two corps where some chance linguist remained, and those corps have generally not mutinied, as their officers learnt their complaints, and explained the matter to them.'

Letter from Jhehim, May 30, 1857. Hindustani Dictionary. DOBBIE'S (Capt. R. S.) Pocket

Dictionary of English and Hindustani, fcap. 8vo. (pub. at 88) cloth, 28 6d 1847 Persian Dictionary. TUCKER'S (W. T.) Pocket Dictionary

of English and Persian, fcap. 8vo. with the pronunciation, (pub. at 78) cloth, 2s 6d

1850 bb Persian Poetry: RUBAIYAT OF OMAR KHAYYAM, the

Astronomer-Poet of Persia, translated into English Verse, 8vo, sd. ls 1859

"Omar Khayyam is a Persian poet who is little known in Persia, and who is still less known in Europe. - Verbosity was certainly not one of his characteristics, and wanting this, he might possibly lack the passport to Oriental fame; but if the astronomer-poet of Persia appears as well in his native garb as he appears in English, it is certainly high time that he should be brought out of his obscurity. We learn that he was born at Naishápúr, in Khorassán, in the latter half of the eleventh century, and died within the first quarter of the twelfth. He was much more celebrated for his astronomical and mathematical studies and acquirements than for his poetical powers; and yet it would appear that his poems are the only remains which have been preserved to perpetuate his memory. We must thank the modest translator of this powerful and original poet for the valuable : contribution-slight, so far as bulk is concerned, though it be—which he has made to our current literature. Never was the Gospel of Despair preached more fervently than it is in the pages of Khayyám, and few of our modern fatalists could express their convictions with so much terse vigour, or deck their repulsive theories with so many quaint beauties, as this Eastern poet and sage.'

The Literary Gazette, Oct. 1, 1859.

ROTEIRO DE DOM IOAM DE CASTRO, da Viagem que Fizeram os Portuguezes ao Mar Roxo no anno de 1541, commandos pelo Governador da India Dom ESTEVAM DA GAMA: com o sitio, e Pintura de Todo o sino Arabico em dezesete mappas ; Tirado á luz pela primeira vez do manuscrito original : accrescentado com o Itinerarium Maris Rubri, os Retratos do Author, e de D. Estevam da Gama, fac similes da sua letra, etc. etc. etc. ; pelo Doutor Antonio Nunes de CARVALHO, Professor na Universidade de Coimbra, 8vo. liv, 2 and 336 pp. portraits of Dom. J. de Castro, and of D. Est. da Gama, also a facsimile map of the Red Sea, to accompany the Appendix “ Joannis de Castro Sinus Arabici seu Maris Rubri, quod navigavit, ejusdem Insularum, littorum, portuum, rupium vadorum, brevium, locorumque confinium, quotquot vidit et perlustravit, ad fines usque Aethiopiae accurata descriptio," sd. 2s 60

Paris, 1833 dd the same, FINE PAPER, 8vo. sd. 48

1833 the same, FINE PAPER, 8vo. hf. morocco, 5s 6d

1833 All geographical writers bear a high testimony to D. João de Castro's merits as an Early discoverer in the Eastern Seas, between Abyssinia to India. To students of Indian History the above work will he particularly interesting. ft Romances : CANCIONERO (el) De Jvan ALFONSO DE BAENA (Siglo

XV.) ahora por primera vez dado a luz, con notas y comentarios, imp. 8vo. lxxxviii and 732 pp. with 2 facimiles, sd. 128

Madrid, 1851 99 the same, hf. bound morocco, uncut, 188

1851 Of this valuable collection of 576 Old Romances, only 500 copies were printed, of wbich few remain for sale. The introduction comprises an essay on the Castilian Poetry during the 13th and 15th centuries. The notes are historical, critical, and philological; the work concludes with a Glossary of Obsolete Words.


Portuguese Early Voyages.


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440 Modern Works published or sold by Bernard Quaritch, 15 Piccadilly.
hh Romaic. MACRI'S MODERN GREEK Interpreter, being Dialogues in

Modern Greek, English and Italian ; prefixed is a Granımar of the Modern
Greek Language, square 16mo. hf. bd. 28

Corfu, 1825 ii St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Cathedral. MASON (W. MONCK) THE His TORY AND ANTIQUITIES OF THE COLLEGIATE AND CATHEDRAL CHURCE OF ST. PATRICK, DUBLIN, from its foundation, 1190 to 1819; comprising a topographical account of the Lands and Parishes appropriated to the com munity of the Cathedral, and Biographical Memoirs of its Deans, collected chiefly from sources of original record, 4to. viii, 478 and 98 pp. with 7 beau tiful copper engravings ; viz., a full View of the Cathedral ; View of the Choir, a Ground Plan of the Cathedral and Liberties ; the Monuments of Deans Sutton and Fyche ; full length portrait of DEAN SWIFT; and the Monument of Richard, first Earl of Cork, (pub at £3. 38) bds. 98

Dublin, printed for the Author, 1820 j

the same, LARGE PAPER, impl. 4to. Proof Impressions of the plates (pub. at £4. 148 6d) bds. 168

1820 kk

the same, LARGE PAPER, impl. 4to. with a double set of the Plates, PROOFS AND INDIA Proofs, green morocco, gilt tops, uncut, 30s

1820) Every bright deed, every ancient glory, which have shone around this time-revered Cathedral, from Wicklow to Louth, since the Norman spears first formed the boundary of the “ Pale,” are bere by the historian so truthfully, so graphically recorded, that not only his countrymen but all who are lovers of antiquarian literature should find this work a subject and a source of lasting interest and information.

“ Even Swift's memory had been libelled until ample justice was done to it by William Monck Mason's History of St. Patrick's Cathedral. That life should be published separately, as a work by itself, being, where it now stands, out of all proportion to the rest of the work ; and next to thrown away in the notes. But that life has vindicated talent and virtue from personal envy, faction, and national prejudice. In fact, the reputation of Swift had been again and again rendered next to infamous by Scotch coropliments, buried under Johnson's criticisms, and absolutely damned by Irish panegyric.

Rowley Lascelles, Liber Hibernia, ii. 22. u Thebes.. Topographical Survey of Thebes, Tapé, Thaba, or Diospolis

Magna, and the Pyramids of Geezeh, by Sir Gardner Wilkinson, in 6 large maps, each 341 in. by 22, 218

1830 REDHOUSE'S ENGLISH AND TURKISH DICTIONARY, in two parts, Part I. English and Turkish. Part II. Turkish-English ; in which the Turkish words are represented in the Oriental character, as well as their correct pronunciation and accentuation shewn in Eng lish letters, by J. W. REDHOUSE, F.R.S.A., Member of the Imperial Academy of Science of Constantinople, &c. &c.; in 1 stout vol. sm. sq. 8vo. xxvi. and 1151 pp. cloth, £2.

B. Quaritch, 1857 The first English and Turkish Dictionary published, written by Mr. Redhouse, a thorough Turkish scholar, who resided for 20 years in Turkey, employed by the British and Turkish Governa ments in their diplomatic intercourse ; and Author of the only printed Dictionary of the Turhis.: Lana guage, explained in Turkish, for the use of Turks

Turkish. Barker's Turkish Grammar, Dia

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LOGUES and VOCABULARY, a practical Guide to the acquisition of the
Turkish Language, 1 vol. 12mo. 166 pp. cloth, 4s

1854 The Grammar is short and practical, the Dialogues embrace all the most useful questions and likely

The Vocabulary contains about 1250 of the most useful words. I THE BOOK HAS ALL THE ORIENTAL WORDS BOTH IN THE ORIGINAL TURKISH AND THE PRONUNCIATION IN ROMAN LETTERS. “ A little book of the time, very opportune in its appearance. This book should

the companion of every Englishman on his way to Constantinople.”-Athenaum, June 10, 1354.



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