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First, Nathan Bangs is not found in this book. Second, this is not a multivolume work, so don't look for subsequent volumes. When referencing it, just stop where the colon is, "A Biblical and Theological Dictionary."
This is Aaron to Zuzim (see Zamzummim), plus some nice extras at the end. The direct meaning of names is nice, but the measures and money are an exercise in older English values that are distinctly dated. I understand what 'Gold at 4 pounds per ounce' means but "Silver is valued at 5 shillings' has me at a loss (and I've been to England). The fractional farthings seems like small change made smaller, but when a biblical "penny" (KJV) is a day's wage, the comparisons get a bit more precious when comparing to today's money.
A single author dictionary like this may have the reputation as being light in scholarship, but the depth of description in many places make it a respectable resource. As with any "dictionary" it is a place to discover the basic 'common knowledge' on a subject. Any of today's readers who have such a grasp of biblical and theological knowledge that Richard Watson presents, close to two centuries ago, would be pretty respectable even today.
Finally, there is another "review" for the book at some website where you only pay $1.90, but why pay for what you have already provided for by Google for free?

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