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Come hither all, whom careless Joy
Does with alluring Force destroy,

While loose ye range beyond your Bounds:
True Joy is here, that passes quite,
And all your tranfient mean Delight
Drowns, as a Flood, the lower Groundş.

Come hither all, whose Idol-Love,
While fond the pleasing Pain ye prove,

Raises your foolish Raptures high :
True love is here ; whose dying Breath
Gave Life to Us; who tafted Death,
And tasting once no more can die.

LORD, I have now invited All,
And instant still the Guests shall call :

Still shall I All invite to Thee :
For, O my God, it seems but right
In mine, thy meanest Servant's fight,

That where All is, there All Mould be!



BHOLD the Saviour of Mankind

Nail'd to the shameful Tree!
How vast the Love that him inclin'd
To bleed and die for Thee !

Hark how he groans ! while Nature shakes,

And Earth's strong Pillars bend !
The Temple's Veil in sunder breaks,

The solid Marbles rend.

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Tis done! the precious Ransom's paid;

Receive my Soul, he cries ;
See where he bows his sacred Head !

He bows his Head and dies !

But soon he'll break Deach's envious Chain,

And in full Glory shine !
O La of God, was ever Pain,

Was ever Love like Thine ?

Part of the lxiii Chapter of ISAIAH,

alter'd from Mr. Norris.

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O common Vifion this I see

In more than human Majesty!
Who is this mighty Hero, who,
With glorious Terror on his Brow ?
His deep-dy'd Crimson Robes outvie
The Blushes of the Morning Sky :
Lo, how triumphant he appears,
And Viet'ry in his Visage bears !

How strong, how stately does he go s
Pompous and folemn is his Pace,
And full of Majesty his face.

Who is this mighty Hero, who?
'Tis I, who to my Promise tand :
1, who Sin, Death, Hell, and the Grave
Have foild with this all-conqu’ring Hand:
'Tis 1, the LORD, mighty to save.

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Why wear't Thou then this Crimson Dye;
Say, thou all-conquering Hero, why?
Why do thy Garments look all red,
Like them that in the Wine fat tread?
The Wine-press I alone have trod,
That pond'rous Mass 1 ply'd alone,
And with me to affist was pone :
A Taik, worthy the Son of GOD!

Angels stood trembling at the Sight,
Enrag d, 1 put forth all my Might,
And down the Engine prels'd; the Force
Put frighted Nature out of Course;
The blood guih'd out, and chequer'd o'er
My Garments with its deepest Gore ;
With glorious Stains bedeck'd I stood,
And writ my Victory in Blood.


The Day, the signal Day is come
Vergcance of all my Foes to take ;
The Day, when Death fhall have its Doom,
And the dark Kingdom's Pow'rs fhall fhake.
I look'd, who to affift ftood by ;
Trembled Heav'n's Hofts ner ventur'd nigh :
Ev'n to my Father did I look
In Pain : My Father me forfook! .

A While amaz'd I was to fee
None to uphold for comfort ine :
Then I arose in Might array'd,
And call'd my Fury to my Aid;
My single Arm the Battle won,
And Itrait th'acclaiming Hofts above
Hymn'd, in new Songs of Joy and Love,
Februah and his conqu'ring Son.




Y Soul extols the mighty Lord,

In God the Saviour joys my Heart ;
I hou haft not my low State abhorrid;
Now know I, Thou my Saviour art.

II. Sorrows and Sighs are fled away,

Peace now I feel, and Joy, and Reft ; Renew'd I hail the Festal Day,

Henceforth by endless Ages bleft.

Great are the Things which Thou hast done,

How holy is thy Name, O LORD!
How wona'rous is thy Mercy fhew'n
To all that tremble at thy Word!

Thy conqu’ring Arm with Terror crown'd

Appear'd, the Humble to luftain :
And all the Soris of Pride have found
1 heir boasted Wisdom void and vain.

The Mighty, from their native Sky

Cast down, Thou haft in Darkness bound;
And rais'd the Worms of Earth on high,
With Majesty and Glory crown'd.

The Rich have pind amidst their Store,

Nor e'er the Way of Peace have trod ;
Mean while the hungry Souls thy Pow's

Filld with the Falness of their God.

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Come, Saviour, come, of old decreed !

Faithful and true be Thou confeft;
By all Earth's Tribes in Abraham's Seed

Henceforth thro' endless Ages bleft.

The BELIEVER's Supporte

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Thou, to whose all-searching Sigñt

The Darkness shineth as the Light, Search, prove my Heart; it pants for Thee :: O burst these Bands, and let it free.

Wash out its Stains, refine the Dross,
Nail my Aff ons to the Cross !
Hallow each Thought; let all within
Be clean, as Thou, my Lord, art clean-

If in this darksome Wild I ftray,
Be Thou my Light, be Thou my Way :
No Foes, no Violence I fear,
No Fraud, while Thou, my God, art near:

When rifing Floods my Head o'erflow,
When finks my Heart in Waves of Woe,
JESU, thy timely Aid impart,
And raise my Head, and chear my


V. Saviour, where'er thy Steps I fee, Dauntless, uncir'd I follow thee: O let thy Hand support me ftill, And lead me to thy holy Hill.

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