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It rough and thorny be my Way,
My Strength proportion to my Day :
Till Toil, and Grief, and Pain fhall cease,
Where all is Calm, and Joy, and Peace:

Living by CHRIST.


1. ESU, thy boundless Love to me

No Thought can reach, no Tongue declare :
O knit my thankful Heart to Thee,

And reign without a Rival there.
Thine wbolly, Thine alone I am:
Be Thou alone my constant Flame.

Ogrant, that nothing in my Soul

May dwell, but thy pure Love alone :
O may thy Love possess me whole,
My Joy, my Treasure, and my

Strange Fires far from my Soul remove,
My ey'ry Aa, Ward, Thought, be Love.

ITI. © Love, how chearing is thy Ray?

All Pain before thy Presence fies ! Care, Anguilh, Sorrow melt away

Where'er thy healing Beams arise : © Jesu, nothing may I see, Nothing hear, feel, or think but Thee !

Unweary'd may I this parsue,

Dauntless to the high Prize aspire;
Hourly within my Breast renew
This only Flame, this heav'nly Fire ;


my Heart,

And Day and Night be all my Care
To guard this sacred Treasure there.

My Saviour, Thou thy Love to me

In Want, in Shame, in Pain haft shewa,
For me on the accursed Tree
Thou pouredit forth thy guiltless Blood :
Thy Wounds upon my Heart impress,
Nor ought shall the lov'd Stamp efface.

More hard than Marble is

And foul with Sins of deepeft ftain ; But Thou the mighty Saviour art,

Nor flow'd thy cleansing Blood in vain. Ah! sofien, melt this Rock, and may Thy Blood wafh all these Srains away.

VII. that my Heart, which


stands, May catch each Drop, that tort'ring Pain Arm’d by mny Sins, wrung from thy Hands,

Thy feet, thy Head, thy ev'ry Vein : That still iny Breast may heave with Sighs, Still Tears of Love o'erflow my Eyes.

VIII. O that I, as a little Child,

May follow Thee, nor ever rest, Till sweetly Thou haft pour'd thy mild And lowly Mind into


Nor may we ever parted be
Till I become one Sp'rit with Thee.

O draw me, Saviour, after Thee,

So shall I run, and never tire :
With gracious Words ftill comfort me;

Be Thou my Hope, my fole Defire.


Free me from ev'ry Weight ; nor Fear,
Nor Sin can come, it Thou art here.

My Health, my Light, my Life, my Crown,

My Portion and my Treasure Thou!
O take me, seal me for chine own;

To thee alone my Soul I bow. Without Thee all is Pain ; my Mind Repose in nought but Thee can find.

Howe'er I rove, where'er I turn,

In Thee alone is all my Reft ;
Be thou my Flame, within me burn,

Jesu, and I in Thee am blest.
Thou art the Balm of Life: My Soul
Is faint; O save,' O make it whole!

What in thy Love poffefs I not?

My Star by Night, my Sun by Day:
My spring of Life, when parch's with Drought;

My Wine to chear, my Bread to stay,
My Strength, my Shield, my safe Abode,
My Robe before the Throne of GOD!

Ah Love ! 'Thy Influence withdrawn,

What profits me that I am born?
All my Delight, my Joy is gone,

Nor know I Peace, till Thou return.
Thee may I seek till I attain ;
And never may we part again.


From all Eternity with Love

Unchangeable 'Thou hast me view'd; E'er knew this beating Heart to move,

Thy tender Mercies me puru'd :.

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Ever with me may they abide,
And close me in on ev'ry Side.

Still let thy Love point out my Way,

(How wond'rous Things thy Love hath wrought) Still lead me, left I go aftray,

Direct my Work, inspire my Thought:
And when I fall, foon may I hear
Thy Voice, and know that Love is near.

In Suff'ring be thy Love my Peace,

In Weakness be thy Love my Pow'r ;
And when the Storms of Life shall cease,

Jesu, in that important Hour,
In Deach as Lile be Thou my Guide,
And save me, who for me haft dy'd!

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AVIOUR, the World's and Mine,

Wa: ever Grief like Thine ?
Thou my Pain, my Curse haft took,

All my Sins were laid on Thee:
Help me, LORD, to thee I look ;
Draw me, Saviour, after Thee.

'Tis done ! my God hath dy'd,

My Love is crucify'd!
Break, this stony Heart of mine,

Pour, my Eyes, a ceaseless Flood, Feel, my Soul, the Pangs divine, Catch, my Heart, th' illuing Blood


When, O my God, fhall I

For Thee submit to die?
How the mighty Debt repay,

Rival of thy Paffion prove ?
Lead me in Thyself, the Way,
Melt my Hardness into Love.

To Love is all my wish,

I only live for This :
Grant me, Lord, my Heari's Desire,

There by Faith for ever dwell;
This I always will require,

Thee, and only Thee to feel,

Thy Pow'r I pant to prove,

Rooted and fix'd in Love,
Strengthen'd by thy Spirit's Might,

Wise to fathom Things Divine,
What the Length, and Breadth, and Height,
What the Depth of Love like Thine.

Ah! give me this to know,

With all thy Saints below.
Swells my Soul to compass Thee,

Gasps in Thee to live and move, Fillid with All the Deity,

All immers'd and loft in Love !

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