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HYNN to CHRIST the King..


ESU, Thou art our King,

To Me thy Succour bring.
Christ, the Mighty One art Thou,

Help for All on Thee is laid ;
This the Word; I claim it now,
Send me now the promis'd Aid.

High on thy Father's Throne,

O look with Pity down !
Help, O help! attend my Call,

Captive lead Captivity,
King of Glory, Lord of All,
CHRIST, be Lord, be King to Me!

I pant to feel thy Sway,

And only. Thee i'obey :
Thee my Spirit gasps to meet,

This my one, my ceaseless Pray'r,
Make, Omake my Heart thy Seat,
O set up thy Kingdom: there!

Triumph, and reign in Me,

And spread thy Victory;
Hell, and Death, and Sin controul

Pride, and Self, end ev'ry Fce,
All fubdue ; thro'all my coul,

Conqu’ring, and to conquer go.


Prayer to Christ before the Sacrament.

Thou, whom Sinners love, whose Care

Does all our Sickness heal,
Thee we approach with Hearts fincere,

Thy Pow'r we joy to feel.
To thee our humblett Thanks we pay,

To thee our Souls we bow ;
Of Hell ere while the helpless Prey,

Heirs of thy Glory now,

As Incense to thy Throne above

O let our Pray’rs arise!
O wing with Flames of holy Love

Our living Sacrifice.
Stir up thy Strength, O LORD of Might,

Our willing Breasts inspire ;
Fill our whole Souls with Heay'nly. Light,

Melt with seraphic Fire.


From thy bleft Wounds our Life we draw ;

Thy all attoning Blood
Daily we drink with trembling Awe;

Thy Flesh our daily Food.
Come, Lord, thy foy'reign Aid impart,

Here make thy Likenels shine !
Stamp thy whole Image on our Heart,

And all our Souls be Thine !

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Hymn after the Sacrament.



ONS of GOD, triumphant rise,

Shout th' accomplish'd Sacrifice ! Shout your

Sins in Christ forgiv'n,
Sons of God, and Heirs of Heay'n!

Ye shat round our Altars throng,
List’ning Angels join the Song !
Sing with Us, je Fleav'nly Pow'rs,
Pardon, Grace, and Glory Ours !

Love's Mysterious Work is done!
Greet we now th' accepted Son,
Healid and quicken'd by his Blood,
Join'd to Christ, and one with Gop.

CHRIST, Cfall our/opes the Seal;
}'eace Divine in Christ we feel;
Pardon to our Souls apply'd :
Dead for All, for Me he dyd!

Sin shall ty rarnize no more,
Purg'd its Guile, diffolv’d its-Pow'r;
Jesus makes cur liearts tris l'hrone,
There he lives, and reigns alone.

Grace our ev'ry Thought controuls,
Heav'n is open'd in our Souls,
Everlasting Life is won,
Glory is on Earih begun.

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Jesu, source of calm Repose,

Thy Like nor Man, nor Angel know's:
Fairest among ten thousand 'fair!
Ev'n those whom Death's fad Festers bound,
Whom thickest Darkness coin passd round,
Find Light and Life, if thou appear.

"Efulgence of the Light divine,
E'er rolling Plancts knew to thire,

E'er Time its ceaseless Course began;
Thou, when th' appointed Hour was come,
Didít not abhor the Virgin's Womb,
But God with God, wert Man with Mad.

The World, Sin, Death, oppose in vain,
Thou by thy dying Death hait fain,

My great Deliv'rer and my God!
In vain does the old Dragon sage;
In vain all Hell its Pow'rs engage ;
Noné can withstand thy conqu’ring Blood.
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Lord over all, sent to fulfil
Thy gracious father's sov'reign Will,

To thy dread Sceptre will I bow :
With dut'ous Rev'rence at thy Feet,
L ke humble Mary, lo, I fit :
Speak, LORD, thy Servant heareth nosk.

Renew thy Image, LORD, in me,
Lowly and gentle may I be ;
- No Charms but these to Thee are dear :
No Anger may'ft thou ever find,
No Pride in my upruffled Mind,
But Faith and Heav'n born Peace be there.

A patient, a victorious Mind
'I hat, Life and all Things caft behind,

Springs forth, obedient to thy Call, A Heart, that no Desire can move, But still t'adore, believe and love,

Give me, my Lord, my Life, my All.



O, God is here ! let' us adore,

And own, how dreadful is this Place!
Let all within ús feel his Pow'r,

And silent bow before his Face.
Who know his Pow'r, his Grace who prove,
Serve Him with Awe, with Rev'rence love.


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