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Lo, God is here! Him Day and Night

Th' united Choirs of Angels fing :
To Him enthron'd above all Height

Heav'n's Hosts their noblest Praises bring :
Disdain nót, LORD, our meiner Song,
Who praise thee with a stamm'ring Tongue.

Gladly the Toys of Earth we leave,

Wealth, Pleasure, Fame, for Thee alone:
To thee our Will, Soul, Flesh we give;

O take, O fal them for thy own.
Thou art the God; Thou art the LORD:
Be Thou by all thy Works adord !

Being of Beings, may our Praise

ThyCourts with graceful Fragrance fill,
Still may we stard be ore thy Face,

Still hear and do thy sov'reign Will.
To thee may all our Thoughts arise,
Ceaseless, accepted Sacrifice! :

In thee we move. All Things of thee

Are full, thou fource and Life of all!
Thou vaft, unfathomable Sea!
Fall proftrate, loft in Wonder, fall
Ye Sons of Men ; for God is. Man!
All we may lose, so thee we gain!

As Flow'rs their op'ning Leaves display,

And glad drink in the solar Fire,
So may we catch thy ev'ry. Ray,

So may thy Influence us inspire :
Thou Beam of the Eternal Beam,
Thou purging Fire, thou quick'ning Flame !

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Acts ï. 41, &c.

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"HE Word pronounc'd, the Gospel-word,

The Croud with various Hearts receiv'd:
In many a Soul the Saviour stirr'd,

Three thousand yielded, and believ'd.,


These by th' Apoftle's Counsels led,

With them in mighty Pray’rs combin'd,
Broke the commemorative Bread,
Nor from the Fellow fhip declin d.

God from above, with ready Grace,

And Deeds of Wonder, guards his Flock,
Trembles the Wor'd before their face,
By Jesus cruth'd, their Conqu'ring Rock.

The happy Band whom CHRIST redeems,

One only Will, our Judgment know :
None this contentious Earıb efteems,

Distinctions, or. Delights below.

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The Men of worldly Wealth poffet,

Their selfisk Nappinefs-remove,
Sell, and divide it to the rest,
And buy the blessedness of Love.

Thus in the Presence of their GOD,

Jesus their Life, and Heav'n their Care,
With single Heart they took their Food

Heighten'd by Eucharist and Pray'r :


God in their ev'ry Work was prais*d:

The People blessed the Law benign!
Daily the Church his' Arm had rais'd,

Receiv'd the Sons of Mercy in.




HEE will I love, my 'Strength, my Tow'r,

Thee will I love, my Joy, my Crown, Thee will I love with all my Pow'r,

Works, and thee alone! Theo will I love till the pure 'Fire

Fill my whole Soul with chaste Defire.

In all my

Ah! why did I To·late thee know,

Thee, 'lovelier than the Sons of Nen!
Ah! why did I no sconer go
To thee, the only Ease in Pain!
Alham'd I figh, and inly mourn
That I lo late to thee did turn.


In Darkness willingly I ftray'd,

I sought Thee, yet from 1 hee I roy 8 :
For wide my wand'ring Thoughts were spread,

Thy Creatures more than Thee I lov'd.
And now, if more at length I see,
T'is thro' thy Light, and comes from Thee.

I thank Thee, Uncreated Sun,
1 hat thy bright Beams on me have shin'd:

I thank

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I thank Thee, who haft overthrown

My Foes, and heald my wounded Mind : I thank Thee, whose enliy’ning Voice Bids my free Heart in Thee rejoice.

V. Uphold me in the doubtful Race,

Nor suffer me again to stray : Strengthen my Feet with steady Pace

Stil to press forward in thy Way.
My Soul and Flesh, O Lord of Might,
Fill, satiate with thy heav'nly Light.

Give to my Eyes refreshing Tears,
Give to my

Heart chaste, hallow'd Fires,
Give to my soul with filial Fears

The Love that all Heav'n's Hoft inspires :
“ That all my Pow'rs with all their Might
“ In thy sole Glory may, unite.

Thee will I love, my Jay, my Crown !

Thee will I love, my Lord, my God!
Thee will I love, beneath thy Frown

Or Smile, thy Sceptre, or thy Rod. What tho' my Flesh and Heart decay ! Thee shall I love in endless Day!

Boldness in the Gospel.

HALL Í, for fear of feeble Man,


Or undismay'd, in Deed and Word
Be a true Witness to my LORD?


Aw'd by a Mortal's Frown, shall I
Conceal the Word of God most high?
How then before thee shall I dare
To stand, or how thy Anger bear?

Shall I, to sooth th' unholy Throng,
Soften thy Truths, and smooth my Tongue
To gain Earth's gilded Toys, or fee
The Cross endur'd, my God by Thee ?

What then is he, whose Scorn I dread?
Whofe Wrath or Hate makes me afraid?
A Man! an Heir of Death, a Slave
To Sin ! a Bubble on the Wave!

Yea, let Man rage ! fince Thou wilt spread
Thy shadowing Wing around my Head :
Since in all Pain thy tender Love
Will ftill my sweet Refreshment prove.

Saviour of Men! thy searching Eye
Does all my inmoft Thoughts delcry:
Doth ought on Earth my Wishes raise ;
Or the World's Favour, or its Praise ?

The Love of CHRisT does me constrain
To seek the wand'ring Souls of Men:
With &ries, Intreaties, Tears, to save,
To them from the gaping Grave.

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