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Stoop from thy eternal Throne,
See, thy Promise calls Thee down?
High and lofty' as Thou art,
Dwell within my worthless Heart!
Hear, a faincing Soul revive ;
Here for ever walk and live.

Heav'nly Adam, Life divine,
Change my Nature into Thine :
Move, and spread throughout my Soul,
A&tuate and fill che whole :
Be it I no longer now,
Living in the Flesh, but Thou.

Holy Ghost, no more delay,
Come, and in thy Temple stay ;
Now thy inward Witness bear,
Strong, and permanent, and clear ;,
Spring of Life, Thyself impait,
Rise eternal in my Heart !

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ITH bending Knees, and aking Eyes,

Weary and faint, to Thee my Cries,
To Thee my Tears, my Groans I send :
O when shall my Complainings end?

Wither'd my Heart, like barren Ground
Accurs'd of God; my Head turns round,
My Throat is hóarle : I faint, I fall,
Yet falling, fill for Pity call,


Eternal Streams of Pity flow,
From Thee their source to Earth below :
Mothers are kind, because thou art,
Thy Tenderness o’erflows their Heart.

Lord of my Soul, bow down thine Ear,
Hear, Bowels of Compassion, hear!
O give not to the Winds my Pray'r :
Thy Name, thy hallow'd Name is there!

Look on my Sorrows, mark them well,
The Shame, the Pangs, the Fires I feel ;
Confider, Lord, thine Ear incline !
Thy Son hath made my Suff'rings thine.

Thou, Jesu, on th' accursed Tree
Didft bow thy dying Head for me;
Incline it. now! Who made the Ear,
Shall he, Thall he forget to hear !

See thy poor Duft, in Pity fee,
It stirs, it creeps, it aims at Thee!
Hafte, fave it from the greedy Tomb !
Come! Ev'ry Atom bids Thee come!

'Tis thine to help! Forget me not !
O be thy Mercy ne'er forgot!
Lock'd is thy Ear! Yet ftill my Plea
May speed; for Mercy keeps the Key.

Thou tarry'st, while I fink, I die,
And fall to nothing! Thou on high
Seeft me undone. Yet am I stil'd
By thee (lott as I am) thy Child !


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Didft Thou for this forsake thy Throne ?
Where are thy ancient Mercies gone ?
Why should my Pain, my Guilt survive,
And Sin be dead, yet Sorrow live ?

Yet Sin is dead ; and yet abide
Thy Promises; they speak, they chide :
They in thy Borom pour my Tears,
And my Complaints present as theirs.

Hear, Jesu ! hear my broken Heart !
Broken so long, that ev'ry Part
Hath got a Tongue that ne'er shall cease,
Till thou pronounce, “ Depart in Peace."

My Love, my Saviour, hear my Cry;
By these thy Feet at which I lie !
Pluck out thy Dart! Regard my Sighs ;
Now heal my Soul, or dies.

GOD's Love to Mankind.


GOD, of Good th' unfathom'd Sea,

Who would not give his Heart to Thee?
Who would not love Thee with his Might?
O JESU, Lover of Mankind,
Who would not his whole Soul and Mind
With all his Strength to thee unite ?

Thou shin'st with everlasting Rays ;
Before th' unsufferable Blaze


Angels with both Wings veil their Eyes:
Yet free as Air thy Bounty streams
On all thy Works, thy Mercy's Beams,
Diffusive as thy Sun's, arise.

Astonish'd at thy frowning Brow,
Earth, Hell and Heav'ns itrong Pillars bow,

Terrible Majesty is Thine!
Who then can that vaft Love express
Which bows Thee down to me, who less
Than nothing anı, till Thou art mine?

High-thron'd on Heav'n's eternal Hill,
In Number, Weight, and Measure ftill

Thou sweetly order't all that is :
And yet Thou deign'st to come to me,
And guide my Steps, that I with Thee
Enthron'd, may reign in endless Bliss.

Fountain of Good, all Blessing flows
From Thee; no Want thy Fulness knows:

What but Thyself canst Thou defire ?
Yes ; self-sufficient as Thou art,
Thou doft defire my worthless Heart,
This, only This Thou doft require.

Primæval Beauty ! in thy Sight!
'The firft-born, fairest Sons of Light

See all their brightest Glories fade :
What then to me thy Eyes could turn,
In Sin conceiv’d, of Woman born,
A Worm, a Leaf, a Blast, a Shade?

Hell's Armies tremble at thy Nod,
And trembling own th'Almighty God


Sov'reign of Earth, Air, Hell and Sky.
But who is this that comes from far,
Whose Garnients roll'd in Blood appear ?
'Tis God made Man, for Man to die !

O God, of Good th’ unfathom'd Sea,
Who would not give his Heart to Thee ?

Who would not love Thee with his Might!
O Jesu, Lover of Mankind,
Who would not his whole Soul, and Mind,

With all his Strength, to Thee unite ?

HYMN on the Titles of CHRIST.



A Thy Saviour's Sacrifice !

All the Names that Love could find,

All the Forms that Love could take,
Jesus in himself has join'd,
Thee, my Soul, his own to make.

Equal with God most high,

He laid his Glory by :
He, th' eternal God, was born,
Man with Men he deign'd t'appear,
Object of his Creature's Scorn,
Pleas'd a Servant's Form to wear.

Ilail everlasting LORD,

Divine, incarnate Word!
Thee let all my Pow'rs confess,

Thee my latest Breath proclaim ; Help, ye Angel Choirs to bless,

Shout the loy'd Immanuel's Name,


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