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O let me commend

My Saviour to you. The Publican's Friend

And Advocate too : For you he is pleading

His Merits and Death With Gop interceding For Sinners beneath.

VI. Then let us submit

His Grace to receive, Fall down at his Feet,

And gladly believe We all are forgiven

For Jesus's sake, Our Title to Heaven

His Merits we take.


Y GOD (if I may call Thee mine

From Heav'n and Thee remov'd so far) Draw nigh; thy pitying Ear incline,

And caft not out my languid Pray’r.
Gently the Weak Thou lov'st to lead,

Thou lov'st to prop the feeble Knee ;
O break not then a bruised Reed,
Nor quench the smoaking Flax in me.

Buried in Sin, thy Voice I hear,

And burst the Barriers of my Tomb,
In all the Marks of Death appear,

Forth ai thy Call, tho' bound, I come:
Give me, O give me fully, LORD,
Thy Resurrection's Pow'r to know:


Free me indeed, pronounce the Word,
And loose my Bands, and let me go.

Fain would I go to Thee, my God,

Thy Mercies and my Wants to tell :
I feel my Pardon seal'd in Blood's

Saviour thy Love I wait to feel. Freed from the Pow'r of cancel'd Sin:

When shall my Soul triumphant prove? Why breaks not out the Fire within

In Flames of Joy and Praise and Love?

When shall my Eye affect my Heart,

Sweetly dissolv'd in gracious Tears?
Ah, Lord, the Stone to Flesh convert!

And till thy lovely Face appears, Still may I at thy Footstool keep,

And watch the Smile of op'ningHeav'n: Much would I pray, and love, and weep;

I would, for I have much forgiv'n.

Yet, O! ten thousand Lusts remain,

And vex my Soul ab!olv'd from Sia,
Still rebel Nature strives to reign,

Still am I all unclean, unclean ! Affail'd by Pride, allur'd by Sense,

On Earth the Creatures court my stay,
False flatt'ring Idols, get ye hence,
Created Good be far away!

Jesu, to Thee my Soul afpires,
· Jesu, to Thee I plight my Vows,
Keep me from earthly base Defires,

My God, my Saviour, and my Spouse.
Fountain of all fufficient Bliss,

Thou art the Good I seek below ;


Fulness of Joy in Thee there is,
Without 'tis Mis’ry all and Woe.

Take this poor wand'ring, worthless Heart,

Its Wand'rings all to Thee are known,
May no false Rival claim a Part,

Nor Sin disseize Thee of thine own. Stir up thy interposing Pow'r,

Save me from Sin, from Idols save,
Snatch me from fierce Temptation's Hour,
And hide, O hide me in the Grave !

I know Thou wilt accept me Now,

I know my Sins are now forgiv’n !
My Head to Death O let me bow,

Nor keep my Life, to lose my Heav'n.
Far from this Snare my Soul remove,

This only Cup I would decline,
I deprecate a Creature-Love,
O take me, to secure me Thine.

Or if thy wifer Will ordairr

The Trial I would die to shun, Welcome the Strife, the Grief, the Pain,

Thy Name be prais'd, thy Will be done! I from thy Hand the Cup receive,

Meekly submit to thy Decree, Gladly for Thee consent to live!

Thou, LORD, haft liv'd, haft dy'd for me!


ISAIAH xliii. 1, 2, 3.

EACE, doubting Heart-my God's I am!

Who form'd me Man forbids my Fear :
The LORD hath callid me by my Name,



The LORD protects for ever near :
His Blood for me did once attone,
And still he loves, and guards his own.

When passing thro' the watry Deep,

I ask in Faith his promis'd Aid,
The Waves an awful Distance keep,

And shrink from my devoted Head :
Fearless their Violence I dare ,
They cannot harm, for God is there!

To Him my Eye of Faith I turn,

And thro' the Fire pursue my Way;
The Fire forgets its Pow'r to burn,

The lambent Flames around me play:
I own his Pow'r, accept the Sign,
And shout to prove the Saviour mine.

Still nigh me, O my Saviour, ftand,

And guard in fierce Temptation's Hour ;
Hide in the Hollow of thy Hand,

Shew forth in me thy saving Pow'r :
Still be thy Arm my sure Detence,
Nor Earth nor Hell shall pluck me thence.

Since Thou hast bid me come to thee,

(Good as thou art, and strong to save) I'll walk o'er Life's tempeft'ous Sea,

Up-born by the unyielding Wave;
Dauntless, tho' Rocks of Pride be near,
And yawning Whirlpools of Despair.

When Darkness intercepts the Skies,
And Sorrow's Waves around me roll ;


When high the Storms of Paffion rise,

And half o'erwhelm my sinking Soul ;
My Soul a sudden Calm shall feel,
And hear a Whisper, “ Peace, be ftill."

Tho' in A Mi&ion's Furnace try'd,

Unhurt, on Snares and Deaths I'll tread;
Tho' Sin affail, and Hell thrown wide

Pour all its Flames upon my Head, Like Moses' Bulh I'll mount the higher, And flourish unconfum'd in Fire,

Dialogue of ANGELS and Men.

I. . E Worms of Earth our God admire,

The God of Angels praise ;
Men. Praise him for us ye Angels Choir,
The Earth born Sons of Grace.

Ang. His Image view, in Us display'd

His nobler Creatures view.
Men Lower than you our Souls he made $
But he redeem'd them too.

Ang. As Gods we did in Glory shine,

Before the World began :
Men. Our Nature too becomes divine,
And God himselt is Man.

.. Iv.
Ang. He cloath'd us in these Robes of Light,
The Shadow of his Son :


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