An impartial history of Europe, from the death of Louis xvi. To which is prefixed, a sketch of the French revolution


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Página 355 - 8. The city of Paris, and all its inhabitants, without distinction, shall be called upon to submit instantly, and without delay, to the king; to set that prince at full liberty, and to ensure to him, and to all royal persons, that inviolability and respect which are due, by the laws of nature and
Página 356 - the least violence be offered, the least outrage done, to their majesties, the king, the queen, and the royal family; if they be not immediately placed in safety, and set at liberty, they will inflict on those who shall deserve it, the most
Página 486 - is arming : and the king of Spain, encouraged by that circumstance, is preparing to attack us. These two tyrannical powers, after persecuting the patriots on their own territories, think, no doubt, that they shall be able to influence 'the judgment to be pronounced on the tyrant Louis. They hope to frighten us ; but no—a people who has made
Página 441 - grant fraternity and assistance to all those people who wish to procure liberty ; and they charge the executive power to send orders to the generals, to give assistance to such people as have suffered, or are now suffering, in the cause of liberty.
Página 356 - insults and errors, and to adopt the most vigorous measures for the security of their persons and property, provided they speedily and strictly conform to the above injunctions. "Finally, their majesties not being at liberty to acknowledge any other laws in France, except those which shall be derived from the king, when at
Página 483 - I die innocent of all the crimes which have been imputed to me. I forgive my enemies. I implore God, from the bottom of my heart, to pardon them, and not to take vengeance on the French nation for the blood about to be shed."—
Página 353 - shall arrive, to declare themselves openly against the odious enterprises of their oppressors; his majesty the emperor, and his majesty the king of Prussia, earnestly invite them to return without delay into the paths of reason and
Página 81 - than one could have imagined the hard heart of tyranny itself would contrive; for, since the destruction of the building^ many subterraneous cells have been discovered underneath a .piece of ground which was inclosed within the walls of the Bastille, but which seemed a bank of solid earth before the horrid secrets of this
Página 486 - frighten us ; but no—a people who has made itself free ; a people who has driven out of the bosom of France, and as far as the distant borders of the Rhine, the terrible army of the Prussians and
Página 351 - Their majesties, the emperor and the king of Prussia, having entrusted me with the command of the combined armies, assembled on the frontiers of France, I think it my duty to inform the inhabitants of that kingdom, of the motives which have influenced the conduct of the

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