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not a place for examining the truth or tendency of thefe doctrines, I would not be under, stood, by what I have said, to express any judgment concerning either. I only mean to remark, Ithat such doctrines are not without effe&tz and that it is of practical importance to have the principles from which the obligations of social union, and extent of civil obedience are derived, rightly explained and well understood. Indeed, as far as I have observed, in political, beyond all other subjects, where men are without some fundamental and scientific principles to resort to, they are liable to have their understandings played upon by cant phrases and unmeaning terms, of which every party in every country possess a vocabulary. We appear astonished when we see the multitude led away by sounds; but we should remember that, if founds work miracles, it is always upon ignorance. The influence of names is in exact proportion to the want of knowledge.

These are the observations with which I have judged it expedient to prepare the attention of my reader. Concerning the personal motives which engaged me in the following attempt, it is not necessary that I say much; the nature of my accademical situation, a great deal of leifure since my retirement from it, the recommendation of an honoured and excellent friend, the autliority of the venerable prelate to wh these labours are inscribed, the not perceiving in what way I could employ my time or talents better, and my disapprobation in literary men of that fastidious indolence, which sits still



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because it disdains to do littl, were the confi. derations that dire&ed my thoughts to this defign. Nor have I repented of the undertaking Whatever be the fate or reception of this work, it owes its author nothing. In fickness and in health I have found in it that which can alone alleviate the one, or give enjoyment to the other-occupation and engagement.

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1. Definition and Use of the Science
II. The Law of Honour .

· The Law of the Land ..
IV. The Scriptures... ::
V. The Moral Sense i n
VI. Human Happiness
VII. Virtue ... ...

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- MORAL OBLIGATION..!!! 1. The Question, Why am I obliged to keep"

my Word? considered II. What we mean, when we say a Man is

obliged to do a Thing
III. The Question, Why am I obliged to keep

my Word? "resumed
IV. The Will of God ..
V. The Divine Benevolence
VI. Utility ..
VII. The Necessity of General Rules
VIII. The Confideration of General Consequen-
... ces pursued "...vo
IX. Of Right
X. The Division of Rights
XI. The General Rights of Mankind .


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